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File 136632838315.gif - (436.83KB , 500x500 , YOUGOTSERVED.gif )
8229 No. 8229 [Edit]
I'm not sure if we have a thread for this, but what online multiplayer games do you play? MMO, FPS, racing, strategy, whatever.

Also, post whatever your ID is in these games if you would like to find some new people to play with.
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>> No. 8230 [Edit]
I was playing microvolts (free to play)for a while under the name of T0HN0 (when Tohno is taken somewhere I replace the os with 0s) not much outside of that. Community kinda blows, besides being full of Portuguese hackers, they all get really anal about people sticking to the same type of weapon too much and kick you from games.
>> No. 8231 [Edit]
Really only Chivalry. It's a ton of fun, running into wonderfully chaotic melee combat while shouting taunts that sound like something straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Trackmania is nice every now and then, though it's more about beating people's times than playing with them.

Started War Thunder yesterday to play with a friend, it's not bad either.

Also recently been thinking about picking up the japanese (with english patch) PSO2, after messing around in the character creator. But another friend and I are not sure if we should wait for the indefinite localization instead.

My steam ID is
>> No. 8233 [Edit]
I play a lot of Killing Floor, it's pretty much the only online game I play.

I'm interested in FF14 though, it looks cool.
>> No. 8244 [Edit]
I used to play Realm of the Mad God and made a thread about it here:

I quit because the company that acquired it is slowly ruining the game. I'd happily pick it up if we formed a tohnochan guild on it.

Many people say that it gets boring after a few days. Theres actually a wall of skill that you need to overcome when you get to level 20 before you can access all the interesting strategy and higher level content which makes the game actually addicting. This wall of skill involves knowing how to dodge in godlands (the volcanic area) and if you don't overcome it then yes, it will get boring after a few days.
>> No. 11916 [Edit]
File 145510081396.png - (240.44KB , 500x500 , BChun-Li.png )
Online fighting games
>> No. 12021 [Edit]
File 145913619226.jpg - (22.88KB , 480x269 , g20160414.jpg )
A lot of PC F2P games are online multiplayer. WHy is that?
>> No. 12023 [Edit]
because then you can sell kids skins, if they couldn't dickwave with their 'friends' then they wouldn't buy skins
>> No. 12036 [Edit]
File 145975850488.png - (175.96KB , 840x560 , Gblink.png )
I thought it's so that the gaming company can track you more easily. If the game is free, YOU are the product.
>> No. 12081 [Edit]
File 146201809525.jpg - (197.82KB , 990x500 , g20160523.jpg )
HELLDIVER (PC version) allows for local play & online play "co-op" play at the same time. I like it!
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