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File 15651757565.jpg - (89.50KB , 850x765 , Kkk.jpg )
32916 No. 32916 [Edit]
Who bicycles around here?
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>> No. 32918 [Edit]
File 156519363874.jpg - (517.85KB , 1920x1090 , pathetic.jpg )
>Two wheels
One too many.
>> No. 32919 [Edit]
I rarely even leave my home.
>> No. 32931 [Edit]
File 156534645544.jpg - (224.30KB , 850x1210 , Logo.jpg )
No one rides a unicycle.
>> No. 32932 [Edit]
File 156535028719.jpg - (80.61KB , 600x872 , 1.jpg )
>> No. 32935 [Edit]
File 156542346456.jpg - (57.49KB , 429x600 , 20190818.jpg )
Hill Climb!
>> No. 32960 [Edit]
File 156568870032.jpg - (126.26KB , 723x1023 , ly.jpg )
Idaten Jump
Nasu: Andalusia no Natsu
Over Drive
>> No. 32963 [Edit]
Every day. I hate it.
It's slow, tiring, painfully boring, uncomfortable, inconvenient, dirty, stressful and dangerous in traffic.

To make everything worse bicycles never work right, not even when they're brand new. Something's always fucked. I poured tens if not hundreds of hours of work into the pieces of shit. Useless.
So many wasted lonely evenings spent hunched over and covered in grease. I shed tears and blood trying to make the mechanisms properly work in concert. Doesn't matter, something's always fucked.

Just thinking about having to adjust rotting hub bearings or gears again makes me want to scream. It's all going to be out of alignment in a couple of days anyway.
It's pure torture. Life is pain.
>> No. 32964 [Edit]
What kind of bikes have you been using?
>> No. 32986 [Edit]
File 156577070298.jpg - (124.13KB , 900x675 , Logo.jpg )
I guess he has only ridden an el-cheapo bicycle assembled by a 14 year old Walmart part-timer. Bicycles there are never good.
>> No. 33003 [Edit]
No. Also there is no Wallmart on this continent.
>> No. 33004 [Edit]
>there is no Wallmart on this continent
Your country probably makes shit bikes then. Get a decent imported one if you can.
>> No. 33030 [Edit]
File 156610608062.jpg - (73.84KB , 474x670 , 20190825.jpg )
I just learned that there are folding bicycles...
>> No. 33032 [Edit]
Here folding bicycles used to be more popular than normal ones. No one ever needed the folding function so they gradually went away. They're good for travelers but suboptimal for everyday use.
>> No. 33107 [Edit]
File 156647360638.jpg - (440.40KB , 3840x2039 , 20190825.jpg )
I wanna ride my bicycle...
>> No. 33268 [Edit]
File 156879247157.jpg - (76.03KB , 800x420 , 21.jpg )
Bicycle for commuting.
>> No. 33300 [Edit]
File 156940799884.jpg - (127.28KB , 1200x675 , 20190922.jpg )
Bicycling is haaaaard
>> No. 33306 [Edit]
A lot of places in the US don't have good infrastructure for biking. If you try biking in most cities you're putting your life on the line since there are no barricaded bike lanes separating you from the road and all it takes is one unattentive moron to crash into you.
>> No. 33307 [Edit]
When I was driving, I saw a car turn and hit a bicyclist as he was midway across the street. I stopped and asked him if he was well; he was, and then he told me it happens often. Scary stuff.
That aside, before the accident happened, I bemused myself with the thought of the driver being foolish enough to turn, and then it happened. Perhaps my wizardly powers are already manifesting themselves?
>> No. 33309 [Edit]
I would but my country and my area in particular is not suited to it, there are no bike trials at all and to leave my town to go to the bigger one where most things are I would have to bike through country roads which also don't have trials and would be dangerous to myself and inconvenience others.
>> No. 33572 [Edit]
File 157225719744.jpg - (37.91KB , 600x500 , 20191027.jpg )
Riding along.......
>> No. 33573 [Edit]
File 157228400776.png - (106.89KB , 400x400 , 8ac31c51f134e68eca60e48ad996c2ed03806a6d.png )
I like bike riding but it's harder than it should be for legal reasons. Streets are dangerous, sidewalks can be prohibited, bike lanes might not even exist in some areas, and grass is sometimes prohibited too. Depending on where you live, you could be fucked if you want to ride your bike anywhere other than an established bike trail. Taking it to only a bike trail can ruin the fun of having one in the first place since the freedom is then gone.
I ride mine through suburban areas and on sidewalks when I can so I can avoid streets as much as possible, it's just too dangerous. It doesn't help that the road is torn up pretty badly in some areas here. I still enjoy it but I don't like the obstacles I have to deal with. Not to mention people can just pull out some bolt cutters and speed off with your bike.
>> No. 33574 [Edit]
Maybe after a few hundred more deaths the rest of U.S. cities will get bike lanes too
>> No. 33615 [Edit]
File 157295573092.jpg - (247.00KB , 554x800 , 20191110.jpg )
Reminder that Netherlands had to WORK to make their urban centres bicycle-friendly.
>> No. 33617 [Edit]
Bikers annoy me because they can't decide whether they're pedestrians or vehicles and switch based on whatever is convient for them. They'll go on the road and shit and sometimes either ride on the outerskirts of it(still not enough room for drivers to go past them quickly), or right in the middle. In urban centeres, it's even worse. I was in Denmark and they annoyed the fuck out of me.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2019, 4:29am
>> No. 33618 [Edit]
>they're pedestrians or vehicles and switch based on whatever is convient for them
They might be switching to avoid getting hit by cars in cases where there isn't a clear bike lane (or the bike lane is poorly placed). Although I'm not sure how the infrastructure is in Denmark.
>> No. 33619 [Edit]
They should bike on the fucking grass if there is no lane, and get off of their bike when going through a crosswalk. I don't live in a city, so my perspective is of a suburbanite.
They have a great reputation for it.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2019, 11:52am
>> No. 33621 [Edit]
They're pests.
>> No. 33672 [Edit]
File 157394015283.jpg - (147.14KB , 850x1202 , 99Probs.jpg )
>> No. 33695 [Edit]
File 157445280543.jpg - (1.90MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20191120_082646.jpg )
My bicycle.
>> No. 33735 [Edit]
File 157518293026.jpg - (186.16KB , 800x1600 , 20191201.jpg )
Ride on
>> No. 33911 [Edit]
File 157751667722.jpg - (22.27KB , 327x400 , bicycle.jpg )
The three types of bicycles are comfort, speed and mountain.
This is one for comfort.
* wide seat
* upright riding position
* high handles
* lowered frame-bar for easy mounting & dismounting
* usually comes with a basket in the front
>> No. 34057 [Edit]
Bicycle is a ticket to ride...
>> No. 34060 [Edit]
sometimes when biking the safest place to be is in the middle of the car lane
>> No. 35661 [Edit]
File 159746904241.jpg - (196.30KB , 850x638 , Ravenacolor.jpg )
Ride on...
>> No. 35752 [Edit]
File 159816433750.jpg - (14.23KB , 474x299 , 20200823.jpg )
Not Just Bikes
Cities have existed without cars; we just have to prioritize bicycles & pedestrians first.
>> No. 35767 [Edit]
>That aside, before the accident happened, I bemused myself with the thought of the driver being foolish enough to turn, and then it happened.
I hate cagers and I've seen them hurt or nearly hurt so many people. Getting a car licence needs to be a lot more difficult, to the point where maybe only 2-5% of the population can pass the test and it more or less guarantees you a job as a taxi/bus driver.
>> No. 35768 [Edit]
In a suburban or rural place this does not work. There's also many people who commute to their work in the city from a less urban place. Public transit is expenssive(taxes have to foot some of the bill) and in less urban places encourages poor people to move in, which is not worth it. There's also shithole cities where I wouldn't want to use public transit even if it was available, which it's not.

Post edited on 26th Aug 2020, 4:32am
>> No. 35901 [Edit]
File 159997967979.jpg - (476.61KB , 2010x3025 , Naz.jpg )
Bicycle for two
>> No. 35962 [Edit]
File 160050959088.jpg - (39.89KB , 474x296 , 20200906.jpg )
Ride it
>> No. 36024 [Edit]
File 160094447649.jpg - (107.05KB , 1200x675 , polarisslingshot.jpg )
Well, fuck the commutists! They don't need a beastly four fucking wheels! Three is more than enough, generously more!
>> No. 36028 [Edit]
Does every cycling discussion need to have angst about motorists?
>> No. 36042 [Edit]
Yes. Cyclists can't exist without their crusade to make everyone acknowledge that their toy 'vehicle' is the best thing in the world.
>> No. 36044 [Edit]
File 160098353934.jpg - (492.44KB , 1980x1409 , 54b51ce459b06ea4735e3859f5b73e82.jpg )
In their defense, motorists can be assholes regardless of your vehicle but their recklessness can cost the cyclist their life. It probably only makes them angrier to know that motorists would react with annoyed dismissal for endangering someone instead of at least feeling sorry about it. Besides, you've already had other anons complaining about cyclists in the thread made for cycling, why do you need to complain like nobody's on your side?
>> No. 36045 [Edit]
I just think its funny/sad how polemic transportation of all issues is.
>> No. 36056 [Edit]
File 160103145355.jpg - (282.12KB , 1332x850 , 20200913.jpg )
Bicycle are fine.
>> No. 36145 [Edit]
File 160147374213.jpg - (71.24KB , 815x750 , 20201004.jpg )
Her thicc thighs come from cycling & protein shakes.
>> No. 36183 [Edit]
I have been considering a kick scooter...
I suppose a one wheel kick scooter should be able to work.
>> No. 36449 [Edit]
Anyone ride a cargo-bicycle?
>> No. 36465 [Edit]
A cargo bike? Sounds risky, what if you needed to transport something valueable and fragile?

Isn't every supra-bike a cargo bike? If it has an extra seat, that's a place you can put cargo. If it has three wheels, it should be stable enough that whichever way you rig cargo containers onto it, you'd be good, easily. They have all sorts of bodily powered transportation, even some that doesn't focus on the legs, but then with oil prices having crashed, and solar actually getting cheap, pedalling sounds a whole lot less fruitful than not gobbling and squanderring beef and poly-whichever-ene.
>> No. 36467 [Edit]
There are no pedals on that thing.
>> No. 37175 [Edit]
File 160902029120.jpg - (273.50KB , 850x1189 , GG.jpg )
Paddling all the way. Bicycles should be the preferred form of transport for anywhere less than five miles. Make it so!
>> No. 37649 [Edit]
Honestly, if the roads aren't awful, even 40+ mile rides aren't that much of a big deal (unless you are really tight on time). I started doing large distances within my first month of cycling. Having the correct type of bike is probably very important, though, I can't imagine doing that same distance on a mountain bike or non-drop bar bikes in general.
>> No. 37650 [Edit]
File 161319301774.jpg - (159.75KB , 850x911 , sample_586efeddbf3985b688c4ad41031af521.jpg )
Why not just ride a moped or electric bike?
>> No. 37660 [Edit]
no convoluting a proper, sufficiently rounded out menu of transportation with some snowflake contraptions
>> No. 37662 [Edit]
>with oil prices having crashed, and solar actually getting cheap, pedalling sounds a whole lot less fruitful than not gobbling and squanderring beef and poly-whichever-ene
Plus electric bikes have pedals. As soon as you need to get somewhere a little bit further in a short amount of time or go up a bunch of hills without getting sweaty, your 19th century, hobby "vehicle" falls short.
>> No. 37666 [Edit]
I don't know how people can have trouble biking. When I was emaciated as all hell from a horrible diet and sitting on my ass, I could still bike 10 miles and back without worrying too much about it, as long as I paced my breathing to the bike. Personally, I think we should go back to living on our feet, and I don't say this as some green turbo-fag. I just think cars suck and ruin towns. I know that psychologically people will prefer the car, but that's not their critical thinking making the decision. If people had any critical thinking, the thought of hundreds of people independently piloting 2-ton vehicles in lanes little wider than the vehicles themselves, going at 70-80 mph, would horrify them. It's like some macabre exercise in how easily people can be unaware of insane amounts of risk. I get that America "needs" driving due to the long distances and swarthy urban inhabitants, and I'm not saying people shouldn't have cars. I personally think emissions regulations are retarded, but I believe any sane person thinks that. But cities, towns, anything slightly urban should only have car-friendly areas to the extent that people can park their cars outside of the city limits. People see it as some restriction against cars, but that's thinking of it the wrong way. There's no reason to build cities to cater to cars when it detracts from everything except for, possibly including, the cars.
>> No. 37668 [Edit]
"having trouble" and getting sweaty are two different things.
>> No. 37732 [Edit]
File 161379798692.jpg - (79.53KB , 850x656 , SH01.jpg )
I want to ride my bicycle...
>> No. 37867 [Edit]
File 161501052915.jpg - (155.72KB , 900x1001 , 20210314.jpg )
Bicycle Build
>> No. 38384 [Edit]
File 162357423939.jpg - (131.25KB , 850x993 , 20210627.jpg )
Actually right... Why did the Japanese use bicycles to conquer Malaya?
>> No. 38385 [Edit]
File 16235772088.png - (2.16MB , 1920x1080 , ev_hi03_0101.png )
This thread seems to be just a dumping ground for low-effort posts. I think it is reasonable to lock it.
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