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File 15380974902.jpg - (1.76MB , 1927x2720 , ironic_weeb_spotting.jpg )
31756 No. 31756 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on the rising number of "ironic weebs" and the increasing popularity and acceptance of otaku media & materials in the west's mainstream?
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>> No. 31759 [Edit]
It heralds the beginning of the end. Norman's feel the need to take over everything that isn't mainstream and make it mainstream. It's a genuinely depressing sight.
>> No. 31760 [Edit]
I'm not sure it really means anything. The nipponese themselves have always had a reasonably big proportion of fake-otaku types. The fake weeaboos we see now might just be those types manifesting in the west now that animu is being made more popular by streaming services and TV networks looking for the next big thing.
>> No. 31761 [Edit]
Me personally, I just try to ignore them. I don't really browse any sites or use any type of services where I could encounter them (except for Nhentai and Hentaihaven according to that picture). I've met a few of these kind of normalfags in real life who were only into "flavor of the month" seasonal anime and had never seen anything that aired pre-2014. I just don't associate with them and pretend to not know what anime is in real life because I know nothing good could come from talking to those people.
>> No. 31763 [Edit]
>> No. 31764 [Edit]
Anime is going to become meaningless. It's going to deteriorate into trash. It's one thing for anime to be big in Japan, but another entirely for it to be big in the west. Anime is going to become so terrible (if it becomes mainstream in the west) that you wouldn't believe it was once good when it does.
>> No. 31767 [Edit]
Who cares?
>> No. 31769 [Edit]
There's nothing new about niwaka or posers. It is a very specifically annoying kind, though.
>> No. 31776 [Edit]
>ironic weebs
I'm horrified but also fascinated by this.
>> No. 31790 [Edit]
>> No. 31793 [Edit]
I enjoy a good 25% of the things in that image
>> No. 31794 [Edit]
Elsewhere I remember reading that the creator of this image likes to add whatever he doesn't like to it to try and associate it with the lamer things in it and stifle discussion of it as a result. Not sure if its true but it would explain certain inclusions.
>> No. 31795 [Edit]
Some of that stuff is ok as long as you're enjoying it for it's own sake.
>> No. 31800 [Edit]
Yes it's pretty blatantly a list of "popular things the creator doesn't like". There are indeed things there that I would absolutely credit to an ironic weeb such as jojo, frank, hunnipop, doki, the traps and more. To say sad panda, volcaloid, evangelion, or kemono friends are signs of an ironic weeb, is nothing short of moronic. An ironic weeb in today's culture would likely not even know what eva is, let alone ironically pretend to like it. Kemono friends meanwhile is something that people in the west just -do not like- and will not pretend to like, same for kancolle which no one outside of japan gives a shit about. In fact I'd go as far as to say jojo is the only accurate anime there. What they should do is replace those top images with the likes of naruto, one piece, one punch man, Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul ect. What you want is not just popular things, but popular things that act as gateway materials which people never move on from yet use for pretending that they did. I'd probably never call someone who likes Love live or WataMote an "ironic weeb" but I've met plenty who pretend to be weebs but refuse to explore anything outside of the previously listed more socially acceptable action packed anime.
>> No. 31801 [Edit]
I agree with you regarding Kemono Friends and Kancolle. They're niche enough for someone to indulge in them to very likely be interested in anime or japan in general. With the rest, it seems almost a miracle that you have never encountered online the stereotypical roburabu ironic weeb that claims stuff like "these is are my month's waifus" and the ironic "totally a true hikiNEET hermit recluse level 99 because I have no friends and today I didn't go to buy groceries with my mom" watamote watcher who absolutely refuses to pay attention to the anime or read the manga. I assume you must be rather young if you haven't encountered ironic weebs that literally all they have watched is Evangelion.

Additionally, there are a ton of people who use sadpanda an love hentai and doujinshi that barely even watch anime, but whether that counts as an "ironic weeb" is up for debate.
>> No. 31802 [Edit]
Someone who brags about being a hikikomori is probably even more pathetic than the word implies.
>> No. 31803 [Edit]
There's nothing pathetic about being a hikikomori. Also, do you know where you are? Maybe somehow you confused this site with another.
>> No. 31804 [Edit]
Not him but I don't see the point in lying to your self. I'm a pathetic loser and I know it. Most people would consider my hobbies cringey or lame, and one look at my room and they'd rightfully accuse me of being a perma virgin. That's fine though, I accept what I am.
Just because someone is a hikikomori and calls it a pathetic life style doesn't mean they're in the wrong place or something, it could be they're being honest with themselves.
>> No. 31805 [Edit]
The amount of projection in your post is unreal. Your submitting your own self-hatred onto others, despite you openly based your perception on others'. Stop caring what they think and do what makes you happy. The only pathetic thing about a hikikomori lifestyle is having to go outside and having to deal with people like you who think all hikikomori are broken from the same mold.
>> No. 31806 [Edit]
File 154061799682.jpg - (28.22KB , 500x507 , Marvin-Paranoid-Android-Hitchiker-Guide-a.jpg )
This isn't the first time I've seen something I was enthusiastic about gain general acceptance and be blandified for mass consumption as a result, losing it's soul in the process.
Its always very frustrating.
>> No. 31807 [Edit]
>The amount of projection in your post is unreal.

>Your submitting your own self-hatred onto others
>you openly based your perception on others
>Stop caring what they think
>people like you who think all hikikomori are broken from the same mold.

>> No. 31808 [Edit]
It's not like dumb entry-level westerners have much say in what gets made, given that they spend almost nothing on it. It's pretty harmless as annoying as it is.
>> No. 31809 [Edit]
>"these is are my month's waifus"
Of course I've encountered those types, I don't remember anyone saying anything about waifus but yes, people with seasonal waifus are cancer.

>"totally a true hikiNEET hermit recluse level 99 because I have no friends and today I didn't go to buy groceries with my mom" watamote watcher who absolutely refuses to pay attention to the anime or read the manga.
Yeah okay, I admit I might have stumbled across these types of people here and there. Part of me wants to give them credit for not having any friends, but then again it feels like that is pretty much the norm these days and doesn't necessarily mean they're weebs anyway. If you're saying these people are confusing being a loser with being a weeb, then yes I'd agree. I can't say I've seen many accounts of people being Watamote fans and not exploring anything else, but I do remember the manga being very popular in the west to the point it's popularity on 4chan was mentioned as a selling point for the manga. I don't deny these people are out there however so I'll just have to take your word for it.

>you must be rather young if you haven't encountered ironic weebs that literally all they have watched is Evangelion.
Well for one thing I'm a wizard. That aside, Who's to say eva is all they've watched? Sure to some the way people would obsess over eva back in the day and argue over it endlessly could certainly make it seem like that's all they watched, but to me the levels of dedicating they showed made me feel like they must have been the real deal. I suppose it's true that it was aired on western tv making it an easily accessible series, but I'd say this was at a time before "ironic weebs" truly hit the mainstream.
At any rate, you might very well be right.
>> No. 31810 [Edit]
This is mostly true, but they can still effect how we get to those materials. CR, a site supported almost entirely by those people, has gone out of their way to take down other streaming sites and turn themselves into a practical monopoly for anime distribution in the west. They've also indirectly killed the fansubbing scene. Ironic weebs meanwhile are a cancerous plague upon communities built around anime and eastern media. There was once a time when these people were contained to the likes of gaia, then started to bothered us during the summer times while school was out. That summer soon became endless, and before long they simply took over.
Yes we have a pretty thick wall keeping them from directly influencing the market place for the time being, but they can still make a mess for us locally.
>> No. 31812 [Edit]
Yeah, that is something I can agree with. Even so it's how we're viewed. You can't escape it completely. As for myself, I've to an extent made peace with it.
>> No. 31847 [Edit]
I don't mind anime being accepted in western mainstream society as such. The problem is that the same horrible people who ran the media in the west into the ground (check out the books "An Empire of Their Own" and "When Victims Rule" about that topic) are investing more and more into the anime industry, thus changing the type of content that is being produced into much of the same anti-social, anti-western and anti-human crap that Hollywood dishes out.
There already are a number of anime directors who are complaining about being made to produce utterly disgusting crap by overseas capital:
>> No. 31849 [Edit]
It makes me quite irritated when people post anime characters they know nothing about just for memes. I also dislike it when they westernise them. I try to avoid places where I see this kind of thing.

I don't see myself as pathetic at all. I choose to live like this.
>> No. 31850 [Edit]
It starts off as an ordinary interview, but where the fuck did the topic of Hitler and the Holocaust come from? I agree with your point, but you could've used a better link.
>> No. 31851 [Edit]
>I also dislike it when they westernise them
This really is the worst. Even my favourite boorus post art that does this and I hate it. I try my best to filter it out but some still gets through from time to time.
>> No. 31852 [Edit]
These are two different questions with different answers. "ironic weebs" certainly aren't accepted or mainstream at all. They're viewed substantially worse than regular otaku (by everybody) because of how obnoxious they are about their consumption of garbage.

I don't care if anime and manga are becoming mainstream. I live in my bubble, normans live in theirs. It doesn't matter to me what they like to do with their time.
I also don't see a substantial western impact on any Japanese media that's actually worth the time it takes to consume. The only stuff that has started or will start changing to pander to westerners was pandering trash to begin with.

Ironic weebs are a bit more annoying. They inevitably fuck up whatever discussion forums they come across because they hijack everything for attentionwhoring and shitposting, and unlike normans you can't just avoid them by not going to super-mainstream sites. There aren't many places you can really get away from them.
>> No. 31853 [Edit]
Yeah, I thought the same thing, the argument seemed all well and good, even the part about media being used to make people depressed, I'd believe it, as media is often used to push an agenda or what have you, but anything beyond that... "Originally I want to make a work that would allow the audience to be happy, so I was interested in why such works were being suppressed. I was surprised to find out that Jews were behind it when I looked into it." First sentence makes sense, that's the idea behind being an otaku, doing and creating things you love and enjoy, to share them with others. What is being argued is anime is being influenced and made by people who don't hold that otaku mindset. This is certainly true it seems, but when he says he looked into it to find out jews were behind these things, where does that conclusion come from? Some of the later conclusions drawn about people being manipulated from being told what to think are true, but not really in the ways described. Yeah, of course be wary of any opinions and think about more than one side before drawing conclusions (including this one we are talking about right now). Many people don't think for themselves and bring themselves into two-sided groupthink, just about everywhere, nothing new. To get back to the thread topic, if anything were to bother me about ironic weebs, it would be how little they care about the media they consume, as that is anti-otaku in itself. If you like something, why by embarrassed or ashamed for other people's sake? Only going to be people treating anime as simple consumerist media like anything else, and not something to be inspired by to form communities around, to form your own creative endeavors or even things like drawing or others like fansubbing/TL.
>> No. 31854 [Edit]
Oh no, otaku material is gaining acceptance and now I'll have to like qualities about it other than it setting me apart from le mainstream normies.

Like 70% of that image is totally fine. Exhentai? Fire Emblem? The topic of "ironic weebism" seems to simply serve as a way to derail conversations about popular shows and characters, doubly ironic because the people OP's hating on are probably genuinely enjoying anime a lot more than miserable shitposters fretting about normies hijacking their hobby.
>> No. 31855 [Edit]
there are very few genuine otakus who use this site or imageboards in general anymore. instead its all a bunch of shitheads who just want to try and get upset at you because you don't want to let them shove their political points of view on you 24/7. because mainstream media news is the only important thing in their lives, somehow that leads these people to come to an anime website and complain about mainstream political shit, as if there aren't already enough imageboards dedicated to political shit already.
and then those same people start complaining about "normies". the only significant things in their lives is mainstream media politics crap and their grievances about how its not run in the way that they want it to be. essentially these people are upset because they're failed normies.
>> No. 31858 [Edit]
You're not wrong, politics is just annoying to see at this point. Rather see people talk about what they like, not what they don't like. Though I'm not really sure what failed normie is supposed mean in that context so I'd just say it's not having anything to care about which would take their attention off it, and not realizing what it's doing to them, referring to politics and news media of course.
>> No. 31859 [Edit]
I find it funny that people are afraid about anime get homogenized and palatable for westerners when it's already literally a commercial for a manga and merchandise.
I also seriously doubt that the things in that image are becoming mainstream in the west, and a lot of those things look like stuff normal anime fans would enjoy, like Umaru or exhentai.
>> No. 31860 [Edit]
It's a commercial for Japanese manga and Japanese Merchandise.
>> No. 31863 [Edit]
It's obnoxious when politics tries to flood in. People keep trying to make being an otaku less about liking anime than it is about collecting a bunch of reactionary viewpoints from /pol/ and maybe having an anime avatar on the side.
>> No. 31864 [Edit]
While I (try to) rarely engage in this topic... I wonder if all these posters complaining about politics realize it's not some fantasy living in some tinfoil-hatted people, and that it's encroached in almost every major hobby nowadays to some degree. Such mentality was shared by western animation fans, videogame enthusiasts, players of trading card games, weekly (legit) role-players, and comic-book readers, and today they wail, cry, whine, whatever at their politically-hijacked state of affairs. I think it's somewhat pointless to discuss it because there is basically nothing the average pirating anime watcher can do about it... but you must all be either in a bubble or heavy denial if you think they aren't coming for anime and that articles like >>31847 aren't a truthful depiction of reality instead of lunatic ravings.
>> No. 31865 [Edit]
Finally someone gets it. They are coming for anime, and they won't quit until anime is destroyed. It's best if we're quick to remember the good quality anime that exists now, before they're stomped all over and forgotten about.
>> No. 31866 [Edit]
>and they won't quit until anime is destroyed
They don't want to destroy anime because that implies they want it gone; their point of view is "positive" and they're doing what they think is right, which is the actual problem. If their goals were so transparently "evil", they'd be incredibly easy to rally people against and stop them, but because they come with "positive change" (purposeful or machiavellian) a lot of people in the target industry has a hard time picking a side until it's way too late.

It's why people in the west that nowadays are unironically claiming anime needs more diverse racial representation and to ditch outdated perspectives like "overt sexualization", do it from a place of righteous indignation, and someone who thinks is 100% right is not going to stop in their crusade. Then the people on top use these ideological pawns as an excuse to make changes that they deem will get them more profit, without interest about the ramifications. I personally saw it over the years with comic books and it takes very little effort to find all the proof it's needed to realize it's happening right now to the videogame industry. They're slowly and steady doing it to anime too.
>> No. 31867 [Edit]
That's exactly what I mean. It's depressing.
>> No. 31868 [Edit]
I used to think anime was safe from being corrupted by western barbarians, but Hollywood has proven in recent years that the ocean, different languages, and different cultures wont stop this. They saw there's money to be made by pandering to Chinese audiences, even if it means alienating American viewers. For the time being the general consensus is that anime is for the Japanese first and foremost, but how long can they hold out before temptation has them give in to the potential for larger profits?
>> No. 31869 [Edit]
I believe that it won't happen unless one of the companies establishes a Western branch. That's when things start to go awry, because suddenly they have to please foreign investors. In a worst case scenario the foreign branch could become the main HQ like Sony. In any case, establishing a foreign branch will be the big red flag.
>> No. 31884 [Edit]
Looking at that picture makes me feel tired.
>> No. 31892 [Edit]
Some watch only popular anime even if they don't like it, that doesn't affect you — just watch whatever you like if you enjoy the media for what it is
>> No. 31912 [Edit]
>What are your thoughts on the rising number of "ironic weebs"
They are irritating as hell but I try to ignore them.
>and the increasing popularity and acceptance of otaku media & materials in the west's mainstream?
That's a problem. Soon it will be associated with "nerd culture" and western companies will have an influence on what is acceptable and what isn't. The west is already having a bit of an influence on this: Granted, that change isn't major but it is the beginning of a slippery slope. There is also some nigger (I can't remember his name nor do I care) that has begun making his own manga series full of "diverse" characters. I really hope Japan sticks to their guns and doesn't get cucked by the western jew. Considering they refused to fire Yaginuma Kazuyoshi even after he made all of those anti semitic tweets, I'd say anime is fine for now.
>> No. 31913 [Edit]
File 154542539167.jpg - (197.32KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Himote House - 07 [1080p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
>it is the beginning of a slippery slope.
It really is. Lately Sony (a Japanese company) has been gaining a reputation for censoring a crap ton of content on the game console side of thing, including the latest senran-kagura game. They've even started censoring pantsu shots such as in a recent Neptuina game. This from a console line that used to be the king of Japanese games and was home to a massive line up of eroge.

>There is also some nigger (I can't remember his name nor do I care) that has begun making his own manga series full of "diverse" characters
Do you mean Neo Yokio, from Jaden Smith?
For what it's worth, that's been critically panned to hell and back (Although that didn't stop them from pushing forward with a squeal). I doubt the Japanese are going to look at garbage like that and try to mimic it any time soon.
I think Devil man crybaby is more of a concern. In it netflix went and scouted people from the industry and paid them off to make degenerate western style trash. It wasn't as simple as a crappy cartoon mimicking the style of anime like Neo Yokio. Likewise you have the recent FLCL where a known IP was resurrected and made with a focus on western audiences with the English dub version being the only way to watch it when it aired. Voltron is another one.

What's got me really concerned is that I've been noticing lately more political sjw lgbt garbage creeping it's way into Japanese made anime. Precure for example recently had it's very first male precure in the show's 10+ years, and the guy is a creepy as hell homosexual drag queen. You can imagine the kind of reception this got from tumbler grade nutjobs across the net.
I think these companies don't seem to understand what a vocal minority is, and they're pushing this garbage onto the masses because they think this is what people want. I wish they could wake up and realize what they're doing is wrong, because at this rate they're only adding to the problem and brainwashing innocent common folk into believing this is how the world is now and this lgbt shit is somehow normal. I swear to god the world would be a much better place if the city of Portland was banned from the internet.
>> No. 31914 [Edit]
>Lately Sony (a Japanese company) has been gaining a reputation for censoring a crap ton of content on the game console side of thing, including the latest senran-kagura game. They've even started censoring pantsu shots such as in a recent Neptuina game.
That's mainly because Sony has moved their headquarters from Japan to the US (I'm sure I don't have to tell you this but whatever). Nintendo made the same mistake a while back and when they saw the problem, they moved their headquarters back to Japan, so I'm sure Sony will do the same. Is this blind optimism? Probably, but I just don't see this lasting long.
>Do you mean Neo Yokio, from Jaden Smith?
No, in fact I had no idea that existed. I'm talking about an actual Black American working as an illustrator for an anime and manga series.
>Devil man crybaby is more of a concern. In it netflix went and scouted people from the industry and paid them off to make degenerate western style trash.
So that's why it looked like shit. So Netflix had that much of an influence? That's scary.
>Likewise you have the recent FLCL where a known IP was resurrected and made with a focus on western audiences with the English dub version being the only way to watch it when it aired.
Same thing happened with Space Dandy, and that was before anime got as popular as it is now.
>Precure for example recently had it's very first male precure in the show's 10+ years
I'm not really sure how to feel about that. One of the newest Magical Girl series had a cross dresser in it and no one seemed to mind. Then again, he was put in for comic relief so I don't know.
>I swear to god the world would be a much better place if the city of Portland was banned from the internet.
Why stop there? Ban the entire state of California as well. They've also been wanting to succeed from the Union so I say let them do it. Give them their own internet that is just one big echo chamber, and let them enact all of their "progressive" policies. It will be fun to watch that state implode after about a decade.

Sorry for longposting but I just feel you had a lot of interesting shit to say and I wanted to reply to most of it.
>> No. 31915 [Edit]
Oh and one more thing I wanted to say. One thing I am both excited and nervous about is when these normalfags find out about Akihabara, where there are shops in there that will shamelessly display (censored) lolicon hentai on shelves. It will be quite the battle because I just don't see Japan caving in and saying "okay, we'll take it down if you don't like it ". Hell, Akihabara might save us because when normalfags find out about it, they may just go back to calling anime fans "creeps" and avoiding the medium altogether. One can only hope.
>> No. 31916 [Edit]
>I'm sure Sony will do the same. Is this blind optimism? Probably, but I just don't see this lasting long.
Oh I'm sure they will. People are -PISSED OFF- about this. I'm certain it wont take long before Sony realizes they're butchering these games to appease a group of people who would not and will not buy the games in question anyway, this while at the same time alienating the fans who actually do buy and support those games. Maybe they were too retarded to leave well enough alone, but once their numbers start going red, they'll change their strategy for sure. At the end of the day, their bottom line speaks much louder than some fat pan-sexual furfags on tumbler. These companies are being forced to learn the hard way that pandering to SJWs does not pay. Just like when Hollywood was stupid enough to think people wanted a feminist version of Ghost Busters and thanks to empty theaters they ended up paying for their mistake and canceled the squeal. Stay optimistic anon, the internet gave a voice to these nut jobs but their influence wont last. Trust me, regardless of what the media tells you, real people (not sub human tumbler trash) don't want any of this bullshit.
>> No. 31917 [Edit]
What's so western about devilman crybaby? I don't think it was a very good adaptation despite the talent they got on board for it, but I don't see how it's particularly western in style.
>> No. 31945 [Edit]
Yeah, the good old days are over. Not only is anime no longer a niche medium but now SJWs are influencing it. Yes, SAO is trash but you have to realize that this will soon affect ALL anime and this is merely just a stepping stone. So where do we go next? I've recently been watching some Korean anime and it's not too bad. But considering South Korean culture is becoming trendy, I'm sure it won't be long before that gets ruined as well.
>> No. 31946 [Edit]
Go ahead and trendjump somewhere else if you like.
>> No. 31947 [Edit]
>now SJWs are influencing it
First question: Which of these statements do you find repulsive and/or unagreeable?
>"I tend to think that it’s a distortion to treat the heroine like some sort of trophy."
>"Recently, I’ve made a deliberately conscious decision to write the young females actively participating more in the story."
>"For the young girls, I want to give them the strength to take hold of their own lives."
Second question: The article you linked says
>one would wonder how Sword Art Online would evolve organically? Or, in his own words “unconsciously”
However, he was not forced or coerced to change Sword Art Online. After all, he responds first and foremost to the Japanese publishing companies and editors, not the Western ones - there are no "SJWs", as you call them, in his chain of command; there is no danger to him were he to refuse implementing those elements. In other words, by this article, this "organic" or "unconscious" development can only happen if the writer lives in a vacuum completely separated from what other people think or believe - but what can this create, other than repeating the same tropes and cliches? It's one situation where someone gets fired for not agreeing with a certain political belief; it's another when a creator makes an independent choice based on discussion with people who share different beliefs.
>> No. 31948 [Edit]
Well, I didn't expect to get replies this fast. This place used to be rather slow.
From my understanding, he visited a convention in the US and was approached by a few of these leftist types who told him he needed to change things about the show. This in turn influenced him because he thought that this is what the west wanted. I suppose this just proves more so that Reki is a fag and less that SJWs are infiltrating anime, but it's still irritating.
I suppose I am a bit of a hipster. I just don't like being associated with large fanbases, especially when those fanbases have become infiltrated by trendy teenage hypebeasts (like the anime community is now). In about a decade or so, when anime becomes niche again, I'll come back to it; but for now, I am watching a lot of old anime and rewatching series I used to enjoy.
>> No. 31949 [Edit]
>this is what the west wanted
When your royalty checks come from Japan? I think this is more of an "I never thought about it this way because I didn't consider this particular perspective" situation.
I'm really sad that every creative decision authors make seems to be read in this political way nowadays - is it really wrong if a creator asks an activist for their perspective, or an activist approaches the writer about their view? As long as it doesn't devolve into witchhunts and threats, I see nothing wrong with people sharing their diverse outlook on things. Even if the activists' motives in sharing their message can be ideological in nature, the creative worker's decision may well just be a matter of them considering something they hadn't before.
>> No. 31950 [Edit]
File 154828023786.png - (47.40KB , 944x403 , anime is dead.png )
>especially when those fanbases have become infiltrated by trendy teenage hypebeasts
Keep in mind the anglosphere is late to this trend compared to non-English Europe and other parts of the world.
>> No. 31951 [Edit]
That comment is most likely from the United States, as evident by ordering from Right Stuf in 1996. But Sailor Moon was, indeed, a big craze in this part of Europe at least. It more or less kicked off the entire manga/anime fandom.
>> No. 31955 [Edit]
I lived in the states back then. It was Akira that got everyone to take japanese animation seriously. Before Akira the comic cons were mainly Marvel/DC affairs and if you saw anything Japanese it was likely Godzilla merchandise, but around the late 1980s imports and independent publishers became trendier. I think it was the Cerberus guy who might have really lead the way in that.
Time flies
>> No. 31956 [Edit]
That was an interesting read. In fact, I remember talking to a guy from Germany in a comment section recently, and he told me that anime was not trendy over there. People over there know what it is and accept it as a medium but they choose not to watch it or only watch a few shows. So basically, in Europe, the days of jocks and trendy kids liking anime are over. And that gives me a bit of hope because the same thing will happen here in the states, but the only questions are: when will it happen and what will replace it?
Didn't Michael Jackson put clips from Akira in one of his music videos? I know one of his videos had clips from an anime but I can't remember if it was Akira or something else.
>> No. 31957 [Edit]
>Precure for example recently had it's very first male precure in the show's 10+ years
but... i want to be a precure. this gives me hope
>> No. 31958 [Edit]
>But considering South Korean culture is becoming trendy
Besides KPop and maybe a KBBQ/Kimchi apologist, Korean culture was never on the same level as the wapanese wave of the 2000s got to be. Considering KPop's popularity peaked in 2012, I seriously doubt anything is happening and you just want to sulk in your doom and gloom. It's pretty sad that your interest in media reflect only if people like it, disliking popular things doesnt make you intelligent, it doesnt make you have nuanced opinions, and it doesnt make you cool. It just makes you a contrarian that hates anything people enjoy.
>> No. 31959 [Edit]
What do people even miss about the last decade or two in the western anime fandom?
>> No. 31960 [Edit]
>I try to avoid places where I see this kind of thing.
Honestly just avoiding twitter, discord and 4chan can pretty much shut this out of your life.
>unlike normans you can't just avoid them by not going to super-mainstream sites. There aren't many places you can really get away from them.
This isn't true, any forum that isn't MAL or Reddit doesn't have them and very small imageboards don't have them either, you just need patient because they're instant gratification shitposters.

I really don't think westerners are out to destroy anime or anything like that, like this thread has said, the people pandering to westerners always were garbage. Studio DEEN comes to mind and a bunch of shitty quality tie-in stuff, anime was always a coldly decided marketing arm and gathering as much mass appeal as possible and making as much money in the process was always the name of the game. Learn japanese and you won't have to worry the fanbase, and you'll see that anime was always like this.
Or read manga, which is what anime ended up being a commercial for anyway.
>> No. 31961 [Edit]
I miss being able to easily (compared to now) meet like minded authentic otaku and nerds. Now that normalfags made anime fashionable, every english speaking community related to the stuff is over run with ironic pretenders. I hate it. I hate it! Used to be if someone was into this stuff chances were they had an honest passion for it. It was so cut and dry, if they watched anything that wasn't aired on nation wide TV you knew they were for real, Not anymore, not now that Cruncyroll and Netflix give 10 year olds have easy access to everything out there. Now kids treat anime like some sort of meme farm. I hate it, I hate what's become of the anime fandom.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2019, 7:36pm
>> No. 31962 [Edit]
File 15484727807.jpg - (218.25KB , 731x1100 , Touch v07_Touch v07 c060 010.jpg )
You could always learn Japanese to find an ernest crowd, if you don't need instant gratification (which you probably don't considering you post here) you could look to western forums or microscopic imageboards and become friends with the posters there.
>> No. 31963 [Edit]
I find it ironic people suggest this given how much people used to hate it but AnimeSuki is still pretty old-school in it's discussion, even if it's pretty deserted. People even still have active blogs and old-school signatures there, it's bizarre.
>> No. 31964 [Edit]
I know how you feel, the other day I was so desperate I (stupidly) tried the MAL forums, it was just sanitized 4chan memes (the one making of people 30+, fucking wojaks) it was depressing. Sometimes it feels like there's no place to get away from these people. I particularly dislike how people feel the need to shoehorn nationality/general identity politics into it. I only really see this on (which is a public tracker used by casuals and retards anyway, much moreso those who leave comments), but it rubs me the wrong way and I can't watch anime for a while after interacting with those people.
>> No. 31965 [Edit]
I tried out MAL forums thinking "At least they keep up with what's current, how bad can they be?" Boy was I in for a surprise...
>> No. 31966 [Edit]
Is this thread just tohno feeling sad that they’re not young anymore
>> No. 31967 [Edit]
I think it is more about feeling sad that one hobby that many have pursued for much of their lives isn't being taken seriously by many, and there are fewer places where people do.

Post edited on 26th Jan 2019, 12:33am
>> No. 31968 [Edit]
I think what he means to say is I'm samefagging the hell out of this thread. Not that it's any secret I've made a few posts in it. But yeah no it's like you said, and it does suck.
>> No. 31971 [Edit]
You must convince yourselves that the war is not lost.
>> No. 31972 [Edit]
>It's pretty sad that your interest in media reflect only if people like it
That's just the way it is. The larger a fanbase gets, the shittier it becomes (see OP for details).
>It just makes you a contrarian that hates anything people enjoy
This. Give it a few years and this ironic weeb crap will go away.
>> No. 31973 [Edit]
>I really don't think westerners are out to destroy anime or anything like that
It's more a matter that people just want to latch onto what is trendy but at the same time still niche so they feel part of the "in-crowd." So they end up spamming anime memes, and talk about hentai/traps/lolis giving them a chance to feel edgy and have a smug sense of satisfaction. It usually seems to me that if they ever do end up actually watching anything other than shitty youtube meme compilations it'll either be something "ironic" – done only so they have something else to meme about – or something like Jojo/one punch man. The main problem is that it takes only one or two of these people to turn any legitimate discussion of anime into a plaza for shitposts and low-quality drudgery.
>> No. 31974 [Edit]
First: OP’s image was literally to shame fans of things he doesn’t like off of /v/, and was a way “to get weebs off of 4chan”
Second: Why does the (western, especially) fanbase matter to you, like at all? It doesn’t reflect the media at all and often adds little to things that aren’t multiplayer video games, it’s media you’re meant to consume. You’re not watching anime or similar just to talk with others and be part of a “fanbase”, are you?
>> No. 31975 [Edit]
I mean I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not 2016 anymore, I really doubt people are like that much anymore. Usually just ignoring anyone who types in all lowercase, is obnoxious about those topics that westerners find provocative, and obviously isn’t sincere will help.
While I’ve been trying to advocate for the western anime fan in this thread, I will have to say that the sincerity is the one thing I really miss about the old internet. Everything is coated in layers of irony and sarcasm to bully people they disagree with or dislike or to be immune to criticism, I’m so sick of it and I’m hoping the next decade won’t be like this.
>> No. 31976 [Edit]
>I’m so sick of it and I’m hoping the next decade won’t be like this
I've heard some people say that we will reach a decade of hyper seriousness after this irony fad dies out. I'm not sure if that will happen but it won't surprise me honestly. Normalfags seem to like to binge and obsess over one thing and when they get sick of it, they move on to something else.
>> No. 32012 [Edit]
This thread was an interesting read, but I really don’t think anime will change in any significant way that it wouldn’t have since japs see westerners as pirates and such. I also don’t think any political stuff matters since it hardly reflects on the source material (although it is annoying to see topics like that creep into discussion, nationality is a big one I’ve been seeing) which has been corporate and soulless for a large part of its existence, again like the other poster said: learn Japanese. Watch more anime if you think gay characters are “lgbt sjw” type situation. The more I see the common sentiment about the western anime fandom being lousy, I really just think you grew up. I bet your older, jaded self would’ve seen the donger stuff, typing like a retard and the popular shit at the time very vapid and “normalfaggy”.
That being said, I do dislike memes seeping into everything, you can’t read any doujinshi with a huge ass in it without 1000 retards spamming “thicc” for example. I really wish that’d stop, and people would come up with original jokes for once in their lives and stop treating the internet like 4chan, and thinking that referencing that website makes them cool. (I find how people greentext, for example, disgusting).
>> No. 32013 [Edit]
>That being said, I do dislike memes seeping into everything, you can’t read any doujinshi with a huge ass in it without 1000 retards spamming “thicc” for example. I really wish that’d stop, and people would come up with original jokes for once in their lives and stop treating the internet like 4chan, and thinking that referencing that website makes them cool. (I find how people greentext, for example, disgusting).

I've taken to blocking comment fields in Horrible subs and the like because of this, that and the over sexualisation of everything, half the comments seem to be thing like 'dood I wish x character would ********** me', I don't get what is meant to be gained by making such a vulgar post in the first place.
>> No. 32014 [Edit]
What has irritated me, is that there are people on youtube with anime profile pics or screen names written in Kanji that will frequently, to the point of obsession, comment on "Weeaboo cringe comps", and sometimes make their own, almost as if to say "I like anime but I'm not one of THOSE people XDDD". It's so fucking irritating.
>That being said, I do dislike memes seeping into everything
See, I wouldn't mind it if these people were kids or preteens, because kids have always been annoying shits. What baffles me is that most of these people are in their early to mid twenties. If you are that old and you still think this "dank meme" crap is funny or cool, then (and I don't usually say this) you need to grow up.
>> No. 32017 [Edit]
Ironically, I think a lot of the people who are complaining about it have grown up while others haven’t even if their interests can be construed as fairly infantile! I also think a lot of it is really young people, but you’re right in that it’s a lot of young adults that really need to grow up.
>> No. 32018 [Edit]
>I bet your older, jaded self would’ve seen the donger stuff, typing like a retard and the popular shit at the time very vapid and “normalfaggy”.

I wouldn't if the goddamn normals didn't ruin everything by dragging it out of places where it rightfully belonged.
It sure used to be 'funny and cool' to me. Still would be if it wasn't brought into the mainstream, ran into the ground, forced and done to death multiple times over by them.
Oh how I hate the normalfags.
>> No. 32019 [Edit]
I really don’t think japanese style dongers or typing like a moronic wap ever got “mainstream”.
>> No. 32020 [Edit]
This. You know, now that I think about it, the bitching I have done about ironic weebs is less me bitching about them as people, and more so bitching that it has become mainstream and that they have overtaken the anime community. In fact, I used to be somewhat of an ironic weeb before it became mainstream. I would shitpost anime memes and make jokes about hentai and dakis quite a bit. The only difference is, I actually enjoyed anime unironically.
>> No. 32021 [Edit]
So what you're saying it that it bothers you when other behave the way you once behaved yourself?
>> No. 32022 [Edit]
File 155065978651.png - (770.09KB , 1024x894 , 1547727935868.png )
I still don't get what an "ironic weeb" is. What's that supposed to mean? I mean, the word "weeb" has almost completely lost its meaning due to people misusing the term. The term weeb is short for "weeaboo", which in turn used to be a wordfilter of the term "wapanese" until people started misconstruing it as someone who just likes anime.

Anyway, I think that image is trying to describe people who like mainstream things as just about everything listed here is mainstream Internet-wise. Not as mainstream as One Piece or My Hero Academia, but you get the idea. I don't really mind people who only like the things in the image unless they're annoying, which, let's face it, many of them are; I'm not an elitist. I only dislike fake fans, whom I think the image is describing?

Post edited on 20th Feb 2019, 2:55am
>> No. 32023 [Edit]
You described what an ironic weeb is in your first paragraph. And yes, as others have pointed out the image is largely incorrect.
>> No. 32066 [Edit]
Kind of. As the other guy I said, I used to think it was funny and cool until normalfags brought it into the mainstream.
Also I should mention that although I would make ironic weeb jokes, whenever there was a genuine conversation about anime online, I would shut the fuck up and actually talk about the anime. I think that just goes to show that a lot of modern day "ironic weebs" don't actually like anime or only enjoy it on a surface level (or, as the name suggests, they enjoy it ironically).
Even though I was kind of an annoying shit, I was a genuine anime fan that genuinely shed a tear while watching "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya". All of these "ironic weebs" are just teenage posers that like the way a Naruto headband looks on them.
>> No. 32081 [Edit]
All I want to know is why ironic weeb types type in all lowercase, I've been visiting another NEET imageboard and most posts are written in all lowercase. Why?
>> No. 32082 [Edit]
I don't think that's anything particular to ironic weebs. It's probably moreso a combination of people being lazy and treating imageboards as some sort of chat room so less care is given.
>> No. 32083 [Edit]
Instant messaging and phoneposting.
>> No. 32084 [Edit]
File 155261464770.jpg - (173.17KB , 1920x1080 , zxtbqee.jpg )
This site is dead boring and generates practically no otaku content of it's own, but when the topic of fake otaku comes up then suddenly its
>87 posts and 5 images omitted.
all about how everyone else is a total poser and noncontributor

this kind of shit would be annoying, but you losers are so laughably far up your own assholes and resplendent in your delusional grandeur that it takes a comical absurdity

>> No. 32085 [Edit]
>87 posts
Over almost six months. Keep in mind this place is populated in a significant amount by particularly bitter members of the anime fandom who have nostalgic feelings towards the time where the hobby felt more "underground".
>> No. 32086 [Edit]
Have you actually read the thread? most people don't agree with this bait image. Also, >>32085
>> No. 32087 [Edit]
>lack of sincerity
Some of us are still sincere. Some of us aren't trying to win points on the internet or be "ironic" in some way. So chin up I guess?
>> No. 32199 [Edit]
Because trendy teenagers are known for typing like retards. See if you can find any teenage colloquialisms while you are at it and report back to us.
>> No. 32200 [Edit]
oof u dont now the half of it fam smh
>> No. 32227 [Edit]
They've regressed to the point where they all unironically communicate like bix nood.
>> No. 32237 [Edit]
>nostalgic feelings towards the time where the hobby felt more "underground"
I don't really care about it being underground. I just hate posers that use anime (or anything for that matter) as a mere fashion statement without even taking the source material seriously. I can guarantee you that in a few years, these ironic weebs will get bored and find something else to ruin. Hell, the reason why this is becoming a trend is because they are getting bored with superhero movies and video games after they ruined them and are moving on to anime. Normalfags don't take anything seriously and will merely jump on something to either seem "different" or because said thing became trendy (which in the case of anime, it's both).
>> No. 32238 [Edit]
That class of people who will do anything, they don't care what, as long as they feel it reflects positively on them personally, is a very large class of people. It might be everybody, I'm not sure about that yet. One thing I noticed recently thats kind of interesting is that even animals are all posers. They do all sorts of tricky crap to look more intimidating than they really in hopes of frightening off competition by presenting false impressions. Noticing this had me wondering if poser behavior might be a very fundamental, ingrained part of the brain if even a dumb animal's first instinct is to be a bullshit artist.
>> No. 32239 [Edit]
That's an interesting thought. I've thought about the differences between animals and humans for quite some time now, and find the parallels really fascinating. Especially the ones found in social behaviour. It's sometimes scary how similar we really are.
>> No. 32240 [Edit]
It's not really too much of a surprise when it comes to social order/packs: those traits like going with the crowd and posturing to be "alpha" were likely to be conserved due to the advantages they give.
>> No. 32279 [Edit]
Animals always try to disguise their true characteristics by displaying false, better characteristics; but evolution supposedly proceeds because mates pick their partners by observing desirable characteristics in them.
What a quandary
>> No. 32292 [Edit]
Does anyone else just get the feeling that ironic weebs are this generations "bronies" and that it will die out in a few years?
>> No. 32351 [Edit]
Probably when this generation of teens grows up and moves on like the haruhiism boom-era ones did. This is probably more about perception and age than any actual difference in the masses of western otaku.
>> No. 32352 [Edit]
It would be a nice thought but no. They may get bored of it and move on as they get older but another generation will take their place.
>> No. 32353 [Edit]
Which will probably be a different flavor, my point. A majority of this medium is marketed to young people after all.
>> No. 32354 [Edit]
I don’t think so. Even mainstream movie productions have to have some sort of token Japanese speaking person or samurai. Weaboo influence has been on the rise for a long time, and I don’t see it going away. Right now it’s at the state where every normal person knows about anime or kpop or knows someone who watches it, even if they don’t partake themselves. Ironically, if they stopped focusing on the weaboo aspect of it all, and treated it like any everyday thing, they’d be able to break into the mainstream with it. Instead, they’re stuck on the “look at me, nyaa” fanbase of the 90s, because the producers are all old people. Once they die, and my generation is running the show, I see a total move towards anime influences in the mainstream, because for us, it is not some foreign weird cat ears club; we grew up with it as a part of our normal lives. The influence will lag until our old age though, just like with voting, because in reality, the elderly control everything.
>> No. 32355 [Edit]
>Once they die, and my generation is running the show, I see a total move towards anime influences in the mainstream
They already are. A lot of the writers in Hollywood are fairly young hipsters, and they're the ones we can thank for a lot of the lgb sjw trash that's been flooding the industry lately.
>> No. 32356 [Edit]
I don't think most people grew up with anime as a significant part of their lives other than relatively simple shonen stuff.
>> No. 32358 [Edit]
File 155980010294.png - (48.87KB , 1091x680 , Otaku Stereotype vs Reality.png )
As someone who sometimes associates with people who are in the 18-26 age group, I think that while many people do use weeb interests as a social tool, that's not a particularly good reflection of how they consume material or their appreciation of the subject.

My take is that it's more a generational thing. In this group, there are two scanlators, several artists, several people with some working knowledge of Japanese, and plenty of people with an obsession with one genre or another. Do we have serious discussions about this, that can become heated debates? Sure, especially in smaller interactions. But in a larger setting, usually the discussion does take a more shallow and memetic flow to things, simply because it is more enjoyable to shoot the shit like that. That tail-end is what you see in public/online discourse.

As far as irony is concerned, I think it is an internalized defense to two things: the image of weebs as being easily bitter and prone to drama, and the previous generation's serious, pedantic, and unyielding nature online (which led to the former). I think DemolitionD was probably the first persona to really crystallize that attitude, but it had existed in one form or another for some time.
It is basically a rejection of the idea that anime was an inherently superior form of entertainment, and that one should proselytize, or at least defend, it's sanctity and purity while improving your understanding through obsession to other aspects of otaku/Japanese culture.
Rather, anime is what you make of it, it can have systemic flaws that you may or may not care about, it can be snycretized with Western and other cultural tradition or not, and it doesn't really matter whether you watch a series for the plot, or for the plot. Essentially, a rejection of gatekeepers and typesetting by outsiders, which in its laziest form, is expressed as not taking either force seriously. And when said gatekeepers and trolls try to shame you anyway for depreciating weebs? Well, own up to it, and say that you truly aren't taking anime seriously, you only like it ironically.

In my group above, none of us actually say we ironically like anime or anything like that, it's genuine. But when you have someone try to call you out for only reading hentai of a series when you never cared about the original, or say you're just a yaoi fujoshi because you solely consume yaoi and don't care about the rest, and you are OK with that, how are you supposed to respond to that?

Pic tangentially related
>> No. 32359 [Edit]
>how are you supposed to respond to that?
In that case there is no proper response because the exchange shouldn't have happened in the first place.
If hentai is all they care about then outside of threads dealing exclusively with pornography their opinions are worthless by default.
Their entire contribution to the discussion of source material is going to be an assortment of non sequiturs derived from their personal erotic preferences. The value of announcing whose tits they find to be the best is null.
It's the equivalent of walking into a meeting pantless and slapping their sloppy dick on the table. Contemplate if it makes them look less retarded if they ironically dab and moonwalk out of the room.
>> No. 32360 [Edit]
It seems only to be getting worse, my brother doesn't even watch anime and actually hates it but he often watches meme compilations on youtube(that's terrible in itself) and many of those memes will be western music over anime scenes, One Punch man or other anime references or other anime scenes. It's pretty much completely tied into meme culture now.
>> No. 32361 [Edit]
To be fair, in the west it has been for a long time. Do you not remember demotivational posters? I see japs posting clips on twitter because they find it of poor quality or funny but I don’t know if they have the same idea about that.
>> No. 32364 [Edit]
File 155985357386.jpg - (205.91KB , 1500x1500 , download.jpg )
You know what to do.
>> No. 32377 [Edit]
>In that case there is no proper response because the exchange shouldn't have happened in the first place.
Fair point, though I was more referring to the passive, non-direct "action-reaction" discourse that you see on both sides of the community, such as this thread.

>Contemplate if it makes them look less retarded if they ironically dab and moonwalk out of the room.
If it is generally understood that they are not doing it out of genuine appreciation of dabbing or moonwalking, that begs the question of why they are doing it in the first place.

In this case, I'd argue it is reverse gatekeeping. It's a trivial action that is not particularly triggering to most people, but also most fans of anime as well. Sure, people may be slightly perturbed by it, but if one's response is serious, straight-faced disapproval, it serves as a good signal that the one expressing disapproval is pedantic, and will try to control the discourse and moderate other topics of interest as well.

It's actually a good way to self-filter, since regardless of whether it is the former or the latter who is in the majority mindset, the addition of one or the other will inevitably lead to increased intra-group toxicity from fundamentally incorrigible values and norms. From you perspective, you are looking at you, your associates, and this one interloper. The interloper, meanwhile, has his own networks of associates independent of this context, and is a sum of their norms. By displaying the shibboleths of his norms upfront, you can quickly determine if he meets your group's molds, as can he (though this may not be consciously understood and appreciated).

An example of this litmus test is >>32084, though he is solely trying to belittle instead of actually having banter.

Really, I feel the contention of this whole thread is the emergence of a new generation of weebs who have rejected the norms and traditions of 00s weebs/Wapanese to such an extent that these groups are now self-segregated and find each other either disagreeable or to be ignored (>>31761), and the industry accommodations of the newer generation being seen as a slight to the former generation.
>> No. 32378 [Edit]
File 156018211564.jpg - (32.76KB , 392x509 , __kurodani_yamame_touhou_drawn_by_ototobe__60015e1.jpg )
I think you're arguing that there's nothing objectively worse about the behavior of "new weebs", which I don't agree with. There's nothing of lasting value in their discourse while threads from 10+ years ago are still interesting. Why is it that the behavior of old weebs is less reflective of their generation than new weebs? Old weebs were outsiders, their behavior didn't really reflect how normal people perceived things and acted. New weebs seem like just another flavor of zoomer.
>> No. 32379 [Edit]
File 156018591291.png - (75.34KB , 308x185 , crying_monster.png )

It kinda is a slight.

New weebs and new web users in general are mostly normals. They pushed for transformation of internet communities to their liking and for expulsion of the old weebs. Most of whom were outcasts and losers.
Of course normals have a massive numerical, social and financial advantage so they pushed us out easily.
Obviously the industry will pander to new weebs because that's where the money is.
And we're left with nothing... chased out of real life, chased out of mainstream forums and imageboards, finally chased out of weeb shit in general.

New weebs will move on. People like me won't because we can't.
What little comfort I once found in online company of fellow misfits was effectively destroyed by change. All I have now are internet ghost towns populated by a handful of users who are too depressed to respond.
Can you imagine what it's like to be this alone?
Try to imagine- being born into a life so inhospitable you have to run away and hide on the internet. There you miraculously find a strange space where you can finally belong, but soon you have to watch it all be taken away. Worst of all- taken away by the same sort of people who made you seek shelter online in the first place...

I take back what I said, it's not a slight. It's like being tarred, feathered and left for dead.
>> No. 32380 [Edit]
You can try moving on to something with a higher barrier of entry. There's probably Japanese boards like that still, and normals don't have the commitment to learn the language.
>> No. 32381 [Edit]
I've had similar thoughts before and tried to find others who've noticed the same thing. To my surprise I stumbled upon this blogpost which explained it rather well.

These people aren't just posers. Someone being a poser would imply they don't understand aspects of the group. They bought the clothes and started listening to the music but they're at least trying to fit in with the existing culture and doing a bad job at it. New weebs are worse than that. These people are gentrifiers. They don't give a damn about the culture or history of the community. For as "tolerant and accepting" as they boast about being they're very quick to toss aside anything they don't like with post-hoc rationalizations like it being "toxic".

No doubt my own generation changed the anime community (and in many ways for the worse) but I feel like there was a least a certain amount of respect paid to the old timers who'd been there longer than us. New weebs don't seem to care and I think it has largely to do with social standing. Real old timers (I'm thinking 80's here) were usually social rejects themselves or at the very least people who had the decency to treat rejects like human beings rather than a punching bag to make school shooting jokes about.

Weeb culture now... It's for everybody which has led to normie group dynamics overtaking large amounts of our communities and it's really quite a disaster. For content you can always just like what you like without caring that much about the broader cultural consensus. But community, that's a real kicker. People throw off signals all the time and despite what people say you really can judge a book by its cover. It won't be 100% accurate, but as a rule watch the kind of things people say, how they dress, etc and you can start to get an idea of what sort of person they are. It's why everyone hates posers: they come in without proper background or understanding and make all the signaling pointless. It becomes just another product with no connection to any shared cultural experience.
>> No. 32387 [Edit]
>I think Devil man crybaby is more of a concern.
Although personally I like the storyline, I did question whether the anime was truly Japanese. It has some awful lot of western influence and truthfully it could have been made better if it wasn't so degenerate.
>> No. 32393 [Edit]
Does Go Nagai make anything that’s not degenerate?
>> No. 32394 [Edit]
Yeah, this is guy who made Harenchi Gakuen, which basically set the stage for the casualized, comedic eroticism in manga, to much controversy in fact. Furhermore, it was directed by Yuasa, whose works focus heavily on sexual dynamics, eroticism, and social constructs (Mind Game, Tatami Galaxy, and Night Is Short, Walk On Girl are absolutely filled with it), and I wouldn't call his works Westernized.
>> No. 32395 [Edit]
I seriously don't get the degenerate meme. How can someone both dislike too much western influence and judge things through a western, puritan-like moral lens? There's people who would say every single person on tohno-chan is a degenerate.
>> No. 32396 [Edit]
Japan follows western morals only even more conservatively.
>> No. 32397 [Edit]
It just means something risqué or controversial that I dislike.
>> No. 32401 [Edit]
Not really. Morals and mindset can't really be seperated, and I don't think Japan has a western mindset. Even if lolicon isn't socially acceptable there and you wouldn't really shout at the top of your lungs that you're a lolicon, it's still produced there with relatively little conflict. Some guy tries that in the west and they have hordes of journalists and such calling for a crusade against the creators. That's the difference. When you see something you don't like, turning your head the other way without comment is very different from pointing it out and calling it and the people who like it "degenerate". Being conservative about sex, family and what not is not specific to the west.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2019, 7:31am
>> No. 32402 [Edit]
I don't think it's just that. I think there's also an idea of it contesting inherently valuable cultural norms and leading to societal decline.

At the core of it, saying something degenerate is to label it below understanding or affordance and as inherently counter to the speaker's ideals of society, but without having to spell out those ideals. It sets up a teflon-like criticism of things someone doesn't like.
>> No. 32403 [Edit]
They do. Morals and Mindsets can be separated as well. What you are talking of is the reaction to these morals, not the morals in question.
>> No. 32404 [Edit]
File 156063889849.png - (847.09KB , 850x1088 , A2CDC61F-3188-4088-BF62-79CCCE72B229-15866-00000F9.png )
So if two people both think murder is bad and wouldn't do it themselves, but when seeing someone getting attacked the first walks by while the second steps in, you think they have the exact same morals? Even if the second would consider the first "immoral"? Is one person just more "conservative"?
Yeah, and since when did people here care about societal norms? You can't have a waifu, or masturbate to pretty much any kind of hentai, and then proceed to defend the "good of society" like a proper, god-fearing, anglo-saxon samaritan. Cherry picking like that is hypocritical. Either you're with the current paradigm, or you've rejected it and have no right to criticize others who did the same, at least not in the same way.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2019, 3:50pm
>> No. 32405 [Edit]
>So if two people both think murder is bad and wouldn't do it themselves, but when seeing someone getting attacked the first walks by while the second steps in, you think they have the exact same morals?

Yes, because that is not based on morals. You could raise two children in the same house, in the same country to believe the same thing only one of them is brave and outspoken so will be more likely to stop things like that happening in public and to denounce things that are against his morals. Does this mean that there fore one of these children has to be Japanese and have a different set of morals than the other? No, they have different personalties and mentalities, not different morals.
>> No. 32406 [Edit]
Well in that case, don't most people have the same morals? Most don't like murder, most don't like adultery, most don't like thievery, etc. How much different is China or Korea?
>> No. 32407 [Edit]
Yes. Most societies share common morals to an extent but then diverge in certain aspects. Although killing is a bit different as in China, Japan and many other places it was not seen like we do now in the west, for example in Japan it was seen as normal and acceptable to cut down a fellow retainer of the same lord if he insulted you and if another retainer happened to be at the toilet during this and came back to find that scene it was seen as normal and acceptable for him to cut down the other retainer. Not for vengeance but to prove that he was not a coward who had run away at the time(because he was not there but on the toilet).

Taking this back to Devilman, I have not seen the anime but I guess he refers to degenerate as being sexual based. In the west this used to be seen as unacceptable but now sex before marriage is the norm, whereas Japan still holds this value and does not have the 'dating' culture that the west does now. So 'a western, puritan-like moral lens' now applies more to Japan than the west, so it's easy to see how somebody could dislike western influence and call it degenerate even if thye view that through 'a western, puritan-like moral lens'.
>> No. 32408 [Edit]
sjw stuff in anime is unbearable, don't get me wrong, but I'd find it just as unbearable if right-wing social politics were enforced in anime: no more hentai, no more ecchi, no more yuri, probably nothing less than the death penalty for anyone even thinking about lolicon. Even if you have particularly strong political convictions, it's nice to have something which doesn't have anything to do with any of it, an escape from that as from everything else.
>> No. 32409 [Edit]
A lot of anime series are in some way political, though. That they don't touch on contentious Western lines doesn't mean they're not political; just that they don't bring up topics controversial in the West in the year 2019.
>> No. 32410 [Edit]
Never seen devilman, but I know there was premarital sex in parasyte and school days. Real life standards are irrelevant. Even with your example, there's was such a thing as duels, and that was seen as acceptable. Same reasoning, different reaction.
>> No. 32411 [Edit]
While that may be true, Asians in general rarely bring up politics on social media I’ve noticed.
>> No. 32412 [Edit]
Japanese otaku tend not to, because there is much more fragility in the good faith of followers, and 2channel was infested with /pol/tard mentality (ネット右翼) about a decade earlier than Western sites, so discussion of politics for those dependent upon an online persona was already spoiled. But non-otaku? It's not nearly as verboten to shill for your party/organization.

Also, I've found that some artists will occasionally comment on social/political events, but they'll use such passive, roundabout language that Google Translate will be unable to parse the subtleties.
>> No. 32413 [Edit]
Yeah I get what you are saying, but I am more so referring to the moe craze that seems to have become a meme on the western internet. Of course I might be wrong even then considering that the internet has more influence on reality now than it did during the brony days.
If you want to go even further down the rabbit hole, a lot of these people who ironically watch "dank anime meme compilations" sometimes end up getting into anime. As far as anime being tied to meme culture, I'm surprised you didn't notice this before hand. Ever since 4chan gained prominence again during the 2016 election, anime girls have been "ironically" spammed all over youtube and social media. Gen Z is literally an entire generation of hipsters (with some exceptions of course).
>> No. 32414 [Edit]
I just stumbled upon this shit.
Fuck. Why?
>> No. 32415 [Edit]
Actual mental illness and memes.
>> No. 32416 [Edit]
I feel dirty now, thanks anon
>> No. 32417 [Edit]
this is part of the (modern) right's tactics to recruit social outcasts i think. i remember this was the reason The Daily Stormer was started; to create appeal to the meme crowd
>> No. 32418 [Edit]
Actually, if I remember correctly, the daily stormer started out as a simpler alternative to a popular neo nazi blog. They only jumped on the meme bandwagon during the 2016 election when /pol/ was gaining popularity.
Either way, "the anime right" should not exist.
>> No. 32419 [Edit]
File 156105999862.jpg - (127.50KB , 850x572 , __eurasian_eagle_owl_and_northern_white_faced_owl_.jpg )
Same with anime left. I remember visiting an 8chan board called /leftyweebpol/. Unironic communists.
>> No. 32420 [Edit]
I will never understand why communists like anime so much considering how shamelessly corporate and cashgrabbing most of it. Memes I guess?
>> No. 32421 [Edit]
Left or right I will never understand why people care about politics so much at all.
>> No. 32422 [Edit]
File 156108562130.jpg - (43.25KB , 600x467 , download (10).jpg )
Not to mention its historical roots(whole base art style originating from donald duck comic books). Japan came sort of close to becoming communist after WWII since there was a politican who was friends with Mao and gaining influence before a uni student stabbed him in the chest. If it had, forget about any of it. There's doujin circles and labors of love, but without the 80s economic bubble I doubt anime would be anywhere near where it is today.
It makes people feel important and smart, but requires zero brain power. I've seen janitors have lengthy conversations about it.

Post edited on 20th Jun 2019, 8:01pm
>> No. 32423 [Edit]
People feel it is important and people like tribalism. People will be prejudice over what condiments people put on their food, why wouldn’t they think something perceived as important as politics is worth caring about
>> No. 32424 [Edit]
absolutely this. after a while of caring intensely about it, I realized I was never going to be logical rather than emotional about it, and neither was anyone else.
>> No. 32714 [Edit]
File 156397577256.jpg - (249.14KB , 850x1268 , 3.jpg )
Ironic weebs must be the stupidest thing ever...
>> No. 32721 [Edit]
>he doesn't know what ironic weebs are
Good, you still have your sanity.
>> No. 32731 [Edit]
File 156402982721.jpg - (24.53KB , 378x484 , extremely smug anime girl.jpg )
>releasing control art restriction systems 3…2…1
approval of situation A recognized; commencing the cromwell invocation.
smugness restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent

How is it that you leap to the conclusion that janitors are any less intelligent than the average person? Maybe you're shit talking poor folks because it make feel important and smart, but requires zero brain power.
>> No. 32732 [Edit]
Who are you quoting?
>> No. 32736 [Edit]
I try to pay as little attention as I can to what's going on in the mainstream. There isn't a single benefit to it if you don't care about shallow stuff. Even following news is most of the time absolutely worthless and overrated - if you wish to be informed, it's much more efficient to just read books. I've myself had the chance to learn a bit too well how utterly shit your life becomes when you focus on staying up-to-date on things that make you angry and depressed.
>> No. 32738 [Edit]
Average person doesn't mean much. Global average, US average, race average? I know becoming a janitor doesn't require as much brain power as an engineer, doctor, or musician. It doesn't pay as well as those jobs either. Maybe there's some smart people who voluntarily choose that profession and stay with it forever, or maybe they're forced to take it because of bad luck, but are they majority? I have heard janitors talk politics, football and celebrities plenty. I haven't ot heard them discuss literature or other "smart things". I know what you're trying to do, and it's really obnoxious.
>> No. 32740 [Edit]
Don’t even bother replying.
>> No. 32742 [Edit]
File 156411778350.gif - (666.80KB , 400x215 , spike.gif )
So what you're trying to say is that a person's intelligence is necessarily reflected in how much money they make, I guess that means that gamer girl pee sellers are smarter than the average astrophysicist.
How much time do you spend eavesdropping on janitors anyway? You seem pretty certain that you have them pegged to a tee, so it follows reason that you must've gathered a lot data to be so certain of the portrait you paint.
>> No. 32743 [Edit]
Average Astrophysicist salary :$83,880
Average Janitor Salary: $28,766
Even if the pay for astrophysicists were worse,I think smart people are generally motivated either by how rewarding the job is, or the pay. If they want to help individual people, doctor seems like the better choice too. A Janitorial position is neither "intellectually. stimulating" or well payed. Back when I was in grade school, I did eavesdrop on them.

Post edited on 26th Jul 2019, 3:36am
>> No. 32744 [Edit]
People in non-intellectually stimulating fields tend to be stupid. I've tried a few entry level jobs, none of my co-workers had even half a brain but more so than that it is the most monotonous, tedious and soul-destroying thing that any thinking person could ever do, so I don't see why any thinking man ever would.
>> No. 32769 [Edit]
Are you trying to say that you once qualified for an entry level position and then bombed out while looking down on your more successful coworkers as being less intelligent. If they were stlll there earning money and you left to go sit and get zilch that means they had more money than you, and are therefore smarter as far as I can tell. Maybe they were pretending to be dumber while you were around so you wouldn't realize you were being outsmarted by them, thats how I see it.
>> No. 32770 [Edit]
File 15642167302.jpg - (17.03KB , 210x240 , Shaq.jpg )
by that logic shaq's IQ must be nearly five digits cause he earns like 10 million a year
>> No. 32771 [Edit]
That's not what he said. Are you perhaps a janitor? You appear to be well qualified for the position.
>> No. 32774 [Edit]
What this anon said. >>32771 Don't "fill in the blanks" to make yourself right.
>> No. 33010 [Edit]
>Why is it that the behavior of old weebs is less reflective of their generation than new weebs?
Well it's simple, older "weebs" didn't grow up in the age of social media and online attention whoring.
I went to a bookstore recently to pick up a manga book I've been wanting for a while (don't worry this is going somewhere). In this section, there was not a single normalfag browsing, not one. However, there were two nerdy looking high school aged kids in there that were repeating ironic weeb lingo and laughing their heads off. To make things even stranger, there was a Magic The Gathering tournament going on at a table behind me, and I was constantly hearing Gen Z lingo like "bruh" and "oof". And, again, not a single normalfag at this table (obviously).
So it got me thinking, how many of these "ironic weebs" that we see online, are actually genuine anime otakus that are just influenced by their surroundings. Considering that we live in an age where the internet and real life have begun to merge and most people don't really have their own personalities anymore, it's not that much of a stretch.

>> No. 33011 [Edit]
>influenced by their surroundings
Then they're normalfags in my book. Magic the Gathering, manga at the local book store, some acne, being "nerdy looking", those things don't make somebody not a normalfag. It's the conformist mindset, the mindset of doing things to socialize. Those kids, they probably only watch seasonal stuff and have vanilla fetishes. They probably will lose interest soon enough. I'm not thaaaat much older than them.

Post edited on 16th Aug 2019, 7:02pm
>> No. 33012 [Edit]
Hopefully we'll avoid devolving into the "what defines a normalfag" contention that's been rehashed several other times, but in a similar vein I feel that the majority of people attending anime-cons aren't really fully invested in the medium; rather, they see it as an opportunity to go out and socialize with their friends. If you look at the types of events hosted, all of them seem to be centered around socialization (quiz shows, anime jeopardy). Not to mention the terrible roster of speakers that they usually have lined up to give talks. Now granted, I've never been to one (since none of the events I mentioned appeal to me in the slightest) but it does seem that having a mass-convention centered around anime seems quite self-defeating since there's nothing to inherently "do" at an anime convention other than gawk overpriced merchandise, cosplay, or socialize.
>> No. 33015 [Edit]
You're right about that debate, but I wonder why >>33011
would say he "saw" no normalfags unless he bases it off of appearance. Prioritizing socializing as the reason for having an interest is a hallmark of normalfaggotry. Needing that aspect and moving on once it can't provide it anymore are also a big part of it. Being defined by others, picking up their lingo solely because it's used often, etc. Anime Expos have no other function. It's not like any of it is centered on fanworks, because there are no fan works. They're definitely not being sold. It's not about the passion for the interest.
>If you’ve been to anime conventions before and you’re expecting Comiket to be similar to American or other western countries’ cons, you’re in for a big shock.
>It’s important to remember that, unlike conventions, which are primarily a social event, Comiket is first and foremost a comic market.
>> No. 33016 [Edit]
right, I know this is off topic but what do you guys think about the trend/fad/culture of everybody pretending that theyre depressed? its now cool and popular to pretend that you pretend to put up a normal front but are actually severely depressed and want to die. is it only another layer added to people's crusade for attention or is there some legitimacy to it? If you dont know what im talking about just go look at twitter, its full of that type of garbage
>> No. 33018 [Edit]
It's obnoxious. "Like omg I want to die xD" "Fuck my life lol" "Gonna kill myself lmfao" "I hate being alive tee hee" It's just another trend that'll pass.
>> No. 33020 [Edit]
If they're posting about it on twitter/social media it's mostly for attention and acknowledgement. That being said, there is ironically some self-fulfilling kernel of truth in what they're posting, by virtue of the fact that a "normal" people (defining normal as mentally/psychologically sound) would not be throwing pity parties on social media and seeking acknowledgement/attention through such means.

I think that they might subconsciously recognize something is off in their lives (namely how social media has destroyed any sense of genuine community) and this may manifest in some sort of "emptiness" that they perceive, but they don't fully recognize its nature or root cause and instead just retreat to the only place they know and hope posting about it will bring temporary relief.
>> No. 33021 [Edit]
>It's not like any of it is centered on fanworks, because there are no fan works. They're definitely not being sold. It's not about the passion for the interest.
Most Western conventions have artist alleys, they're just far from a dominant part of the convention, and often - unfortunately! - mix commercial merchandise printers and independent creators.
>> No. 33022 [Edit]
>artist alleys
They're bullshit. You can get individual pieces of fanart, "prints" or maybe little knick-knacks. There's not tons of tables selling full-fledged doujin or visual novels which they spent the whole past year working on in teams. At best it's a place for commissioners to advertise. It's all restricted and corporate. I'm almost certain there's no erotic material either.
>> No. 33023 [Edit]
>and often - unfortunately! - mix commercial merchandise printers and independent creators
Comiket has corporate booths, too, so that's something they have in common, unlike almost everything else.
>I'm almost certain there's no erotic material either.
You would be right, from what I understand they're actually forbidden from it, despite allowing certain a certain h-manga localization company that I won't mention by name.
>> No. 33024 [Edit]
>Comiket has corporate booths, too
But they keep the two very much separated. If this were the case in the West, two things could happen: either small-scale artists wouldn't be forced to compete with people who are just printing merch for profit or reselling commercial goods, or people would just stop going to that part of the convention. Hopefully, the former.
At least over here, I've met artists selling their own individually made comics and original prints, keychains or badges. Nothing on the scale of Japanese doujin, of course; but not mere "knick-knacks". I wonder if this could be somehow changed - with the age of the Internet upon us, it might be too late.
>> No. 33025 [Edit]
File 156608021890.jpg - (53.53KB , 600x600 , 164A382A-C604-4696-9B9A-3B0EB0784DCF-4932-00000388.jpg )
>keychains or badges
That's exactly what I meant by knick-knacks. Badges, Keychains, T-shirts, book marks, notepads, paper weights; anything which can be easily mass produced and has minimal creativity, thought, effort put into them, and overall value is a knick-knack. It's the same crap vendors give businesses men for free at dinners except "sugoii aniime desuu" themed.

Post edited on 17th Aug 2019, 3:18pm
>> No. 33026 [Edit]
And another tangent: I hate that there's a whole month dedicated to suicide prevention or whatever. Years and years ago when I went to community college, the sidewalks would have messages and pictures illustrated with chalk informing the suicidal that "It gets better!" and it's "Going to be okay!" Bullcrap. Much like funerals, it's a masturbatory event to make the participants feel better, not the afflicted.
>> No. 33033 [Edit]
There is adult material, and actual fan books akin to doujinshi. Unfortunately, they're all disposable and drawn in the tumblr CalArts style.
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