This is a board for discussion related to methods to make money online.
Something for NEETs/hikki who are dirt poor but are at their computers all day.

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File 136995775675.jpg - (44.46KB , 789x259 , 8oqzyrax.jpg )
6 No. 6 [Edit]
Guess we could use this thread to report on our own personal experiences with trying to make money online.
To start off here's something I posted in a thread on /so/.

I don't know much about stay at home jobs, there's phone operators and tech support jobs I guess, also programing I guess. but brother you have no idea how hard I've tried to find a way to make money online without getting a job, none have worked out very well at all.
one thing you can try is just making a ton of sites and loading them with ads. Blogger has decent pay rates with absence, but they love to ban people and it's a bitch to get unbanned.
Linkbucks doesn't pay for shit, and it only kills your traffic. Adfly is a bit better, but not by a whole lot. I've only recently reached my first $5 payout after months of running like 7 bloger pages on multiple accounts.
There used to be money in making shitbookpages and content locking them for ads, but shitbookchanged their html page system to negate this.
There's also captcha typing and pay to click sites, but they're all completely worthless wastes of time. oh and if you do try making sites for ads, know that porn always gets the best traffic. (sometimes you gotta swallow your pride to make a buck)
I'm not sure if I'd recommend trading stocks, or that exchange rate trading thing 'Forex' or whatever, most people loose more money than they make with it from what I've heard. you really got to know what you're doing for that to work, and really devote yourself to it.
oh, something I've heard about but haven't tried, is hanging out on sites where people post requests for things like programers to make them a site or something, then you go to some other site where lots of programers who need money hang out or whatever. if the guy who needs the site or whatever is willing to pay like $500 for example, you'd go look for a programer that would do the job for $400 or less. and then work them together with emails and stuff.
I've also been selling stuff on ebay (more like feepay) but I'm not making much profit off it. certainly not enough to pay rent of any kind. sometimes feels like I'm just selling stuff to cover the fees.

If you sign up for adfly, it would help me out if you use this referral
Pretty sure it wont cost you anything but would help be out.

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>> No. 7 [Edit]
About a month back I was looking into drop shipping. seemed like a simple and easy way to make a few bucks online. You basically look on Amazon for stuff you can sell for more on ebay, and list the item there. when it sells you buy it from Amazon and have it sent to the guy who bought from you. I've read from a few sources if you mark the item as a gift they'll send it in a plane brown box so the seller doesn't bug you about the item coming from amizon, but I ordered something from amizon and sent it to myself as a gift. while it did show up in a plane brown box they still used amizon brand packing tape and left a packing slip that said it was from Amazon inside the box. This doesn't automatically rule out drop shipping, just means you might get hassled a lot from buyers on ebay. After selling for years on ebay I can safly say buyers can be some real picky anal motherfuckers sometimes. The main problem I've found with drop shipping is the very thin profit margins. There's already tons of people out there doing this and they're all trying to undercut eachother, so it can be hard to make more than $10 in profit per item and don't forget ebay/paypal fees can be a real bitch, so it's probably half that. You also have to worry about the possible even of someone buying from you when the item on Amazon turns out to be already sold. There are places other than Amazon you can do this from of course, like you can try drop shipping direct from manufacture sites. but a lot of them don't seem to like it when people do this.

I ended up deciding it seemed like to much hassle and I'd just keep on looking.
>> No. 10 [Edit]
so I tried out ptc. after about a year of clicking ads every single night it turned out to be nothing but a scam
I tried two sites neobux and probux.
The problem with Neobux was that the referrals I'd rent all sucked and I wasn't making enough off them to keep renewing them. That one didn't last long. Probux lasted a lot longer and I hit the max amount of rentable referrals of 200, but then they all stopped clicking so I tried to withdraw my money, only to get banned at that very moment.
>> No. 11 [Edit]
This board makes me happy, keep that dream alive Tohno.

I'll share of my experiences about online income. In fact, the only income I've ever gotten. I didn't go specifically after it; it was just a matter of realizing what I had all along when I was first trying to get a job. Also, a massive stroke of luck.

When I was younger, like mid teens, I made a couple of websites. I took it up as a hobby when I played Neopets from ages 12-13 and wanted to design my guild; that's how clueless I was about it. Unfortunately, I never made anything from adsense or ad sites, it just seems like a dead method anyways. I didn't know about Paypal back then anyways, and not having any bank account, it didn't matter.

Some of the sites I made grew up, now have millions of visits per month. I was in a pinch two years ago, so I searched up how to sell them; I found Flippa.

Not having any expectations, since it's an auction house loaded with successful sites and scams, I tried to pitch mine the best way I could. I dunno what was it about it, but some man offered me more money at once then I ever thought I'd see in a lifetime. He just wanted to confirm the analytics I was stating, and he did. Three weeks later I got a deposit worth of 31k.

Man did I NEET it up hard during the following year. Still, I kept enough money to kick off a new site. This time hoping I can turn a profit in the long run. Making sites and hoping they sell is like hoping lightning to strike twice at the same spot, I realize now. My current thing is a Vocaloid record label, and while earnings are not that great, it's already better than I expected since I started. Right now I'm just making a fifth of minimum wage per month, but hey. I hope I can continue scouting more artists and using all channels available to me to spread the word around and turn it into something viable, not only for me, but every artist in there. Skeptical as I am, I doubt we'll get there, but there's something about my situation right now that I should believe on.

Apart from that, I got into Bitcoins just after the spike to $1k and made a couple hundred that way; again, a massive stroke of luck since nobody was expecting it to go that high (I bought in late compared to other people anyways).

Wish me luck, brohnos. Seems like you need some of that to make the online thing work.
>> No. 12 [Edit]
I came across a site called golden towns and a ripoff of it called cashtowns. some dumb web game where you can build towns and farm for real gold. I checked up on the thing daily for more than a year. needless to save I never saw a penny from it before giving up.
Problem is the game seems designed so you never have enough extra resources to buy the gold. the more you farm the more energy points you use, and you need energy points to be consistently repairing buildings. it's just a cycle of making you farm to pay for repair costs. far as I could tell the only way to break out of the cycle was to attack other towns, but obviously you'll run into all kinda problems doing that. from having to pay to keep up a military to risking getting attacked in return.
so this is just another failed attempt here.

Thanks and good luck with your ventures.
>> No. 13 [Edit]
If you don't mind me asking, how did you grow the sites?
>> No. 14 [Edit]
First off, I didn't manage to sell them all (I tried with 3); only that one sold, so I'll tell you what I did with that.

I used YouTube a lot to bring new people in, mostly until we had like 1000 members. In 2008, I made a Vocaloid reprinting channel; we'd reprint videos from Nico to YouTube. PMs were a lot less spammy back then, so I'd either reply to comments or PM everyone who commented, inviting them to join; people were a lot more receptive to that. I actually did make a new PM each time I messaged somebody.

After a year or so, I started putting annotations on each video because doing the previous method took up most of my free time. I believe after that it was mostly word of mouth (from other users), which got us better Google rankings. Nowadays, Google results bring a lot of new people in.

I should mention, this site is a forum so it has a lot of returning visitors (which are very important).

Post edited on 20th Dec 2014, 7:32pm
>> No. 15 [Edit]
The only money I've made online was from Amazon Mechanical Turk. It's dull survey stuff, but I've gotten around $650 out of it in a year and I only did it maybe 3 times in bursts of about a week straight of doing nothing but surveys. It's just a matter of refreshing forums where people post the best amount money with the shortest surveys and then jumping on them asap while they are still available.

I imagine I could have made a lot more if I just did a little bit every day instead of a lot on rare occasions (hell, just $5 a day or so and I would have had nearly $2k rather than $650), but my brain doesn't want to work that way.

Obviously it's never going to be living money, but as someone who doesn't have to pay for their rent, it's nice spending money to have.
>> No. 16 [Edit]

Here's another one for you guys.
This is a site where you can buy and sell game keys. Not only can you make money be selling keys to games you don't want, but you can use referrals to earn money from purchases made by people you direct to the site.

I haven't made anything off it yet, but I haven't blown it off completely either. Seems all you gotta do is make a link and spread it on gaming sites.
>> No. 17 [Edit]
A "friend" of mine sold wow accounts a chinese girl gave him and made 2000 bucks in 2 months
Then he started selling gold but I think that didn't work

Not really my experiece but something you might consider. Hope it helps. Or not. I don't care.

Post edited on 24th Dec 2014, 12:45pm
>> No. 25 [Edit]
Does anyone have experience with sites like Zazzle? Gonna try my lot there, seems like a decent way to build up some passive income and lots of it's copy-paste. Especially if I build up my assets folder. Reuising the same swirls, tildes, things like that. That I've made of course, so they can't moan about copyright.

Seems like an alright way to use my illustrator skills even if it'll take several hundred designs before money comes in consistently. Just wondering if anyone's had similar thoughts.

Post edited on 25th Mar 2017, 10:44pm
>> No. 26 [Edit]
printalloverme and redbubble probably better
>> No. 43 [Edit]
>The only money I've made online was from Amazon Mechanical Turk
I'll give this a shot. Will do it 30 minutes per day, every day, for a month. I'll report back on September 16th.
>> No. 44 [Edit]
File 150291893931.jpg - (7.50KB , 128x109 , mpv-shot0018 head.jpg )
Someone gave me money once on a forum
Because he thought i was nice
I dont know why he did it
>> No. 45 [Edit]
File 150465745157.jpg - (57.07KB , 482x549 , 1500420415182.jpg )
I tried making an account but got denied.
>> No. 46 [Edit]
Huh? Why?
>> No. 47 [Edit]
File 150466254716.png - (288.12KB , 720x1280 , 20170905_214708.png )
Don't know. I tried googling it to find out if I still had a chance. Some people said they don't take non-americans anymore, but I am an American. Other people said they got an email out of the blue, after they got denied, approving them. For some people it was weeks later, for others it was over a year later. Do I need to be an active amazon user?

Please excuse my phone-posting.
>> No. 48 [Edit]
File 150485981010.gif - (1.65MB , 500x341 , typing_over_you.gif )
Sometimes being nice pays off. I have been gifted a couple dozen of Steam games over the years, and last year I even got a n3DSxl plus a game just for giving someone attention, it was crazy. Unfortunately, sometimes it comes with a heavy burden.
No.43 here. I used my own Amazon account I have made several purchases with, and linked it with mTurk on the same day I made the post, but I haven't even received a confirmation e-mail yet. I check my account's confirmation status daily but always says "we'll let you know". I live in Europe so it's likely I'll never get in.
I've read that sometimes you get accepted despite being denied, some time after.
>> No. 50 [Edit]
File 150606117294.jpg - (24.82KB , 240x300 , old_tweety.jpg )
>>43 here reporting. Like I mentioned in >>48, I applied to Amazon Mechanical Turk on August 16th using my already established Amazon account, with several years of purchases. Since I don't live in USA, though, the chances were practically zero. I was checking my email just right now, and saw the email from yesterday denying the application. I got the same message as >>47. So it seems it can take up to a month or more to receive a response. Good luck to everyone else trying, it's definitely worth a shot.
>> No. 66 [Edit]
File transcript.pdf - (57.49KB )

I love money!!!!

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