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File 131067044232.jpg - (122.53KB , 600x450 , image008_ph2l.jpg )
1342 No. 1342 [Edit]
How many of you are trying to write a story for a VN, manga/comic book, novel, etc.? I'm interested in the type of stories you guys are interested in writing and where you're at progress wise. I'd be happy to lend some kind of hand if you're stuck somewhere in your creative process.
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>> No. 1663 [Edit]
Art one didn't seem to work so here's another

>> No. 1687 [Edit]

Post edited on 4th Dec 2011, 9:11pm
>> No. 1696 [Edit]
Two ideas:

- Otaku finally finds 3D love, and she seems perfect and everything, but he has to hide his otaku habits from her. It gets really thrilling as he almost gets caught. At the end, she leaves him when she finds out about his otaku habit, but not because she finds the hobby strange, but because she is so hurt that he was never honest with him the whole time. There is only a bad end.

- NEET's die and go to an afterlife which is a giant mansion. ALl of the NEET's turn into loli's with appearances that reflect who they were IRL. This is more of a social commentary on what a bunch of NEET's would do if they were all lolis and lived in paradise. I haven't a story figured out yet.
>> No. 1698 [Edit]
File 132254935391.jpg - (238.59KB , 850x1029 , sample_ddba260b500a5279b0ae09dc00cd586e.jpg )
I've started picking things back up now that my mood has finally evened out. Picked up drawing too~

The community is divided between science and the arts, they’re not as respected since they don’t believe it gives any real advancement to the society. They’re not completely disregarded but it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The antagonist is angry over this and tries to fight and sabotage the astronomy department due to her father leading it and giving more attention to the protagonist. This is what fuels the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist. She’s pissed that she doesn’t get the attention and recognition she deserves. I’m thinking the protagonist will be strong in music and an underground resort will be where she goes at night to let loose and play. This area won’t be that known by the average citizen so it remains relatively undisturbed by anyone not involved with subculture. Think an underground rock club; this is probably where we will see the most of the antagonist point of view from.

With this I can really develop some conflict between conflict with jealousy and a clash of sub-cultures. It’s pretty simple but I like it, the story will probably rotate between the two characters point of view

Also if I'm cluttering the thread I'll make my own

Post edited on 28th Nov 2011, 10:49pm
>> No. 1699 [Edit]
What medium is this for? No offense, but I couldn't see it taking off an anything anime related. Sounds like the basis for a novel or maaaaybe a manga.
>> No. 1700 [Edit]


Meant to link them

But yeah VN
>> No. 1701 [Edit]
Oh, silly me. I didn't realize your last post was a continuation of the other two. Disregard my comment!
>> No. 1702 [Edit]
Glad to see you've kept this up. I like where it's going so far, keep it up!
>> No. 1707 [Edit]
Report in Tohnos. What are your writing plans for December? College Tohnos should have a winter break to get some things done.
>> No. 1711 [Edit]
File 132322006547.jpg - (39.16KB , 208x246 , 1323195399923.jpg )
I have to say the second one sounds more like wish fulfillment. The first might make a good short story.
>> No. 1719 [Edit]
I've got an idea. This is a vague sketch, but here goes:

MC's charismatic, popular brother disappears. MC inherits his grand airship. Has to go on a journey into another kind of alternate reality that is inhabited by malevolent and neutral beings (no good things, essentially) that he can shift in between. Throw in some political intrigue in a floating mega-city. Based all around Greek mythology.
>> No. 1724 [Edit]
Well it certainly sounds unique at least. Let's get some questions going...

So in contrast to this brother the MC is shy and reserved? How does he learn to fly the ship? Is one of the crew members going to have to do it for them? Will they be an important character? He's going on the journey to find his brother, right? If the brother is in the other reality then how did he get there without the ship?
>> No. 1736 [Edit]
I've been writing a story. It's the journal of a explorer. since every corner of this planet has already been explored, he decides to go into the "final frontier", his own mind. every night he travels into a different world in his dreams, and when he wakes up he writes down the details of the world he just discovered. he gives it a name, describes it's climate, the people or creatures who live there, their religion, etc. lucid dreaming is difficult, and initially his trips are very short and murky, so he begins experimenting and trying to find ways to make them clearer, more detailed and longer (soft alarm clocks, different sleeping poses and room temperatures, headphones, reality checks, doses of melatonin, etc) and looking for advice in imageboards but none of these give him the results he want, and he begins to feel that the worlds he is visiting are too bland and fake, and he comes to the conclusion that most if not all of the worlds he has visited are probably just derivatives of his own memories. he begins searching for the ideal, perfect dreamworld to live in so that he can place himself in a pharmacological coma and escape his NEET life. after many months of searching he realizes it probably doesn't really exist, and that he must build it himself. of course, it's not easy, because he doesn't have any original materials, and he doesn't want to live in a world that derives from his own experiences. and even if he did, there is no way he could come up with a world that he will not get tired of after years of sleeping.
he tries interrogating his subconscious to find a solution. although the dreamer already possesses all of the subconscious' knowledge, he or she may not be aware of all of it, and can miss important clues. so, subconscious comes up with an idea- a journey to the place where memories become dreamworlds.

subconscious shows the dreamer that he has been wrong all along. there are no "imperfect" and "perfect" dreams, only pleasant and non pleasant dreams, and that the dreams that have given him the most pleasure were the non lucid ones. thus, memories become original, fresh material in his eyes, and as long as he never performs a reality check, he will always have pleasure in any self contained fantasy world. the dreamer isn't satisfied with this answer, and decides to keep looking for the perfect world
>> No. 1737 [Edit]
MC is a guy named 'Adam Smith Above', (Above is pronounced with 3 syllables). When anyone fills out a form and writes their address "as above" it might be sent to this guy; "A S Above". He has a wacky sidekick with the initials "RTS". Together they have become wealthy by opening other peoples mail and using it in various ways, e.g. identity theft. One day they come face to face with a rival: Allison Sandra Above. They engage in a battle fought via the postal system with explosive results.
>> No. 1738 [Edit]
I think names are irrelevant in the postal system.
I've sent and revived packages in the mail with online handles for the names.
and am pretty sure, most any large area would have more than a few people who share the exact same name.
Example; see, The Terminator.
>> No. 1740 [Edit]
yeah thats true. my cousin would always send my christmas/birthday presents addressed to some troll name.
maybe instead the main character could live at 123 Fake St.
>> No. 1741 [Edit]
better idea.
>> No. 1743 [Edit]
Pure curiosity and nothing more, don't read into it: if somebody was going to come out and announce 'hey guys, I'm gathering a team, we're making a ren'ai VN, one writer per path' how many people would be interested? You can disregard your actual writing skills (and English knowledge for non-native speakers) but you have to be sure you have the motivation to keep going until the very end.

Again, I'm not suggesting I want to start something of this sort or that even somebody else should. Hell, I don't even count myself towards the people willing to write something. It's just something that managed to keep me up at night yesterday.
>> No. 1744 [Edit]
Putting everything aside? I would.

I hardly have the skill set to do it, but I would have the motivation. Motivation may come and go, but having a desire to want to do something for people to enjoy is something that has always been with me, I'm just terrible with people, so I've never been able to do more than support them when they are down.
>> No. 1746 [Edit]
Late, late reply. But I just opened the initial parts of the story in wordpad, and remembered this thread.

>So in contrast to this brother the MC is shy and reserved?
I figure, not so much, he's just...inferior. It's as if the MC is an even 50% (painfully average, I suppose), but the brother, on the other hand, is the 100%. He's the superior person, he's kind-hearted and a generally affable fellow. Where the brother is the "perfect knight", honorable, chivalrous, the MC has more of an issue of being human before being "perfect", you know?Like...The closest idea I can consider to this concept is the relationship between Naota and his brother in FLCL.

>How does he learn to fly the ship? / Is one of the crew members going to have to do it for them?
Guess I can explain that due to it being common knowledge for those on the ship, you know? The crew members and the MC can both pilot the ship. I'm thinking of making a "pilot" character who's sort of the brother's right-hand man, I guess.

>Will they be an important character?
Depends on if I make the pilot the brother's friend or not, I suppose.

>He's going on the journey to find his brother, right? If the brother is in the other reality then how did he get there without the ship?
Not sure on how I'd explain that. Although I'm imagining in my head, the other reality is basically like a level above (or under) our percieved reality, you know? It's like another layer to this type of reality, and in that reality, there's no real concept of time, so the brother, I figure, could wander through this reality for what seems like a mere hour, but is, in fact, only a few seconds in the real world - Basically, he just sort of phased out of "real reality" and into the other reality, and the story is basically the MC trying to figure out where he could've gone, but ignoring the obvious idea that he's in the very thing that their kingdom/country/city/village/whatever commissioned them to research and explore.

Thanks for bringing these questions up, man. I never really thought about this stuff. Feel like I can really flesh it out.

My only issue is how believable the sub-stories I've got are. I've got this idea for, in the middle of the story, there's sort of an inter-ruler feud between the MC's family (who rules one part of the massive castle/kingdom thingy), and the would-be grand ruler of...whatever it is they are a part of (see, the female heir was named the queen, rather than him being named the king, and he's all hot and bothered about that, as a prideful man would be) - I.e. The latter falls in love with the MC's mother, and she strings him along, seducing him for her own gain (along with the MC's father). Think something like Hamlet in a sense, with Gertrude and Claudius. This incident would serve as a sort of catalyst for the MC's life truly falling apart: his father would die, as would the would-be ruler. I've got the perfect scene in my head for that. Just not sure how the mother would end up. Other than that, I've got a general sketch of the romance between MC and the tsundere knight woman, "defrosting ice queen" and all. These would be folding out as the MC proceeds in the search for his brother, who would fix these issues in the most literal sense if he were present. Basically, the present issues demand that his brother be found.

I don't know, these are just my ramblings.
>> No. 1752 [Edit]
File 132632707181.jpg - (29.13KB , 170x248 , Fujinee%20HS%20version.jpg )
I've spent since last Thursday writing non-stop a Fate fanfiction. I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself for getting something done or ashamed for writing a fanfic.
>> No. 1753 [Edit]
Can I read it?
>> No. 1754 [Edit]
Depends on quality. If it doesn't butcher the English language, isn't full of bad cliches, and you actually have knowledge of literature, you should share it with us.
>> No. 1755 [Edit]
It's on paper and mixed up between drafts of chapters and notes for future chapters. I'll organize it and type it up eventually. I took some time to read up on the word counts for FSN and FZ, which are 800,000 approx. (All 3 routes) and 312,000 approx. (All four books). So I am aiming for 250,000 words at most. It's mostly just for fun, but I do hope to tell a good story.
>> No. 1758 [Edit]
I've always been awful at thinking up titles, so if suggestions could be given for a book I'm writing I'd appreciate it. I had to make up a title on the spot, so the working title now is My Home In the World. That sounds sappy to me, like a book full of moral clichés and childish writing.

It's about Kirk, a newlywed journalist, who gets drafted for WWIII shortly after returning to Germany from America with his wife. Kirk has never been the fighter type, being a bit of an introvert and having no skill at it. He deserts the army to try and return to his wife that he loves dearly. All he wants is to live peacefully with her, continuing to work at his passion for seeing and living where his family has. So long as he can be with his wife, he can be at home.
>> No. 1759 [Edit]
Perhaps "No Return"? I don't know the plot well so this is what I could come up with.
Also a journalist being introvert?
>> No. 1761 [Edit]
>Psychology: a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things
Should I use another word? He does his job out of interest, it's what he enjoys. Cares about the process of finding the details and putting them together into a story for the paper.
>> No. 1764 [Edit]
I've been working on a VN out of boredom for almost a month now, using ONscripter. The first day of the story is almost done, but pretty much everyone who was working with me lost interest... I'm not really surprised because the holidays are over and people have obligations to attend to, but it's still kinda disappointed because I really wanted to finish it.

I think my problem was that the story just wasn't interesting enough. If I posted it here, could you guys critique it? I have some ideas and other stories I'd like to write but I don't want to make the same mistakes again.
>> No. 1765 [Edit]
I'd give it a look! As someone that wants to write a VN himself I'd find it interesting and try to give useful feedback.
>> No. 1767 [Edit]
I'd give it a read as well.
>> No. 1809 [Edit]
File 13343416428.jpg - (30.79KB , 275x270 , 1332441467533.jpg )
Bumping this, how are your projects going?
>> No. 1897 [Edit]
I've been reading a lot of lovecraft recently for most likely obvious reasons, I've been thinking it might be fun to turn some of his stories directly to VNs to give off an atmospheric feel, and give me some experience with an engine. Might be fun
>> No. 1898 [Edit]
Would you make the story branching? It seems like it'd be hard to do, but a lot of VNs are boring if they don't.

Good luck with it if you decide to do it, I'll definitely give it a read! Ren`Py isn't hard to work with; once you've looked at the tutorial and played with it a bit, you shouldn't have any troubles at all.
>> No. 1899 [Edit]
You've probably already read it, but if not, go read Saya no Uta. It's the best Lovecraft-esque VN you're gonna get, and it's also a great example of simple story-branching done well. You might want to pick up some tips there if you're going to include branching.
I'm guessing about 60% of VN projects collapse because the devs want, like, one trillion choices and routes in it.
>> No. 1911 [Edit]

It would be kind of strange if I didn't read it

I meant more as a straight copy from paper to VN just with added elements to get more people into it. Eerie music and atmospheric would make a lot of it hold meaning easier for the modern folk
>> No. 1922 [Edit]
How many of you would play* a VN made from Ren'py without any actual graphics? I can't draw characters for hell, but I could just take pictures of places and incorporate them as backgrounds. I've been at this story for quite a while and the only thing that's holding me back from finalizing it's "release" is the lack of graphics.

Post edited on 21st Jul 2012, 1:17am
>> No. 1924 [Edit]

Why use the VN format then? I'd give it a read I guess.
>> No. 1925 [Edit]

Because the story involves multiple choices and actually has a day/time/map interface allowing for variable endings. VNs are the best way, since I'm already used to scripting. I just thought that I'd get better at drawing during the process, but sadly everytime I draw, I feel like it doesn't add up.
>> No. 1926 [Edit]
You can always just get some stock sprites from somewhere or some other VN
>> No. 1927 [Edit]
When I first saw this thread around the time of it's creation, I thought to myself I'd get something done for once. But every time I started a project I hit a wall and couldn't finish it. Then I kept starting new projects that I thought would be easier to make - I thought I just had to simplify what I was doing. Then I kept confusing myself and now I have countless unfinished projects that will never be done.

I wish I could finish something. Someday. Somehow.
>> No. 1930 [Edit]
There are three things you could do:
- Improve your skills
- Use pre-made content (e.g using stock music, stock sprites, modifying someone else's code)
- Get someone skilled to help you do things
>> No. 1934 [Edit]
Twin siblings Kou and Homuha are the heirs of a powerful vampire family in modern Japan. When Homuha's powers suddenly awaken, she begins sucking the blood of her brother, her personal maid, and even other students at school, and it's up to Kou to stop it! Join him in this wacky high school comedy about family, love, and why you shouldn't sleep naked.

Basically, a shorter story (looking to be 25k to 30k words) that does harem comedies right. There's plenty of stupid humor, ecchi situations, a chuuni fight, and twincest.

A lot of people's ideas on the *chans seem to span continents, or perhaps planets. Me on the other hand, I'm a sucker for harem comedies. Unfortunately, most of them never seem to have the ambition to go anywhere. They're fine with just putting a bunch of moe archetypes in the same room and calling it a day. Just look at Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru this season. Nothing happens, there's no end in sight, the main character is clueless as ever, and all the girls want his dick for no apparent reason. Other anime just stick a guy in a club (that was perhaps on the edge of being disbanded) with a bunch of moe girls and call it day. That's boring, unless it's Haganai and all the girls are completely retarded and unsociable. But I digress.
>> No. 2029 [Edit]
Damn, you people. I was going to make a thread for writers, but then I found this thread, sitting around for five months without an update. What's going on? How are the projects going?

I'm thinking of writing some stuff, coming up with ideas, etc. Everything I think of is on a huge, epic scale that I couldn't possibly finish without a year of work, so I want to start with a short story. The trouble is that I can't come up with a single fucking idea. I'm a reclusive self-hating fuck and I can't write believable relationships between characters, which is a serious problem. I was thinking of writing some historical fiction, though, since I'm very into history.

If anyone's actively involved in a VN project or knows someone who is, I'd love to hear about it. I need something to do, or else I'm going to die of boredom and depression.
>> No. 2030 [Edit]
Whenever I think about ideas for stuff that I might be able to write about, it always ends up about just being a reclusive self-hating fuck. Be happy that you can think of grand-scale plot premises that aren't so closed-minded like mine.

You should jot your ideas down so you don't forget them and then maybe you can start working on more and more details of one of the big ideas now. It would suck to just put it off for a whole year and look back to regret not having started now.
>> No. 2031 [Edit]
>The trouble is that I can't come up with a single fucking idea.

If you can't simplify, then just make something generic, even if you know it's shit. Being able to finish a single project will give you the motivation and confidence you need to move on or make something bigger. I'd say a good first step is just fucking around and seeing what you can do, even if you never show it to anyone else.

You're always going to have to start with something bare and shitty, you'll never make something good as a first project. You learn how to make good things by experimenting. To me, it sounds like you're too focused on trying to make something both short and good. Mainly because I have the same problem where I have a hard time simplifying my ideas. Throw away your standards for a moment and just fuck around with archetypes and generic scenarios. It's working pretty well for me.
>> No. 2032 [Edit]
Thanks for the advice. I know I should be writing any old bullshit just to practice. Maybe something good will grow out of it.

Do you have any ideas you're working on right now? It seems like a lot of this thread is about VN writing, which seems a lot less feasible since you need serious cooperation going with a team, a programmer and an artist, etc. I'd love to work on a VN, but it seems like most of them die in the early stages of development from a lack of interest.
>> No. 2033 [Edit]
>I'm a reclusive self-hating fuck and I can't write believable relationships between characters, which is a serious problem

I experience this also. But not all fiction needs to have well developed characters, believe it or not. I'm reading a series called The Remaining, the characterization is really thin but the author includes a lot of military details that make it interesting to read.
>> No. 2034 [Edit]

>What's going on? How are the projects going?

Just as planned, I'm procrastinating like there's no tomorrow and haven't written a single line yet. See, I would've written a dozen of books by now if not for the fact that I keep telling myself 'no use starting now, I'll kill myself before I'll manage to finish it either way'. Joke is I've been telling myself that for years.

>If anyone's actively involved in a VN project or knows someone who is, I'd love to hear about it. I need something to do, or else I'm going to die of boredom and depression.

... And if I weren't such a lazy piece of shit I would've at least attempted to gather a team for a generic VN long long ago. I always used tot think that coordinating a project like this is super hard but recently I somehow got involved in a big project (not a VN) and even though it resulted in a failure it gave me lots of confidence in regards to managing 'human resources'.

... Well, no point starting now either way, I'll kill myself before we'll manage to finish it either way...
>> No. 2037 [Edit]
I suppose you're right. Good lit doesn't have to be character-driven. Maybe I'm just taking the wrong approach.

>... And if I weren't such a lazy piece of shit I would've at least attempted to gather a team for a generic VN long long ago. I always used tot think that coordinating a project like this is super hard but recently I somehow got involved in a big project (not a VN) and even though it resulted in a failure it gave me lots of confidence in regards to managing 'human resources'.

Well, damn. I feel the same way. But there's no day like today to start being productive, right? Tomorrow never comes.

As I said before, I'd be interested in getting involved with any kind of interesting project, whether it's a VN or some sort of collaborative writing thing etc. I'm trying to come up with a few solid ideas myself.
>> No. 2038 [Edit]
File 135965322615.jpg - (43.98KB , 800x600 , corridor2.jpg )
I like all of the ideas here, I hope you finish.

I've got two vns I've been working on.
One about a guy waking up to find everyone's gone, surviving for a bit and dying.
Another is a murder mystery on the first civilian luxury space cruiser.
For the artwork, I'm just drawing crap and taking pictures. Not worried about quality. Can't be, or I'd never finish. There's lots of free-use music out there too.
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