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File 152075961459.jpg - (47.46KB , 800x450 , o0800045013268415062.jpg )
31444 No. 31444 [Edit]
What's your living situation like? Do you live with the folks, rent an apartment, or what?
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>> No. 31447 [Edit]
File 152076072243.jpg - (2.69MB , 2048x2304 , yellowroom.jpg )
I recently got my (sort of) first house, and it's been one of the worst experiences of my life.

Chapter one; limbo.
This all started when my mom sold our previous house and we had to clear out with not much heads up. They were really pushy about getting us out even though the house remained empty for more than a week after we left. That said, we had nowhere to go and were still shopping for a new place. I thought I'd buy an RV for us to stay in for a while, and part it at a campground near my job, but my mom was able to find someone with an empty room we could use. Problem was she changed her mind at the very last minute (day we had to be out of the old house) and decided she didn't like that person anymore, and instead was gonna stick us in a place that looked like a crack den. At least we found a new house out of pure dumb luck after looking around for months and not being able to find anything. Didn't help our real estate agents dropped me after the loan agent rejected me (they didn't like the NEET periods on my work history) but after a lot of stress and fighting I got approved by another company. All the same, the person needed time to pack up and move out, so with nowhere (other than a crackden) to go, we hunted for a place to stay and landed a spare room in the same mobile home park which my mom wanted to get a home in and that I had to desperately talk her out of (community fees out the ass there). It was a tiny dark room barely big enough for two beds. Mind you we were were driving around with a small fishtank in the car spilling water all over, I sure as heck wasn't about to let our fish all die.. That said a couple didn't make it.

I stayed in that room for about a month with my mom even though the park didn't allow renting of rooms, so we had to sneak in everyday. Had no internet for that time, so I'd leach wherever I could. Even got a government provided free phone at one point with 3g and hotspoted it so I could at least hang on irc during my time in that room. I'd have gone nuts without my laptop (larger one shown was just used for toying around with, too old to get any real use out of.) Most of our stuff was in storage, and some of my things kept in a spare room in the house we were gonna be moving into. Unfortunately, that room was poorly added on and had poor ventilated, which meant it was like an oven in there during the day. At the time of writing this I've found two game controllers that were messed up due to the heat, but not sure what else might have been effected as I'm still slowly unpacking.

More here from the time

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>> No. 31448 [Edit]
File 152077624774.jpg - (26.26KB , 650x427 , 0001.jpg )
I'm sorry to read that. At least the worst is over hopefully. Glad to know you managed to save most of your fish. That's good.

I live with my parents. Luckily enough I'm the only black sheep in the family so both my younger brothers moved out years ago and that means I get my own room, which I keep extremely clean and neat. To be a scrupulous leech is the least I can do for mom and dad given I'm 31 and did never foot a single bill in my life. Last job I held was at a cybercafe place in 2005/2006. I do my own laundry and ocasionally the groceries and cooking. I'm also responsible for tutoring my dad how to use the printer every single day which never ceases to amaze me. I also have the courtesy of letting him blame me for all the shit he does to his computer. A small price for room and board, isn't? All in all I try to be as invisible as I can and so far it's been good.

Well since the last poster had a picture of his arrangements I suppose I should have one as well. Locker where I keep all my clothing. I fold them in a way I like to call it uzumaki style which is basically how Marie Kondo folds her stuff but I roll it after the rectangle stage. This way the smell of fabric softner lasts longer.
>> No. 31449 [Edit]
I've rented a place for roughly two and a half years now. No way I could afford to own anything, here at least, only due to cheap rent is how I can afford it in the first place. Eventually it would be nice to own land of some sort and a house. Course that's a ways away and requires more planning and research than I've currently done. Ideally somewhat isolated or at least away from any large cities, but of course that requires more planning due to less job prospects in rural areas, adding to the trouble.
>> No. 31450 [Edit]
File 152109921566.jpg - (355.13KB , 720x1280 , photo_2018-03-14_21-49-53.jpg )
I was installing/testing some rgb light strips and noticed this.

This is why you don't waste money on cheap Chinese garbage.
>> No. 31451 [Edit]
What about all your collectibles and PC?
>> No. 31452 [Edit]
File 152110550481.jpg - (1.59MB , 1280x4320 , house work.jpg )

Chapter two; construction.

Forgot to mention that while we were in limbo, the majority of our stuff was left in a storage locker.
Gotta say, my mom really didn't make the moving process easy. We've moved a dozen times but she still doesn't know how to pack, and shoves anything and everything into any box and forces them half closed with stuff bursting out as she assaults the boxes with an excessive amount of wasted tape. This made it very hard to store anything she packed, as none of it could be stacked. You could play tetris with most of the things I packed meanwhile, and it was one of the reasons the previous home owner let me keep most of my stuff in their spare room as they moved out (she didn't want a messy cluserfuck to worrry about).
It's funny though. The same day we moved out, I sold a fig on ebay which me made scramble for a box, packing supplies, and head to the storage place, dig around inn the unit, and get the fig out, and packed it while in the post office parking lot. After that I raised the prices on all my stuff by about $500 to keep people from buying anything else till the ordeal was over. This got me a few messages from annoyed item watches. Moving stuff into said storage locker wasn't exactly fun thanks to the time limit we had, but also because I rented the wrong type of truck for the first day, which I sort of backed into our garage at one point and busted a rain gutter. Meanwhile, my mom refused to hire professionals to help us, so she got a couple guys from the local gas station. One of which got progressively drunk during the day and nearly dropped a couch on the second guy. He only worked for a few hours before being too wasted to keep going. My mom did the same when it was time to move out of the storage locker, and to no surprise these people showed very little respect for our stuff. That said, I'm amazed more things weren't damaged.

Anyways, So we moved into the house, and for a few days I slept in my room to be, empty with nothing much but a desk, laptop, and cot. As with any new home, there were a lot of things in need of repair or changing. Once these started it got to be annoying to clear my stuff out of the room over and over, so I moved into the spare room where I was keeping all my stuff. I was barely able to make enough space for the cot and a fold out table/chair as shown in the third pic. During this time I used 1/12 scale furniture I made for my old room replica to get an idea of how I'd arrange my new room (took forever to figure out). As for work/construction, it started simple enough with changing all the locks. The previous owner for some odd reason had a different key for more than a dozen different locks around the house. four on the front door, and four on the back door. Another thing was how they had different colored outlets all around the house. Some white, some tan, some black. Wasn't too hard or expensive to replace em all, just took time. Then there were bigger things, like getting the glass door in my room removed and walled over. We had the whole inside repainted, ceilings de-popcorned, lights installed here and there and more. Many of these things were done by a guy who was recommended to us by the previous home owner, who apparently did many repairs and upgrades to the house during her years there. Problem was, he was a complete fucking retard who had no idea what he was doing and may have even been drunk at times on the job. He practically refused to lay down anything to protect the wood floor while working, and resulted in tons of chips and scratches in the end. While installing a light in my room he slipped and put his arm though my ceiling. The ceiling lamp was sagging down lopsided. he tried to fix this by glopping on Spackle and plaster around the lamp, but I wasn't having any of that and made him do it right. Uses the wrong types of wires for one lamp, and left exposes wires when he put it in. As if that wasn't bad enough, we spent hundreds on paint he instructed us to get and paying him and another to do it. He had neglected to mention the paint needed to be colored, and sent us multiple times to get transparent paint which he was happy to charge us to apply. Didn't notice because I was busy at work while they painted, and the walls were originally white (same color we thought we were getting). Wasn't till we painted some wood boards that we realized little paint was actually going on em. At this point however we had already parted ways with the guy, and had already moved most of our furniture in. We got three 5 gallon containers of paint around $80 each, and the third was the only one that actually had pigment to em. We figure the guy knew what he was doing and after scamming us twice they had to do it for real eventually. In the months we've been here we've been noticing more and more half assed and horrible repairs/upgrades, while remembering that guy was who the previous owner kept hiring. By the way, the guy ended up bailing while leaving the wall in my room half done. Least on the up side we did find one decent guy who was able to fix a lot of the shit work the other guy did and more, and he even ended up renting the spare room in this house. I think the worst part about this aside from all the money we were loosing, was the lack of sleep I was getting. These construction guys would usually show up extremely early, often times asking me to go to hardware stores to get materials and supplies from across town. My mom meanwhile did little other than complain during the whole process and make more work. This is one of the reasons we had to hire people to help rather than me doing it myself on my weekends. We made sure to finish her room first. At one point we had an electrician over to just get an estimate. He was the buddy of someone else working here, so he hung around as we took care of other things. I came back in after a while to see him helping my mom install a chandelier in our kitchen. I was kind of being rushed and didn't have the chance to ask if he was charging us or whatever for that. Latter I get back and he wants $80 for just screwing in some bulbs and stuff. She also made a bit of a mess of our front yard, insisting she'd take care of that part of the house. That meant planint small roze bushes in the grass along the fence which died soon after, and sloppily dropping rows of bricks around to create half assed planter boxes. Also pulled out a gopher trap I placed on an active tunnel, then burred it in a completely random spot while not know how they work. I could go on endlessly with her...

Oh and I'm pretty sure the guy I mentioned before with the paints/wall stole some of my tools too. A power saw and drill, as well as a few miscellaneous hand tools. He was also trying to take us for a ride and charge us more than we had agreed on, but I kept track of everything.
One thing that ended up being a surprisingly huge pain in the ass was replacing the doors. The house had some busted up wood panel doors that I figured we'd replace for white ones, which were about $50 each. But after buying them I found they were too big. Apparently for some reason, stand alone doors are bigger than the doors that come prehung in frames for god knows what reason even though they read as having the same size. I figured I'd cut the doors down then to fit, but people recommended I not do that since the doors are mostly hollow and it'd make them very weak on the ends. I would have gotten the pre-hung ones and taken the doors out of the frames, then put em in our door ways. but nope, hinges wouldn't line up. Those same guys offered to replace our door frames all together, said it'd be much simpler and easier (it wasn't). The door frames were all out of wack and the doors weren't closing properly. They've messed with em time and time again to get em right, but they still stick at times, or in the case of our bathroom door have a very noticeable arc in the space between the door and the trim. We haven't even really touched the back fence yet which is falling apart due to some idiot dumping tons of dirt on one side of it to level off the backyard without anything between said dirt and the fence, which is pushing the fence out and causing dirt to get all over the sidewalk. That's on top of them looking uneven like someone was drunk when they were put in place. We're also still dealing with electrical problems. All the outlets in my room, the bathroom, part of my mom's room, part of the living room, and one in the backyard are on the same breaker which has been flipping out more than a sjw at a gaming convention. Heck, just a couple weeks after being in here the spare bathroom's toilet started to leak due to a bad wax seal.

An endless point of worry they were. They're safe now though.

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>> No. 31453 [Edit]
File 152120807332.png - (57.42KB , 190x150 , 08c.png )
What an unlucky bastard. So, what do you do for ventilation in your room?
>> No. 31454 [Edit]
File 152123076871.jpg - (5.95MB , 2048x5760 , room work 2.jpg )
I've never had an issue with it. This is the third room I've been in where I've boarded off the windows in some way. Well, it was a tad bit of an issue in the first house I did this in due to poor construction causing it to become extremely hot in that room with the only air vent being in the floor. Since then however I've installed AC units in the windows of my rooms which help when things get too warm. I don't have a very good scene of smell meanwhile, but since I imagine smells might be a problem so I've been using plug in air fresheners.

The way I see it, windows create a lack of privacy, they allow in uv light that can damage my stuff, the light they allow in makes it hard to sleep during the day time, and they waste space which could otherwise be used for installing shelving or what have you.

Pic here is from when the work was mostly done and I started moving in.
>> No. 31457 [Edit]
File 152136379310.jpg - (3.58MB , 1280x7200 , pool hell.jpg )
Chapter three; The Pool.

As I had mentioned before, we were lucky to find this house when we did. We were looking around for homes in the -$200,000 range and finding nothing but crap heaps. One house we saw was in the process of caving in and had it's roof held in place by a single poll in the middle of the living room. (welcome to California) Then came the friend of my mom's friend who wanted to move and their house didn't seem half bad. From the moment I saw it however, I knew it was going to be a problem. We stepped outside and there it was, as swimming pool. Some people see a pool and think it's awesome, something to play around with in summer time without a care. I knew better. I saw that pool and saw a large water bill, I saw endlessly scrubbing and cleaning, I saw endless chemical treatment and testing, I saw a massive pain in the ass. This was because I had worked on my father's pool when I was a child and knew how much work it took, but I had no idea how much of a pain it would really turn out to be.

So I tried my hand at maintaining the pool for the first few weeks we were living in this new house, but the paint was chipping away and cracks were very noticeable. That and in spite of my efforts it had started turning green. Turned out the paint was $100 a gallon and we'd need about 5 gallons, At least the stuff to fill cracks was only about $20. So we decided to drain it and repaint it, didn't seem like a big deal at the time (photo 1). This was done with the help of a guy my mother pulled off the streets after mistaking him for a city worker (I didn't know this at the time). The street our house is on was being completely torn out and redone by the city, great timing huh? This of course added to the stress and lack of sleep I got, aside from the inconvenience of not being able to use that street (and as such not use our garage) but I digress. The guy my mom got was charging $120 a day, and once we drained the pool he started grinding off the old paint (photo 2). One annoying thing right off the bat was that he had no tools of his own and made me spend more than $100 in tools and materials. After a week it became obvious he was simply dragging his feet to squeeze more money out of us. We had already given him more than $1,200 at this point. So once he finished getting the top layer of paint off we cut him loose and decided to look for someone else to finish what he started. The pool stayed empty for a while and we started to suspect the neighbor's tree might have caused the cracks, since it's a very large tree on the other side of the fence across from the majority of the cracking (photo 3), everyone who saw the pool figured that was what caused the cracking too.

So we left the pool alone for nearly two months since we had a lot of other stuff to deal with at the time.
I should mention when we got the house the lenders kind of screwed up when it came to the insurance, so we had to get out own. We had been in the house for a while now without even realizing it had no insurance (did I mention this place has some bad electrical problems?) part of getting new loan meant having someone come inspect the house. We figured the pool being empty might be a problem, but as far as I knew no one ever came to inspect the house and we never heard any complaints the insurance company about it, they took the payment so we figured thought we were fine there. A month latter we get a check returning the deposit for the insurance, and turns out our home insurance got canceled. I guess they actually did show up, and not only was the empty pool an issue but they didn't like that the walled off part of my room was unfinished. So now we were pretty much forced to get the pool finished.

Enter one of my mom's friends. This guy showed up saying he's worked on pools for ages and can easily take care of it for $800, which meant fixing the cracks, repainting the pool, and even removing the old damaged tiles, and filling the space to run the paint up to the edge of the pool. A bit of a side not on this guy. I DID NOT want to hire this guy at all. His home was the crack house like place my mom wanted us to stay out during our limbo period. I knew no one who lived in filth the way he did would do halfway decent work. Also, his daughter was a flat slob who crashed out our previous house on an almost regular bases. This made me want to leave my room even less often than I already did since I didn't want to look at the person let alone talk to them. My mom stopped letting her come over after she stole some of our food and ruined our microwave with it. Whelp, back to the pool.
So my mom makes us hire the guy and he got to work right away and did a pretty good job of getting the old tiles off, I'll give him that much. Then he goes and uses this stucco style cement on the pool cracks and edges then paints right over them while I'm at work and can only see over our cameras (photo 4). Needless to say, it looks like garbage when I go look the next morning. Every crack he placed cement over looked like a really rough and ugly speed bump, and the parts around the edge look jagged, spiky, and rough too. I was frankly amazed he thought that was okay, and more so that he painted right over without getting the green light from us knowing full well how expensive the paint was. I spoke with him and he said he could sand it out, and so I bought a sander to try and make it easier for him since he was gonna do it by hand.
I check the next day and finds he barely sanded it at all and painted right over it again, and it still looked like shit. Meanwhile, I was able to bend down and pick off chips of paint easily because the cement he painted over didn't adhere to the pool at all. When we were sold the paint we were told a painted pool might last four to seven years. This however didn't look like it'd last a week if we filled it. This guy seems convinced he can fix the problem however, and grinding off all the areas where he placed cement (photo 5). He then requests we buy another two gallons of paint because he used up all five gallons. (mind you, this stuff is $100 a gallon). Thing is, it's pretty clear to me he can't fix what he did and more than likely paint will keep chipping off ever in areas outside of the cement he layed down and gridded off, so we tell him not to bother. Around this time my mother hires a guy to dig a hole next to our back fence to cut the roots to the tree we suspected was causing the pool to crack in the first place. I stop them however before he gets too far since it could cause all sorts of issues. For one, the tree could die and the neighbor might sue us, or it could fall over without support and cause expensive property damage. The guy my mom hired filled the hole back up and I was stuck paying him $100 for the day's work.

Now we've spent more than $2500 on this pool and it looks like pic 5, and we're here trying to figure out what to do. Then the loan company sends us a letter saying they're going to find their own insurance and bill us for it. Of course the pool will be an issue when they try and they'll just force us to finish it anyway. So we decide to bite the bullet and go with re-plastering the pool using professionals this time. See, a ways back we spoke with someone who recommended redoing the plaster on the pool, who said it'd cost about $4000. That seemed like a bit much so we decided to go with painting, and look where that got us. Sure we could try painting again, but that'd mean paying someone to prep the pool yet again and remove all the paint, repair the cracks, then repaint it. If we were gonna spend that much money yet again, we may as well get it done right this time. Unfortunately, the price went up to $4900 this time because of the extra work the previous guy did along with having to buy and install new tiles. As I found out, you NEED to have a bare minimum of tiles because any paint/plaster left above the water line will crack. He also tells me all the cracks in the pool likely weren't from the tree but rather just the pool being dried and the plaster cracking, much like a dry lake bed. He convinced us it was only the plaster that would be cracked, and that the cement under it would be fine. All the same, we give this guy the job and soon after he sends his crew to start chipping off all the plaster on the pool (photo 6). I should probably explain that in a plaster pool, you have a cement bowl as the base layer, then a layer of plaster on top of that, and the previous home owners painted over this plaster three times. There were two layers of blue and one of white... and ours made the forth layer of paint. Wouldn't you know it though? Apparently the cement base was made too thin and cracked! (photo 7) They suspected this was due to water reaching the rebar and causing it to rust. So they removed the cement around the rebar and removed what couldn't be salvage, while treating the rest of it. As they did this I saw some sort of jug under the rebar and assume that was to hold up the bars as they worked. Turns out they found large tree roots under the cement which might have added in the cracking too, so they soaked the roots in plant killer (photo 8). I spoke with one of the construction guys about this who thought maybe the neighbor's tree really was causing damage to the pool. He went on to explain he once had the same issue with a nehbor and even went to court about it, and at the end of the day anything you do on your side of the fence is your right, including cutting branches or roots to over grown trees. This is something a number of other people have told me too, and that I was over thinking things with the issues it might cause. I was thinking I should at least say something to the neighbor about the problem we were having. The construction guy however recommended not even saying anything to the neighbor because that might cause unnecessary issues and the neighbor likely wouldn't notice anyway, but might cause a fuss if we do say something which we'd have to live with for many years to come. As he's telling me this my mother notices the neighbor is in their backyard and calls to them and starts telling him about the tree and so on. Her English is rather broken however so I end up having to explain the situation to the guy and told him we might cut the tree roots on our side of the fence, and made sure to tell him we wouldn't charge him or anything. He couldn't have been more uncaring and indifferent. He said it was fine and left.

I should also mention the skimmer for our pool was busted and replacing that alone was $1,000. They replaced that early on, but left it a bit lopsided/uneven. Also, as this third construction crew worked on our pool we had someone repainting the back side of the house since the insurance complained about that too (off color wall section in photo 7). All the while as the guy worked the crew kept calling him and yelling at him "easy money?!". I'm still not sure if they thought it was because the painter was ripping me off, or because he obviously wasn't a legal citizen that they might blame for stealing construction jobs, but all the same it almost sounded at times like they might start fighting. I do have to admit I find it a tad annoying he got carried away with panting and did stuff I was planing too myself, but I guess it's better to just have it all out the way anyways. By the way, the third contractors ended up charging me $6,400 since they had to do extra work with the cement. Photo 7/8 is what it looks like at the time of posting this. At is stands, we spent nearly $9,000 on a swimming pool I can't even see myself ever using. Heck, I don't even know how to swim. That's not to mention all the pool equipment was placed right outside my room and can't be moved without dropping a few grand, the pool light is burned out and would cost $100+ for a new bulb, the cement around the pool is still uneven and would run $1000+ to redo they say, and the diving board is missing which left holes in the cement and was also used to cover an electrical box which you can easily trip over (there's a bucket over it in photo 7, and you can kinda see it in photos 2&4). Whelp, We'll try to recover what we spent when we sell the house, but man, fuck pools. fuck em hard.
>> No. 31458 [Edit]
This is probably pretty obvious to you already but please don't cheap out and find random guys to do your building work any more. Pay for some reasonable quality professionals even if your mom is against it. In some situations paying for quality pays off.
>> No. 31461 [Edit]
File 152142229120.jpg - (51.56KB , 1280x720 , shocked.jpg )
>Heck, I don't even know how to swim.
Ironically, that's the saddest statement in all this saga. You can't even enjoy that god-damned pool.
What this anon mentioned is proper. Don't hire illegals, and if you do, deport them if they screw up. By the way, there's a spanish saying "Lo barato sale caro" (Translation: "The cheap ends up expensive").
>> No. 31462 [Edit]
File 152142634336.png - (298.24KB , 405x380 , 1455661870267.png )
>the pool light is burned out and would cost $100+ for a new bulb

Well, a new bulb would be $2.99 (I recommend getting one of the more expensive 7.99 range LEDs that would last you until the next earthquake makes the pool cave in), but you would probably need to drain the pool, and possibly replacing the seal on the light (assuming the guys who fucked with the concrete didn't royally fuck it, in which case you would need to get a new lighting assembly/case).

Don't forget to buy a tarp and buoys, and keep it covered for the 60%+ of the year when nobody will use it. From the pictures, it looks like they did a well enough job.

For the concrete walkways around the pool/fence, I recommend doing that yourself, if you have the time. The concrete itself will cost you about $60 (buy them in bags from Home Depot), a trowel and some 2x6's will be another $25, and then it's a lot of labor to mix, pour, and smooth.
Builds character, is good exercise, and can be quite cathartic. Make sure it is properly mixed, and don't add too much water.

Anyhow, I hope your Mom learned (and you to make sure she doesn't forget the lesson) that you are better off paying the cost upfront, instead of trying to cut corners hiring cheap asses. You could've saved 2,500 or more.

Lastly, HOAs are bullshit. Make sure to keep an eye on them, as they will go out of their way to screw you while charge you a few thousand per year for the pleasure to do so.
Get a copy of the HOA agreement, in writing, and make sure that every single thing that the HOA is supposed to cover gets done, else they will gladly pass that cost on to you even when they are the ones legally obligated to source and pay for the shit.
>> No. 31463 [Edit]
File 152144969681.jpg - (234.18KB , 1200x900 , xNMqhyl.jpg )
Yeah I know, as I had mentioned I didn't even want to hire that last guy but my mom insisted just as she brought the guy before him, and those useless movers. It's pretty good advice in general though. Lord knows I could have tried harder to stop her and put my foot down, but the idea of saving a buck was certainly tempting. From here out however I aint having none of that anymore.

>You can't even enjoy that god-damned pool.
Well, there's always RC boats and what not.

7.99? when I looked them up to check the guy's estimated prices I found they were a $100 plus.
The types that screw in seem to be a lot cheaper, but I don't think those are compatible with our pool. That said, yeah I was thinking RGB for sure.

I'll be sure to do the concrete work myself though. I'm fed up of paying people insane amounts to do stuff I can do myself (but haven't had the time to). We don't really have a HOA by the way, that's what we were getting away from when we moved. It was mainly the insurance issue and them not wanting to cover a house with an empty pool for liability reasons. In other words, some fuckhead might fall in the pool and sue us.

edit; looks like those lights are housings with standard bulbs inside of them, did you mean taking the thing apart to get the bulb out?

Post edited on 19th Mar 2018, 2:00am
>> No. 31464 [Edit]
You can always learn how to swin on your own, it's not that hard at all (and preferable to hiring someone to teach you). It's imho an essential skill to have. Plus, it's great exercise, probably the best because it has 0.0 impact in your joints.

Do you have insurance now? Remember to make an estimate of all your belongings combine worth ASAP, ideally with accurate descriptions.
>> No. 31465 [Edit]
When a fucking screw with a sealing washer is six dollars, you know the company is ripping you off.
>> No. 31466 [Edit]
>edit; looks like those lights are housings with standard bulbs inside of them, did you mean taking the thing apart to get the bulb out?

Yes, exactly.
A new Water proof housing may cost a lot more, but resealing the current one shouldn't be too difficult.
>> No. 31467 [Edit]
>tohno's blog thread
>> No. 31468 [Edit]
Anyone's welcome to share their own stories related to the topic of the thread. It's not my fault I have more to say than most other users, which leaves people with more to comment on, and more to respond to in turn.
>> No. 31478 [Edit]
I live in a university dorm. I get free internet, but the catch is they ban p2p, so I can't torrent anime anymore. I'm glad to have gotten away from my parents, but I have to find a job so that I don't get kicked out. At the moment I'm waiting for my work permit so I can work without fear of getting arrested and deported. Last time I worked for a day illegally at a ballroom. It was my first job, and I hated it. I worked two shifts for 12 hours in total bringing food to the tables. When I got home my ankles were bleeding because of the dress shoes I was wearing. The seniors I was assigned to was supposed to show me the ropes but they just gave me some instructions and left me to figure out how to do everything on my own. Shouldn't they let you tag along and give simple tasks before giving you free rein? The best I could do without messing up was bringing drinks to the tables. Ask them "would you like some fruit juice" and get something else if they ask for it. Even when I asked a senior where could I get some hot water or tea they treat at me as if I'm an imbecile for not knowing how on my first day of work. The manager was an ok guy because when I asked he taught me without making faces how to put food in a box for the guests. The 3dpd seniors were, well what did I expect. They would smile and giggle when talking to the manager (he was handsome), but their expression turned 180 degrees when I talk to them. When I ask for instructions they sigh. When I make a mistake they make annoyed faces. When I just stand waiting for a chance to do something I get scolded. What the fuck was I supposed to do then. That was how they treated new workers on the first day. I'm not going back there after getting my pay.
>> No. 31481 [Edit]
I currently live with my mother in a somewhat shitty trailer. I don't have a problem with the trailer itself because I like it, but it's condition isn't the best, especially considering the fact that it was rented to some shitty 3D bitch that shit up the inside before abandoning it without a word.

My mom happened to buy the trailer a long while ago because she heard from a friend or something that it was cheap and affordable, which was mostly true, especially considering that living anywhere else is pretty much significantly more expensive than where we currently are.

I don't want to really go too much into my own life story, but I'll just say that pretty much my entire life has been just moving around to different places all in the same part of Florida. I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the reasons why I avoid hanging up posters and pictures on the walls because I don't expect anything to last.
>> No. 31490 [Edit]
I live in a trailer with 4-5 other people. It fluctuates but at one time we had 8 roommates living here legally.
>> No. 31492 [Edit]
>this was one of the reasons why I avoid hanging up posters and pictures on the walls because I don't expect anything to last.
I've moved a lot over the years too and it feels weirder each time to unpack my stuff. It's as if I expect to have to pack it all up again soon anyway which makes me not want to unpack it in the first place. Because of all the movie at this point I hoard large boxes I come across and keep many of my things packed inside them in preparation for an inevitable move. If nothing else I've found that each time I've moved I've gotten better at organizing things and discarding unnecessary stuff. It'd be nice to settle down somewhere and call it home for good though.
>> No. 31510 [Edit]
I live with my parents. I'm already 26, I really wish I could be by myself, but the house is nice and I like it, my parents are ultimately nice people, and I can't afford to move out anyway.
>> No. 31527 [Edit]
File 152450110999.jpg - (73.81KB , 627x891 , 1479648787835.jpg )
tomorrow I'm making a downpayment on a 17 square meter flat (55 square feet if you're using imperial) final price is 80000 USD not counting lawyers and paperwork. there is a small window that opens into a space between buildings that houses dozens of AC units. this is where i'm going to live the rest of my life
>> No. 31528 [Edit]
Sounds kind of depressing. Don't suppose you considered other areas?
>> No. 31529 [Edit]
17 m² for $80k?! Is this located on a penthouse or something?
>> No. 31530 [Edit]
Yeah I've been looking for almost a year now. Everything is so expensive. A decent flat goes for 120-130k
it's an old office building restored for residential use. Once all the paperwork is done and I move in (should take a few months) I will post some pics
>> No. 31531 [Edit]
is this in hong kong or some place in asia or something
>> No. 31532 [Edit]
Why would you live in a city? It would cost a fraction to buy a small house in a rural area.
>> No. 31550 [Edit]
Currently live in an apartment with 3 roommates in a medium-sized US city. It's not so bad, they're all pretty chill and I get a private bedroom to myself which is really all I need in life.
>> No. 31554 [Edit]
>What's your living situation like?
I live in a small two bedroom house, with a decent sized yard in a shitty small rural town.

>Do you live with the folks, rent an apartment, or what?
I barely get anything to live off of but I do have a roommate who has taken me in in exchange of the little bit I do get and some help around the house. Mowing grass, housework, etc. But it's a rental.
>> No. 31604 [Edit]
That sounds like a pretty neat arrangement. How do you like it?
>> No. 33797 [Edit]
File 157577859929.jpg - (325.16KB , 744x836 , AssuredDuck.jpg )
Busking now; getting paid in coins & notes.
>> No. 33807 [Edit]
File 157580377171.jpg - (508.50KB , 1200x1610 , GuP Erika 049.jpg )
I live with my mum, two sisters and my brother, but I live in a shed so I get a reasonable amount of privacy. The people in my family are all degenerating over time though, when they were kids I didn't mind them, now I hate them and barely feel any kind of attachment to them, somehow it makes me feel lonelier than not having anybody around at all. I really want to move out but I would need Autism payments or something of that nature to do it, if I did move out I don't think I would have anything to do with them again.
>> No. 33809 [Edit]
I live on my own. Technically my mother owns it, but it's a bit of silly mess.
Third floor, near Venice. I do miss having a garden, but luckily I work in the fields so I can vent my "botanical frustrations" there.
>> No. 33818 [Edit]
That sounds peaceful and nice.
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