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File 133187142190.png - (1.27MB , 1600x1200 , snow.png )
9678 No. 9678 [Edit]
If you could create a VN about anything, what would it be about?

I'd either make one about living by myself in a remote place, or a historical one. I'd love to play a historical-style VN.
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>> No. 9679 [Edit]
world war VN's would be pretty cool. Alternate endings too.
>> No. 9680 [Edit]
Would like to display the life of a person with a waifu. Although I have to admit since there are many ways people can live with one, it'd be hard to find the audience that the story could relate to the most.
>> No. 9681 [Edit]
File 133187330266.jpg - (22.69KB , 640x480 , girl-from-tomoyas-dream.jpg )
Living all by myself, in a post-apocalyptic world, talking a lot with myself and profiting from an inner world rich in imaginery, sources, sophisticated concepts and stories; just like that, day after day; until That happens and/or She appears...

Nothing new at all, I know. However, we're all quite similar, in here.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2012, 9:58pm
>> No. 9682 [Edit]
I got exactly same idea.
>> No. 9683 [Edit]
File 133190616824.jpg - (98.92KB , 787x270 , 1209047638190.jpg )
I have one long ass text file where I write down all my ideas. There are literally hundreds of them. I lost one version with lots of unsaved stuff in it two or so months ago, though. It sucked big time but I'm pretty sure I remembered the best ideas and wrote them down again.

So yeah, since it's so freaking long let's just pick a few at random (please note that these don't really contain any plot - rather, I focused on hypothetical scenarios; I have my plot stored elsewhere):

‣ free time society. Basically everything you could desire is produced by robots (the details of this are rather unimportant). It'd be interesting to see what people would do with all that free time (it's more or less obvious for us but I wonder what normalfriends would do).

Other possibility would be only really basic stuff is covered by robots (food, cheap clothes) but you'd have to somehow earn money to gain access to more luxurious products. Again, interesting to see how many people would strive to gain more and more.

‣ world submerged under water (probably after ice caps melted or something). Either with magical sky castles (I just recalled the image I included) or simply 'islands' (whatever these would look like) floating on water. Some other post apocalyptic stuff thrown in (but not too apocalyptic).

‣ 2 stories unfolding at once. Or something like that. With a big time gap between, say 50 years. One protag could be related to another (gradmother/grandfather - grandaughter/grandson for example). I have some ideas for the story itself but they are very basic.

‣ a(n epsiodic?) VN from perspective of various objects: pens, boxes, lamps and whatnot. The ones which are forgotten/thrown out would be kinda portrayed as dead.

This is one of those ideas that are directly related to me. I look at stuff like that a whole lot. I tend to personify more or less everything around me and then get depressed about it (as in I sometimes actually feel like crying when I see some thrown out broken chair).

I guess a VN about my twisted way of looking at world period could kinda work. I somehow never considered it before.

‣ Ghostbusters: the VN. Kinda. 100% comedy of course (or pure nonsense at times), way less serious than the actual movies even.

‣ VN from the Final Boss kind of guy perspective. Either literally a Dai Maou waiting till the Yuusha gets there to kill him or about actually gaining control over the world. Inspired by Dungeon Keeper/Evil Genius either way.

‣ a VN from perspective of some lesser God from Greek/Roman pantheon (or not, I kinda thought that works, not even sure why, this is an old one). Basically how powerful the Gods are is directly related to the number of their followers. Aim for the top!

Could be a tycoon-esque game.

‣ a common sense look at VNs (especially cliches). Kinda like that scene in Haganai made into VN (except like 100 times longer). That could be pretty amusing.

‣ oh, this was one of my favorites. A world where superheroes are pretty common. The whole superhero business was institutionalized and superhoeres are employed by goverments/city halls now. The job pays well and the superheroes are loved by all. Except you'd be a sidekick. And that's not as cool. You'd live in a run down apartment and you'd be struggling to pay the rent, bills and whatnot. On top of that, the hero you're working with is not only a huge asshole, he's also shit at his job, so you'd have to do pretty much everything while he gets all the credit.

Guess which cartoon this was inspired by.
As far as I'm corncerned it's one of the best American cartoons out there, if not the best. Megas XLR was pretty cool too but you'd have to be a pretty big mecha buff to appreciate all those (sometimes really obscure) references.

Whoops, got kinda off topic. But yeah, that much will do. Of course I have many more but I'm too lazy to summarize them here.

Oh, I almost ofrgot. I'm working on a fantasy setting right now. I put a lot work into it already and I'm quite satisfied with the result but it still needs some work. I just kinda wanted to mention it without getting into it. Let's just say it's about a band of 'witchhunters' who wander the world killing of magicians (I have various ideas for their motivies - I guess they'd vary between characters rather than be more or less the same for every member of the group).

Please note that those are just ideas and I'm much, much too lazy to ever actually write anything. Also, lots of these I kinda imagine as VNs with gameplay elements (mostly very text heavy RPGs).
>> No. 9684 [Edit]
What I'd want to bring isn't a new kind of story but a new way of storytelling. My vision: a postmodern visual novel.
>> No. 9685 [Edit]
File 134021441058.jpg - (89.69KB , 1280x800 , 1215983303788.jpg )

Tsukihime remake, all the fights done like witch/holy night

remove the gore/blood censorship nippon requires, and ciel true end turns even more amazing (and her blood for the blood god backstory)

and fully voiced from the MB:AA cast.

Throw in an entirely new arc set for a few of the MB:AA girls: Sacchin, roastbeef, and miyako, the dark side of the moon arcs.

somehow throw in an arihiko + SHIKI bro arc, a completely zero H-scene arc involving saving SHIKI from Roa and arihiko fighting zombie drones with ciel's weapon (coached by the semi-horse spirit) and telling all the bitches and whores to get back in the kitchen... and coming out from it alive.
>> No. 9686 [Edit]
A Story about a person living in a city that reflects this persons state of mind. The character is forced to fight against demonic reflections of certain parts of her own psyche such as fear, anger, lust or social phobia. These "demons" cannot be killed, the only defence the main character got is his ability to change the city, to create a escape route for instance. The main character longs to find out the reason why this city/his mind got "messed up", how he got there in the first place and how he can escape.
>> No. 9687 [Edit]
Something about Henry VIII. Something very cheesy and jap-fantasy-ish: probably he'd have his six wives almost concurrently, as a harem, during the reformation emphasis would be put on the corruption of the catholic church and it would have airships, of course.
>> No. 9688 [Edit]

Had a similar idea after reading the rulebook for 'Don't Rest Your Head' and rewatching Dark City. 'Don't Rest Your Head' has some pretty neat ideas in it.
>> No. 9689 [Edit]
alternate-history story of someone riding trains and taking air battleships in an alternate history north america with a black and mormon separate republics. A bit like that Crimson Skies game.
>> No. 9690 [Edit]
heres an archive on a similar thing
>> No. 9691 [Edit]
File 134966852867.jpg - (612.92KB , 1024x768 , stalker dating sim.jpg )
"S.T.A.L.K.E.R: No Girlfriend in the Zone"

KS was born from a joke, so why can't this happen? ;_;
>> No. 9693 [Edit]
File 135071168082.jpg - (140.37KB , 852x480 , 1312156000163.jpg )

KS came about back when even /b/ had new and original content posted and created on a standard, daily basis.
back before the /a/ split, way back then; those memories alone are what drove moot to attempt to recreate those times with canv.ass

and that time is dead and gone, never to return again, even with all of moot's time, effort, and the investor's money thrown into canv.ass, it will still fail
>> No. 9694 [Edit]
File 135080995627.jpg - (200.48KB , 837x576 , fft wiegraf battle.jpg )
If I could create vn it would some sort of combination of my favorite video game Final Fantasy Tactics and favorite vn Fate/Stay Night.

I love story of FFT, but we all know end was bad, it was just wrong. Story like FFT had perfect settings for multiple endings. While F/SN used vn mechanics very well. They brought fights alive.

Also Ramza and Shirou are pretty similar characters. Both are righteous, they are willingly sacrifice themself for something what they think is right.
>> No. 9695 [Edit]
the story of a train molester who causes girls to fall in love with him after he molests them causing whacky hijinks along the way with a bit of drama
>> No. 9696 [Edit]
File 136416541622.jpg - (68.52KB , 682x682 , dunecat.jpg )
A story filled with romance and adventure set in Frank Herbert's Dune universe. Heroines with their own routes include a tsundere Fremen girl with whom you will live in a sietch in the deserts of Arrakis, a shy young Bene Gesserit who has gone rogue and hides from the Sisterhood with you, a sadistic female Tleilaxu shapeshifter who was hired to kill you but unexpectedly develops a crush on you, and a kuudere female mentat with blue hair.
>> No. 9697 [Edit]
File 13681422961.jpg - (38.59KB , 448x336 , TextAdventure.jpg )
Serving prison time in Space Rangers universe and becoming the greatest cockroach racing coach. Ending up in prison was one of the most fun things in Space Rangers 2.
>> No. 9698 [Edit]
An actual good Touhou dating sim.
>> No. 9699 [Edit]
File 137201520167.jpg - (549.41KB , 1280x960 , 1362039126849.jpg )
You know what, that would be pretty cool to make, actually.
If anyone else's interested, this could actually work.
>> No. 9700 [Edit]
File 137202756885.jpg - (439.97KB , 1024x768 , stalker dating sim 2.jpg )
Never gonna happen ;_;
>> No. 9701 [Edit]
File 137213581366.jpg - (319.61KB , 800x600 , scooby doo vn.jpg )
Serious Scooby Doo VN. MC can be hitchhiker they pick up on the way to the next location of mystery. Starts off like the cartoons until monster of the week actually kills someone.

There will be a Velma route.
>> No. 9702 [Edit]
File 137213607088.png - (584.14KB , 1600x900 , ed edd eddy vn 1.png )
And on a related note, someone's actually working on an Ed, Edd and Eddy VN. There is allegedly a Marie route planned
>> No. 9703 [Edit]
>> No. 10544 [Edit]
Mass Effect(oh.. wait)
>> No. 10554 [Edit]
Dead or Alive VN! Or is that redundant?
>> No. 10579 [Edit]
File 13985637789.jpg - (40.53KB , 357x496 , yfw.jpg )
Diablo. StarCraft. WoW.
>> No. 10613 [Edit]
File 140150458652.jpg - (176.58KB , 800x1133 , wicked.jpg )
DC & Marvel Superheroes VN
>> No. 10771 [Edit]
File 140703880441.jpg - (10.00KB , 160x152 , ySection.jpg )
DoA/Tekken/VF~ 3D VN!
>> No. 13344 [Edit]
add Soul Calibur to the list.
>> No. 13373 [Edit]
File 155090076222.jpg - (187.19KB , 1710x900 , sez.jpg )
Mortal Kombat!
>> No. 13392 [Edit]
File 155280169440.jpg - (79.82KB , 1280x720 , Viv.jpg )
I would romance NYOTENGU.
>> No. 13435 [Edit]
Something went wrong with my post so I'll try to submit this again:

I had this idea about an unsolvable "murder" mystery, I guess it could be done in VN format too:
several people die in strange circumstances and detective MC investigates.
It would be a complex sort of enigma, with lots of contradictory leads pointing to several possible suspects.
In the end the gathered evidence would not be conclusive enough to say who dun it with certainty.
It could be as likely it was all a coincidental series of freak accidents.

I came up with one scene:
Somewhere towards the end of the story there would be a sequence where something almost convinces the MC he's about to find himself face to face with the culprit.
Maybe it's night, and he's at a fresh crime scene (presumed) when he sees movement out of the corner of his eye or something.
He goes after the apparition. It's not clear if it's the killer, or if MC only sees what he expects to see, effectively chasing shadows through busy backstreets of some grimy city.
The 'chase' ends in a dark utility tunnel or something, where the detective sees a figure off in the distance, and he takes a shot.
As bullets ricochet off the walls and strike sparks the flashes reveal it was an optical illusion caused by a peculiar layout of pipes and smoke.
But still he finds something in the tunnel that could suggest someone was there just a moment ago, maybe. Or not.
He leaves perplexed and troubled. He slowly walks home, as headlights of passing cars illuminate random arrangements of ordinary objects and trash, which cast menacing shadows.
Yeah, I know. It's corny trite shit, I should be embarrassed and I am.

I realize this isn't original and that a stories like this aren't popular due to being unsatisfying. I'm absolutely clueless about creative writing too so I wouldn't know how to write compelling characters and plot.

It's just an idea that came to me after watching some mystery films.
>> No. 13456 [Edit]
Hero detective chasing a villianess he has feelings for?
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