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File 146494851523.png - (301.11KB , 640x336 , 6ecee117fa01d98e3ad05ad77153c2ba1459439253_full.png )
29096 No. 29096 [Edit]
Who would win?
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>> No. 29098 [Edit]
High-fibre diet
>> No. 29101 [Edit]
File 146518011751.gif - (526.74KB , 500x531 , 1442196354477.gif )
Comes down to whether EVA-01 had an AT-field during the fight. If we're talking about the whole of NERV here, then most assuredly them.
>> No. 29116 [Edit]
But what is the AT-field?
>> No. 32869 [Edit]
Who wins? Anno Hideki!
>> No. 32894 [Edit]
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Weaponised soundtracks; you just seen the best parts of the movie.
>> No. 36926 [Edit]
File 160714961486.jpg - (130.79KB , 850x1158 , sea2.jpg )
Tenacious D
>> No. 36928 [Edit]
What's going on with these random as fuck posts pointlessly bumping old threads?
>> No. 36934 [Edit]
I've noticed that as well. While I personally don't mind reviving old threads, it annoys me when people bump it when all they have is a one-word response.
>> No. 36935 [Edit]
Maybe it'll remind people of the topic and start some discussion--or, most likely not.
>> No. 36936 [Edit]
I assume they find the topics interesting and want to give it a second chance, even if they themselves don't have much to add.
>> No. 36960 [Edit]
File 160773598898.png - (654.29KB , 692x965 , stopfuckingposting.png )
I made note of this in another thread. I cut back heavily on lurking TC because those little two word/one sentence shitposts drive me insane. The main perpetrator is someone who avatarfags as Cammy from Street Fighter. It's always the same format too; one sentence phrase, street fighter fanart, and always punctuated with multiple periods. And he isn't satisfied with ruining TC either. Look at Uboachans /ot/ and he is in every FUCKING thread. I've seen him on even less populated boards like Desuchan also. I really don't know where people like him even come from because the posting style is so far removed from what I typically see on imageboards.
>> No. 36961 [Edit]
Huh, didn't really know this was a thing. I saw someone else complain about the guy recently but didn't really see what the problem was.
>> No. 36968 [Edit]
Why let him ruin your enjoyment? Can't you just ignore him? Either way maybe I am blind but I have never seen him here.
>> No. 36969 [Edit]
File 160776842687.jpg - (234.30KB , 700x700 , 3f168851dec0e018edf0c5591a8eee31.jpg )
I'm not him but shitposters like the anon in question tend to rarely leave unless a mod does something about it (which is never). Shitposters can be persistent enough to shit up a board without end and for one of the last few places on the internet where you can get away from the cancer that took over 4chan and places like it, it's something that shouldn't be ignored but should be acted on for once if the quality and everything this place stands for is something anyone here wants to preserve.
>> No. 36970 [Edit]
I think you maybe be overreacting a tad, I don't even think it's that bad. There is FAR worse he could do.
>> No. 36972 [Edit]
It's one of their symptoms. They probably couldn't post anything else even if they wanted to.
>> No. 36974 [Edit]
Banning people for crimes they haven't committed yet doesn't seem like good practice.
>> No. 36975 [Edit]
Honestly, I doubt they're purposely "shitposting" or trying to annoy people in any way.
>> No. 36983 [Edit]
>Either way maybe I am blind but I have never seen him here.
Me neither: the "single word bumped threads" are relatively infrequent, and even then I doubt it's the same person responsible for all of those. I suppose if one wanted to enforce "rules," there already exists #7:
>Do not misuse reaction images, specially without accompanying text.
>Shitposting may also refer to posts that only have 1 or 2 words without media attachment, unless on-topic.
>> No. 36984 [Edit]
File 160781308039.jpg - (272.50KB , 734x881 , fa3bac3b9ad44072ed9c4a4b042c0b5d.jpg )
Well if it's not any of you and it's not me, who is it then? We'll have to do a blood test.
>> No. 36986 [Edit]
I'll administer the tests since I'm the least likely poster who would perform the alleged activities.
>> No. 36987 [Edit]
File 160782371969.png - (115.51KB , 580x352 , goaway.png )
I'm not going to dig for examples on every board, but I'm going to use one specific thread as an example:>>32916
Do you see the ratio of insightful posts and posts that do nothing to generate discussion? Aside from a few outlier posts, the thread reads as if it was generated by an AI. You can also tell by the filename formats that most of the posts with images are composed by the samefag who likes Street fighter eg. 202001212. I really don't want to come off as sounding like a batshit conspiracy theorist, but as >>36969 said, one or two persistent shitposters left unchecked is all it takes to sabotage board quality on a site like TC. Shitposting is not strictly intentional; there are people that find their way onto imageboards from conventional forums or social media who don't lurk (and when they do it's clear that nothing is being retained), don't bother to look at the rule page or learn board culture, and don't make any substantive effort to contribute anything of value to a conversation. Because they lack self awareness and no one is outwardly complaining about the shitposting, it goes on uninterrupted. The only time I've seen their posts moderated is when they post western art or 3D. If nothing is done so be it, but there is a reason why I check for new posts every 30 days or so instead of daily.
>> No. 36988 [Edit]
If you want tohno to do something, you're best bet is saying something on /fb/, irc second. Tohno doesn't like enforcing rules, like at all, so convincing some zealous mod it's a problem would be best.
>> No. 36989 [Edit]
They're not breaking any rules as far as I can see, and it hardly seems like shit posting. I've noticed the person in question and had a mod ask me about them recently. At worst I thought they were a tad odd, but they've kept the majority of their street fighter posting to /vg/. We don't have any rules against being mildly strange or really liking a particular franchise. This is nothing compared to the Soranowoto or I My Me guys. Now those guys were obnoxious.

This discussion on the other hand is off topic and is bordering on Flaming/harassment of a user who hasn't done anything wrong.
>> No. 36990 [Edit]
File 16078340124.png - (83.52KB , 448x216 , insightfulandthoughtprovikingpost.png )
- Do not make worthless or inane posts (i.e. "shitposting").
- Do not misuse reaction images, specially without accompanying text.
It has nothing to do with being strange or liking a series. It has to do with blatant avatarfaggotry and having no restraint in bumping a thread multiple times while adding absolutely nothing new. His shitposting is harassment towards the entire userbase. To ignore that and accuse the people in this thread of harassment for highlighting a growing issue is an awful double standard.

The issue is larger than that one poster, he is just the most prevalent example since he posts frequently across multiple websites with a distinct pattern. There needs to be a more concise rule concerning post quality since it's worse every time I check the latest threads. I gravitated towards here because I thought the low PPH would incentivize people to do a little more than just shit out the first sentence on their mind. I guess I was mistaken.
>> No. 36991 [Edit]
Tangential, but out of curiosity, which image(/text)boards do you visit if not for TC? I ask because I've given up hope that there exists any other decent place for discussion. (I've went through that entire imageboard compendium, and if you filter out all the defunct ones you're mostly left with /jp/ spinoffs, 8chan clones [which somehow invariably turn into imagedumps with more attachments than text], and DQN hives. There's bus stop and post office which are both nice albeit more easygoing and ephemeral. And lainchan – which claims to pride itself on "quality" discussion – seems to be worse every time I visit.)
>> No. 36992 [Edit]
Unfortunately, you and I both share the same problem. I've gone through the cycle and no imageboard exists that has a balance between an active userbase and an articulate userbase. The majority of my time spent on imageboards is spent reading archive hosts or completely abandoned imageboards instead of live threads. I don't know if archaeology is the right term to use in that context, but I've developed a habit of using archives as search engines whenever I need to hear an informed opinion on a particular topic. I think imageboards in their current form are a dying medium. The demographics that are typically drawn to them are fragmented across social media clients and private chatrooms.

Concerning active imageboards; aside from here, I do the rounds every month or so to a few of the 8ch derivative sites. The dispersion in response to NZ completely fractured that community beyond repair and it doesn't give off the feeling of anonymity when you see that most of the usercounts are below 100. The situation reminds me of animal species that are extinct outside of captivity. Ernstchans /int/ is probably the most similar to here in terms of intended post quality. Post Office was raided last month, I haven't checked to see if their moderation deleted the offending posts. I don't have any optimistic feelings about finding the perfect website in terms of balance, I just wish that what little is left can still be maintained. I apologize if what I say sounds incoherent, but I mostly lurk without posting.
>> No. 36993 [Edit]
>I thought the low PPH would incentivize people to do a little more than just shit out the first sentence on their mind. I guess I was mistaken.
Is the problem perhaps that you are kind of a bitch? Why say "I'm disappointed" like it's a bargaining tool? You are not helping the thread be any more on topic yourself.

Godzilla would win in an Evangelion fight. That's because Godzilla is cooler than an Evangelion, so even if Godzilla loses he still is better.
>> No. 36994 [Edit]
I'm not ignoring shit posting, I'm choosing not to discipline someone who's harmless. If and when they become an issue I'll deal with it.
I've been running this site for more than ten years now, all the while maintaining that level of quality you seem to think is just a stone throw away from being destroyed. Mock and insult me if you will but I think I know what I'm doing.
>> No. 36995 [Edit]
I don't think either IP owner would accept a loss, 'maybe' ginex would let godzilla win just so shinji and the gang can suffer a bit more.
If you put the meta aside I think unit 01 would win. Shinji and nerv are resourceful and they've fought worse while facing impossible odds. Godzilla is tough and has a pretty powerful attack, but he doesn't exactly have a lot of tricks up his sleeve and he's nowhere near as agile as an eva unit.
>> No. 36996 [Edit]
>The dispersion in response to NZ completely fractured that community beyond repair
It was my impression that 8chan – being an amalgamation of individual boards people could create freely – never had much of a strong "community" in the first place. Or at least that's how it felt browsing 8chan even in its heyday; those boards with the strongest individual presence were the ones that did end up surviving the transition (e.g. /a/ ->
>Post Office was raided last month
Indeed, and while better filters seem to have been implemented I think that incident has left the place a bit more barren since there seem to be less discussion and more link-sharing instead. Hopefully it will slowly recover as people begin checking it again.
>> No. 36997 [Edit]
As much as I like NGE I had not considered how not cool the evas are. Giant hideous hominids with toy colored armors
>> No. 36998 [Edit]
They're not cool, but they are interesting. Whereas pretty much every other giant mecha design blends together in my head, I can clearly picture evas immediately.
>> No. 37000 [Edit]
File 160788615824.jpg - (856.60KB , 2550x3509 , p015.jpg )
They're very cool. I like their strange limitations, their bright colored armor with contrasting intimidating forms and unique weaponry.
>> No. 37003 [Edit]
Iconic sure, but cool? Mostly depends on a person's taste. Like the other anon said, their design is a bit toy like and seemingly kid friendly. I guess you could say that sort of design was more popular when the series premiered, but it's a bit cheesy by today's standards. Now they're cool in a more nostalgic way like old cars and neon colored transparent electronics.
>> No. 37005 [Edit]
It being like that is very much a good design element because an important part of the world is that they've culturally stagnated in the 90s, because of the damage of 2nd Impact, as seen by Shinji using things like a walkman in 2015, which can seem like just present-futurism but I feel it was intentional as he's listening to songs from popular games from the 90s like Ys, and a Saturn is also seen, implying new things just weren't invented. Also, modern mecha design is very Evangelion influenced. Skinny mecha like Valvrave probably owe a lot to it. But I digress, I think the exterior having the facade of a plastic kid friendly toy with a horrible interior that's hinted at on the surface with things like 01's sharp, angular face is both interesting and cool. And like I said, a big aspect of it is its arsenal and how its delivered and used. An attack like this is just full of 男のロマン
>> No. 37009 [Edit]
File 16080431988.jpg - (246.04KB , 1280x1024 , 1322970228929.jpg )
>their design is a bit toy like and seemingly kid friendly

Those are the last words I would use to describe the EVA-01, that's what you would say about something like Gaogaigar or some other super robot mecha. The EVA is heavily stylized, ressembling a detailed human body, also kinda creepy and scary. It's a sort of an atemporal design since it didn't feel like most of 90's or precedent mecha, only the onces that influenced later like Raxhephon. Maybe we're just too used to it because it's iconic value, but I've been building the RG and I could notice again how weird and different actually is.
>> No. 37010 [Edit]
There was that scene from One Hour Photo.
>> No. 37013 [Edit]
That was just Robin Williams being a nerd and having fun though.
>> No. 37016 [Edit]
File 160807626486.jpg - (3.25MB , 3656x5664 , yande_re 85719 five_star_stories mecha nagano_mamo.jpg )
For similar mecha predating the Evas I would look at Nagano's mechanical designs. They had a sense of regality to them which is a little different but the sense of human-ness to them is there.
>> No. 37028 [Edit]
File 160813228061.jpg - (319.62KB , 579x1044 , 1531808133474.jpg )
I thought about mention them but they are so weird looking and different even compared to EVA's, while they share the heavy stylization.
Model kits are probably the most beautiful I've ever seen but also heard they are hell to build.
>> No. 37031 [Edit]
They seem tough, yeah. Do they still make them?
>> No. 37048 [Edit]
File 160821830097.jpg - (121.26KB , 746x990 , 10101011b.jpg )
I think this was from 2010 or so, don't know if there's more newer ones but probably.
>> No. 37131 [Edit]
File 160870110191.webm - (843.90KB , APD.webm )
But Evangelion *IS* Godzilla now.
Or will be in January 2021.
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