This is a board for discussion related to methods to make money online.
Something for NEETs/hikki who are dirt poor but are at their computers all day.

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File 13670403565.jpg - (120.96KB , 1280x720 , tari-tari_03-3.jpg )
1 No. 1 [Edit]
Since many of us here are dirt poor hikki/NEETs with no income what so ever, I decided to create this board so that we might help each other out a bit. Here we can share and discuss different ways of making online/from home.
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>> No. 2 [Edit]
I'm going to find where kurukuru lives and sell his organs on the black market.
>> No. 3 [Edit]
>> No. 4 [Edit]
File 136995612184.png - (439.84KB , 598x564 , 1368903893420.png )
You can't scare me, Kuru.
>> No. 8 [Edit]
File 137000201422.jpg - (359.79KB , 677x620 , Organ.jpg )
Well sorry I don't have any organs, just have to go to someone elses house.
>> No. 9 [Edit]
File 139633841458.jpg - (146.14KB , 1118x624 , pyramid.jpg )
Whatever you do, don't fall into a Pyramid; it's a very humiliating memory, at best.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
File 142109968555.jpg - (816.78KB , 1024x768 , ezmoney.jpg )
A nice way to start. Its not work but if you're smart with whatever money you get you'll have a nice savings to start
>> No. 51 [Edit]
File 150859354687.jpg - (247.25KB , 1400x853 , anon en.jpg )
all of these options are pretty terrible, mostly since you're competing with third world agencies by working online, but i might as well list them
>transcription work
high wpm will help you but you still won't make much, will eventually be replaced by a computer.
>art freelance
Any freelance site that takes a cut / blocks interaction outside of the website (i.e. fiverr) isn't worth the effort. If you know the software well and have a bit of experience you can find desperate small jobs, of course being paid little for a lot of work, and the people are sometimes very hard to work with
>code freelancing
probably the best bet, though I haven't tried it. Knew someone who basically got paid to do some kid's programming homework. As with all freelancing jobs your advantage over the third world is your ability to english
with no real skills or abilities, but with some luck or networking, you might end up managing someone's wordpress / wix website. Old people feel good paying young people small amounts to do shit they don't want. Downside is all these jobs require social interaction, but with personal jobs like this you might get someone who is at least understanding.
>be a phone rep at home
this is legit work but it's the worst shit ever. Most stressed out I've ever been.
in any case your best bet is going through family members / friends because networking will get you 10x what a forum will. but everything (except transcription) requires social interaction to a large extent
>> No. 54 [Edit]
File 155259883599.png - (34.72KB , 400x400 , 0309103506.png )
I've been working on my website, it has an Image Generator and a text-board. I hope to make it "useful" so that people will come more than once. If the site traffic gets large enough I will put up adverts on the site and see if I can make a good amount of NEETbux.

That is my current plan. But if Andrew Yang wins the 2020 Presidential Election and he makes Universal Basic Income a reality in the USA then I won't have to worry about money and can focus on other things.

A NEET can hope.

My site is here:

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