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File 15380974902.jpg - (1.76MB , 1927x2720 , ironic_weeb_spotting.jpg )
31756 No. 31756 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on the rising number of "ironic weebs" and the increasing popularity and acceptance of otaku media & materials in the west's mainstream?
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>> No. 31759 [Edit]
It heralds the beginning of the end. Norman's feel the need to take over everything that isn't mainstream and make it mainstream. It's a genuinely depressing sight.
>> No. 31760 [Edit]
I'm not sure it really means anything. The nipponese themselves have always had a reasonably big proportion of fake-otaku types. The fake weeaboos we see now might just be those types manifesting in the west now that animu is being made more popular by streaming services and TV networks looking for the next big thing.
>> No. 31761 [Edit]
Me personally, I just try to ignore them. I don't really browse any sites or use any type of services where I could encounter them (except for Nhentai and Hentaihaven according to that picture). I've met a few of these kind of normalfags in real life who were only into "flavor of the month" seasonal anime and had never seen anything that aired pre-2014. I just don't associate with them and pretend to not know what anime is in real life because I know nothing good could come from talking to those people.
>> No. 31763 [Edit]
>> No. 31764 [Edit]
Anime is going to become meaningless. It's going to deteriorate into trash. It's one thing for anime to be big in Japan, but another entirely for it to be big in the west. Anime is going to become so terrible (if it becomes mainstream in the west) that you wouldn't believe it was once good when it does.
>> No. 31767 [Edit]
Who cares?
>> No. 31769 [Edit]
There's nothing new about niwaka or posers. It is a very specifically annoying kind, though.
>> No. 31776 [Edit]
>ironic weebs
I'm horrified but also fascinated by this.
>> No. 31790 [Edit]
>> No. 31793 [Edit]
I enjoy a good 25% of the things in that image
>> No. 31794 [Edit]
Elsewhere I remember reading that the creator of this image likes to add whatever he doesn't like to it to try and associate it with the lamer things in it and stifle discussion of it as a result. Not sure if its true but it would explain certain inclusions.
>> No. 31795 [Edit]
Some of that stuff is ok as long as you're enjoying it for it's own sake.
>> No. 31800 [Edit]
Yes it's pretty blatantly a list of "popular things the creator doesn't like". There are indeed things there that I would absolutely credit to an ironic weeb such as jojo, frank, hunnipop, doki, the traps and more. To say sad panda, volcaloid, evangelion, or kemono friends are signs of an ironic weeb, is nothing short of moronic. An ironic weeb in today's culture would likely not even know what eva is, let alone ironically pretend to like it. Kemono friends meanwhile is something that people in the west just -do not like- and will not pretend to like, same for kancolle which no one outside of japan gives a shit about. In fact I'd go as far as to say jojo is the only accurate anime there. What they should do is replace those top images with the likes of naruto, one piece, one punch man, Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul ect. What you want is not just popular things, but popular things that act as gateway materials which people never move on from yet use for pretending that they did. I'd probably never call someone who likes Love live or WataMote an "ironic weeb" but I've met plenty who pretend to be weebs but refuse to explore anything outside of the previously listed more socially acceptable action packed anime.
>> No. 31801 [Edit]
I agree with you regarding Kemono Friends and Kancolle. They're niche enough for someone to indulge in them to very likely be interested in anime or japan in general. With the rest, it seems almost a miracle that you have never encountered online the stereotypical roburabu ironic weeb that claims stuff like "these is are my month's waifus" and the ironic "totally a true hikiNEET hermit recluse level 99 because I have no friends and today I didn't go to buy groceries with my mom" watamote watcher who absolutely refuses to pay attention to the anime or read the manga. I assume you must be rather young if you haven't encountered ironic weebs that literally all they have watched is Evangelion.

Additionally, there are a ton of people who use sadpanda an love hentai and doujinshi that barely even watch anime, but whether that counts as an "ironic weeb" is up for debate.
>> No. 31802 [Edit]
Someone who brags about being a hikikomori is probably even more pathetic than the word implies.
>> No. 31803 [Edit]
There's nothing pathetic about being a hikikomori. Also, do you know where you are? Maybe somehow you confused this site with another.
>> No. 31804 [Edit]
Not him but I don't see the point in lying to your self. I'm a pathetic loser and I know it. Most people would consider my hobbies cringey or lame, and one look at my room and they'd rightfully accuse me of being a perma virgin. That's fine though, I accept what I am.
Just because someone is a hikikomori and calls it a pathetic life style doesn't mean they're in the wrong place or something, it could be they're being honest with themselves.
>> No. 31805 [Edit]
The amount of projection in your post is unreal. Your submitting your own self-hatred onto others, despite you openly based your perception on others'. Stop caring what they think and do what makes you happy. The only pathetic thing about a hikikomori lifestyle is having to go outside and having to deal with people like you who think all hikikomori are broken from the same mold.
>> No. 31806 [Edit]
File 154061799682.jpg - (28.22KB , 500x507 , Marvin-Paranoid-Android-Hitchiker-Guide-a.jpg )
This isn't the first time I've seen something I was enthusiastic about gain general acceptance and be blandified for mass consumption as a result, losing it's soul in the process.
Its always very frustrating.
>> No. 31807 [Edit]
>The amount of projection in your post is unreal.

>Your submitting your own self-hatred onto others
>you openly based your perception on others
>Stop caring what they think
>people like you who think all hikikomori are broken from the same mold.

>> No. 31808 [Edit]
It's not like dumb entry-level westerners have much say in what gets made, given that they spend almost nothing on it. It's pretty harmless as annoying as it is.
>> No. 31809 [Edit]
>"these is are my month's waifus"
Of course I've encountered those types, I don't remember anyone saying anything about waifus but yes, people with seasonal waifus are cancer.

>"totally a true hikiNEET hermit recluse level 99 because I have no friends and today I didn't go to buy groceries with my mom" watamote watcher who absolutely refuses to pay attention to the anime or read the manga.
Yeah okay, I admit I might have stumbled across these types of people here and there. Part of me wants to give them credit for not having any friends, but then again it feels like that is pretty much the norm these days and doesn't necessarily mean they're weebs anyway. If you're saying these people are confusing being a loser with being a weeb, then yes I'd agree. I can't say I've seen many accounts of people being Watamote fans and not exploring anything else, but I do remember the manga being very popular in the west to the point it's popularity on 4chan was mentioned as a selling point for the manga. I don't deny these people are out there however so I'll just have to take your word for it.

>you must be rather young if you haven't encountered ironic weebs that literally all they have watched is Evangelion.
Well for one thing I'm a wizard. That aside, Who's to say eva is all they've watched? Sure to some the way people would obsess over eva back in the day and argue over it endlessly could certainly make it seem like that's all they watched, but to me the levels of dedicating they showed made me feel like they must have been the real deal. I suppose it's true that it was aired on western tv making it an easily accessible series, but I'd say this was at a time before "ironic weebs" truly hit the mainstream.
At any rate, you might very well be right.
>> No. 31810 [Edit]
This is mostly true, but they can still effect how we get to those materials. CR, a site supported almost entirely by those people, has gone out of their way to take down other streaming sites and turn themselves into a practical monopoly for anime distribution in the west. They've also indirectly killed the fansubbing scene. Ironic weebs meanwhile are a cancerous plague upon communities built around anime and eastern media. There was once a time when these people were contained to the likes of gaia, then started to bothered us during the summer times while school was out. That summer soon became endless, and before long they simply took over.
Yes we have a pretty thick wall keeping them from directly influencing the market place for the time being, but they can still make a mess for us locally.
>> No. 31812 [Edit]
Yeah, that is something I can agree with. Even so it's how we're viewed. You can't escape it completely. As for myself, I've to an extent made peace with it.
>> No. 31847 [Edit]
I don't mind anime being accepted in western mainstream society as such. The problem is that the same horrible people who ran the media in the west into the ground (check out the books "An Empire of Their Own" and "When Victims Rule" about that topic) are investing more and more into the anime industry, thus changing the type of content that is being produced into much of the same anti-social, anti-western and anti-human crap that Hollywood dishes out.
There already are a number of anime directors who are complaining about being made to produce utterly disgusting crap by overseas capital:
>> No. 31849 [Edit]
It makes me quite irritated when people post anime characters they know nothing about just for memes. I also dislike it when they westernise them. I try to avoid places where I see this kind of thing.

I don't see myself as pathetic at all. I choose to live like this.
>> No. 31850 [Edit]
It starts off as an ordinary interview, but where the fuck did the topic of Hitler and the Holocaust come from? I agree with your point, but you could've used a better link.
>> No. 31851 [Edit]
>I also dislike it when they westernise them
This really is the worst. Even my favourite boorus post art that does this and I hate it. I try my best to filter it out but some still gets through from time to time.
>> No. 31852 [Edit]
These are two different questions with different answers. "ironic weebs" certainly aren't accepted or mainstream at all. They're viewed substantially worse than regular otaku (by everybody) because of how obnoxious they are about their consumption of garbage.

I don't care if anime and manga are becoming mainstream. I live in my bubble, normans live in theirs. It doesn't matter to me what they like to do with their time.
I also don't see a substantial western impact on any Japanese media that's actually worth the time it takes to consume. The only stuff that has started or will start changing to pander to westerners was pandering trash to begin with.

Ironic weebs are a bit more annoying. They inevitably fuck up whatever discussion forums they come across because they hijack everything for attentionwhoring and shitposting, and unlike normans you can't just avoid them by not going to super-mainstream sites. There aren't many places you can really get away from them.
>> No. 31853 [Edit]
Yeah, I thought the same thing, the argument seemed all well and good, even the part about media being used to make people depressed, I'd believe it, as media is often used to push an agenda or what have you, but anything beyond that... "Originally I want to make a work that would allow the audience to be happy, so I was interested in why such works were being suppressed. I was surprised to find out that Jews were behind it when I looked into it." First sentence makes sense, that's the idea behind being an otaku, doing and creating things you love and enjoy, to share them with others. What is being argued is anime is being influenced and made by people who don't hold that otaku mindset. This is certainly true it seems, but when he says he looked into it to find out jews were behind these things, where does that conclusion come from? Some of the later conclusions drawn about people being manipulated from being told what to think are true, but not really in the ways described. Yeah, of course be wary of any opinions and think about more than one side before drawing conclusions (including this one we are talking about right now). Many people don't think for themselves and bring themselves into two-sided groupthink, just about everywhere, nothing new. To get back to the thread topic, if anything were to bother me about ironic weebs, it would be how little they care about the media they consume, as that is anti-otaku in itself. If you like something, why by embarrassed or ashamed for other people's sake? Only going to be people treating anime as simple consumerist media like anything else, and not something to be inspired by to form communities around, to form your own creative endeavors or even things like drawing or others like fansubbing/TL.
>> No. 31854 [Edit]
Oh no, otaku material is gaining acceptance and now I'll have to like qualities about it other than it setting me apart from le mainstream normies.

Like 70% of that image is totally fine. Exhentai? Fire Emblem? The topic of "ironic weebism" seems to simply serve as a way to derail conversations about popular shows and characters, doubly ironic because the people OP's hating on are probably genuinely enjoying anime a lot more than miserable shitposters fretting about normies hijacking their hobby.
>> No. 31855 [Edit]
there are very few genuine otakus who use this site or imageboards in general anymore. instead its all a bunch of shitheads who just want to try and get upset at you because you don't want to let them shove their political points of view on you 24/7. because mainstream media news is the only important thing in their lives, somehow that leads these people to come to an anime website and complain about mainstream political shit, as if there aren't already enough imageboards dedicated to political shit already.
and then those same people start complaining about "normies". the only significant things in their lives is mainstream media politics crap and their grievances about how its not run in the way that they want it to be. essentially these people are upset because they're failed normies.
>> No. 31858 [Edit]
You're not wrong, politics is just annoying to see at this point. Rather see people talk about what they like, not what they don't like. Though I'm not really sure what failed normie is supposed mean in that context so I'd just say it's not having anything to care about which would take their attention off it, and not realizing what it's doing to them, referring to politics and news media of course.
>> No. 31859 [Edit]
I find it funny that people are afraid about anime get homogenized and palatable for westerners when it's already literally a commercial for a manga and merchandise.
I also seriously doubt that the things in that image are becoming mainstream in the west, and a lot of those things look like stuff normal anime fans would enjoy, like Umaru or exhentai.
>> No. 31860 [Edit]
It's a commercial for Japanese manga and Japanese Merchandise.
>> No. 31863 [Edit]
It's obnoxious when politics tries to flood in. People keep trying to make being an otaku less about liking anime than it is about collecting a bunch of reactionary viewpoints from /pol/ and maybe having an anime avatar on the side.
>> No. 31864 [Edit]
While I (try to) rarely engage in this topic... I wonder if all these posters complaining about politics realize it's not some fantasy living in some tinfoil-hatted people, and that it's encroached in almost every major hobby nowadays to some degree. Such mentality was shared by western animation fans, videogame enthusiasts, players of trading card games, weekly (legit) role-players, and comic-book readers, and today they wail, cry, whine, whatever at their politically-hijacked state of affairs. I think it's somewhat pointless to discuss it because there is basically nothing the average pirating anime watcher can do about it... but you must all be either in a bubble or heavy denial if you think they aren't coming for anime and that articles like >>31847 aren't a truthful depiction of reality instead of lunatic ravings.
>> No. 31865 [Edit]
Finally someone gets it. They are coming for anime, and they won't quit until anime is destroyed. It's best if we're quick to remember the good quality anime that exists now, before they're stomped all over and forgotten about.
>> No. 31866 [Edit]
>and they won't quit until anime is destroyed
They don't want to destroy anime because that implies they want it gone; their point of view is "positive" and they're doing what they think is right, which is the actual problem. If their goals were so transparently "evil", they'd be incredibly easy to rally people against and stop them, but because they come with "positive change" (purposeful or machiavellian) a lot of people in the target industry has a hard time picking a side until it's way too late.

It's why people in the west that nowadays are unironically claiming anime needs more diverse racial representation and to ditch outdated perspectives like "overt sexualization", do it from a place of righteous indignation, and someone who thinks is 100% right is not going to stop in their crusade. Then the people on top use these ideological pawns as an excuse to make changes that they deem will get them more profit, without interest about the ramifications. I personally saw it over the years with comic books and it takes very little effort to find all the proof it's needed to realize it's happening right now to the videogame industry. They're slowly and steady doing it to anime too.
>> No. 31867 [Edit]
That's exactly what I mean. It's depressing.
>> No. 31868 [Edit]
I used to think anime was safe from being corrupted by western barbarians, but Hollywood has proven in recent years that the ocean, different languages, and different cultures wont stop this. They saw there's money to be made by pandering to Chinese audiences, even if it means alienating American viewers. For the time being the general consensus is that anime is for the Japanese first and foremost, but how long can they hold out before temptation has them give in to the potential for larger profits?
>> No. 31869 [Edit]
I believe that it won't happen unless one of the companies establishes a Western branch. That's when things start to go awry, because suddenly they have to please foreign investors. In a worst case scenario the foreign branch could become the main HQ like Sony. In any case, establishing a foreign branch will be the big red flag.
>> No. 31884 [Edit]
Looking at that picture makes me feel tired.
>> No. 31892 [Edit]
Some watch only popular anime even if they don't like it, that doesn't affect you — just watch whatever you like if you enjoy the media for what it is

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