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File 131613436451.png - (467.13KB , 672x636 , 739fc7a0c0be1314752fa82e56b7745a.png )
4710 No. 4710 [Edit]
This thing had a lot of potential...
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>> No. 4711 [Edit]
Even with the lame battery and proprietary memory card, I think it still does.

I mean, just look at it, it has TWO STICKS.
>> No. 4712 [Edit]
PS Vita specifications:

Model number: PCH-1000 series
CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)
Main memory: 512MB
External Dimensions: Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
Weight Approx: 279g (3G/Wi-Fi model), 260g (Wi-Fi model)
Screen: 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED, Multi touch screen (capacitive type)
Rear touch pad: Multi touch pad (capacitive type)
Cameras: Front camera, Rear camera; Frame rate: 120fps@320x240(QVGA), 60fps@640x480(VGA); Resolution: Up to 640x480(VGA)
Sound: Built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone
Sensors: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Threeaxis electronic compass
Location: Built-in GPS (3G/Wi-Fi model only), Wi-Fi location service support
Keys/Switches: PS button, power button, directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left), action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), shoulder buttons (Right/Left), right stick, left stick, START button, SELECT button, volume buttons (+/-)
Wireless communications: Mobile network connectivity (3G/Wi-Fi model only), 3G modem (data communication): HSDPA/HSUPA *specification for Japanese region, IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1)(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode), Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)
Slots/Ports: PlayStation®Vita card slot, memory card slot, SIM card slot (3G/Wi-Fi model only), multi-use port (for USB data communication, DC IN, Audio [Stereo Out / Mono In], Serial data communication), headset jack (Stereo mini jack) (for Audio [Stereo Out / Mono In]), accessory port
Power: Built-In Lithium-ion Battery: DC3.7V 2200mA, AC adaptor: DC 5V
Operating environment temperature: 5℃~35℃
Supported AV content format: Music - MP3 MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), WAVE (Linear PCM). Videos - MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC), H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High/Main/Baseline Profile (AAC). Photos - JPEG (Exif 2.2.1), TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG
>> No. 4713 [Edit]
Needs 4 shoulder buttons if you ask me, this is a system that is going to be have hd re-releases of ps2 titles.
(and probably some ps2 emulators once it gets hacked)
but it has less buttons then a ps2 controller!

Now, if you look at the psp which had many ps1 ports, you'll see they bind the l2 and r2 buttons to the d-pad, this was not such a problem because most ps1 games didn't require analog sticks.

Now you enter into ps2, when almost all games require the sticks, but also the dpad.
What happens then?
The only way around this I think is when playing ps2 games on a psp2, each side of the touch pad on the back of the pspvita would act as those buttons, this seems the most logical way to fix this problem (other then putting those fucking buttons on the god damn system sony!) but I seriously doubt they'd do that.
>> No. 4714 [Edit]
That battery is a big deal man.

Having a soldered on battery means the system becomes useless after 3 years, or less if you use it a lot.
after that time, you'll never be able to use it unless it's plugged in to a power supply.

There's a damn good reason why the first psp, the ds, game boy, or every other portable gaming system ever all have removable battery packs.
battery life deteriorates with use.
this is why only cheap disposable products have built in batteries.
This battery is freaking soldered right onto the circuitry.
That 6 hour max battery life will be half that after a year, and will keep getting worse.
Once the battry dies and it's stuck with a power cord for the rest of the systems days, what's the point of it?
without a working battery allowing you to take the thing where you like, it becomes just another home console with a build in screen.
>> No. 4715 [Edit]
Would you manage to have the schematics to the battery design for this system?

Im not an expert, but I'd like to see why they decided to go with this. Maybe some crazy shit with small cells placed throughout the entire system to save space. Although I doubt that.
>> No. 4716 [Edit]

The only answer I can think of is that since first psp could be hacked using the battery, they just wanted to make sure no one would try that again.
>> No. 4717 [Edit]
It shouldin't be hard to guess why exactly, I think it's the same reason for the proprietary memory card.
They're scared of system hacking, and are afraid of history repeating itself, because their removable batteries and pro duo memory cards were used as hacking tools.
but what really allowed the psp to be hacked as easily as it was, was not the cards or battery is, it was their own system updates that opened Pandora box for the psp, those updates reconfigured the operating system of the psp, that's not something hard to take advantage of.
and it's said the reason why people hacked the living hell out of the psp so quickly after it was released, was because of the poor line up of games for it when it came out, people were just board and decided to mess with the system that has lol no games.

But from a hard wear/design stand point, it might just be because of that touch pad on back of the psp that prevents them from putting a door to access a battery compartment.
but even so, that doesn't explain why they felt the need to solder it in place.
>> No. 4718 [Edit]
Screwed down on the back, I'm assuming you could just mess with it again without worrying over the touch pad or anything.
Not gonna risk it myself though. If I get one I'll wait until someone makes a guide on it and tries it out themselves.
>> No. 4721 [Edit]
When they release a External UMD reader I definitely buy it for good backup.
>> No. 4722 [Edit]
It's sad really, because even with all that hacking, the PSP continues to have strong sales in Japan. That being said, Japan has actual interesting games for the PSP.

If the west had more games I'm sure there would be more sales. As it is, I ended up modding my psp because I wanted PSX games on the go. Which, by the way, is something Sony promised that the PSP would have by default. Yet another promise they didn't keep.

Honestly, a virgin PSP sucks. No games, a retarded cartridge-cd system that is LOUD AS HELL. Supports only mp3 and wmv for music. Supports only mp4 and some retarded windows format for videos. All of that can be changed if you hack it.

I actually think that the PSP has MORE sales now than it ever would, primarily BECAUSE people can hack it.
>> No. 4724 [Edit]
I agree with all you said about psp hacks opening the door for new possibilities.
When the first psp lunched, it didn't even have the net browser, that thing was added on latter with a system update, and they only added the theme selector to official firmware after seeing all the people edit the theme with their hacked psps.
aplicasions made for hacked psps include eveything from file browsers that allow for editing of files on the memory card you normal couldin't access without a computer, to pdf readers so you can read books on the go, both things that should be there offical.
and the video format suport is shit, I've seen many attempts at getting .avi to work on a psp but it would always come down to the psp not being powerful enough to handle them.
Now we got something four times as powerful, and the video support is still only .mp4 and that other one no one cares about, wtf? are they purposely ignoring people that want to watch .avi videos on the thing? hell, it should be able to play .mkv also.
It should support animated .gif, .ogg and a ton of other file formats.

But to say "the PSP has MORE sales now than it ever would, primarily BECAUSE people can hack it."
Well, there's two things wrong with this.
first off, it's a well esablished fact that sony primarily makes money off game sales, and although psps don't cost as much to manufacture as they once did, I highly doubt they're making much of a profit off the system sales alone, if they were, they wouldn't have put out that peace of crap pspGO to try and boost game sales.
Second, psp game sales in the west are complete shit.
The psp is a easy system to work on (just ask the hackers) but almost all the people with hacked psps aren't going to buy something they can get for free, game makers know this, they've seen how psp games sell, so they don't want to make anything for the system anymore.
Japan on the other hand, they do buy games for psp, and as such, tons of games still get made for the psp in japan.
>> No. 4725 [Edit]
>Screwed down on the back,
If this is true, all I can say is thank haruhi!
>> No. 4729 [Edit]
You know I see the 'piracy ruined PSP' argument every single time somebody talks about the console but even though DS is just as easy to hack as PSP nearly all good DS games made it over to States/English speaking territories.

You could say 'but DS was kept alive due to all 'Imagine:Ponyz 3' games' but I doubt even you believe it. In the end there are people who buy games targeted at the core crowd, no matter whether it's Wii (sure, there were some games that shouldn't have flopped but did, let's say Little King's Story), DS or PSP. I can't say I followed the sales closely enough to tell you how many good PSP games ended up flopping but I don't really believe the 'piracy killed PSP' theory.

Also, like >>4722 said, PSP was worth getting because of all emulators. Replaying (and playing some for the first time) SNES games was great. Wish I could say that much about PSP games but when I bought the console I knew I can't expect much of them.
>> No. 4731 [Edit]
The ds is not just as easy to hack, you have to buy the tools to do it, with psp anyone can do it themselves.
Besides, they're different systems run by different companies, so obviously they're going to have different practices.

here's a quote from sony:

Speaking of the PSP, there's been a tremendous fall off in North America in terms of support for the system. It's still doing extremely well in Japan.

RD: It's killing it in Japan. [In North America] you have Peace Walker that I think is going to do very good numbers. You're going to have some phenomenal support from Square. They have some great stuff coming. You have some great stuff from Capcom. Again, it's a lot of stuff from Japan...

We have EA Sports stuff that's going to be coming out. You're going to have Toy Story 3 on the PSP that's coming out. There's a number of titles from American publishers that will be there, but are we getting full-line support? No. I'm not going to bull**** you on that.

A lot of the stuff that will be announced at E3 we're very excited about, because they are huge titles. And we also believe that there's a way that you will be able to, not stop, but slow down the piracy in the first 30 to 60 days from a tech perspective. There's some code that you can embed that we've been helping developers implement in order to get people at least to see a 60-day shelf life before it gets hacked and it shows up on BitTorrent.

That's been the biggest problem, no question about it. It's become a very difficult proposition to be profitable, given the piracy right now. And the fact that the category shrunk inside of retail.

We're going to fix retail. First party has done a great job of getting some campaigns in place to do that. We have some very big third-party titles, notably from Japan. We will have a good line-up this year. And hopefully, by virtue of that, we'll carry through to next year as well.

You can read more here:
>> No. 4756 [Edit]
File 13164209725.png - (92.64KB , 706x435 , Skärmbild.png )
>> No. 4771 [Edit]
I will continue to be excited.
>> No. 4833 [Edit]
File 13174963927.jpg - (24.01KB , 620x412 , vitacolors1.jpg )
Damn, that purple looks sexy...
>> No. 4834 [Edit]
File 131749644781.jpg - (48.99KB , 620x412 , vitacolors2.jpg )
>> No. 4851 [Edit]
I got a PSP recnetly.

the thing really is retarded easy to hack. download a program, copy it to the memory stick, and run it. I see the early days of this may have been more fun.

Back on topic, what the fuck is with a rear touch pad? My imagination may be limited here, but how is that useful?
>> No. 4852 [Edit]

As useful as things popping out of your screen and giving you headaches.
>> No. 4855 [Edit]
Physical pain brought on from a gaming device is a very legitimate complaint, calling people names does not change that.

and if it's so useful, why are is the entertainment industry that once saw it as the future now phasing it out of both games and movies?
because it's a silly gimmick most people have lost interest in
>> No. 4857 [Edit]

>because it's a silly gimmick most people have lost interest in

Sounds like touchpads. Hope they will die someday, I'd love to see another portable gaming device that doesn't use this shit.
>> No. 4858 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly

I find cellphones with touch pads a pain in the butt to use.
and I wasn't crazy about the idea of scratching up my DS's screen with the pen, so I used a screen protector on it, but that eventually got so scratched up the bottom screen got hard to see.

I rather just not have to deal with it.
obviously it's an attempt at replacing the mouse.
but a mouse wont leave your screen covered in finger prints, and is a bit more accurate the some big fat finger.
>> No. 4863 [Edit]
File 131775570886.jpg - (1.39MB , 1600x1200 , Konachan_com - 116466 magician nipples ookami_yuuk.jpg )
Dragon's Crown *mouth watering*

the fan art for this game is amazing.
>> No. 4865 [Edit]
>The only thing that sucks about it is wearing glasses on top of glasses. That does cause me discomfort. Nintendo seems to have found a way around that, which is cool.

No, it is not 'cool' to get a migraine from playing a game.
Are you forgetting or just ignoring people's complaints about eye strain?
And you know, their 3D thing doesn't work unless you keep the DS perfectly centered, and some of their games are motion sensitive.

also, What exactly does this have to do with the vita anyway?
We do have a thread for the 3DS, why don't you take it over there?
>> No. 4866 [Edit]
It started from thinking features of systems are gimmicks. The parallels to other systems was inevitable.

I feel bad, I didn't want to start a "my system is better than yours! Nuh-uh!" argument.

This is why I tend to stay away from video game discussions, yet I am part of the problem it would seem.
>> No. 5310 [Edit]

I have to pay for a fee..nope.
>> No. 5311 [Edit]
>Available beginning December 6, the program will allow consumers to register their UMD disc to their PlayStation Network account, and then download the UMD title from PlayStation Network at a discount price.

Oh joy, a discount on a game I already paid for...

Seems like one might as well just keep their old psp.
>> No. 5323 [Edit]

It's official, Sony is as bad as Nintendo already. First they develop their shinning dildos, then they advertise them everywhere for 2 years, they develop family games crap like Mario Party (that Move game with Ratchet and other Sony's 'mascots), now they're gonna sell the same games all over again for the next 20 years.
>> No. 5332 [Edit]
Ya this excessive digital capitalism is pretty bullshit, too bad the general retarded consumer doesn't give a fuck.

I call for a boycotte.
>> No. 5344 [Edit]
File 132121373671.jpg - (459.41KB , 2008x668 , androiderplusjapan.jpg )
I always thought of Japan as being the frontier of mobile gaming(2003 or sooner) why would any ordinary person in Japan care for dedicated handhelds when they can casually be playing Rpgs on their Androids/iOS?

different consumer groups
>> No. 5345 [Edit]

It won't do anything. The entire gaming industry is a capitalistic pile of shit. One reason I don't really bother gaming at all anymore.
>> No. 5346 [Edit]
They did the same thing with ps1 games for the psp.
Some would argue that you're paying for the cost it takes to port the games to the new system, but literally anyone can convert a ps1 game to psp with user made programs, such as icetea, it takes less than an hour to convert a ps1 game to psp and it's all done automatically, because the system is already built to handle ported ps1 games easily.

I imagine such programs will pop up quickly once vita comes out, allowing anyone to convert any psp game they want onto the vita, free of charge.
>> No. 5376 [Edit]
Agreed paying for "ports" is retarded. All the old porting problems which actually required developers to tinker with the code are pretty much non-existant thanks to industry standards everywhere (OpenGL). But it is worth noting that PSP2 runs an ARM cpu, while PSP and PS1 and ps2(?), all ran a MIPS. But still from their side a simple recomplie should get everything going again.

I also don't think piracy and hacking will be as easy and common as it was for the PSP, everyone these days is really stepping up their anti-piracy/homebrew game. It is really quite sad, there used to be a time when you could develop software on your home video game console, and the company encouraged you to do so.

Good Question. I imagine for lots of them they buy because they are told to buy (mindless consumers), and for others exclusive titles. But it sure is annoying owning 3-4 different devices all with similar features, but incompatible because of corporate greed.

also I imagine it will have skype on it, and being Japan could replace a cellphone, or Sony will just release a cellphone version.

Anyways I think I'll stick to laptops for now on.
>> No. 5378 [Edit]
>All the old porting problems which actually required developers to tinker with the code are pretty much non-existant thanks to industry standards everywhere (OpenGL).
This isn't true at all, and OpenGL doesn't run on consoles
>> No. 5382 [Edit]
The Wii's homebrew SDK includes an app to convert all OpenGL code to GX code.
The 360 probably has an openGL wrapper for XNA by now.
The PS3 also supports OpenGL ES 2.0.
>> No. 5383 [Edit]
>The Wii's homebrew SDK includes an app to convert all OpenGL code to GX code.
The Wii still doesn't actually run OpenGL, and you can't run your code through a magic converter and expect it to come out working fine on the other end
>The 360 probably has an openGL wrapper for XNA by now.
lol no
>The PS3 also supports OpenGL ES 2.0
that's true, but nobody actually uses it

It's certainly alot easier to port games now, but it is by no means flip a switch and bang, your game works on a new system. Even on systems with offical OpenGL support getting your game working on each device requires a fair amount of work to do a decent job of it
>> No. 5384 [Edit]
>it is by no means flip a switch and bang, your game works on a new system
There are home brew programs out there that actually do make it that easy to do.
I see no reason why sony computer entertainment can't make a simple program also that would make every conversion afterwards, as easy as just pressing a few buttons.

Post edited on 14th Nov 2011, 10:14pm
>> No. 5385 [Edit]
in some cases it is, like with 360 to PC, or the Sony case which is obviously corporate greed, but
>All the old porting problems which actually required developers to tinker with the code are pretty much non-existant thanks to industry standards everywhere (OpenGL)
is still false
>> No. 5561 [Edit]

fuck this shit,all my hype is gone.
>> No. 5562 [Edit]

>Users are able to login to a second account only after performing a full system restore, returning the device back to factory settings.

Oh Sony and their terrible ideas that end up hurting themselves more than anything.
>> No. 5566 [Edit]
I used to think that too, but I am starting to think that corporations putting their users at a disadvantage is infact advantagious to the corporation. Most companies do it and get away with it. The basic strategy seems to be "limit what you can do with one product, force them to buy more."

Ya it is pretty pathetic.
>> No. 5567 [Edit]
Yeah, just look at EA. They treat their customers like garbage yet they are one of the biggest game companies around because people are stupid
>> No. 5569 [Edit]
Well that's pretty disappointing. I only have multiple accounts on my PS3 to download region specific trailers and demos, but still.

At least the system is still region free when it comes to games, right...?
>> No. 5574 [Edit]
>I only have multiple accounts on my PS3 to download region specific trailers and demos
>> No. 5612 [Edit]
Persona 4: The Golden might be kind of cool. Not sure if it's a reason to waste hundreds of dollars on a system I'm not going to use. Thought it was kind of funny how Fatlus completely shot down any hopes for an expansion for Persona 4, but here we are...

So, yeah, only one game I'm interested in. Plus, the PSP was really kind of disappointing. Only thing it was good for was the FF Tactics rerelease and hacks.
>> No. 5635 [Edit]
Eat shit Sony
>> No. 5636 [Edit]
I'm not really seeing what they did wrong here.
>> No. 5637 [Edit]
locking up the system.

Most unreadable article ever.
>> No. 5638 [Edit]

>Only thing it was good for was the FF Tactics rerelease and hacks.

Not true. You're forgetting P3P.
>> No. 5639 [Edit]

the launch seems moderate.

I bet they just used google translate straight off the original.
>> No. 5644 [Edit]

The PSP has loads of games like those two.
>> No. 5698 [Edit]
File 132493890981.jpg - (102.40KB , 331x276 , zvita2.jpg )
Here's the game line-up

Army Corps of Hell – 8/8/8/8 -- 32/40
Asphalt: Injection – 7/7/7/7 -- 27/40
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend – 9/9/8/8 -- 34/40
Dark Quest: Alliance – 8/8/8/8 -- 32/40
Dynasty Warriors Next – 9/9/9/8 -- 35/40
F1 2011 – 8/7/7/6 -- 28/40
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational – 9/9/8/8 -- 34/40
Lord of Apocalypse – 9/9/8/8 -- 34/40
Michael Jackson: The Experience HD – 7/7/6/7 -- 27/40
New Kamaitachi no Yoru: The Eleventh Suspect – 9/9/9/8 -- 35/40
Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen – 8/8/8/7 -- 31/40
Touch My Katamari – 8/9/7/8 -- 32/40
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – 8/8/7/8 -- 31/40
Uncharted: Golden Abyss – 9/9/8/9 -- 35/40
Virtua Tennis 4 – 9/9/9/8 -- 35/40
>> No. 5699 [Edit]
Damn, that's pretty terrible. Only one interesting game in the list, Katamari.

If they really wanted more launch sales, they should've released it with a new Monster Hunter game, or expansion to MHP3rd. Japs love Monster Hunter, and I do too.
>> No. 5783 [Edit]
I think this is pretty cool
>> No. 5827 [Edit]
let us see the shitstorm in six months or now.
>> No. 5828 [Edit]
why? the thing being hacked is good news, isn't it?
>> No. 5830 [Edit]
Isn't that just exploiting the PSP emulator to produce the same hack the original PSP had? That's really nothing, and the 3DS was "hacked" rather quickly the same way.
>> No. 5964 [Edit]
The sales are terrible so far. If 3DS was a flop then I don't know what one can even say about Vita.

I wonder if western markets will be more enthusiastic about it.
>> No. 6058 [Edit]
File 132870069266.jpg - (388.00KB , 850x713 , IMG_0665.jpg )
>Sony has told Kotaku that there will not be a North American version of the UMD Passport program, which would allow PlayStation Vita users to transfer their PSP discs to the upcoming handheld.

>> No. 6059 [Edit]

Yeah, thought as much. In all honesty it looks like PSP all over again, I can see it all but dying in two years time. Let's hope I'm wrong.
>> No. 6060 [Edit]
Let the games hit the floor
>> No. 6070 [Edit]
File 132891522077.jpg - (95.92KB , 500x375 , zz.jpg )
UMD = U Mad?

Makes my boycotting of SONY so much easier...
>> No. 6074 [Edit]
What's the reasoning behind this decision?
do they not realise this doesn't affect pirates at all, and only hurts people who actually bought their games?
>> No. 6075 [Edit]
>do they not realise this doesn't affect pirates at all, and only hurts people who actually bought their games?

It seems these days nobody cares
>> No. 6077 [Edit]

Sony looks more and more like Nintendo with each passing day. Actually, by now there's like literally no difference. It seems they began to use Nintendo's 'even if we fuck them over the fans will buy it either way' tactic, too.
>> No. 6093 [Edit]
True, but at least sony isn't bleeding decade old ips bone dry, yet...
>> No. 6230 [Edit]
File 133094777726.jpg - (92.56KB , 968x774 , zwow.jpg )
1.2 million Vita
>> No. 6234 [Edit]
File 133097100393.jpg - (38.02KB , 413x492 , magician.jpg )
Any sucker here bought it yet?
>> No. 6274 [Edit]
PSP outsold Vita in Japan for 9 out 11 weeks since it's launch (not counting the launch week).

This is terrible news. If you look back on it all the good games for the PSP were made by Japanese devs (the ony exception that comes to mind is God of War). If this keeps up the devs might decide to develop for the 3DS instead, as there are way more potential buyers and the costs of developing a game for a system with inferior hardware have got to be smaller.

Very worrying, the outlook is kinda grim right now as far as I can see. Let's hope it'll take off properly once a MH/SRW game will get announced/released.
>> No. 6278 [Edit]
MHP3 is already announced
>> No. 6280 [Edit]
If by announced you mean the PSP version can be downloaded off of PSN, then sure, that counts.
>> No. 6281 [Edit]
Is it possible for hacked Vitas to play psp iso/cso games?
I dunno, I might get one if it is.
>> No. 6322 [Edit]
File 133164401556.jpg - (58.83KB , 640x480 , _guyj.jpg )
Did someone say hack?
>> No. 6323 [Edit]
yeah, I did.
>> No. 6400 [Edit]
File 133292776534.jpg - (154.47KB , 640x378 , zvitadoom-4f71de6-intro-thumb-640xauto-32028.jpg )
SONY hate hackers
>> No. 6401 [Edit]
I wonder how long it'll be till people can flash new themes onto the thing.
The default iphone interface looks like shit.
>> No. 6411 [Edit]
New Little King's Story was released today in Japan. There hasn't been a game I wanted to play this much on a system I had absolutely no interest in since Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I mean seriously, built-in battery on a portable console. You can't be serious.

I'm just gonna pray they'll port it to PS3 like they did with some PSP games. Not gonna happen but what else can one hope for?

It's sad to see they decided to go with a generic anime art style #4293435 instead of the old one, though.
>> No. 7012 [Edit]
old man singing in agony due to nogeams
>> No. 7971 [Edit]
File 13611894929.jpg - (153.11KB , 831x223 , SlAxcWN.jpg )
Price drop in Japan to 19980 yen
>> No. 7972 [Edit]

Took them long enough. I just hope it's not too late.
>> No. 8036 [Edit]
It's been one year since the Vita came out. How do you think it's doing overall?

-large but obscure Japanese game library
-very few localizations
-not a single big name title that will draw sales like Mario or Monster Hunter
-high price point
-few announcements for 2014 (2013 looks like a do or die year)

I have a lot of Vita games, both currently owned and planned purchases for the remainder of 2013. I'm fairly pleased with the system considering how poorly it has sold, but I am worried that Sony isn't doing enough to guarantee that the Vita will have a future. The fact that Sony speaks so infrequently about the Vita is most troubling. Nobody wants to try games when you have to spend so much money to do so.
>> No. 8037 [Edit]
File 136178242214.jpg - (341.04KB , 631x720 , c20130219_seimado_02_cs1w1_x720.jpg )
I'm content with mine as an avid importer, but it definitely is lacking a system seller that could draw in the masses.

Hopefully the price cut will help things a bit.
>> No. 8039 [Edit]
just wondering, is the thing hackable yet? and if it is, is it possible to change the user interface like custom flash themes for psp? that cellphone style interface is one of the reasons I didn't want to get one.
>> No. 8049 [Edit]
File 136184855795.png - (78.98KB , 1019x903 , japanese 3ds software.png )

I don't think Sony has ever had a series with the kind of clout that Mario has. The most popular 3DS games are all Mario, and they're only popular in the West.

I think the best way for Sony to sell the Vita is to have a large library of games that appeal to all types of players.

Ys: Celceta no Jukai (being localized)
Zero no Kiseki: Evolution (fan translation have fun waiting several years)
Ciel no Surge (never being localized)
Dream Club Zero (never being localized)
EDF 2017 (localized)
Soul Sacrifice (localized)
Demon Gaze (never being localized)
Technika (localized)
Everybody's Golf 6 (localized)
Shinobido 2 (localized)
Gravity Rush (localized)
Project Diva F (never being localized but you really don't need language comprehension to play it)
Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (never being localized)
Lets Try Bass Fishing (localized)
Lumines (localized)
P4G (localized)
Ragnarok Odyssey (localized)
Tales of Innocence R (might be localized)
Tales of Hearts R (might be localized)
Tearaway (localized)
Wipeout 2048 (localized)
DoA 5: More Frames Edition (localized)
Dragon's Crown (localized)
God Eater 2 (will definitely be localized)
Gundam Breaker (never being localized)
Sei Madou Monogatari (never being localized)
Killzone Mercenary (localized)
Labyrinth Cross Blood: Infinity (never being localized)
Monster Monpiece (Sony of America would never allow this to be localized)
Muramasa Rebirth (re-localized)
Toukiden (might be localized)
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (probably won't be localized)

They're doing better in my opinion.


Do you know that card game Uno? They made some massive progress via some exploit.
>> No. 8051 [Edit]
>I don't think Sony has ever had a series with the kind of clout that Mario has.
Do you know of any video game character/series that's had the kind of clout Mario has?
>> No. 8052 [Edit]

Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.
>> No. 8053 [Edit]
Compared to Mario, that isn't shit. My dad and grandpa knows who Mario is, there's no way they'd know what GTA or CoD is (thank god). That stuff is known among kids and people who know some stuff about video games, but everyone knows Mario
>> No. 8054 [Edit]

Neither of those are owned by or exclusive to Sony.
>> No. 8055 [Edit]

Sorry, I thought the question was open to any series, not just Sony owned franchises.

Sony could have a bit of pull with R* though. With GTA V coming out soon, San Andreas stories isn't that far fetched of an idea. It would look decent on the Vita and the controls would be significantly better.

Liberty City Stories was basically a launch title for the PSP, and it went on to sell 8 million copies.

I would be shocked if Sony is not begging dearly for R* to make them a game.

For that matter, I'm shocked they haven't announced any of the highly selling PSP franchises on the Vita. No God of War? Jak and Daxter? Ratchet and Clank? Are they insane? At least they got FFX.
>> No. 8056 [Edit]
I asked him if he could think of anything comparable to Mario, not just Sony franchises.
>> No. 8058 [Edit]

Oh, I misread.
>> No. 8059 [Edit]
Halo, or possibly Sonic
>> No. 8060 [Edit]
>I would be shocked if Sony is not begging dearly for R* to make them a game.
my memory is fuzzy, but I think I remember when IV was in the making, rockstar offered to make it exclusive to sony for a while as they had with the ps2 versions for a price. but sony turned them down.

Also, they did make uncharted and resistance for veta, which are some of sony's bigger franchises.
I think they didn't make God of War for veta yet becuase they were busy with the latest console version. and while I like them, I get the impression the main stream isn't into Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank these days. I was surprised when Jak and Daxter got a psp game not all that long ago, and even more surprised when they announced a new sky game. I thought they were moving past platformers and preteen friendly cartoon like characters this latest gen. Not that I'm complaining.
Veta also had wipeout, which has done okay for itself in the many years it's been with sony even if it's not a system seller.
I always thought it was strange they didn't make San Andreas stories, but with the new game taking place in part of San Andreas, it could happen.
>> No. 8061 [Edit]
File 136185815645.png - (186.29KB , 600x302 , san andreas stories.png )

Supposedly this tweet was posted on April Fool's along with two images of San Andreas running on the Vita. The images look like screenshots of the PS2 version, but I want to believe that San Andreas stories is a real thing.
>> No. 8062 [Edit]
File 136185822661.jpg - (58.05KB , 600x450 , san andreas stories 1.jpg )

It looks fake, right?
>> No. 8063 [Edit]
Why would san andreas stories have the same character? considering all the mods out there for san andreas, the person trying to pass that off as san andreas stories isn't trying very hard at all.
>> No. 8064 [Edit]

It was probably just an April Fools's joke.

Who would the playable character(s) be in San Andreas stories? I was thinking Woozie. They could expand on the Rifas in San Fierro and the various Mafia families in Las Venturas.

Has there ever been a game where you play as a blind man?
>> No. 8142 [Edit]
3DS vs. PS VITA - The Consoles - Ep 2

>PsVita it plays psp games
>> No. 8151 [Edit]
File 136407070040.jpg - (16.69KB , 320x320 , 881729-persona_2_innocent_sin_cover.jpg )
I just bought a PS Vita for two reasons: Persona 4 Golden and the Disgaea 3 port (which I never got to play because I don't have a PS3.) Supposedly the Vita is a niche RPG system, which means it's just about perfect for me.

I'm currently playing through the PSP port of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Don't believe this game was ever released in North America before the PSP came out. I don't know why; it's really good so far. Maybe it's got some "blasphemous" stuff in it like Shin Megami Tensei did, but then Nocturne did too and it saw an NA release.
>> No. 8152 [Edit]
I'm thinking about it. Recently sold my DS and games. I'd like to play Virtue's Last Reward, and the PSX ports seem interesting. That's about it.
>> No. 8598 [Edit]
new lcd screen confirmed for shit.

Screen Comparison: New PS Vita (LCD) vs PS Vita (AMOLED)
>> No. 8601 [Edit]

>new lcd screen confirmed for shit.

Surprise surprise, LCD screens are way worse than OLEDs, who would've thought (no offence meant to you of course, I'm poking fun at Sony since they said there won't be any quality drop there).

Seriously, this new Vita is about as much of a joke as PSP E1000. It technically costs exactly as much as old models (even though there was no price drop tons of retailers were selling PSVs for 200$ either way, even the 3G models) and the quality has gone down the drain.
PSP E1000 was incredibly shitty - no WiFi, no stereo and I actually held one of those in my hands and trust me, I was worried it'll fall apart any second now - and it costed 99 Euros. But wait, that's technically 30 Euros less than 3000, right? Yeah, in your dreams. Back then 99 Euros was almost 150$.

It's impressive how greedy Sony can get considering how poorly the system is doing. It needed massive support (soft-wise; 3DS stole all the worthwhile games, can't believe Sony didn't even try to keep Monhan on their system) and a solid price drop (3DS was doing nowhere near as bad as Vita after launch and it got slashed 80$ either way) and instead they release a massively downgraded model for pretty much the same price. Not to mention that the PS Vita TV will only cannibalize Vita's sales. It almost feels like they're giving up on it.
>> No. 8648 [Edit]
According to a review the LCD Vita has almost double the battery life of the original:

That and the other minor improvements would make it a worthwhile purchase for me, regardless of the screen.
>> No. 8654 [Edit]
File 138294620778.jpg - (192.29KB , 480x600 , zParty.jpg )
Must consider the Vita now...
>> No. 10385 [Edit]
File 138587196842.jpg - (146.75KB , 1181x1181 , Vita.jpg )
Got a Black Friday Vita
Going to put some games on it now...
>> No. 10416 [Edit]

If you look at most of the games that have been released on 3DS since 2011, most of them are continuations of previously exclusive titles. SMT, Etrian Odyssey, Ace Attorney, Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, etc. None of these games ever had the chance of appearing on a non Nintendo platform, so why should we say the Vita didn't get any "worthwhile" games when the most popular titles have been Nintendo exclusive since before the console came out? I mean really, these games are a great argument in favor of the 3DS, but how can you use these against the Vita? Are you really implying there was a chance Pokemon could be on Vita?

Even MH is temporarily exclusive. The rumor was that Capcom signed a 3 title exclusivity contract. Even if they didn't have a contract, 3G came out before the Vita. In case we already forgot this convenient fact, the 3DS came out a year before the Vita. This means more time to develop a userbase as well as guaranteed time with zero competition. If you wanted to release a game on the newest handheld and you were developing anywhere from 2009 to 2012, there was no other choice than the 3DS. Anyways, Capcom fulfilled their contract with Tri, 3G and 4, and what do you know, now they're releasing games on every platform imaginable.

Sure, the Vita isn't popular, but I really doubt anyone here is concerned with popularity. It has a lot of exclusives as well as handheld exclusives in addition to all the ps3 and 3ds multiplats. For me, the Vita is much better than the PSP. It is a great console with more niche titles than its predecessor. Sony got a lot of people with GTA and God of War but the Vita has more 'otaku' games that I like.
>> No. 10419 [Edit]
how has the experience been so far?
>> No. 10421 [Edit]

>If you look at most of the games that have been released on 3DS since 2011, most of them are continuations of previously exclusive titles. SMT, Etrian Odyssey, Ace Attorney, Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, etc. None of these games ever had the chance of appearing on a non Nintendo platform, so why should we say the Vita didn't get any "worthwhile" games when the most popular titles have been Nintendo exclusive since before the console came out?

Obviously Nintendo first party titles (Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pokemon) are out of question but everything else isn't. But even though 'none of these games ever had the chance of appearing on a non Nintendo platform' a number of entries in some of the franchises you mentioned appeared on Sony systems (SMT, Rune Factory). It was impossible to touch Mario (duh) but everything else was mostly Sony not trying hard enough. They also let Nintendo steal PSP's flagship franchise (Monhan).

>The rumor was that Capcom signed a 3 title exclusivity contract.

And why didin't they sign that contract with Sony? It's not like Capcom hates them. It's Sony's fault, they made a massive mistake there.

>In case we already forgot this convenient fact, the 3DS came out a year before the Vita. This means more time to develop a userbase as well as guaranteed time with zero competition.

3DS's first year was terrible. Nintendo had to cut the price by 30% and ended up selling units below production cost to salvage the system. Vita's sales were even worse and Sony did nothing to improve them.
Wii U came out a year before Xbox One and PS4. Having a year in hand is meaningless if you don't support your own console.

>Anyways, Capcom fulfilled their contract with Tri, 3G and 4, and what do you know, now they're releasing games on every platform imaginable.

See, Capcom doesn't give a damn about what platform they release their games on. If Sony's contract was lucrative enough they'd sign it. Instead they moved to Nintendo which offered better terms.

>Sure, the Vita isn't popular, but I really doubt anyone here is concerned with popularity.

You explained yourself why it's actually important. If you were a developer would you rather develop a game for 3DS's 40M userbase or Vita's 7M?

I don't want to offend you in any way, if you like Vita I'm happy to you. It's just that I'm exteremely disappointed with Sony's policy regarding it.
>> No. 10422 [Edit]
Wont be much longer now till Capcom goes the way of THQ.
>> No. 10430 [Edit]
File 138933244714.jpg - (105.01KB , 960x544 , 2013-12-22-145900.jpg )

Most of those handheld series had no chance of appearing on Vita. Especially not SMT IV, which made blatant references to Strange Journey. Even moreso when you consider the DeSu spinoffs, port of Soul Hackers, and the enhanced ports of DeSu 1 and 2. They could have fought for Soul Hackers since it was also on the PS1, but I doubt Atlus would put one SMT game on Vita while releasing 4 more on 3DS. It's the same reason you see the same genres on each handheld. Vita has lots of VN, jrpg, rhythm, monster hunting, and dungeon crawling. And of course, after the success of Ragnarok, Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, and God Eater, now we see Capcom supporting the platform. You can't really blame them for losing MH because Capcom signed that contract many years ago. I don't know what they were thinking initially by putting Tri on the Wii, but Nintendo must have made them a better offer. Nintendo definitely did more for Capcom overseas. I don't care what Sony did or didn't do involving the localization of P3rd, but they should have done better and released the game overseas. I doubt Capcom was happy with them. Capcom made their contract worth their while, expanded their fanbase, and now they're playing with every platform.

3DS did have a horrific launch year but they still sold 17 million 3DSes by the time the Vita was released in the US and Europe. There's just no coming back from that. Sony had an opportunity when Nintendo cut the price to $170 and they didn't take advantage of it. Sony should have undercut Nintendo and sold the Vita for $150 bundled with 8gb memory. There's no way Nintendo could afford to go lower. It didn't really matter what games Sony got for the Vita. Even if they had MH4 at launch, the console cost anywhere from $100 to $180 more than the 3DS. That's a huge deal. The Vita launch was the worst aspects of the PS3 launch all over again. Obscure games on an expensive platform is an awful strategy. No matter how good Gravity Rush is, people aren't going to spend $300+ for a game they know nothing about. Nintendo has the right idea releasing series that people are familiar with.

I think popularity is irrelevant because it doesn't impact sales as simply as your example makes it seem. Sure, there's 33 million more users on the 3DS. Are those 33 million a part of your audience? Because the past couple 3DS/Vita multiplats sold better on Vita. While popularity improves at a snail pace, Vita has done nothing but grow and it's only getting better. If userbase size was all that mattered, every game would be on iOS/Android.

And honestly, no matter what they do, when shit like Puzzle and Dragons Z sells a million copies in a month, Sony doesn't even have the opportunity to compete. Just look at how well that Attack on Titan game sold on 3DS compared to the Madoka game on Vita. An awful game with a smaller following destroyed a better one with a bigger fanbase. Direct competition isn't an option at all. And with all the hatred towards Sony in Japan, I can't imagine anything selling well on Vita. So far, the only 1M+ game is Uncharted. FFX is helping a ton because it's a popular franchise that makes people look. People stop looking after the first year of flops. Same thing is happening to the Wii U. Nobody looked no matter how good the games were and now that it has Mario it's doing much better than before.

My experience wouldn't really change if the Vita was more popular but I would be disappointed by the fact they squandered so many opportunities to compete more seriously in the handheld market if I was a fanboy.

I am slightly concerned with the fact that the 3DS is technically in decline as of a week ago. Nintendo failed to sell more 3DSes in 2013 than they did in 2012. Not good, especially since they released all their major titles. This is a good year for the Vita to gain ground.

If they really want to popularize the platform, they should beg Rockstar for San Andreas stories.
>> No. 10550 [Edit]
File 139727378191.jpg - (91.62KB , 407x500 , yjen.jpg )
Armoured Vita case?
>> No. 10732 [Edit]
Sony still not giving up on the VITA.
>> No. 10863 [Edit]
File 140986434959.jpg - (69.66KB , 256x325 , Hatsune_Miku_Project_DIVA_F_2nd_cover.jpg )
Going to buy a Vita Slim soon.

I had a 3DS briefly, but didn't like the hardware and wasn't impressed by the games. I tried a Vita in the store and was blown away, and am pleasantly surprised by how many good games it seems to have.

It's getting a 2nd Hatsune Miku title soon too!
>> No. 12144 [Edit]
After all these years I finally got one recently. Hard to believe it's been out this long, still feels new to me. That said I'd had it for a couple weeks now and already don't use it that much. The battery life is horrible, it's also kinda heavy and a bit uncomfortable but a handle grip attachment I have helps a lot. Transferring files from a pc such as music or videos is a pain in the ass, and you'd think they'd support more video formats on these things by now rather than their very specific mp4 bs. I made sure to try and get the original version of the vita because of the oled screen I heard such good things about, but I've found it very unimpressive. this also marked the first time I ever bought anything off PSN, and must it's really horrible how things work on it. Might be because the vita is old now but 1/5 times I'd view anything on the psn I'd get server errors. When I bought a game with dlc included I couldn't find an option to download everything and instead had to download like 50 different pieces of dlc one by one. It also wouldn't say which ones I already downloaded/installed on the psn, so it was a bit easier to do it from the game menu itself. Even then half the time the option to add the dlc wouldn't work and I'd have to reboot the game to try it again. Is a "download all" option really that much to ask for? Anyways, I don't regret buying the vita, I'm still planing on getting a few more games for it. Although you'd think they'd be a bit cheaper now after all this time.
>> No. 12159 [Edit]
In the time since posting this I've barely used the thing at all. It has this horrible function that prevents it from being turned on if the power is below a specific level, combined with how the power drains even without use it leaves the system nearly unusable. I'd try to pick it up and play with it only to find it wont turn on and I need to charge it first, and it wouldn't let me use it even with a power cord connected. This is such an insanely horrible design, I don't know what they were thinking with that. Also, I can't stand the start and select button placement.
>> No. 12173 [Edit]
Sounds defective.
Not only does the battery last practically forever in stand-by mode, you can very much charge and play at the same time.
>> No. 12220 [Edit]
The vita has finally been hacked recently, and only within the last day or so has dumping and decrying games finally become possible. There's already a couple of game torrents out there now.
>> No. 12241 [Edit]

Pirate plunder til you heart gives yo ho ho he took a bite of gum gum
>> No. 12275 [Edit]
Now that piracy has taken off on vita I've had the chance to play a handful of games on it, and one I just finished playing was qforce/full frontal. It's a port of a first party playstation3 game but it's so horribly done. It was practically unplayable without overclocking the gpu on the vita (thanks to homebrew). Fps would drop to -10 all the time, and cut scenes were going massively out of sync with the audio. Then there's blurry ugly low resolution textures all over the place, pop in for stuff that isn't really that far away, the lack of antialiasing, and general small bugs in graphics here and there. Contrast also seemed to bug up a bit, but I didn't notice that one until after going to over clocking.
>> No. 12276 [Edit]
How could you afford a Vita but not games?
>> No. 12277 [Edit]
Who says I can't afford them? I've bought a few before the vita was hacked and lost interest in the system shortly after. I just mean the hack has made more games more accessible to me now. Sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 12279 [Edit]
For those who don't know, if you have a vita running at 6.60 you can visit using your vita to temporary soft mod it, allowing you to run home brew and what not.
sony has since released an offical filmwear, which is currently 6.63 and blocks the henkaku exploit. If you're bellow 6.60 and want to update to 6.60 without going over, here's a guide to help you out.

Recommended homebrew tools and applications:

MaiDumpTool, allows dumping(ripping) your games, and installing games other people have dumped also using mai.
An alternative is Vitamin, but you don't need vitamin to install games dumped with vitamin. vitamin dumps games in vpk format which can be installed with vita shell.

VitaShell is a content/file manager, and as mentioned above can be used to install vpk files (home brew and games)

I also recommend the offline-installer application. This allows you to run the henkaku exploit without being connected to the internet.
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