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File 149240250728.jpg - (136.69KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
1 No. 1 [Edit]
So I decided to Resub the first ep of Frame Arms Girl. This is my first time subbing anything so bear with me and don't be afraid to lemme know how much I screwed up.
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>> No. 2 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_01.ass - (30.35KB , [TC] - Frame Arms Girl - 01.ass )

Here's the subtitle file for ep1.
It's timed to go with: [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
Not sure if I'll do the rest of the eps since this took a lot longer than expected, but we'll see what kind of reception this gets.
Anyways, Please enjoy.
>> No. 3 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_01[QC1].ass - (33.75KB )

Here you go, Tohno, bumbaloe. I fixed some typos and a lot of capitalization. Feel free to check it again.
>> No. 4 [Edit]
I haven't watched the first episode of this anime yet, so this is a good opportunity to try it out, but should I just go straight for the subs that Popo fixed or go for Tohno's? I don't want to be rude, but I also don't want to rewatch the episode twice.
>> No. 5 [Edit]
I'd go for popo's. Who knows, you might find some stuff he missed.
>> No. 7 [Edit]
The subs are really easy to read. I did notice some typos; not sure if they're from the yellow subs or what. I'll go post my thoughts on the show on /an/, but it seems really well made.

4:47 "tank you text" -> "thank you text"
6:59 "They are legenday," -> "They are legendary"
11:18 "Ao dcided for" -> "Ao decided for"
14:30 "We havin't done" -> "We haven't done" (maybe this is intentional and used to imply she's speaking with a slur or something? my japanese isn't that good)
18:31 "Gourai's Smoothmore has" -> "Gourai's Smoothbore has"
21:22 "See you latter!" -> "See you later!"
>> No. 8 [Edit]
Was this on the V1 or the POPO QC version?
>> No. 9 [Edit]
Popo's QC1
>> No. 10 [Edit]
Good eye, and nice finds.
>> No. 11 [Edit]
Thank you. I wasn't sure if I could just edit the .ass file as text to add those, so I didn't. I'm not too picky about yellow subs so I'd watch it either way, but if Tohno continues this project I wouldn't mind proof-reading / editing.
>> No. 12 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_01[QC2].ass - (30.40KB )

Here's the file after fixing those errors.
Before I share this over on nyaa.se I noticed the .ass kept trying to load the associated video from my desktop address even though I'm editing it on a different machine. This showing up for you guys when loading the file in Aegisub too? If so how would that go about being removed?
>> No. 13 [Edit]

it checks for a file with the name in the same path as the subs. So, if you have the .ass file on the desktop, it will look for the video on your desktop.

That part is listed in the header of the .ass file.
It helps so you can just open the .ass file to play the video, instead of having the rename the .ass file to be the exact same name as the video for the video player to work like a .srt file

[Aegisub Project Garbage]
Last Style Storage: Default
Audio File: [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
Video File: [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
Video AR Mode: 4
Video AR Value: 1.777778
Video Zoom Percent: 0.500000
Scroll Position: 346
Active Line: 357
Video Position: 33798

Post edited on 18th Apr 2017, 2:45pm
>> No. 14 [Edit]
Whoa, so Tohno decided to upload the subs on Nyaa. Is that really for the best? Especially when you're unsure if you're going to sub the entire series?

Also, sorry for not checking for typos. I still needed to download the RAW since I forgot that I didn't have it.

I'm not even sure if I should still do this. I think I might be too late. I'm sorry!
>> No. 15 [Edit]
I think Tohno is trying to gauge interest before deciding whether to sub the rest. Since it took him two days for this one episode.

Don't worry about checking for typos or anything. I just did that of my own accord.
>> No. 16 [Edit]
I think Tohno's main complaint was how long it took him to both transcribe it and time it, so if we break the work down, it should not be a problem to continue. After seeing the post about someone waiting for us for episode 3 subs, I'd feel bad if we didn't continue.

If no one volunteers to transcribe episode 2 by late tonight, I'll do it myself, but hopefully Tohno would still be willing to time it, and you guys edit and proof read it.
>> No. 17 [Edit]
Pretty much. It says on the torrent's page it has nearly 400 downloads at the moment, so that does shows there's at least some interest. Although my torrent just shows a 2.0 ratio after a day of seeding oddly.

>After seeing the post about someone waiting for us for episode 3 subs, I'd feel bad if we didn't continue.
Same. I think I'll go ahead with ep2 then. I was concerned (and would have been slightly relived if)some other group resubbed the show too, but 3ep out now and no one's released anything. I like the show anyways and if nothing else it'd be a decent way to bring a little more traffic to this place.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
Since nobody else posted the link: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=918684
>just shows a 2.0 ratio after a day of seeding oddly.
What does that mean? I'm ignorant about torrents in general.
>> No. 19 [Edit]
Neither am I, but I believe it means the torrent has only been uploaded twice.
>> No. 20 [Edit]
File 149273040547.jpg - (443.32KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
please use a higher quality RAW for future episodes....
>> No. 21 [Edit]
File 14927312692.jpg - (564.90KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )

because this one really hurts to watch.
>> No. 22 [Edit]
>not watching purposly distorted 3DCG 2D animu shows in order to further blur the line between 2D and 3D
Do you even anime, bro?
>> No. 23 [Edit]
Such as?
>> No. 24 [Edit]
I'm guessing [Ohys-Raws]?
It's the only other available raw for this series, and noticed they have more downloads than Leopard-Raws versions over at nyaa.se but can't really download at the moment.
>> No. 25 [Edit]
File 149274557742.jpg - (105.22KB , 1111x732 , Ohys-raws.jpg )
Whelp, I checked and Our subs line up pretty well with the Ohys-raws release. So you don't have to use the Leopard-Raws version if you don't want to.
Besides, the Ohys-raws version has the exact same issue you're showing.
>> No. 26 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_02.ass - (27.66KB , [TC] - Frame Arms Girl - 02.ass )

Popo went ahead and pulled the text this time for ep2 and I just did the timing. It's good to go for quality checking now.
>> No. 27 [Edit]
It was uploaded way too fast. I didn't have time to check it. I'm sorry!
>> No. 28 [Edit]
Well we are a bit behind the curve.
>> No. 29 [Edit]
File 149280711770.jpg - (583.09KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 01 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )

Thanks for trying. I guess I'll have to live with it.
>> No. 30 [Edit]
5:05 "She stiff as" -> "She's stiff as"
15:04 "dream of been pop" -> "dream of being pop"
19:46 "specialize an aerial" -> "specialize in aerial"
20:20 "Being disbursed" -> "Being dispersed" (both words that sound similar, but disburse refers to payment whereas disperse refers to spreading something out over an area)

good work tohno, popo
>> No. 33 [Edit]
Nice job, you're good at this. We can start episode 3 Sunday then I guess.
>> No. 34 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_02[QC1].ass - (27.70KB )

Whelp, here's the file again with those changes.
>> No. 39 [Edit]

4:32 - That's why her heart and her mind are all, like, mixed up and stuff. This has hurt her!

change to:
That's why her heart and mind are all, like, mixed up and stuff. It really hurt her!
>> No. 40 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_02[QC2].ass - (27.70KB )

Okay, so I'll be uploading this version then if no one objects.
>> No. 41 [Edit]
I'll give it one last check if you want. I just started downloading the second episode because I was mostly waiting for this, but I was honestly confused by the first upload being done so early.

I also believe that we should try to get everything done with only a single upload. Revisions would likely upset the few people that actually bother to download it, even if the file is small.
>> No. 42 [Edit]
I'm only submitting final versions to nyaa, and don't plan to revising those. Simply put I just wanna get at least two QC passes on each of these subs before 'officially' releasing them.
If it helps I'll be sure to link the nyaa.se page each time I upload the subs so people here can go with that final version if they like.
With that, here's ep2: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=920325

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2017, 3:48pm
>> No. 43 [Edit]
I'd already finished watching it, but thank you for offering the link.

The QC2 subs seem pretty good. I didn't really see anything that would take away from watching the show.
>> No. 45 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_03[noQC].ass - (35.07KB )

Here's the first draft for ep3's subs. Was able to knock this out relatively quickly thanks to Wilczur taking care of the timing. His contribution has been a really huge help with this. This will also include a translation of the OP which we should have in future ep too. As before this is timed for the Leopard-Raws release but should work with Ohys-raws too. (nice thing about soft subs is you can pick your own video source)

Just to make it clear; This is essentially a beta version of the subs and is not an offical release. Just posting it here in case anyone wants to look over this version and report back any errors. Once it's gotten a few checks I'll upload the edited version to nyaa.se and share a link here, as well as informing as to which version will be the definitive one.
>> No. 46 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_03[QC1].ass - (35.08KB )

This time I tried editing the file itself. I'm marking the changes here as well in case I messed up somehow.

2:26 "Stylet, Isn't it" -> "Stylet, isn't it" (capitalization error)
2:40 "look for us" -> "look for us." (period added)
4:39 "Latters!" -> "Laters!"
4:43 "be careful" -> "be careful." (period added)
6:05 "sure you has some" -> "sure you had some"
6:07 "Y-your pretty observant..." -> "Y-you're pretty observant..."
6:28 "hide it's talons" -> "hide its talons"
6:34 "this wont hurt..." -> "this won't hurt..."
7:13 "Huh? she's not" -> "Huh? She's not"
8:18 "industrial tools. and" -> "industrial tools, and"
9:21 "fun?" -> "Fun?" (capitalization)
11:56 "and you're Materia?" -> "And you're Materia?" (capitalization)
13:02 "Oh! so you're" -> "Oh! So you're" (capitalization)
14:23 "Huh. really?" -> "Huh. Really?" (capitalization)
16:46 "weapon. um..." -> "weapon. Um..." (capitalization)
17:08 "amiright?" -> "am I right?"
17:25 "That gives it" -> "that gives it" (capitalization; this is a continuation on the previous line so doesn't need capital)
20:06 "Huh? you're staying?!" -> "Huh? You're staying?!" (capitalization)
21:06 "c'mon,, Gourai." -> "Come on, Gourai."
>> No. 47 [Edit]
Good work! The subs look really good. The only thing I could complain about is the size of the letters, but I'm not sure if that's on my side or not. After all, I have no idea how any of this stuff works.
>> No. 48 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_03[QC2].ass - (38.86KB )

Here is my check.

1:26 AO - Subs przedstawia: -> AO and TC Subs przedstawia:
2:17 Base, What's wrong?! -> Base, what's wrong?!
3:27 But you have to behave.\Nno acting up, okay? -> But you have to behave.\NNo acting up, okay?
3:30 Base, is {\i1}always{\10} well behaved! -> Base, is {\i1}always{\10} well-behaved!
6:21 Great job, Your majesty! -> Great job, your majesty!
9:20 "fun"? -> "Fun"?
9:53 W-well, it was a team victory. -> W-Well, it was a team victory.
12:18 Oh, dear. It hasn't been a problem up till now. -> Oh, dear. It hasn't been a problem up 'till now.
12:35 Ah! I'm "white"! -> Ah! I'm "White"!
12:36 And I'm "black." - >And I'm "Black."
14:05 ...More than enough. -> ...more than enough.
15:13 I'll take white, so you take black! -> I'll take White, so you take Black!
15:57 Dummy! You need to stop black for me! -> Dummy! You need to stop Black for me!
16:34 Aah, I can't bear to watch this! -> Ah, I can't bear to watch this!
17:18 I wanna be bukiko Panzer Grey-Kotobuki! -> I wanna be Bukiko Panzer Grey-Kotobuki!
17:38 Gourai! use this! -> Gourai, use this!
20:05 Huh? you're staying?! -> Huh? You're staying?!
20:39 ...Which would mean more money for you. -> ...which would mean more money for you.

Post edited on 25th Apr 2017, 3:21pm
>> No. 49 [Edit]
Too big?

Great job guys! We should be caught up and up to date with the releases pretty soon at this rate.
>> No. 52 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_03.ass - (36.21KB )

Here's the final version of the subs for ep3.
>> No. 53 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_01.ass - (33.31KB )

what was used for ep1 .mkv
>> No. 54 [Edit]

>That's always there beside you.
that's always there beside you.

>You don't have to search for it—just notice that it's there!
You don't have to search for it, just notice that it's there!

(Parenthesis indicates whispering in closed captions, so brackets is more appropriate.)

>Tiny Life: This world is constructed...
[Tiny Life] This world is constructed...

>Tiny Days: ...by fragments of miracles!
[Tiny Days] ...by fragments of miracles!

>Were actually protecting us, loving us... without us even knowing.
were actually protecting us, loving us... without us even knowing.

>Tiny Heart: A feeling flows forth...
[Tiny Heart] A feeling flows forth...

>Tiny House: ...giving thanks for everything we've been given.
[Tiny House] ...giving thanks for everything we've been given.

>Cherishing this feeling forevermore!
cherishing this feeling forevermore!

-----<Subtitles missing from 1:53 to 2:04.>----- And on to the actual chapter.

>02:52 - swipe for home screen
Swipe for Home screen

>02:58 - So, my dad all of the sudden is like, "I want to go for a family drive"
So, my dad is all of the sudden like: "I want to go for a family drive"

>03:18 - Really? thanks! Well, see you latter.
Really? Thanks! Well, see you later.

>03:29 - This Sunday has just gotten started.
This Sunday is just starting / just got started.

>03:42 - "Gou..rai?"

>03:46 - I'm sure it's a present from my dad congratulating me on getting into my school?
I'm sure it's a present from dad... congratulating me on getting into my school?

>04:13 - What what?! Toys these days are incredible!
What? What? Toys these days are incredible!

>04:15 - It tottaly just spoke!
It totally just spoke!

>04:39 - I wonder where my dad got this toy.
I wonder where dad got this toy.

>04:44 - Dad's always treating me like a kid.
Dad is always treating me like a child.

>05:13 - "cute..."
"cute"... / "Cute..."

>05:15 - Anyways, first thing we should do is charge you it seems.
Anyway, it seems the first thing we should do is charge you.

>05:30 - F.A.Girl
F. A. Girl / Also maybe change font and colour to denote it's a transition.

>06:14 - I belive it is called "emotion".
I believe it is called "emotion".

>07:39 - Huh? It's 9, isin't it?
Huh? It's 9, isn't it?

>09:26 - Ehh... What is this.
Ehh... What is this? / What is this...

>09:34 - Ehh, I dunno. Don't remeber.
Ehh, I dunno. I don't remember.

>09:49 - Man Gourai, it's like you're...
Man, Gourai, it's like you're...

>10:14 - Cheap, cheap.
Chirp, Chirp? (Is that what says in the advertisement near the door? This one is confusing.)

>10:40 - I remeber now, Gourai.
I remember now, Gourai.

>10:46 - When I was little, I looked at photo albums with my mom and was like, "What's this? What's that"
When I was little, I looked at photo albums with my mom and was like: "What's this? What's that"

>11:10 - You got activated today, so that makes today Gourais birthday, right?
You got activated today, so that makes today Gourai's birthday, right?

>11:50 - You'll figure it out somewhat right? With that AS.
You'll figure it out somehow, right? With that AS.

>12:20 - I knew it... and two of then?
I knew it... and two of them?

>13:25 - So then, there is a Frames Arms Girl in here too?
So then, Is there a Frames Arms Girl in here too?

>15:00 - "Miss Ao Gennai, This letter is in reguards to Gourai, the Frame Arms Girl currently under development at our company.
"Miss Ao Gennai, this letter is in regard to Gourai, the Frame Arms Girl currently under development at our company.

>15:44 - I see. That's why I have to be battle tested?
I see. Is that why I have to be battle tested?

>19:07 - Gourai's Smoothbore never had zero chance against Stylet.
Gourai's Smoothbore never had a chance against Stylet.

>21:12 - By the way, Ao, what about school?
By the way, Ao... What about school?

>21:15 - Missing subtitle.

>21:20 - This is bad! This is bad!
This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!

>21:27 - No ED subtitles.
>> No. 55 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_01.ass - (33.39KB )

Here's a revised version with transitions changed.
removed the Chirp, Chirp thing and redid the OP and transition fonts. If there's no objections I'll mux this with the raw and upload a v2 of ep1
>> No. 56 [Edit]
So I ended up deciding to mix these subs with the raws and do more standard releases. Lot of people out there probably didn't care much for just .ass files.



>> No. 58 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_04.ass - (37.32KB )

Here's V1 of ep4's subs for review.
>> No. 59 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_04[QC1].ass - (37.32KB )

I pointed out in this post a few things I wasn't sure on, someone please write your thoughts on that.

2:36 "jinwai" -> "Jinwai"
3:24 "so hey" -> "So hey"
3:59 "latter" -> "later"
4:10 "come with is" -> "come with us"
4:10 "Jinrai, You" -> "Jinrai, you"
4:57 "Jinari" -> "Jinrai"
7:11 period added at end of line

I'll just leave this right here... Dialogue: 0,0:07:31.82,0:07:32.80,Default,,0,0,0,,God damn fuck ass shit cunts!!!!!!

7:35 "Jinrai, Are" -> "Jinrai, are"
8:28 "the stage" -> "the Stage"
8:53 period added at end of line
9:12 "lets" -> "let's"
9:56 "house Gymnasium" -> "house gymnasium"
10:33 "I fee?" -> "I feel?"
10:47 "jinrai?" -> "Jinrai?"
10:59 "Advance, untill" -> "Advance until"
11:24 "Eep! yes?" -> "Eep! Yes?"
12:30 "up, Clean" -> "up, clean"
13:19 "Lets" -> "Let's"
13:29 "ladders. it" -> "ladders. It"
13:47 "sad..." -> "Sad..."
14:43 "wont" -> "won't"

This seems to have been transcribed incorrectly. Dialogue: 0,0:16:55.20,0:16:57.82,Default,,0,0,0,,Base, can see the big picture!

This as well doesn't quite make sense to me. Dialogue: 0,0:17:04.14,0:17:07.86,Default,,0,0,0,,What, my dear sister, \N you should be a bit less sarcastic.

Soda or sofa? Dialogue: 0,0:17:48.42,0:17:51.85,Default,,0,0,0,,It's not a bed! It's a super cool soda, of course!

19:31 "isin't" -> "isn't"
23:01 "like This!" -> "like this!"
23:05 "Girl, Let's" -> "Girl, let's"
>> No. 60 [Edit]
COMMON BRO, learn to spell
>> No. 61 [Edit]
File [TC]_-_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_04[QC1_1].ass - (37.37KB )

Most of these subs are taken directly from the HS version. Besides, typing up 400 lines per ep is bound to end up with errors. Even the best authors out there have editors.

Thanks. Original text was: "I, Base, can see the big picture!" I feel it's a bit redundant to add the I. Yeah it's "sofa" not "soda", just a typo. It was "White, my dear sister, you should be a bit less sarcastic." Again a typo.
>> No. 62 [Edit]
Didn't the finfag guys do 4 already? Won't 5 be out tomorrow?
>> No. 63 [Edit]
He only does the timing, and he didn't get us the file until last Friday. I was able to script it the same day but yeah...
>> No. 64 [Edit]
Wait, are you saying you're using the finfags releases? "he"?

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