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File 169494114878.jpg - (319.58KB , 1875x2344 , a2be5d27f72cee1fa14dc353ccc06c40.jpg )
2384 No. 2384 [Edit]
So the idea came up for us to take a whack at making a game of our own. Not exactly the first time it's come come up, but it never got past the stage of "wouldn't it be cool if we..."
if there's enough legitimate interest, maybe we can make something of it.

So what will we need?
-An engine to run the game on.


-Art assets.

-Music and sound.


We would also need a concept and design path to follow. If nothing else so we know where to start.
Not sure how agreeable it would be, but I was thinking off the top of my head we could keep it mostly simple and make a dating sim, with a small twist on the formula being you play as an anon who discovers an imageboard on which you meet and befriend different types of users.

Alternatively, we could stick with what works and have things centered around an after school club. Obviously a school club for hikineet wouldn't make much sense, but we could go with something in that ballpark.
Any and all thoughts and opinions are welcome here.
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>> No. 2385 [Edit]
Ren'py is by far the easiest and simplest engine. It requires basically no programming, unless we want to add minigames or stuff like that, in which case we would need someone who knows python well enough.

I like the idea of the imageboard, it would fit well with the mechanics of a visual novel.
>> No. 2386 [Edit]
File 169496155747.jpg - (1.61MB , 4135x2921 , 4eb951b7b2550e2cf565f765a6e8f103.jpg )
Couldn't see how an imageboard would work for a dating sim, so I had the idea of combining the two ideas.

An after school club creates an imageboard that's only accessible to members of their highschool. The main character has to figure out which posts are made by who, and use that information to get closer to a girl. This would add an element of light detective work.

As I said in the earlier thread, I could do the programming, but there needs to be an artist for this to go anywhere.
>> No. 2387 [Edit]
That's a fun and creative idea. I like it.
>> No. 2388 [Edit]
File 169498411284.png - (164.03KB , 400x1100 , josei_07_a.png )
>there needs to be an artist for this to go anywhere.
I wonder how far we could get using existing free assets or character creation software like >>/cr/1784. It would probably entail having 0 CGs.
>> No. 2389 [Edit]
>there needs to be an artist for this to go anywhere
I'd be concerned about the scenario than anything at this point. Even if there were an artist lined up, he'd need to know what he's drawing.
Plus, if need be, one can just have backgrounds and no portraits or anything like, and the visual novel can still be pretty good as long as the writing holds up.
>> No. 2390 [Edit]
File 169498550877.png - (1.60MB , 1653x2066 , e95f298183d5555c22fd93b01c2e2bf0.png )
>he'd need to know what he's drawing
A writer is needed then. I guess a screenplay format would work.
>> No. 2391 [Edit]
I've seen it done. we could probably do it as place holders till something better comes along.
>> No. 2392 [Edit]
I think we should first brainstorm the heroines, so if an artist (hopefully) comes by, he will know where to start from. In the meantime, we could use placeholders like >>2391 said.

Anyway, I got an idea in my sleep about how a first day script could look like. It's based off >>2386 and it involves three characters: mc, a friend of his and a shy qt girl, all members of the computers school club. I will write a draft by either today or tomorrow, so, even if it gets thrown it in the trash, we have a reference point to see how people want the vn to be in comparison.
>> No. 2393 [Edit]
There's the childhood friend and shy girl like you mentioned. The tsundere, the kuudere, the serious class rep, a female teacher, the athlete, comic relief nut job.

>I will write a draft by either today or tomorrow
Good luck.
>> No. 2394 [Edit]
This ponscripter fork seems to be a great place to start.

For assets like CGs, sprites, background and music AI/procedural tools like StableDiffusion or Abundant Music could be used as placeholders.

The focus should be on characters, setting and story instead in my opinion.
>all members of the computers school club
It reminds me Ubunchu.
>There's the childhood friend and shy girl like you mentioned. The tsundere, the kuudere, the serious class rep, a female teacher, the athlete, comic relief nut job.
Where's the pervert?
>> No. 2395 [Edit]
File vndraft.zip - (39.03KB )

I've finished the draft. It's kinda short and doesn't really add anything new to the plot, it's just a possible introduction. Feel free to ignore it if you want, but if you don't, tell me what you think of it.

I have written the friend as male actually, but it can easily be changed.
>> No. 2396 [Edit]
File 169507764541.jpg - (80.77KB , 754x638 , 1692385173001.jpg )
I like it. I could definitely imagine it as a proper VN in my head while reading.
I guess I don't really have anything to say other than it's a solid introduction and we could go pretty much anywhere from here. We should flesh out the MC's dynamic with [Friend] and some sort of basic outlines for [qt]'s and others' routes.
About male friend characters specifically, I've always liked the relationship between Tomoya and Sunohara in CLANNAD. Not really sure what it is about it, but he's always reminded me of my friends in high school. I think he should be an inspiration for the [Friend] character, a good chemistry between him and the MC could really contribute a lot to how fun this will be to read.

Also, I haven't read any western-made VNs so I'm not really sure how it usually goes, but is this supposed to have voice acting? And if so, are the voices in english or japanese?
>> No. 2397 [Edit]
This is a 90s, closed source, Windows exclusive thing that isn't part of any larger ecosystem. It screams inconvenience and jank to me, so I wouldn't use it. renpy or bust.
>> No. 2398 [Edit]
Who would want English voice acting? It's either gotta be JP or mute.
>> No. 2399 [Edit]
It's not.
>> No. 2400 [Edit]
The same people who want dubs.
>> No. 2401 [Edit]
None of my favorite VNs have voice acting. (To be honest though, I haven't played that many).
>> No. 2402 [Edit]
This started strong, but now what?
>> No. 2404 [Edit]
The director perhaps needs to step up.
>> No. 2405 [Edit]
I still think an artist is needed.
>> No. 2406 [Edit]
I got around to reading this. I think the friend is a little too annoying.

>I didn’t give much of a personality to the mc, I don’t know if we want to make a fully characterized protagonist
I think the mc is a bit too depressive and asocial to be a blank slate. I know that's par for the course for tc, but it's a little jarring in this context.

Post edited on 8th Oct 2023, 7:52pm
>> No. 2407 [Edit]
>I think the mc is a bit too depressive and asocial to be a blank slate. I know that's par for the course for tc, but it's a little jarring in this context.
My idea is for him to start all gloomy and sad, and then gradually become happier as he progresses through the route all the way to the end when he learns to love life and all that bullshit. Dating sims in which the mc starts already happy and full of life usually feel bland.

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