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File 131836778968.jpg - (289.46KB , 920x920 , 3x3-bideogemu.jpg )
4887 No. 4887 [Edit]
Well, there's a 3x3 thread on /an/ and I thought it would be interesting to see what video games you guys like.

These are some vidya I've enjoyed.

Yakuza series, Fallout series, VTM:B, Deadly Premonition, Valkyria Chronicles, GOD HAND, No More Heroes, Red Orchestra & its mods, Max Payne
Expand all images
>> No. 4888 [Edit]
File 131836971066.jpg - (269.25KB , 920x920 , mosaicfdffb01664e9b9b1b47854cb4f1e5ef07640c311.jpg )
Another one? Okay.

I don't think Touhou counts here, but I've played so much of it.
>> No. 4889 [Edit]
File 131837253061.jpg - (312.99KB , 920x920 , mosaic203cc6281bb31dac0e51aa723771aa433e6b88f0.jpg )
Much easier to make than my favorite anime list
>> No. 4892 [Edit]
File 131837656789.png - (1.52MB , 920x920 , 3x3.png )
>> No. 4893 [Edit]
File 131837764624.jpg - (286.85KB , 920x920 , mosaic6d3ea4e0e68551f496ef611cc0ddea571a489190.jpg )
I just couldn't decide between Majora or Wind Waker.
>> No. 4894 [Edit]
I like your taste, Tobo
>> No. 4895 [Edit]
Oh I totally forgot about banjo-kazooie, which is weird because I was reading it's wiki just yesterday
>> No. 4896 [Edit]
File 131838203211.jpg - (326.64KB , 920x920 , video game chart for me.jpg )
Worst crops ever, but I'm lazy.
>> No. 4897 [Edit]
File 131838555972.jpg - (271.09KB , 920x920 , mosaicb71a1071c94bcd3426dd1f545a22e78d1de99437.jpg )
Perhaps it's a new record for world's worst crops.
>> No. 4898 [Edit]
Half Life
Link's Awakening
Lost World Jurassic Park (the sega arcade shooter)
Metroid Prime
San Andreas
Shadow of the Colossus
Pkmn Silver
Resident Evil 4
>> No. 4903 [Edit]
File 131858894131.jpg - (286.91KB , 912x912 , shit taste.jpg )
>> No. 5002 [Edit]
File 13190971944.jpg - (284.19KB , 920x920 , mosaic46dd3b96d765baec4eb36a1c7d34d3408020ef65.jpg )
>> No. 5004 [Edit]
Lots of Troika and Troika-related stuff. You have good taste bro.
>> No. 5005 [Edit]
File 13191168724.jpg - (865.75KB , 1518x1518 , mosaic45b61ab6c515bf555df573dff80e79d51477b059.jpg )
Sorry, just couldn't decide.
>> No. 5006 [Edit]
You know, it really defeats the point if all you do is list off all the games you like.
It's not supposed to be easy.
>> No. 5008 [Edit]
Why limit yourself to 3x3 when you can have 5x5?
>> No. 5009 [Edit]
...............becuase that's what op said to do?
>> No. 5073 [Edit]
File 131958247573.jpg - (905.93KB , 920x920 , 3x3_game.jpg )
>> No. 5086 [Edit]
File 13196130293.jpg - (253.48KB , 900x900 , 3x3.jpg )
>> No. 5215 [Edit]
File 13203780327.jpg - (312.38KB , 920x920 , mosaic18a2cba4dd90a81bc6981cb52279c2e14744ccbd.jpg )
>> No. 5425 [Edit]
File 132174016346.jpg - (306.01KB , 920x920 , 3x3.jpg )
>> No. 5428 [Edit]
File 132177756557.jpg - (278.55KB , 908x908 , maifavoritegaems.jpg )
Little blurbs about each game (and an essay on Final Fantasy Tactics):

Silent Hill 2 -
I could go on for days about this game. So atmospheric. Everything's perfect. It's graphics surpass any 2001 vidya. I think. Off the top of my head, anyway. One of the few games I'd rate 10/10 (well, 9/10 - only cuz of the controls). Really excited to play the remake in the unlikely event I buy it.

Threads of Fate -
Haven't played it since 2004. I am looking at it through nostalgia goggles. It was so damn fun, though. Innocent, most definitely. The final boss isn't some horrible dead wife from hell, it's a giant butterfly. I think. That's how I remember it. The soundtrack was top-notch as well. Remember being so damn frustrated by some levels in this game...Still sad they didn't make a remake or a sequel of some sort. You know Ken Akamatsu was set to do a manga adaptation of this, but exchanged it for Negima? Paperface fact of the day, #001 of a series.

SMT: Nocturne -
Hours, weeks, months wasted. Just to get the "perfect demon". Who is promptly torn apart by demons in the next area. How much more fun could a game get? Love the setting and the graphics - Can't go wrong with cel-shaded. The characters are really nice as well, I just feel it'd do the game some good if there was a lot more interaction, but then again, I bounced off of Persona to this, so I guess it took some getting used to.

SMT: Persona 3 -
Kind of a shitty picture. Whatever. A really fun game. Picked it up back in 2009, haven't stopped playing it, really. I only just beat it last summer...Really like the S.Link idea. Really nice characters (some of my favorite in any type of media). "Dungeons" (such as they are) get same-y.

Pokemon Silver -
Favorite handheld game, hands down. I really think I'm clever for coming up with that. I loved Blue to death. But Silver had the god damn POKEGEAR. What innovation Nintendo blesses my youth with. Day to night, time, people calling me up, radio?! In Pokemon? Surely this is the work of a madman. Or perhaps a warlock? ...Yeah. Needless to say, I loved the original generation, I just prefer this series by that much more due to the Pokegear. And Forretress. Forretress is great. Bug/Steel means he's not beating a fire-type, but coupled with Quick Claw, Rollout and a reasonable amount of luck, I do think my Forretress can at least possibly take out your Typhlosion. I used to challenge my (two) friends to get a team with their best fire-types and go up against my Forretress. Needless to say he got creamed, but every time he actually -did- win, they were so shocked. One time, he managed to beat a Moltres. How insane is that? Granted, I think his finger just slipped, and he ended up with a useless move, but Forretress was so glorious that day. Just gotta get a good Rollout going, make sure you have a reasonably decent skillset. That's how you work Forretress back in the day. Now we've got these "Signal Beams" or whatever god damn 5th gen attack Forretress learns that he doesn't really need. Fuck that shit. Fuck it hard.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask -
Having played through almost every Zelda I can get my hands on, I have concluded in my journey that Majora's Mask is the best. I feel a deep emotional bond with this game. No idea why. It's just overall very well done - I feel as though I'd get something thrown at me for this, but I'd venture to say even more well done than Ocarina of Time, what with the whole character development actually being there (as in, you care for the citizens of Termina, as opposed to the flat, boring Hyrule inhabitants). It's so surreal, beautiful, dream-like...Shit, I can go on forever about this game. Favorite game of all time, no doubt at all. I genuinely love it so much, it's impossible to put those feelings into words.

Grand Theft Auto III -
So many afternoons wasted. I never actually beat this game. Weird to think about that. It's just fun to go on wild skirmishes with the army and stuff. Once I got my hands on the cheat codes, any hope I had of beating GTA3 went down the drain. Such a fun game, no doubt. Was the second game I bought when I got a PS2. First being Dynasty Warriors 3, third being SH2.

Final Fantasy Tactics -
The PS1 version~ I have the PSP version, which is damn near perfect, but there's something so horribly nostalgic about this version. "Defeat Dycedarg's Elder Brother" and such. I remember staying home from school just to play through the game again, when I got stuck in one part. Just huddled up in a blanket, me, Ramza and Delita out for some...horribly morbid journeying. I don't think I fully understood how dark the storyline was as a kid. When I replayed it through the remake, I found myself understanding Delita in an entirely new fashion. He wasn't just Ramza's dick friend, he's actually a very deep character, Shakespearean, almost (just with more accessible dialogue) and I actually began to understand his motivations, etc. coming from the same economic class (pretty damn poor), and having a friend very much like Ramza when I was younger (loaded family, parents kind enough to take me in for practically an entire summer). It was weird because I started to put myself in Delita's shoes more often. Made me see the game in an entirely new light. Ramza's the true hero, no doubt, but Delita's more of the tragic hero anyway. The entire game turns out very sad. Didn't give two thoughts to it when I was a kid. Beat it long after that innocence faded away, it went from "Happy-ish ending, yay!" to "Oh god the tears won't stop" (not really, but I did tear up to the ending). Everyone got what they deserved in the end - Delita, penance, Ramza, his sister. Except Ovelia. Poor Ovelia. ;_; Spend a fourth of the game trying to help her...
Oh, and Agrias~ I fell in love with Agrias when I was a kid, pretty much. She was everything I wanted in a girl (well, I just wanted to go on adventures with her). Now she just reminds me a lot of Saber. Not bad, but I never had any special affections for Saber. She's Saber with a slightly more honorable/clingy streak, which I love. And a prettier face. Those FMV's in the remake, oh lord~ Perfection. More cel-shading, to bring that to the front again. I'll also never forget the day my game (PS1 version, of course) completely glitched up, and I ended up having every job class completely mastered for my party (including the special ones like Machinist, Holy Knight, Dark Knight). That was pretty weird, because it came and went. If I was in battle with a class I didn't have prior to the glitch or something, and the magic decided to go away, so to speak, I'd end up with a frozen game. Had to restart yet again because of that, as cool a screw-up as it was.

Final Fantasy V Advance -
Playing through this via an emulator and I'm finding it to be a helluva a lot more fun that I thought it would be. It's a very versatile, fun game. I kind of hate the storyline. It's full of forced drama and general boringness. But the idea of job classes and limiting your amount of abilities really interested me (not like FF7/8, where you can just load up your characters with a bunch of game-breaking abilities quickly through proper working of the game system). It's like Tactics in a lot of ways, unlike Tactics in a lot of ways. There's even a boss called Byblos, foreshadowing the Byblos of Tactics. And that's just way too cool, man. Way too cool.
>> No. 5430 [Edit]

>It's graphics surpass any 2001 vidya

>> No. 5432 [Edit]
Much love for Majora's Mask. People who hate it just hate it because they can't deal with 3 day cycle. But then the more you play the more you realize how much more dynamic and interesting the world is because of it. I loved discovering all the little secrets. Also a deep story at times.

Also Golden Sun; great games.
>> No. 5674 [Edit]
File 132467588144.jpg - (149.14KB , 540x763 , zdeep.jpg )
I have a 3x3 but I have to update it for 2012...

Please wait.
>> No. 5675 [Edit]
It's not like the thread is going anywhere..
>> No. 5776 [Edit]
File 132519657528.jpg - (255.54KB , 900x900 , 33.jpg )
>> No. 6027 [Edit]
Are you me? lol
>> No. 8167 [Edit]
File 136458462194.jpg - (439.68KB , 920x920 , video games 9x9.jpg )
>> No. 8213 [Edit]
File 136552219996.jpg - (293.55KB , 920x920 , 3x3.jpg )
>Favorite handheld game, hands down. I really think I'm clever for coming up with that.
This guy.

You might enjoy Divinity 2, make sure to get the dks version, they ported the original to the engine of the expansion, it really helps.
>> No. 8350 [Edit]
File 137094919082.jpg - (295.79KB , 920x920 , 3x3.jpg )
>> No. 8382 [Edit]
File 137198393465.jpg - (315.06KB , 920x920 , mosaica46fc608e08df9c160d89b96020105281d4cc94d.jpg )
Maybe I'll end up changing this in the future now that I'm emulating a lot of old games I used to play, who knows. Couldn't decide between any of the original Spyro games so I just threw them all in there.

I also thought of another I maybe would've want to put on it: LSD. Oh well.

Post edited on 23rd Jun 2013, 3:56am
>> No. 8509 [Edit]
What's the centre right one with the vomitting girl?
>> No. 8510 [Edit]
Yume Nikki. I've been getting back into gaming lately though mostly older titles so I wouldn't worry too much about that list it's bound to change drastically. Yume Nikki will definitely be staying though.

Post edited on 14th Aug 2013, 3:24am
>> No. 8560 [Edit]
File 137705813698.png - (1.47MB , 900x900 , 3x3.png )
Stuck to one game per series for the sake of variety. I still feel like I forgot something, though...
>> No. 8561 [Edit]
File 137706395494.jpg - (291.36KB , 920x920 , mosaic9ca8f37652c7c70caf6b86c6ee6521c1bc4a5b4e.jpg )
Any game in a series = probably the rest of the games in the series as well.
>> No. 8658 [Edit]
File 138303702195.jpg - (181.00KB , 1236x694 , wSSSS.jpg )
Not necessarily.
Street Fighter 1 and 3 were bleh; however 2 and 4? I can play that ALLLLLLLL day.
Diablo 3? There is no Diablo after 2.
Command & Conquer was good until EA bought it, then the rot set in.
>> No. 8661 [Edit]
File 138306168064.jpg - (302.40KB , 920x920 , mosaicb6bb95a9d73e5e3e80514cbeb32501df211f56ea.jpg )
Elaboration provided where applicable.

I chose RSE for the Pokémon series, but all of them are close. They all also have their problems, but overall I like RSE the most.

Warcraft III
A no-brainer with the tens of thousands of hours thrown at it and its custom maps (and recently, Valve's port of DotA Allstars) - not even Pokémon in all its iterations comes close. Arguably the best "casual" RTS in history with the strongest map editor and mapmaking hordes of any game the genre. Too bad it's all but dead nowadays with SC2, Dota 2, and other more recent titles robbing an already declining decade-old game blind.

One of the first video games I ever played, and a damn good one at that. Looking back, it has its share of flaws and there are countless better STGs out there, but nothing can match the nostalgia value.

KotOR II (with the fan restoration/bugfix patch)
Without the patches, the endgame is unfinished and a huge drop from the rest of the game. With the patches, it's still a bit below the rest, but it's good enough to complete the fantastic game.
>> No. 8664 [Edit]
>> No. 10412 [Edit]
File 138845246852.gif - (33.89KB , 140x158 , cvs-dictator-doublejab.gif )
What are your 2013 picks?
>> No. 10504 [Edit]
File 139485393616.jpg - (239.18KB , 620x400 , injusticeBATWW.jpg )
Most fun game of 2013
>> No. 10532 [Edit]
Witcher3 for GOTY2014!
>> No. 11204 [Edit]
File 141674996292.png - (2.06MB , 1000x1000 , top9.png )
Mine's a bit boring.

As imaged, in no particular order:
Lost Odyssey
The Witcher
Cave Story
Dragon Age: Origins
Mass Effect
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
>> No. 11214 [Edit]
Nice choices
>> No. 11215 [Edit]
Thanks. Only thing to note is that I haven't played Witcher 2 yet, because of spec requirements.
>> No. 11251 [Edit]
2014 updates?
>> No. 11253 [Edit]
Haven't played a lot of '14 games, but I'm having trouble imagining any real contenders. For me, maybe the new Divinity game?
>> No. 11256 [Edit]
File 141955275564.jpg - (228.38KB , 650x620 , z20141226.jpg )
Dragon Age: Inquisition & Divinity are easily the best this year.
>> No. 11258 [Edit]
Until its tactical view is fixed, I'll contain my enthusiasm. There's 2 problems with it: Locked camera distance and unintuitive controls (think "designed for gamepads"). According to a certain interview with a developer, the tactical view was only meant to be a "safety net", implying that you should be bruteforcing your way through every clusterfuck. What?

Post edited on 25th Dec 2014, 6:05pm
>> No. 11303 [Edit]
Best of 2014 ?
>> No. 11318 [Edit]
File 142120976368.jpg - (75.42KB , 640x401 , z138836346041s.jpg )
Let's crunch the numbers 2014
>> No. 11357 [Edit]
File 142304029915.jpg - (75.69KB , 580x300 , z20150204.jpg )
I like simulation games where reflexes aren't important.
For example;
>> No. 11362 [Edit]
File 142321630550.jpg - (294.02KB , 916x916 , 3x3vidya2014.jpg )
I'm the OP if anyone cares. You probably don't.
>> No. 11366 [Edit]
You didn't keep any of your games? Or is that just for 2014?
>> No. 11367 [Edit]
Just what releases I liked in 2014.
>> No. 11479 [Edit]
File 143002097915.jpg - (218.74KB , 1200x958 , z20150426.jpg )
Hmmm... my 3x3 seems to have a lot of F2P games...
>> No. 11480 [Edit]
2015 updates?
>> No. 11484 [Edit]
File 143056117486.gif - (831.96KB , 1556x662 , xing.gif )
2015 is pretty meh so far...
>> No. 11511 [Edit]
File 143289915262.jpg - (342.76KB , 1920x1080 , Natsuiro-High-School-Seishun-Hakusho_2015_05-07-15.jpg )
Metal Gear Pantsu will save us.
>> No. 11540 [Edit]
File 143727080191.gif - (9.37KB , 71x83 , aMBison.gif )
What is this?
>> No. 11842 [Edit]
File 145299741160.jpg - (15.13KB , 200x200 , a20160118.jpg )

Fallout 4
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Witcher 3
Destiny: The Taken King
Phantom Pain

Biggest disappointment:
Arkham Knight, Evolve
>> No. 11845 [Edit]
File 145305725445.jpg - (256.81KB , 920x920 , mosaicf71106998014fc3eeca8a2ce6b2a6ea115b52b3a.jpg )
started really struggling to think of things near the end. The blank one was supposed to be splinter cell chaos theory.
Despite being a huge weaboo ive never actually played and completed a JRPG. Ive found all the demos for them ive played very pleasant and nice, but never properly got one
>> No. 11847 [Edit]
File 145308128291.jpg - (314.36KB , 920x920 , mosaic.jpg )
>> No. 11875 [Edit]
File 145388552534.jpg - (232.79KB , 1024x812 , c20160202.jpg )
Only played games by Jap studios?
>> No. 11877 [Edit]
No, I have played a lot of the western games mentioned in this thread.
>> No. 11983 [Edit]
Does 3x3 squares allow for all the gaming genres?
>> No. 11984 [Edit]
sure why not?
>> No. 12319 [Edit]
File 148384765583.jpg - (42.45KB , 638x350 , The_Second_Raft.jpg )
Anyone played raft? Thuis game is zo awesome
>> No. 12426 [Edit]
File 149740414234.jpg - (321.36KB , 920x920 , mosaicbf49dc9d921862a8550bb837723735986d5cc7c1.jpg )
>> No. 12430 [Edit]
File 149741996318.jpg - (147.98KB , 600x865 , 76b7c6501c167691dc7a2f39610cf165.jpg )
i don't feel like making one of those.

here's my favorites in order from most favorite to least favorite.

SMT III nocturne
devil summoner soul hackers
muramasa rebirth + DLC
the dark spire
the last blade 2
wizardry 8
way of the samurai 4
battle for wesnoth
etrian odyssey ii

best in the thread in my opinion. i haven't played parasite eve but i will now since our taste is similar elsewhere.
>> No. 12432 [Edit]
I desperately need to play an Etrian Odyssey....

People seem to say EO3 is the best of the bunch but i've heard 2 has better designed dungeons from someone whose word I trust on this stuff.
>> No. 12433 [Edit]
it's honestly not that great. i only included it in my list for sentimental reasons.
i can't pinpoint why exactly it is, but etrian games are unmemorable as shit for some reason.
they have great difficult gameplay, and that is all. there's no style, no atmosphere, the sprites are ugly as sin pokemon garbage, nothing that makes it stand out.
you would not miss anything skipping them. play smt instead.
>> No. 12434 [Edit]
You can shove that SMT edge shit up your ass. There is NO way in hell that it is even slightly better than EO when I can play with an entire party of cute girls instead of having shitty set ones to be the harem of some faggot MC piece of shit that is never interesting.
>> No. 12435 [Edit]
cute girls, you mean ones you never see other than on the character creation screen? you realize the whole game takes place in your imagination.
etrian odyssey is like eating plain rice.
>> No. 12436 [Edit]
>I can play with an entire party of cute girls instead of having shitty set ones to be the harem of some faggot MC piece of shit that is never interesting.

Are you conflating SMT with Persona? The very early ones are pure dungeon crawls with absolutely none of that stuff, which Nocturne managed to take and translate into third person flawlessly. Not sure about SMT4 since I haven't played that but I heard it dumbs things down a bit unfortunately.

By the way, maybe you should think twice before basing a game's merit on waifu bullshit. These kind of things make you sound like a mouth breathing retard.
>> No. 12437 [Edit]
> Not sure about SMT4 since I haven't played that but I heard it dumbs things down a bit unfortunately.

I'm only 40 hours in, but here's my thoughts:
-No 3d models during fights; instead sprites with a few repetitive frames of motion
-Lower quality 3d models and lower resolution textures for the overworld, and the protagonist in the overworld.
-"in exchange" for this you get to play dress-up with the different equipment you can get for the protagonist. Unfortunately you don't get to see how the different weapons look; there's just a generic spear, sword, and dagger model depending on which type you have equipped.
-Every boss so far is countered by *kaja to max, *nda to max, and auto-battle. Plus they seem to have very small health pools. In other words, easy.
-Anime cutscenes rather than 3D cutscenes. A lot of dialogue with anime portraits speaking to eachother. Very similar to Persona in this way.
-Demon fusion changed. Rather than fusing X with Y, you run a search for demons that can be fused with the demons you have. You can tell it to include a specific demon, exclude another, search for a specific resistance or ability, etc. You can even tell it to include your compendium, and it will tell you the cost to fuse including pulling demons from the compendium.

All in all it's a letdown from SMT3 in my opinion. I like the compendium changes because it makes 100% less tedious, but it took a bit getting used to it.
>> No. 12439 [Edit]
Oh, and how could I forget. You can save anywhere, and the "random encounters" are started by Persona-style "hit the enemies wandering around with your weapon to get the first strike"
>> No. 12440 [Edit]
I'd say IV is the best entry point for the Etrian Odysseys. Of course it does spoil you with the whole overworld mechanic, whereas other games only have the main Yggdrasil dungeon. Every class in IV is decently good, it has a good difficulty curve, and it also has, in my opinion, the best and most intuitive skill trees.
>> No. 12443 [Edit]
I'd probably agree with EO3 being the best; personally I found EO2 to be the worst by far. It has far more pronounced class balance issues than even 1 did and recycled virtually all of its classes and assets from 1 to boot. EO2's stratum also felt more dickish and tedious rather than 'challenging but fun', but maybe that's just me.

I'd disagree greatly with that.

While I don't think EO4 is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, it's fairly easy even if you don't turn Casual mode on.

If you go back to say, EO1 from 4, you're going to immediately be shocked by not only the comparatively bare-boned features (and its older generation of graphics) but its brutal difficulty. I can imagine a lot of people starting with EO4 wanting to try the earlier games in the series and quickly becoming frustrated and quitting, unless they play the 3DS remakes.
>> No. 12444 [Edit]
>I found EO2 to be the worst by far
This is also pretty true of its 3DS remake, sadly. Class imbalance is still an issue, and most monsters have inflated HP from the original just to account for the broken amounts of elemental damage the Fafnir can output.
>> No. 12491 [Edit]
File 150077803570.jpg - (318.70KB , 920x920 , mosaic5b926a74a8b5cb3a93f80dfe1a90d3f95ff8cbbe.jpg )
behold my bad taste
>> No. 12581 [Edit]
You have a nice list too.
If you like old RE and RPG combat, you'll like it. Wasn't really a fan of the first one but I really like 2. Atmosphere is nice too. Haven't played it in a long time though, so nostalgia goggles play a heavy role.

As dungeon crawlers SMT games are way below EO, dude.

>there's no style, no atmosphere, the sprites are ugly as sin pokemon garbage, nothing that makes it stand out.
It has style and atmosphere, imagination is just a big part of it. The music is pretty fucking great too. I'm not a fan of the enemy designs myself but it's not that important to me.
The portraits are cute though and add to the charm.

>you realize the whole game takes place in your imagination.
Not the whole game but a lot of it, yes. It's heavily inspired by classic dungeon crawlers for a reason.

I was content with the graphics. I prefer 2D enemies over 3D ones since you can have a lot more of them (my main complaint with Nocturne) and the sprites look great. But yes, it's way too easy.

It's pretty funny that graphics play a big role for a lot of people. I understand it adding to the experience but it is only secondary for me (I don't mind Famicom graphics as long as the gameplay still is good). Story/Gameplay are the most important factors.
>> No. 12582 [Edit]
The same guy who did the soundtrack for EO did the soundtrack for Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage which are my two favourite game soundtracks.
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