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File 158153492091.png - (146.64KB , 1836x962 , 8.png )
7032 No. 7032 [Edit]
I don't know how interested others are, but I love seeing and recording stuff people write, especially about other boards. They always age in a funny way.
Expand all images
>> No. 7033 [Edit]
File 158153503929.png - (109.61KB , 1478x886 , 1.png )
>> No. 7034 [Edit]
File 158153522090.png - (97.85KB , 1738x838 , 2.png )
>> No. 7035 [Edit]
File 158153535283.png - (195.08KB , 1594x870 , 3.png )
>> No. 7036 [Edit]
File 158153545311.png - (377.33KB , 1824x1424 , 4.png )
>> No. 7038 [Edit]
File 158153566634.png - (60.78KB , 1848x342 , 6.png )
>> No. 7039 [Edit]
File 158153578473.png - (263.07KB , 1418x919 , 7.png )
>> No. 7040 [Edit]
I think it's pretty neat too OP. Helps keep these places feeling connected.
>> No. 7041 [Edit]
How the hell is our anime board anti-anime?
>> No. 7042 [Edit]
Somebody said the same thing in that bingo thread around the same time.
>I haven't been to /an/ since I saw some 4chan-tier retard posts about how anime sucks
Something pissed them off.
>> No. 7043 [Edit]
Wow, How fickle can a person get?
>> No. 7044 [Edit]
File 158154450640.png - (270.84KB , 1890x1754 , 9.png )
The rest of the interesting posts from that /jp/ thread.
>> No. 7045 [Edit]
File 158154732416.png - (301.96KB , 1890x890 , 10.png )
>> No. 7046 [Edit]
File 158154736254.png - (197.71KB , 1920x968 , 11.png )
>> No. 7047 [Edit]
File 158154742941.png - (209.82KB , 1920x960 , 12.png )
>> No. 7048 [Edit]
File 158154750567.png - (532.50KB , 1888x1274 , 13.png )
In the past... Of 2006... There was loli boards. They are all gone now.
>> No. 7049 [Edit]
File 15815475376.png - (331.88KB , 1920x1286 , 14.png )
>> No. 7050 [Edit]
File 158154761853.png - (222.69KB , 1920x944 , 15.png )
>> No. 7051 [Edit]
File 158154767285.png - (384.20KB , 1920x1560 , 16.png )
>> No. 7052 [Edit]
File 158154825249.png - (1.16MB , 1920x1436 , 17.png )
>> No. 7053 [Edit]
File 158156193864.png - (133.14KB , 1920x966 , 18.png )
>> No. 7054 [Edit]
File 158156196593.png - (361.42KB , 1884x924 , 19.png )
>> No. 7055 [Edit]
File 158156200667.png - (96.29KB , 1638x854 , 20.png )
>> No. 7056 [Edit]
That makes me pretty sad
>> No. 7057 [Edit]
"Little Angels Hentai" is the last man standing from that time from what I found. It's not an imageboard though. Maybe I'll ask them for more info.
>> No. 7058 [Edit]
I miss this system of websites linking to each other with banners.
>> No. 7059 [Edit]
File 15816212872.png - (921.45KB , 1884x3416 , bunontohno.png )
/bun/ on tc. Every post about tohno-chan being dead is funny in retrospect. /bun/ has been getting a little bit more activity recently though. Their dislike for tohno-chan looks like it grew with time.
>> No. 7060 [Edit]
File 158162135929.png - (758.25KB , 1892x3132 , bunontohno2.png )
>> No. 7061 [Edit]
File 158162140399.png - (567.99KB , 1920x1948 , bont3.png )
>> No. 7062 [Edit]
File 158162145597.png - (621.26KB , 1920x2616 , bunot4.png )
>> No. 7063 [Edit]
File 158162148134.png - (2.07MB , 1920x5640 , bot5.png )
>> No. 7064 [Edit]
Well they're certainly not wrong about me being an autistic retard.
>> No. 7065 [Edit]
I don't understand their complaints.
>> No. 7066 [Edit]
You can not please everyone, especially people like these. More than likely these people browsed the site for a few hours until they saw some random thing or post or board they didn't like, and condemned the site for it on the spot.

It's like if I was to say /bun/ is cancer because five years ago I saw someone there say they like guro. As such /bun/, it's staff, it's userbase, and it's design are all fucking garbage and I'll never go back again.
>> No. 7067 [Edit]
File 158173308034.png - (392.14KB , 1400x3328 , itjust.png )
>> No. 7068 [Edit]
File 158173321958.png - (489.66KB , 1628x5180 , list.png )
Selected excerpts from this extensive list.
>> No. 7069 [Edit]
File 158173386747.png - (1.16MB , 1900x3432 , kiwiontohno.png )
I love kiwifarms. It's people posting the same things over and over about "lolcows" for hundreds of pages and upvoting each other. Any post that agrees with group consensus gets 20+ up votes. They'll do this on a thread for years. I don't know how they do it.
>> No. 7070 [Edit]
I don't really understand why Tohno is worse with too many boards. Maybe some are a little useless or could be merged but it's not like, say, 4chan where each board is its own separate community or anything.
>> No. 7071 [Edit]
It's a difference in priorities. Most people actually used imageboards for "socializing" I think. The format sucks for that though no matter what you do, but interaction feels more "flowing" when there's a lot of posts in one place. More, a bit slower boards is better for post quality though. Either you've got a mediocre "social platform", or a decent place for discussion. People who want the former usually move on to discord, twatter or whatever else.
>> No. 7072 [Edit]
I don't use imageboards other than tohno anymore. Sometimes I do get curious about what's going on in the outside world but I never actually try looking, mostly because I don't know where to look.
This time I tried some URL I saw in one of the screencaps, went sightseeing on that site and from there to a couple of other related places.
It was a sad and lonely experience for me. I didn't even have to participate and get into arguments to feel how hated I'd be if I posted there.
It was also an uncomfortable reminder that I probably stay here only because tohno is so slow it shelters me from being exposed to many opinions of others, especially the ford drivers. Contemplating these different opinions tends to bring me emotional pain when I consider them in the context of my own life, personality, experiences and relation to the world.
It was a sleepless night full of uneasiness, angst and constant asking of the question: is there really no place for me in this world? What a horrible feeling.
>> No. 7073 [Edit]
I've done the same and it's never been a very pleasant experience. From what I've heard, sushi for example is supposed to be a nice and friendly place, but after hanging out there for a while I found they can actually be really vicious and nasty people hiding behind smiles.
>> No. 7074 [Edit]
The problem is that they form cliques and dislike people that disagree with them. It happens on many small boards, the only reason it doesn't here so much is because we still seem to have a variety of people with different views and because we don't all have names or flags.
>> No. 7075 [Edit]
I've noticed that as well with places that claim to be friendly specifically, when talking to people personally.
>> No. 7076 [Edit]
It's really funny to me. I came to imageboards in the late 2000s with the expectation that I was probably going to see a lot of stuff that normal people don't like. I never liked all of it, but none of it was ever enough to make me upset because I was already prepared to see and hear about things not to my tastes. That was the beauty of imageboards, to me. A place where you could post about things that were not accepted elsewhere among people who were not normal and who would not only not expect you to be normal, but often times share your tastes in the unusual. The idea of actually going into a thread of things I find unpleasant and complaining about people posting it is just baffling to me.
>> No. 7080 [Edit]
File 158346093575.png - (356.99KB , 1320x1700 , 21.png )
Laugh riot.
>> No. 7081 [Edit]
File 158346116595.png - (231.93KB , 1444x940 , 22.png )
>> No. 7082 [Edit]
File 158346278990.png - (595.58KB , 1888x4504 , tokiko.png )
>> No. 7083 [Edit]
File 158346423544.png - (88.92KB , 1832x968 , death.png )
I wasn't around when this happened, but I went there a month of two before and I remember everything was kind of messed up and unpleasant. Most of the old threads were deleted and the delete limit was only one page for some reason. On top of that, the moderation was way stricter than before, or just different. Something about trannies. It was bad. Wasn't great to begin with though.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2020, 7:11pm
>> No. 7084 [Edit]
That person is more pathetic than I. Impressive.
>> No. 7088 [Edit]
>> No. 7089 [Edit]
I have a really hard time taking people like this seriously. Not only have they had relationships and one night stands, but they mention it casually while calling other people normalfags. Like a starved dog saying how long it's been since they've eaten. I don't even understand what is normal, but I think I know it when I see it.

>> No. 7090 [Edit]
What is this shit and why is it posted here?
>> No. 7091 [Edit]
Because it fits the thread. Ridiculous things people have said online. Just laugh at it. Marvel at how stupid and hard-headed people can be.
>> No. 7092 [Edit]
Yes, stupid people exist but why would I (or others) want to see people talking about their personal experiences? It doesn't belong here. Anyways this thread is about imageboard screenshots.
>> No. 7093 [Edit]
Not an imageboard. Deleting.

The contents of this screenshot really shouldn't be discussed here. Read the rules. Deleting.
>> No. 7094 [Edit]
File 158457117857.png - (0.96MB , 1888x3638 , asukafag.png )
>> No. 7095 [Edit]
File 158457119867.png - (249.24KB , 1904x1052 , slip.png )
>> No. 7096 [Edit]
File 158463025562.png - (1.63MB , 1864x2880 , fuwa.png )
>> No. 7098 [Edit]
File 158463239239.png - (1.39MB , 1424x6290 , katawa.png )
>> No. 7099 [Edit]
>I remember in ONE there is a scene with an actual retard
Picked up.
>> No. 7100 [Edit]
>Are girls with flat chests cripples too?
Interestingly enough, they're usually the cutest and best too.
>> No. 7101 [Edit]
File 158465275451.png - (1.72MB , 1864x3395 , fuwaredacted.png )
>> No. 7102 [Edit]
File 158491075229.png - (233.03KB , 1898x1542 , 気持ち悪い.png )
>> No. 7103 [Edit]
File 158535762914.png - (272.41KB , 1864x976 , shotachan.png )
There used to be a shota imageboard around 2012. Then it turned into a forum. Now it's dead.
>> No. 7104 [Edit]
File 158535764246.png - (147.06KB , 1794x964 , shotachandeath.png )
>> No. 7105 [Edit]
What makes somebody reconsider his interests to such an extent? I can't imagine walking away from loli.
>> No. 7106 [Edit]
Maybe legal risk, if they live in a bad country?

Post edited on 27th Mar 2020, 11:08pm
>> No. 7107 [Edit]
File 158578325382.png - (890.81KB , 1888x4050 , negative.png )
These people are so negative and they take themselves too seriously. And why do they cater to fanfiction writers? /mggg/ is bad because you can't post porn, but at least the atmosphere isn't so suffocating.
what the hell is a "monsterboy"?
>> No. 7108 [Edit]
File 158626991939.png - (812.59KB , 1828x4232 , quality.png )
>> No. 7109 [Edit]
More nanochan posts. These ones talk about other imageboards.

Post edited on 7th Apr 2020, 7:54am
>> No. 7110 [Edit]
File 158627117049.png - (190.01KB , 1544x369 , cafestella.png )
>> No. 7113 [Edit]
File 158714851678.png - (34.57KB , 1860x474 , world changing wishes.png )
>> No. 7115 [Edit]
File 158808336021.png - (89.57KB , 1920x900 , feqlkfeqlkjfeq.png )
>> No. 7116 [Edit]
File 158808412143.png - (43.75KB , 1250x406 , they can't keep getting away with it.png )
>> No. 7117 [Edit]
The board literally called loli is still up. For 90 days at least.
>> No. 7118 [Edit]
This isn't funny, this is frightening.
Can't imagine that photographing a facade of a building counts as copyright infringement.
In the eyes of law, it's like we're committing felonies everyday.
>> No. 7126 [Edit]
File 159860378693.jpg - (345.39KB , 1080x1955 , Screenshot_20200828_093050.jpg )
>> No. 7133 [Edit]
File 160178468559.png - (901.40KB , 1798x1594 , horror.png )
Spooky shit. From only 8 months ago too.
>> No. 7134 [Edit]
The board isn't a secret, people just don't like it because it's too slow for the average person with ADD and we've got a rep for being too depressing and cynical. I just wish people would stop comparing us to wizchan.
>> No. 7135 [Edit]
This scares me. I hope this place will be properly gatekept.
>> No. 7136 [Edit]
People have been saying that same thing for many many years now.
>> No. 7137 [Edit]
Because it's always been pertinent. I hope the same thing.
>> No. 7138 [Edit]
File 160179012730.png - (71.62KB , 628x958 , dew.png )
The slowness is indeed a virtue. And I think the fact that the board topics are pretty narrowly defined helps deter off-topic discussion from taking root (moving things to /tat/ pretty aggressively helps in this too). The fact that it's survived for this long (and it's not a particularly obscure board or anything) is a good indicator of its hardiness.

That said, some day this place will succumb – either to linkrot (knock on wood) given that it probably has a relatively low bus factor, userbase-rot (as the userbase slowly dwindles, possibly from physical expiry), or the infestation of the plague of rotten users that have befallen and consumed most of the other imageboards.
>> No. 7139 [Edit]
I mean, it doesn't look like it has affected anything. Female imageboard users are such a small group that fracturing them will probably turn any influence they had into nothing.

That said, some day this place will succumb – either to linkrot (knock on wood) given that it probably has a relatively low bus factor, userbase-rot (as the userbase slowly dwindles, possibly from physical expiry), or the infestation of the plague of rotten users that have befallen and consumed most of the other imageboards.

Physical expiry would probably be the most fitting, but that is too depressing to discuss honestly.
>> No. 7140 [Edit]
Part of what's scary to me is that there apparently were female users on tohno-chan, but they went on to use sites like those and talk in that kind of way. They also thought it would be fitting to recommend tohno-chan to other people on those sites.
>> No. 7141 [Edit]
To be fair, it's like our neighborhood neo-nazis. They kept their shit to /tat/ or other websites.
I think they're recommending it because of that. its not like they're expecting to change things here.
>> No. 7142 [Edit]
At least half of the CC and lolcow population are just males LARPing and traps. Even if any of them left their containment boards, rule 12 exists for a reason.

What concerns me more is the growing amount of posts I've seen lately that add absolutely nothing discussion-wise and aren't even complete sentences. I'm not expecting to see PhD theses in each thread, but part of the reason why I post here is because it's clear that most posts are made with effort and sincerity. I see more and more examples of people bumping threads that haven't had replies in over 2 years just to post three words and an irrelevant image (or using their waifu as a makeshift avatar).
>> No. 7143 [Edit]
>At least half of the CC and lolcow population are just males LARPing and traps.
I don't know how you would know that. It seems like the kind of stupid meme people tell themself because it's what they want to hear.
>I see more and more examples of people bumping threads that haven't had replies in over 2 years just to post three words and an irrelevant image
I haven't noticed much of that. Bumping old threads also isn't something i'd consider a bad thing since it often leads to renewed interest in them.
>> No. 7144 [Edit]
There isn't anything wrong with bumping older threads. Older threads being bumped while nothing of value is being added to the discussion is part of the problem. However, it's not the main problem which is low-effort shitposting. I'm sure you can find examples of what I mean and I'd rather not turn this into a meta thread.
>> No. 7150 [Edit]
File 160432699145.png - (99.30KB , 1801x877 , ugh.png )
>> No. 7155 [Edit]
File 160538894126.png - (60.57KB , 1805x517 , reasonstobethankfultotohnp.png )
>> No. 7166 [Edit]
He's being sarcastic, right?
>> No. 7168 [Edit]
I'd call it shitposting.
>> No. 7186 [Edit]
File 160579478312.png - (50.79KB , 1749x166 , wants.png )
>I love seeing and recording stuff people write, especially about other boards.
I wouldn't use the word 'love' for that in general, but this excerpt from the image in >>7044 has a very nice feeling. I want the same things as this anon.
>> No. 7239 [Edit]
I don't follow internet drama much so I was only vaguely aware of kiwifarms until recent news that they had harassed the developer of higan snes emulator into killing himself. Then again I don't trust the media's reporting of anything considering they inflate 4chan's /pol/ into some sort of boogeyman, but it does seem like the entire shtick of the forum is harassment of individual people.
>> No. 7242 [Edit]
File 162619867682.png - (427.77KB , 1801x762 , deathPNG.png )
God damn. Web masters give up so easily too. Fucking spineless.
>> No. 7243 [Edit]
After recommending them a new domain service, the crisis has been averted.
>> No. 7252 [Edit]
File 162728755876.png - (453.41KB , 1869x701 , how.png )
You know, at some point, you think something can't disappoint you more than it already has. Like you've already reached the bottom of the barrel and things couldn't possibly get worse. And then somehow, in some way, you get surprised. It's really amazing.
>> No. 7253 [Edit]
File 162732660077.png - (401.02KB , 1848x1396 , death2.png )
lol. I didn't use any slurs, just told him off. He even deleted his own response.
>> No. 7254 [Edit]
File 162733227887.jpg - (77.18KB , 500x667 , 210726_03.jpg )
What a faggot.
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