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File 161997166232.png - (555.18KB , 550x925 , 3562debe8ea6cb3dc7333c01ed88b35d.png )
14235 No. 14235 [Edit]
I feel like playing something, like an rpg. I don't know where to look or who to trust when it comes to recommendations since out there it's a flood of garbage and ulterior motives.

Strategically focused and good aesthetics are mainly what I'm looking for. A good story is preferable. Something with a pc version too. Even better if it has risque elements. The last game I played was Monster Girl Quest Paradox, so something in that vein would be nice.

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 9:08am
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>> No. 14236 [Edit]
>Strategically focused and good aesthetics are mainly what I'm looking for. A good story is preferable. Something with a pc version too.

Uhh, Banner Saga hits all those, but somehow I suspect it's not what you want.
>> No. 14237 [Edit]
............................Yeah, you suspected correctly.
>> No. 14238 [Edit]
File 161997955263.jpg - (94.99KB , 621x804 , 1304196885181.jpg )
Then try Soul Nomad, aesthetics are amazing, the story is great, it's more or less strategically focused and I think it was ported to PC.
>> No. 14239 [Edit]
>I think it was ported to PC
Not yet apparently, but this summer. It's kind of sad that you need to reach for a 2007 ps2 game to find something which fits my criteria.
>> No. 14240 [Edit]
I'm just thinking of games I enjoyed that could meet your criteria, I don't know what's so sad about that. My fault for trying to give recommendations I guess.
>> No. 14241 [Edit]
I wasn't trying to insult you. I meant that in 10+ years it should be easier to come up something that was made more recently and can be played on the pc right now. Suggesting something from 2007 that hasn't even been ported yet implies to me there are no more recent games on the pc like what I'm looking for.

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 2:36pm
>> No. 14244 [Edit]
Ulterior motives?

You could emulate it. I'm not quite sure what to recommend, if you want risque games your choice are either rpg maker type games like MGQP but rpg maker games are neither what I'd call aesthetically good nor strategically focused or VNs with gameplay elements like Alicesoft and Eushully games. Beyond that, the majority of SRPG/TRPGs are console based unless you want typical JRPGs.
>> No. 14245 [Edit]
File 161999747419.png - (414.54KB , 550x925 , 86f93e770cb861a777b48998fbc98e9f.png )
>Ulterior motives?
Friends with the creators, something political causing/preventing a recommendation. The usual. I don't feel like people are honest or well-informed in most places.
>You could emulate it.
Which is always slow and annoying.
>unless you want typical JRPG
Why can't a mostly typical JRPG be challenging in some way that doesn't have to do with a lot of grinding? I didn't mean the genre "SRPG", I just meant an rpg where you have to think.

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 4:19pm
>> No. 14246 [Edit]
I don't know if it's going to fit your criteria but the Saga Frontier Remaster was released on PC recently, other than that there's Persona 4 and if you want something more recent there's DQ11. Those are the only few RPGs I've played in recent times that I can think of at the moment. If you want translated eroge you could try here
>> No. 14247 [Edit]
>Saga Frontier Remaster
Looks interesting. Thanks.
>> No. 14249 [Edit]
It doesn't imply anything, I don't play games in order or particularly care if a game is old or not, Soul Nomad just happens to be one of my favourite RPG's ever and it fits the criteria. And obviously I don't play all games and PC isn't even a platform I use for most of the year, so extrapolating my recommendation to a supposedly terrible situation of the RPG genre is just an awful idea.
If you were asking for newer games then I guess Valkyria Chronicles would also fit, IV is relatively new, though I can't say too much about the story.
>> No. 14302 [Edit]
File 162360532228.png - (3.53MB , 2400x1440 , Edea HD.png )
Bravely Default is my favorite RPG
>> No. 14346 [Edit]
File 163292493692.jpg - (374.72KB , 800x851 , daff12ed1ccb6b1fe9af8f8a125d8323.jpg )
Can you recommend me Switch RPGs, /vg/?

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