This is a board for discussion related to methods to make money online.
Something for NEETs/hikki who are dirt poor but are at their computers all day.

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No Subject

Since many of us here are dirt poor hikki/NEETs with no income what so ever, I decided to create this board so that we might he...


What do you guys think of injective protocol(INJ)? Some months ago I was thinking of creating this thread, it has doubled its o...

Thoughts on the GME hilarity?

Thoughts on the GME (and similar such stocks like AMC, BB) hilarity that's going on now? For those who are unaware, go hav...

Cryptocurrency General/TC Mining Pool

Discuss investing, predictions, ideas and just plain banter. Also, TC mining pool when? It's not like you're utilizin...

No Subject

Guess we could use this thread to report on our own personal experiences with trying to make money online. To start off here�...

No Subject

Does anyone here have any experience with recycling center? I've been thinking of trying to use them when the snow melts....

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