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File 162810878645.png - (337.65KB , 750x450 , oWPGvi3.png )
14316 No. 14316 [Edit]
The Sequel games are a series of RPGs made primarily by one person who goes by Hakika. They're very talented and even write original music. The characters are also really charming and have good chemistry.

These games are pretty much exactly what I was looking for in >>14235
I like them so much I think they deserve their own thread. They were made in rpg maker, but I don't think that takes away anything or see why it would bother anybody here.
Info and games:
>> No. 14335 [Edit]
This series has been in my backlog for a while as I've been occupied by other eroRPGs, but I finally decided to take the plunge.
At least for Blight, considerable effort was put into it compared to the typical RPG Maker experience to which I am accustomed, and that alone is indeed admirable. However, the combat is pretty dull, as expected, and the H-scenes are merely serviceable thus far for my tastes. It's everything else, so far, that's carrying it, and that's fine. The fact that the creator is using custom assets where it counts is appreciated--like mobs' standing images, and as you said, music.
>> No. 14336 [Edit]
The gameplay is refined/modified with each successive game. Most of the fun is planning ahead with skill trees(there's 3 in the third game). The third game is my favorite so far and very impressive assets wise.
>> No. 14337 [Edit]
Good to know, thanks. Also, girls in uniform = best.

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