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File 140275321441.png - (22.67KB , 900x1200 , 1339370571295.png )
24146 No. 24146 [Edit]
Whats the oldest thing you remember from 4chan? (assuming most of us originally browsed that site) hopefully we can talk about 4chan without the thread going bad

For me I think it was either over 9000 spam or a hoax to put nuclear dirty bombs in football stadiums by some guy named Jake Brahm which led to the saying 'you don't mess with football'.

Man those were simpler times. Things were fresh, new and funny. Funnily enough, there were few 2D purists back then and most otaku were interested in 3D.
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>> No. 24149 [Edit]
not a loli, its a duck
copyright jax

and, a bit later, invading Habbo Hotel which I thought was hilarious.

>Things were fresh, new and funny
yeah, it seemed that way. but do you think its mostly 4chan that changed or we simply grew out of it?
>> No. 24150 [Edit]
>its mostly 4chan that changed or we simply grew out of it?
A combination of both, I would think.
4chan's userbase has grown worse over time, and at the same time the juvenile humour that used to entertain us doesn't have the same appeal anymore.

Anyway the earliest thing I definitely remember was the Habbo Hotel raids.
>> No. 24151 [Edit]
Donut penis get sticky. Raptor Jesus. I don't think I remember cracky-chan herself but I do remember people posting about her. Some 3DPG trip going by era/blackberry.

I don't really regret the time I spent there. It was pretty funny. Sad there's nothing like it anymore, and noone else is going to have that kind of experience growing up.
>> No. 24154 [Edit]
My visits were never consistent enough for me to get a feeling of the latest fads and what have you. I regret every second I spent there. It was and still is a dark place, poison for the mind. It brought me no good.

I wish I never knew the meaning of troll, derp, meme, reaction images and greentext.
>> No. 24161 [Edit]
I still remember someone leaking the login details of email accounts belonging to the embassies of Uzbekistan (or was Mongolia?).
>> No. 24163 [Edit]
I think I started browsing 4chan when that Boxxy thing was in full bloom. I spent countless hours on /b/, but I can't say I remember much of it. Still it doesn't seem like a waste of time to me. It was in my last few years of high school and I would have just been bored or found some other inane stuff to pass my time with. It was free and easy entertainment. Then /v/ showed me some really good video games I probably wouldn't have played otherwise, like Morrowind or Alundra. /fit/ showed me how to live healthier, which is always a good thing. And finally /a/ showed me that there's more types of love than what Hollywood movies and TV shows tell us there are.
>> No. 24180 [Edit]
File 140306729656.jpg - (37.80KB , 565x600 , Cover-tom2.jpg )
This is the earliest 4chan meme I can remember. Guess that would have been 2005 or so.
>> No. 24279 [Edit]
I remember the first night I ever went to go see what all the fuss was over 4chan/b/, the first thing I saw was this really long, pretty funny post from this guy describing in detail about how he wanted to dig up the corpse of Gerald Ford and have sex with it. I think that would have been late 2007.

I think that was around the time that the whole place started going to shit with all that chanology/guy fawkes crap. It went from being a handful of disenchanted nerds taking funny revenge on the world, to self-important college kids trying to turn the board culture into a political movement with real-world consequences, to a bunch of high-school kids trying to be edgy.
>> No. 24311 [Edit]
All I remember is that I lurked 4chan for about six months before I discovered that the "Reply" button opened threads. I actually thought that you could only see the OP and the last three posts for quite a while.
>> No. 24315 [Edit]
Didn't it used to say "X replies and X images omitted. Click reply to view"?
>> No. 24322 [Edit]
Oh yeah, that reminds me I haven't seen 'Marked for deletion (old)' in like four years now.
>> No. 24324 [Edit]
Blindmute Loli.

It's what got me into 4chan, imageboard culture, the whole deal.

Don't know how I found it in the first place, so I guess there's a missing link.
>> No. 24326 [Edit]
The whole thing was hosted on Wikichan before, I'm not sure if its still there now. That might have been how you found it.

Personally I found 4chan after some guy on a forums for a game development project called Customwars kept mentioning it. I distinctinctly remember he had a bizarre sense of humor, and was quite open with the fact that he was a pedophile (standards were different back then I think). Last thing I knew of him, he was studying to become a grade school teacher. I wonder if he got arrested or something.
>> No. 24327 [Edit]
What do you mean? Being a pedophile is cool to all of the edgy kids these days, isn't it? I've seen a bunch of normals admit to being pedophiles this year on this other site I go to, despite being about video games.

Anyway, I found out about 4shit back in '06 when I went to another video game forum that no longer exists. I didn't really start browsing until '07, though. Maybe Raptor Jesus and Long Cat were among the most popular of things at the time.

I've been through various *chans throughout the years, seen a lot of images, read a ton of paragraphs, and learned even more than I had ever hoped to imagine. I guess that it's funny just how much of an impact it has had on my life.
>> No. 24332 [Edit]
prolly from EncylopediaDramatica.

I found the chan scene from googling GNAA -> Wikipedia article -> ED article was an external link -> article on 4chan etc

Im actually happy with pro-pedo sentiment on internet forums. I know legit 'pedophiles' IRL who I know from anime cons and clubs etc. As in 'they have CP on their HD from Tor' type.

I remember form forums used to be full of anti-pedo faggots. The chan culture provided liberation from that.
>> No. 24340 [Edit]
>Being a pedophile is cool to all of the edgy kids these days, isn't it?

What the fuck? Thats literally the first time I've heard that, and it sounds retarded. Besides the guy I'm talking about was from 2006.
>> No. 24341 [Edit]
But it IS cool. Ever since I got my license plate that reads ' 2PEDO4U ' people have been all over me. Random strangers keep taking photos of me and cops keep asking for my autograph. It's like I'm a celebrity!
>> No. 24342 [Edit]
File 140369487618.jpg - (13.53KB , 268x282 , The_Sandwich_Chef_3.jpg )

Second, first time I heard about this.

Started browsing /b/ in early 2007. One of the oldest things I remember is Sandwich Chef. But I have no idea whether it's actually a 4chan meme. To be perfectly honest I quite liked that one.
>> No. 24360 [Edit]
I remember this being a sticky, which was hilarious at the time for some reason
>> No. 24371 [Edit]
Have you ever gone and looked at all the really, really old images you saved from 4chan? The ones from 2004 or so? None of them are funny.

Nothing is funny really. I'm kind of angry that I'm still doing this ten years later. I thought things would have changed by now.
>> No. 24373 [Edit]
Things can change any time you want them to.
>> No. 28334 [Edit]
bump because good thread
>> No. 28338 [Edit]
It was funny then. You're just looking at it from a jaded 2016 perspective. Comedy from decades ago doesn't seem funny to us now, but that's because culture and thus our perspective has changed. If there's anything to envy from 2004 4chan, it's the fact that it was a tightly-knit community that genuinely enjoyed itself and was incredibly unique. When it grew in popularity and aged, this was necessarily over. With the massive influx of new people, 4chan was destined to either change culturally and lose what made it special in the first few years or become stagnant. Imageboards will never go back to that, for better or worse.
>> No. 28340 [Edit]
Some of the 1990s stuff on 4chan was OK, but its been shit since at least '02
>> No. 28464 [Edit]
hard to say

for the part, i just browsed 4chan for /h/ and /e/ back in 2004, but i do remember the star craft 2 reveal being stickied on /v/.
>> No. 28472 [Edit]
I first found 4chan from some trolls spamming "PIHB" in the WoW OT forum, which led me to urban dictionary's troll slang section, which led me to /b/. Probably about 7 years ago now.

When I first decided to branch out to other boards, I took a look at /h/ - "Hentai" first, but then I found "Hentai - Alternative" and wondered what's the difference? I should go check it out! And so started to spend time on /d/. That has probably fucked me up somehow.
>> No. 28573 [Edit]
I preferred it in the early 80s. Things really went to shit around the time the Soviet Union started to collapse and all the newfags flooded in.
>> No. 29231 [Edit]
I remember getting the 4chan frontpage when googling certain images and being mad that I couldn't find them when trying to browse the site, which was difficult to use for me at the time.

I think it was probably around 2005-2006 that I became a regular. I remember this because it was around that time that I got into anime more seriously and stuck around for Eureka 7 threads.

The whole site was basically an extension of /b/ with different topics though. Barely any coherent discussion taking place anywhere
>> No. 29233 [Edit]


>> No. 29252 [Edit]
I really liked /jp/ back in 2011.
>> No. 29271 [Edit]
Are you me? I had the same exact problem.

Only it was with hentai
>> No. 29272 [Edit]
some underage kid crossdressed with cum on his face made a thread about how he "bitched up" because no one was home so he did that lay back on your shoulders thing and jerked off on himself.

I saved all the pictures, a 30+ year old man from sweden posted himself in a picture with the post "I want to lick your face". He had a rolled cigarette dangling from his mouth and had a compound bow hanging on his wall. I used that picture he posted for the longest time to catfish people, like calling people niggers, posting that pic and saying it was me etc. dumb shit.

was a long time ago.
>> No. 29273 [Edit]
this was round 2008 time or so

I had been browsing ED since 0607 or so and after getting my feet wet on 4chan my first "raid" was on Pruane2Forever's "screw you porn addicts" so I vividly remember this time.

looked him up cause of this thread. he shut down his channel last spring it seems.

hyperactive dweeb, grew up to became a depressed loser.

reminds me of me. reminds me of a lot of me. too bad.
>> No. 29294 [Edit]
probably lemonparty
>> No. 29350 [Edit]
From the time when I actually started lurking it'd probably be stuff like SHOOP DA WHOOP, cockmongler etc.
I stumbled upon it much earlier but I didn't even know any english then so I didn't understand shit and eventually forgot about it.
I think I discovered it again when media started reporting on DOMESTIC TERRORISM and scientology shit. People say it's when it went to shit so I'll always feel like a permanewfag.
Left probably 2013, maybe even 12 for some smaller places that eventually withered and died or changed for worse. Haven't browsed much in last year or two and most of the sites I have bookmarked are gone or dying now.
Every couple of months I get this feeling that I want to go back but I don't really know any places anymore.
Do you browse any other imageboards? Do you still find it fun or is it just a habit?
I thought I was doing myself a favor when I quit, many people were saying the same when they were going but for me nothing really filled that void. It's not like I ever had a "life" to go back to.
>> No. 29351 [Edit]
A lot of the mid 2000's 4chanism already mentioned itt I came across when i'd spend most of my time on the old YouTube community. I was young so I believed most of the rumors that hinted 4chan being the most fucked up place on the internet. Didn't start browsing well into what most of you would consider it's comatose state.
This is the only imageboard I browse. I've become so increasingly alienated with the internet as whole that i'm unsure as to what to do next. I think I might have found another clue as to why NEETs past the age of 25 that post are so rare. Someone on here has shared similar sentiments, hope he's doing alright...
>> No. 29442 [Edit]
File 147343386726.gif - (87.44KB , 240x240 , 1463693415-1.gif )
>Do you browse any other imageboards? Do you still find it fun or is it just a habit?

8chan's /late/, /kind/ and /jp/, sushichan (, sometimes uboachan's /ot/ and 76chan's /sp/. I still enjoy imageboards, I just don't enjoy 4chan.

>Every couple of months I get this feeling that I want to go back but I don't really know any places anymore.

Small imageboards pop up and disappear all the time, you just have to look around and keep exploring to find new places to enjoy!
>> No. 29447 [Edit]
The guy who owns uboachan is the exact type of facebook kiddie trash who made you hate 4chan to begin with. Michael D. Reilly of San Jose, CA to be exact.
>> No. 29448 [Edit]
I haven't had any issues with him. He took over sushichan after itamae disappeared so I talked to him a bit on /yakuza/ before the traffic picked back up and he was pretty friendly.
>> No. 29450 [Edit]
he lives in sacramento now and is drug-addicted human garbage
>> No. 29453 [Edit]
File 147358519295.jpg - (24.02KB , 480x361 , f17e66709f3be0ee06fd5cbcb33d7d5d_480.jpg )
>is drug-addicted

everyone on the internet doesn't just find out you're a drug addict by accident. its just more of the same type of public posturing flaming assholes like that love to do. hows everyone know? did he post it to his instagram or something?

oh he hard now - respek
>> No. 29456 [Edit]
File 147360011957.jpg - (279.36KB , 600x485 , 1267721624261.jpg )
it's all he and his butt buddies talk about on their irc. i heard he was using the site to arrange drug deals too. rozencrab never should have given him the sight, tsukihime was doing fine.
>> No. 29462 [Edit]
committing crimes in public view is a really fantastic pose
in fact there is no other reason to commit crimes in public view
most criminals are more concerned with avoiding the penalties of getting caught than they are with how cool they look doing it.
>> No. 29577 [Edit]
>> No. 29585 [Edit]
Jawsus isn't looking too bad honestly.
>> No. 29933 [Edit]
File 148631819446.jpg - (25.15KB , 500x375 , forever.jpg )
I first found out about 4chan in late 2011. I remember still posting when you had to post noko in the email field, niggers tounge my anus, the Heaven copypasta, the guy that posted all of his pissjars every year and that's what I remember from that era. I used to post on /b/, /f/ and /a/ most of the time, /f/ was definetely the best and most fun of the bunch. Sometime in late 2012 a guy made a thread about those "hidden" (lmao) boards that moot supposedly keeps from the public aka. world4ch. /f/ and world4ch used to have no captcha I recall.

Though world4ch was slow as shit and spammed to hell and back I have the most fond memories on there. /anime/ was a great board; loved the Amagami challenge threads. I think I even made the very last or one of the last threads on there and /vip/. /prog/ was always hilarious as shit and still is a good place to be at. I remember a bunch of shit from /lounge/ too, funny as hell. Ever since I've been more interested in textboards and spinoffs and less interested in /b/ and 4chan in general until I stopped to post only on /jp/ and its spinoffs and then drop 4chan completely and move on to 8jp (which is shit) and then 4taba (which is decent).

Nowadays I have an on-off relationship with imageboards, sometimes I post on a handfull of boards and sites and sometimes I post nowhere. I don't know how it's with you guys, considering that most of you seem to have been involved with imageboards for more than a decade now. For me it's "only" been half a decade. I remember 2011-late 2013 fondly, though you guys probably consider the time utter shit. I guess I was younger then too.

Sorry for the CV, I thought this thread was a good oppurtunity for me to recap on those last 5 years. To think I was 14 back then lol
>> No. 29935 [Edit]
You're still young enough to make it. Run while you still can.
>> No. 29938 [Edit]
The board, /z/. I think I may have had a chance at a normal life had I not started browsing 4chan at such a young age.
>> No. 30094 [Edit]
File 14929710297.gif - (3.12KB , 400x400 , EFG.gif )
Epic Fail Guy threads were hilarious.
Not sure if it's actually the oldest thing I remember, but he's one of my favorite memes from the pre-Chanology era.
>> No. 30099 [Edit]
sounds about right
>> No. 30100 [Edit]
File 149370527689.png - (405.20KB , 1280x720 , pepethefrog.png )
peep the frog
and that feel
epic memes, simply epic
>> No. 30104 [Edit]
File 149372650949.jpg - (82.98KB , 600x500 , fairy.jpg )
>> No. 30105 [Edit]
I've never been able to forget this one. In fact, I was thinking about it a couple of days ago.
>> No. 30107 [Edit]
why was the post I replied to get deleted? it was a perfectly valid reply.
>> No. 30110 [Edit]
can we please keep the meme frog off of tc? it's only used by normalfags/failed normalfags.
>> No. 30111 [Edit]
While I agree it's an eyesore, within the context of this thread it seems harmless.
>> No. 30143 [Edit]
I didn't go on 4chan until pretty late in the sites existence, but I think it was kind of a strange case where 4chan didn't really impact my life because I never had "a life" at any point in my childhood or late teens. I've been sitting inside alone since day one, I can't ever leave imageboards because I don't know anything else.
>> No. 30145 [Edit]
I still like /out/ and /toy/. /ck/ is pretty funny sometimes but makes me too hungry to browse.

oh and I'm a 2007 newfag shoop da whoop
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