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File 130513983748.jpg - (142.92KB , 1024x768 , Doom.jpg )
2781 No. 2781 [Edit]
Let's talk about co-op games. Maybe we can find one that we can play together.

Does anyone like Doom? The gameplay is simple, and it runs on nearly all computers. I'd set us up a server (using Skulltag), but my ISP doesn't allow me to open ports.
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>> No. 2782 [Edit]
L4D is the only co-op game I own aside from Portal 2, but P2 is only for 2 people
>> No. 2783 [Edit]
It would be really sad if a modern computer couldn't run Doom.
>> No. 2784 [Edit]
some older games have tons of problems with modern computers because it has no way to account for how fast the cpu is and stuff like that
>> No. 2785 [Edit]
I would love to play Doom with you guys.
They don't, but zdoom is an excellent port.
>> No. 2787 [Edit]
File 130514438059.jpg - (41.67KB , 432x515 , future_cop.jpg )
I have:
Portal 2
Left 4 Dead 2
All of the Serious Sams
Killing Floor
Mount & Blade

Doom would be nice, don't think I ever played it. Of course there are tons of other games we could play but I'm guessing this thread will go nowhere since everybody is apathetic on /tc/ or too lazy to do anything.
>> No. 2788 [Edit]
I'd play L4D2 with you guys as long as nobody used mics and I actually felt like playing it
>> No. 2790 [Edit]

I want to play L4D2 with you guys too!
Although it has to be later tonight, I have to go in an hour.
>> No. 2792 [Edit]
I was invited to play L4D2 once but I was about to go to bed and there was a lot of non-tohno people in the chat so I didn't do it. other than that playing through the portal 2 co-op was the only interaction I've ever really had with someone from the steam group. Hopefully quite a few people get DNF because it's multiplayer looks like old school fun and I want to play it with people who aren't total dipshits.
>> No. 2795 [Edit]
I wish the admins of the Tohno-chan group would make some announcements from time to time and say "hey let's play this at this time, this day, everyone is welcome to join, no mics required" or even do this spontaneously.
>> No. 2796 [Edit]
I'd like it if mics were discouraged, because I really hate hearing "internet peoples'" voices
>> No. 2797 [Edit]
File 130514567921.jpg - (73.28KB , 794x624 , hakase.jpg )

I'm not an admin, but I could ask if anyone wants to play once in a while in the steam group.

I don't think anyone ever checks it though...
>> No. 2798 [Edit]
I check it every day
>> No. 2799 [Edit]

Why won't you comment then?
>> No. 2800 [Edit]
I tend to look through people in the groups' steam profiles and a lot of people seem pretty cool, but I'll be too afraid to invite them to do anything ;_;
>> No. 2801 [Edit]

I do that too, I was too scared to ask anyone to play portal 2 with me, so I ended up playing with strangers the game picked for me.
>> No. 2802 [Edit]
File 130514650780.jpg - (378.27KB , 1600x1200 , 2011-04-21_00001.jpg )
I thought I would have to do that too but luckily I found someone <3
>> No. 2805 [Edit]
Well what do you guys want to do? I'd be willing to schedule a few events if you guys have something in mind already. You guys could always hop in the IRC and talk about setting something up.

I think that was me that invited you to l4d2 (or was it l4d, I forget). I was bord and started a game and spammed invites to everybody on the group. A bunch of people said they didn't have it, a bunch more didn't respond, only one guy showed up....
>> No. 2806 [Edit]

I'm up for some L4D2 right now, if anyone's bored.
>> No. 2807 [Edit]
I'm ok with that. Not really doing anything right now anyway.
>> No. 2809 [Edit]
I play a few games on the PS3, like Borderlands and RE5, that we could play together, but my computer can't handle any new games, so those are out for me.
>> No. 2813 [Edit]
I played L4D2 earlier with some people. Was pretty cool
>> No. 2845 [Edit]
File 130540145284.jpg - (145.31KB , 800x1131 , 1304917482551.jpg )
Hello ladies,

tonight we will be playing again. What will it be this time?

I propose Alien Swarm, as it has a nice coop, and then we can take it easy on Moonbase Alpha. Otherwise there is still L4D2 or Portal.
>> No. 2846 [Edit]

Maybe we could arrange a custom map for L4D2 so everyone can enjoy it.
>> No. 2847 [Edit]
I'd probably be up for L4D2 tonight, but I don't know about custom maps
>> No. 2848 [Edit]
>> No. 2849 [Edit]

It's pretty easy.
You just download whatever you like from here:
Steam should be able to read the vpk file, so you just have to run it, and play.
>> No. 2850 [Edit]
All I have is L4D2, but I can grab Alien Swarm or Moonbase Alpha if they're not too big of a download.
>> No. 2851 [Edit]
We could even play versus if we get enough people.
>> No. 2852 [Edit]
I guess I'll download moonbase alpha. I've never played that before
>> No. 2853 [Edit]
type "john madden" a few times in microsoft sam, same thing.
>> No. 2854 [Edit]
>> No. 2855 [Edit]

It really is, that's all people use it for.
>> No. 2856 [Edit]
I just messed around with it for a few minutes in single player and it seems pretty boring

if we aren't going to play it I'm going to go ahead and delete it so I can use that that precious gig of space for more anime

Post edited on 14th May 2011, 1:31pm
>> No. 2859 [Edit]
Damn all anyone ever plays is L4D2. Those games are fun once.

Is PC gaming this dead, or is it just that popular of a game? There's like 4 maps too...
>> No. 2860 [Edit]
It's a popular game, and it's also a multiplayer game that doesn't require many people which makes it perfect for us.
>> No. 2861 [Edit]

It's fun, the only problem with it is the lack of maps.
That's why I suggested the custom ones.
>> No. 2862 [Edit]

>Is PC gaming this dead

I guess we could all buy whatever the latest call of duty game is and play that if that would be more acceptable to you
>> No. 2863 [Edit]
Yeah, I didn't really want to play L4D2 since it gets boring pretty quickly.

Why not try something else for a change?
>> No. 2864 [Edit]
L4D2 is the only multiplayer game I have other than TF2 and I doubt we have the big amount of people needed to have TF2 matches
>> No. 2865 [Edit]
File 130540632092.jpg - (28.83KB , 325x277 , 546456.jpg )

But it's the only one I have!
Well, that one a TF2, but I have no experience with it, so I'm sure I'll suck.
>> No. 2866 [Edit]
If you suck at TF2, go Pyro. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 2867 [Edit]
I have TF2 as well and Alien Swarm is free for everyone.
>> No. 2868 [Edit]

We need a lot more people if we want to play TF2.
>> No. 2869 [Edit]
>> No. 2870 [Edit]
DNF will be a great multiplayer game for us because I think it has a maximum of 8 players. With 4 of us it will be just like when I was a kid playing Duke 64 multiplayer with my family...

Post edited on 14th May 2011, 2:05pm
>> No. 2871 [Edit]
Sure is VALVE in here.
>> No. 2872 [Edit]

It's been so long since I laughed like that...
>> No. 2873 [Edit]
care to recommend some none VALVE games we can play together then?
>> No. 2874 [Edit]
I'm ready to do this, whatever you wish to play.
>> No. 2875 [Edit]
The APB open beta is in a few days. That's something we could all play, maybe
>> No. 2877 [Edit]
TrackMania Nations Forever

Remember this game? I used to play it all the time.
>> No. 2878 [Edit]
i fucking love trackmania. its free on steam, too
>> No. 2879 [Edit]
i assume i'd need steam to play any of these? i gave away my old account, and i don't really want to download that bloated piece of shit again. ends up getting me addicted to games again too. ;_;
>> No. 2880 [Edit]
Skulltag sounds nice, neverwinter nights might be nice too. I'd be up for trackmania, too.
>> No. 2883 [Edit]
I'm up for Trackmania.
>> No. 2886 [Edit]
I can play Trackmania, I'll have to wait until it's done downloading though.

Shitty 1mb connection...
>> No. 2888 [Edit]
Never heard of it to be honest, but it seems nice.

I think I'll download it and give it a shot.
>> No. 2889 [Edit]
so when are we playing trackmania?
>> No. 2890 [Edit]
No clue. We really need to coordinate these better.

I mean, we do have a Steam group...
>> No. 2891 [Edit]
Alright, does anyone know how to make a damn room in Trackmania? I'm stumped.
>> No. 2892 [Edit]
Also, we're currently discussing this on IRC! I figure it would be more coordinated there. Someone's gonna make a server on this soon.
>> No. 2893 [Edit]

How about this?
>> No. 2900 [Edit]
File 13055088535.jpg - (69.97KB , 800x600 , settings.jpg )
Concerning Trackmania and since we couldn't host a server online due to this game's servers being coded with feet, we found a way to have our own server using a VPN (like Hamachi or Comodo VPN). Basically, anyone can host a server, just go under Trackmania to Party Play > On A Local Network. Join servers here or create your own.

Here's what you need:

1. Download Comodo Easy VPN:
2. Create an account.
3. Make sure you disable remote access in the options and that you don't have shared folders on your computer (as anyone can access them).
4. Join the network with name: tobochan password: somoe and tick enable VPN.
5. Launch TrackMania.

This is a bit of tricky solution that I really dislike but it's always an option. We could of course just find an empty server somewhere but it wouldn't have our settings. I uploaded my settings and tracks here but you're free to make your own, of course:
You only need to extract it to your \TrackMania\Tracks folder, it should be in your documents. When you host simply select the file called TOBO CHAN under the "playlists available". Picture is my server parameters. Time Attack mode is the most fun imo.
>> No. 2901 [Edit]
Excellent! I'll get this set up.

Now we can play on a server that doesn't blast normal music at us the whole time.
>> No. 2902 [Edit]
>> No. 2903 [Edit]
Sup girls, we're switching to Hamachi as it is less complicated and you don't need an account. Disregard that comodo part.

Network: tobochan
Password: somoe
>> No. 2907 [Edit]
Hello again ladies, we don't need Hamachi no more.

Simply launch the game then go to Explorer. At the top there should be some kind of address bar, copy/paste this and press enter:


Then to play, go to Play Online > Favorites. Also, f* this game in the arse.
>> No. 2908 [Edit]
I...I like it when you call me a lady
>> No. 2917 [Edit]
File 13055478356.jpg - (55.34KB , 500x500 , 1283476694846.jpg )

Server will be up until 06/15/11, goes into sleep mode after 6 hour inactivity. Password is: somoe
>> No. 3040 [Edit]
File 130593928112.jpg - (152.88KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-05-20_00001.jpg )
Man I can't believe I just spent eight hours (not all at once though) putting a single track together. Goddamn.

Also, post your paintjobs since we apparently need to buy the full game to show them off. It's not a big deal, but still kind of annoying.
>> No. 3041 [Edit]
>we apparently need to buy the full game to show them off

Are you sure about that? You sure you didn't disable player skins in the options? Go into Profile > Advanced > Allow custom car models.
>> No. 3042 [Edit]
>we apparently need to buy the full game to show them off
And here I was thinking you guys just never bothered to paint your cars. Kinda sucks how crippled the free version is, but at least we can play together.

I'd post mine, but the charger for my laptop (the only computer I have that's good enough to run Trackmania) is broken and I'm still waiting for a replacement to come in.
>> No. 3044 [Edit]
File 130594139452.jpg - (135.79KB , 1680x1050 , 2011-05-19_00002.jpg )
I have custom car models enabled, but the skins on everyone else's defaults to whatever nation they have set on their profile. Pic related.
>> No. 3123 [Edit]
Does anyone still play Trackmania?
>> No. 3128 [Edit]
Sure, just hop in on the IRC and let everyone know you're playing Trackmania.
>> No. 3129 [Edit]
The full version of trackmania is on sale on steam today for ten bucks, in case anyone's interested.
>> No. 3131 [Edit]
I'll buy if we all buy. Think it's a good idea, or should we just not bother?
>> No. 3136 [Edit]
Don't bother. The free version is already enough fun and the game is pretty old now.
>> No. 3139 [Edit]
command and conquer 3 anyone? preferably tiberium wars kane edition.
>> No. 3140 [Edit]
I really enjoyed that game but when I installed Red Alert 3 my game stopped working. I can't play either now which is really annoying.

The first two command and conquer games are freeware now though, and there is a really good open source RTS called Spring which is similar to Total Annihilation if you guys want to play those.
>> No. 3154 [Edit]
Thought you guys might like this. Extreme Trackmania.
>> No. 3169 [Edit]

Once he's going though it kinda drives itself. Just a bunch of well placed tracks.
>> No. 3173 [Edit]
its the easiest track in the world, since all you do is hold forwards. its a no steering track designed to be batshit insane
>> No. 3212 [Edit]
Blops is having a free weekend thing, maybe we could play that. I've never played a CoD game before though so I don't know if it would even be worth a download
>> No. 3213 [Edit]
Actually it's not just the weekend, it's from now until sunday, apparently
>> No. 3221 [Edit]
I'm downloading it now. mw2 was sort of fun
>> No. 3223 [Edit]
If I played the free CoD weekend thing it would probably be the only time I ever play CoD since the next one is going pay to play
>> No. 3229 [Edit]
How about Alien Swarm? it's free and it looks like it has low requirements.
>> No. 3290 [Edit]
Does anybody here own L4D2 who would like to try out the custom campaigns? Some of them aren't too terrible.
>> No. 3313 [Edit]

ok, sure.
Which ones do you have in mind?
>> No. 3315 [Edit]
I'd be up for it. I don't have any downloaded, but I'd be willing to if you have one in mind.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2011, 7:36pm
>> No. 3317 [Edit]

I don't know any, so I guess we could try the best rated ones first?

The kokiri forest sounded interesting.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2011, 7:51pm
>> No. 3324 [Edit]
So.. strictly co-op, or competitive as well? TM is strictly competetive as far as I know, so I guess it's fine?
>> No. 3418 [Edit]
File 130753606812.jpg - (320.16KB , 640x800 , DemonStar-SM2_3.jpg )
There's this new diablo-like/dungeon crawler called Hunted: The Demons Forge with fully crackable online (Gamespy). It's only two player co-op though but you get to play a sexy elf if you're lucky.

Another game like that would be Borderlands but here up to four players can co-op.

Another co-op game is DemonStar. It's an old-school two player vertical shooter. All versions are uploaded here if you want to try it out: >>/ddl/17

Pic related.

Post edited on 8th Jun 2011, 7:50am
>> No. 3426 [Edit]
Wow, I had a demo of that on my old computer. Didn't think anyone else had heard of it.

I'll re-download it. It was a lot of fun, but I only played alone. Maybe if I played with someone else I wouldn't die every 30 seconds...
>> No. 3433 [Edit]
Oh wow, I can't believe that I forgot about this game. Back in 4th grade someone installed it on every computer in the computer lab, I used to play it every now and then along with half the class whenever we were in there. I remember getting pretty far into the game one day, good times.
>> No. 3445 [Edit]

I loved that game too (Demonstar).
>> No. 3452 [Edit]
Are you guys into shooters? We could play something like or which are both free. I don't like FPS too much but I love the old arena style ones I played in the 90s, and these are kinda like that.
>> No. 3454 [Edit]
Not much into arena shooters. I've never been good at them.
>> No. 3459 [Edit]

Oh, that's a shame. They are very hard to get good at I suppose, due to the extreme accuracy and timing you need to achieve.
>> No. 3475 [Edit]
Do you guys play TF2? I just reinstalled, and I'm playing it for the first time in a year. I had to register a new account and re-buy it though, which kinda sucks cause I had my account since 2007 and pretty much everything that went along with it (except the hat gayness).

If anyone plays, what servers do you frequent? All my old hangouts are dead, and I don't really want to deal with the 24/7 micspam touhou and /jp/ related clusterfuck servers.
>> No. 3484 [Edit]
I'm just starting to get back into it myself after getting burned out a little while back.
>> No. 3487 [Edit]
I've never played it, but I have it as part of the Orange Box.
>> No. 3489 [Edit]
I played a ton a few months ago then just sort of stopped. As for servers, I got on whatever ones used the Badlands map
>> No. 3499 [Edit]
Why does no one play Bad Company 2 here? Lots of fun to be had.
>> No. 3500 [Edit]

It's a bad game. I mean, I love it and I've played it since beta. I love the gameplay even though it's nothing like Battlefield itself. But, there are so many piss off moments that would make most people rage. Be it retards with Gustavs, or endless useless snipers on your teams, or lag, hackers, or people who just use the most OP guns like the G3 or M60.

Personally I love to play but it's kind of dead now in terms of player count. I already got platinum on all the guns too, so there is nothing left to do. I tried Vietnam but holy shit did that game suck. It was designed by the MOH team which is probably why.
>> No. 3501 [Edit]

Sorry not G6, G36 or whatever the one LMG is with the build in red dot and zero recoil.
>> No. 3503 [Edit]
So you're playing on console? PC community is still pretty active. I usually play on Conquest servers with Recons set to 3 max so it doesn't ruin the game for everyone. Because HURRR I'M A SNIPER. People need to learn how to play Recon the right way.

Otherwise the /v/ Bro Company server is pretty cool, when there are people playing..
>> No. 3511 [Edit]

No, I play PC. If you check, the console versions are many times more popular than PC still. Maybe you're in Europe but it's not really active over here in North America. There is still enough servers for any mode of course but the actual active population left isn't half what it was just 8 months ago.

People who play recon right are fine, but snipers who don't move piss me off. Personally I prefer the recon with the M14 (no optics) and C4. Plus you get the n00b balls. I absolutely rape any server I'm on with that setup.

Thompson with recon is also pretty fun for stealthy/knifing stuff since it's not a loud gun and reloads nice and fast. M24 when I need extra long range too. I liked the shotguns during beta/early retail but they changed them quite a bit over time.
>> No. 3519 [Edit]
Recon is just so powerful because of motion sensors and rarely will you see people throw them because they're in the back trying to snipe some dude.

M16 is pretty cool but I prefer the M1. Usually my setup is the VSS with 4x optics for close to mid range when in big maps, or the USAS-12 with light equipment to run fast in close quarters + C4. On those snow maps, USAS-12 and this setup makes a killing. No one can kill you, you're fast, have motion sensors, camouflage, quick reload.

If you look at the stats you can see there are usually more PC players playing than 360 or PS3.
>> No. 3538 [Edit]

oh shit the VSS in that game is the best. my preference is the red dot on it, nothing will escape you once they move. i had to stop playing the game because i got banned from so many servers for "hacking", that it got annoying trying to find somewhere where i had no bad rep. best gun ever (m14 is cooler though)
>> No. 3553 [Edit]
File 13080250439.jpg - (285.16KB , 600x600 , zelda saria.jpg )

When would be a good time for us to play?
>> No. 3554 [Edit]

...just gotta figure out how to install this thing first.
>> No. 4069 [Edit]
File 131154127090.jpg - (96.62KB , 849x607 , sample-9833f55b0ccd2b7c6c7fedc0f7035fe6.jpg )
I would like to play with you guys, but I only have access to older games, like starcraft and diablo 2.

It could be fun as I would be the imouto staying behind in base, while everyone else would say "Itekimasu!" as they leave for the day. They would say "Tadaima!" as they come back as I heal them and make them a meal.
>> No. 4072 [Edit]
I wish you hadn't written this post.
>> No. 4073 [Edit]
Me too, it's terrible.

I would be the imouto!
>> No. 4076 [Edit]
File 13115750158.jpg - (115.67KB , 523x685 , 62999541967ff3cdc2901f15ae34765d_jpeg.jpg )

Well, if its starcraft, then I can be Terran since they have medics and I’ll go around people’s bases healing everyone as they come back from raiding the enemy’s base. And just before everyone goes off, I can go “Ganbatte, oneechan!”

If its’s Diablo, then we could be just like mahou shoujou and be either amazon, sorceress, or assassin, and go around fighting just like in Moetan. But of course, I’ll stay in the Rogue camp, tidying up around the fireplace, making sure there are enough health potions, and stamina potions, and gold coins on the ground for everyone as they come back from fighting Andariel (who is always very tsundere~).

I don’t think we need a lot of players, but if there’s enough interest it’ll be fun. When I play, I’m not very good at it, as I always seem to get overrun by the computer in starcraft or die needlessly in Diablo, but if it’s for Tohno-oniichan I’ll try my best!
>> No. 4503 [Edit]
There's yet another free Call of Duty Black Ops weekend thing going on on steam. I dunno if I care enough to download it, but maybe some of you do
>> No. 4504 [Edit]

Don't bother. I bought the game, and it sucks. Horribly optimized for PC, and the guns are either all the same or horribly unbalanced.
>> No. 4506 [Edit]
And to think it's like the most popular game ever. Sigh, video games...
>> No. 4514 [Edit]
I'm about done downloading that forest map for L4D2. if anyone wants to play I'm in
>> No. 5434 [Edit]
File 132195377585.jpg - (237.92KB , 1280x818 , zOMD_01.jpg )
How about a nice game of Diablo II?
>> No. 5523 [Edit]
File 132282046769.jpg - (130.35KB , 1024x768 , swat4002.jpg )
Just remembered about this one. Playing the coop campaign with a good team is awesome.
>> No. 5524 [Edit]

I'd love to play this with this board

if you guys are interested, get the gold edition and tunngle.. right?
>> No. 5525 [Edit]
I'd totally be up for it.
>> No. 5526 [Edit]

I'd love to play this with everyone too.
>> No. 5527 [Edit]

I'd like to as well though I'd quite bad at those kind of games
>> No. 5530 [Edit]
A five-man squad formed so fast?!
How/when shall we meet to play? Never used this tunngle thing.
>> No. 6195 [Edit]
I want to play Sealhunter with somebody it got 4-player co-op online and it is free!

it is based on the original sealhunter
>> No. 6261 [Edit]
File 133114907377.jpg - (1.54MB , 1543x2719 , 1330972051670.jpg )
Some bros at /v/ made a Doom Server

Server:/v/-PRESS F
Password: Heretic

download wads:

Server Browser :

Post edited on 7th Mar 2012, 11:51am
>> No. 6262 [Edit]
Since you posted this here, the server is coop only, I suppose?
I'll check it later anyway though, thanks!
>> No. 6264 [Edit]

>> No. 6265 [Edit]
I feel the same way.
>> No. 10815 [Edit]
File 140922523227.jpg - (262.29KB , 1600x854 , yRainbow.jpg )
esbenlash wants a Diablo3 party!
>> No. 12500 [Edit]
File 150148139513.png - (939.58KB , 1280x720 , Tchernobog 2017-07-30 23-06-00-00.png )
I am pretty much always up for:
Left 4 Dead 2
Killing Floor
PAYDAY: The Heist
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (latest patch, no mods)
Diablo I (with HD mod, "Tchernobog" version)
100% Orange Juice

Feel free to add me on Steam if you're interested.
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