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File 147182757110.jpg - (86.54KB , 562x354 , ls_games.jpg )
12189 No. 12189 [Edit]
What is you're favorite video game /vg/??.
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>> No. 12190 [Edit]
favorite in what sense?

Zork was a fundamentally amazing and different experience, and opened the door to the creation of MUDs (most are dead or dying today as MMOs are taking their userbase), and more homage has been paid to the game and it's sequels than all others. It holds a dear spot in my heart, but it's not a game I plan on replaying any time soon; if at all.
>> No. 12191 [Edit]
File 147183262253.jpg - (78.99KB , 640x400 , Lands of Lore.jpg )
My single, all-time favourite videogame is Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos. It was the first complex RPG I played and I've been replaying it around yearly for the last 20 years. RPGs have come and gone, but this one will always be my #1. Back around that time (PC) the next in line were Master of Orion, Dune, Populous II, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Waxworks, and Veil of Darkness.

Around the same time we got a Nintendo. We had very few games, but back then it wasn't uncommon to rent cartridges, so when you liked one a lot, you bought it. I liked Castlevania the most, and Mega Man next. When my parents bought us SNES, it was pretty late in the system's lifespan (the Killer Instinct bundle: and then my favourites at that time became Super Mario RPG, Killer Instinct, Double Dragon, Chrono Trigger, Spawn, and X-men: Mutant Apocalypse. That was the last console I've owned... later on I had a Gameboy Advance, a PSP, and now just a couple of months ago I was gifted a New 3DS XL with Pokemon Y, so that's what I've been playing.

Later on, went back to PC with Diablo, Quake, and windows games. Diablo was my favourite until D3 obliterated any love I had for the series, and haven't replayed it in forever because I can't install it in Windows 8.1. For a long time I played World of Warcraft and was my favourite too, until once again Blizzard did it again with Warlords of Draenor. I forgot to mention emulators, but I think I've written way more than I was supposed to.

Anyway... If I had to pick 5 franchises, they would be, in order: Castlevania, Shin Megami Tensei (excluding Persona games), Tetris, Mega Man, and Pacman. This year I got into Pokémon again, so wouldn't be fair to count it due to my over-a-decade-old hiatus (and no, has nothing to do with Pokémon: Go).

Post edited on 21st Aug 2016, 7:55pm
>> No. 12192 [Edit]
This anon has good taste also have you played Pokemon Go yet?.
>> No. 12196 [Edit]
I feel like calling a single game my absolute "favorite" is kind of insulting to the rest of my favorites. A lot of games are amazing in very different ways.

Also, another thread (>>4887) already did this, sort of.
>> No. 12197 [Edit]
Hydro thunder is probably the game I've gone back to play the most. It's one that I will never get tired of no matter how many times I play it and have played every available version of across multiple platforms. I wouldn't say I play it obsessively though, usually just pick up and play for a bit every now and then. GTA;SA comes to mind as one I've enjoyed immensely and have sunk countless hours in, not only playing but modding as well.
Then there was games like banjo kazooie and spyro the dragon which really defined my childhood and that I played the living crap out of. I recall one time I was playing banjo kazooie I was practically speed running the thing with no deaths without even really thinking about it.
I'd also feel bad for not naming ratchet and clank, I had a blast with it. primarily going commando. I feel like they've dragged out the series a bit too much in recent installments though.
>> No. 12201 [Edit]
File 147199049577.jpg - (34.35KB , 360x640 , g20160922.jpg )
Current NEW fave game is KOF14
>> No. 12202 [Edit]
Ultima Online was my favorite. Played for 10 years straight, loved every minute of it. I don't have a favorite anymore but if I did, it would be Ultima Online.
>> No. 12223 [Edit]
I have heard of that game before sounds fun anon.
>> No. 12284 [Edit]
File 148032017519.jpg - (245.48KB , 640x1138 , 20161201.jpg )
Street Fighter
Currently Dishonored
>> No. 12302 [Edit]
File 148213631692.jpg - (22.21KB , 460x215 , 20161221.jpg )
DisHonored 2
>> No. 12338 [Edit]
File 148541889016.jpg - (69.84KB , 700x457 , Gee.jpg )
>> No. 12340 [Edit]
File 14854647705.jpg - (240.69KB , 646x676 , 1283898231910.jpg )
cave story
>> No. 12383 [Edit]
File 149300105044.jpg - (6.59MB , 2462x3508 , Masamune-sw3-art.jpg )
I'm not sure I can say I have a favourite, but as a genre I really like musou games, though I don't like the new direction that they've gone with them after DW5 I think it was. Been playing Samurai Warriors 2 again recently though and its still a blast.

In the newer titles, some of the new mechanics are cool, and the roster is enormous. I also like that they made musou attacks far more decisive, but the genre is too forgiving now. They were never genuinely hard games, but playing SW2 again, I've noticed that peons will fuck you over if you get mobbed or charge into a blob carelessly, they won't kill you but can stagger you when you're trying to fight an officer which can be lethal. In later titles, they're completely trivial and makes it too easy to get 1000 KOs which in the past took a dedicated effort.

I wish there was a good old-school musou clone coming out, but I think that its time has passed, Souls Clone seems to be the hot thing now, and Koei is fixated on their new model instead of going back to the genre's roots.
>> No. 12384 [Edit]
File 149304516629.gif - (2.22MB , 332x332 , Yusuke_and_Futaba_Fighting.gif )
Currently Persona 5 and Overwatch.
>> No. 12385 [Edit]
I'm torn on the newer Koei slashers. On one hand I love the huge roster, the cast of DW8 is really diverse; Unlike DW6/7 all of the characters feel unique in some way, and the characterization itself has drastically improved, along with the graphics and character designs - Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Jian are no longer palette swaps, certain characters they added are nice (I'm fond of Zhang Chunhua and Guan Xing) but as you said, the games are too forgiving. It's basically just "build meter, push circle" now. Which is how it always was, but you at least didn't one/two shot the area boss. I also disliked how "linear" DW7 was, they removed hypothetical routes. They're really flawed games as a whole, but I love them. I find 8 improved on a lot of things but it feels like a two steps forward one step back kind of thing - What was the deal with that weird rock-paper-scissors element they just crammed in there?

My favorite musou game is probably the original Samurai Warriors. I find it really enjoyable, it feels like the most thought-out imo. Never played the second although I have Empires, it just hasn't popped up in any of the secondhand shops around here. I enjoy the Sengoku Basara 3 but it's insanely repetitive, even for a musou-type game.
>> No. 12386 [Edit]
File 149318257721.jpg - (163.71KB , 800x800 , Zhuge Dan DW8.jpg )
You raise a good point about characterisation and style diversity. Characters now feel like they have a role beyond the two main archetypes in the past. There is no longer a division between chain and charge movesets. DW8 is fun, but like you said, the area bosses are just glass and not even glass cannons. If they made boss fighting a bit more like the older games where they were something that took a bit of punishment it'd be amazing because of the new and diverse roles. I'll use the examples of Zhuge Dan in DW8 who is a lockdown character basically. In a game where that ability to focus down on one target with lots of stuns and knockdowns was relevant, he'd be a super fun character to play but in DW8, you never get to explore the moveset because mashing square does the trick.

That's actually something else I've noticed too. Your chains have been getting more forgiving too, playing SW2 again (Empires here too, I don't have my PS2 at my current place and I found it for cheap for my 360 which I do have.) I've found that you need to think about your attack chains because some leave you vulnerable. Masamune for example whips out a pistol after the third square attack which is powerful as it breaks blocks, but it is also single target and lets you get mobbed and stagger locked by peons. So if you are fighting in a horde, you need to be careful to not go beyond 3 attacks. In DW8, the chains are just a matter of time, there are no disadvantages with longer ones that need to be considered.

As for characters as visual and personalities though, the new designs are also just great like you said. I'm fond of Zhuge Dan as I said, but Yu Jin is also really cool. One thing I really really like is that they've expanded on the minor characters. It is certainly a step up in some ways from earlier games, that's for sure. Too bad that Empires was pretty trash for it, the mechanics that they used were overall not much fun which is a true shame because I actually like the new model of the expansion where they have almost made it a kind of RPG-strategy-musou chimera. It's a lot more engaging to play the game as a character instead of as a faction, and I'm probably the only person who was able to extract some fun from DW8:E simply for the sake of really divergent what-if scenarios based on whatever character interactions my mind could dream up.
>> No. 12553 [Edit]
Seeing as there was some Musou fans here, has anybody played the recent Warriors All Stars PC port? It's gotten good reviews on steam, but I want to know whether it's half as interesting as it sounds from people I trust. It appears to have some interesting features.
>> No. 12563 [Edit]

I have heard of that but never played it.
>> No. 12776 [Edit]
File 151298895931.jpg - (534.60KB , 1407x1999 , 20171230.jpg )
Street Fighter 2
>> No. 13586 [Edit]
File 156448836888.jpg - (103.16KB , 900x900 , 2018WPi.jpg )
Fave game per genre:
aRPG~ Grim Dawn, Path of Exile
FPS~ Doom
Platformer~ Cuphead, Super Meat Boy
Puzzle~ Tetris 99
RTS~ StarCraft, Total Annihilation
>> No. 13622 [Edit]
>RTS~ StarCraft, Total Annihilation
I really never see people mention any C&C games besides maybe RA2 as a favorite RTS. Disappointing, but I probably just have awful taste in my strategy games.
>> No. 13632 [Edit]
Smash Bros in 2019-11
Are you OK?
>> No. 13633 [Edit]
They're also adding a skin of an Undertale character for the Mii fighter.
>> No. 13654 [Edit]
File 157043193919.jpg - (177.52KB , 899x1110 , 20191020.jpg )
Will Chun Li be next?
>> No. 13790 [Edit]
File 159013887934.jpg - (302.92KB , 1394x1394 , 546560_screenshots_20200325105918_1.jpg )
I don't have a number one but I can list my favourites (not in any order):
Age of Empires 2
I have been playing this game for nearly two decades now and still play it today.
Age of Mythology
I discovered this game after Age of Empires 3 but I really like the idea and I think it has a big potential for a part 2.
Age of Empires 3
A lot of people don't like it because it's to different from part 2 but I like both because they are different.
Empire Earth
Maybe my favourite Strategy game. It's so sad the the successors (there are 2 official ones by other studios and two similar games buy the same studio but a different name) are all way worse than it and don't mage to capture what made the original so good. Some issues like the super close camera can't even be removed by mods and it doesn't run on Windows 10 anymore.
Half-Life 2 (especially Episode 2)
Best single play campaign in any shooter in my opinion.
Half-Life: Alyx
Best VR single player campaign and experience you can get no were else. It litteraly gives you a different view on the Half-Life universe. Also Alyx is the best character in that universe and it's awesome that you can play her in this game, I hope she will be an optional character in HL3.
Technically the best VR shooter/melee game it just leaks the content to be the best game of all time.
I don't need to explain this. The game I likely spend the most time in.
New server with the Nether update soon.
Being able to play around with all the Half-Life 2 offers is really awesome. And there is so much content.

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