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File 129231437423.jpg - (1.21MB , 1200x1600 , 38e9f83533f9ee72d8f6a67a0b6b2995.jpg )
567 No. 567 [Edit]
ITT, post your fetish.
Expand all images
>> No. 568 [Edit]
File 129231492290.jpg - (98.66KB , 595x702 , 1290779365213.jpg )
What's your fetish, OP?
>> No. 569 [Edit]
File 129231500178.jpg - (122.38KB , 800x600 , 276226a7f812fa1f51d3464d02a3af15.jpg )
Even though the thread is about posting my fetish, does it have to be just one of my many fetishes or just any fetishes that I would like to share?

I love pantsu the most. The better the pantsu, the greater the enjoyment as I fap. I also love it even more when her pantsu is around her leg or is aside.

I also am aroused by the idea of rape, bandaids as censorship and 'blood' (such as periods and hymen breaking). Though I prefer flatter chests, I don't mind bigger chests either.

But I get disgusted when a girl I happen to like is depicted getting raped or fucked by a disgusting male. What's worse is that they are depicted as pregnant with said male's child. It just makes me cringe to no end. But when it comes to girls that I hate or don't care about, I enjoy it immensely.
>> No. 570 [Edit]
I like rape....monster rape. Especially when the penis is so big you can see the girl's stomach bulge.
>> No. 572 [Edit]
File 129231535289.jpg - (3.33MB , 2350x3507 , d252dd8cb0838b7e54b955585096c858011fa62e.jpg )
>> No. 573 [Edit]
File 129231569888.jpg - (271.77KB , 566x800 , 50cc1b6c3999b65ad75dda330e84b734.jpg )
I have far too many fetishes.

Tanlines, erect nipples, fat love bulges, pantyhose etc.
>> No. 574 [Edit]
File 129231591171.jpg - (309.26KB , 850x1205 , 1249847771012.jpg )
Feet, sexfights, futa, schoolgirl outfits, domination, glasses, and various other things.
>> No. 575 [Edit]
File 129231619543.jpg - (195.57KB , 1000x900 , 1285720253499.jpg )
I'd like to add that, curiously, none of these fetishes appeal to me in the 3D world.
>> No. 576 [Edit]
File 129231633995.jpg - (100.26KB , 550x700 , a5ab408d076142f068d33c95587bb01159345179.jpg )
Swimsuit is the dominate fetish I have.

Could also say loli, but really that's the default for me so I don't really consider it a fetish
>> No. 577 [Edit]
File 129232166419.jpg - (190.48KB , 940x395 , 1253820550808.jpg )
Lots of them, although it's somewhat hard to recall them now. Stockings (coincidentally, I developed it long before it became a major trend in anime) and some nerdy traits like ponytails, freckles, glasses. ... Wow, not sure what else. Horizontal stripes if we're talking about clothes (but not on pantsu, I'm talking about tank tops and other stuff like that). And uh... Oh yeah, scarves. Traditional ones not so much. Keffiyeh is awesome (but you're supposed to wear it around your neck you silly Arabs). Oh, and armpits maybe. Bare shoulders, too. Necks to a lesser extent, mostly due to the fact that I like them covered (not sure if this sounds logical).

Also, I've been wondering, is there any particular name for this <- kind of haircut? If there is, you can count that, too.
>> No. 578 [Edit]
File 129232530081.jpg - (224.96KB , 1050x1500 , 688e4ece69eb3c766b601fca510e8afa.jpg )
Being invited for sex, the more blatantly, the better. (Though IRL I'd probably refuse.)
Pubic hair looks nice too.
>> No. 579 [Edit]
File 129235229471.jpg - (961.21KB , 1600x1200 , Konachan_com - 59994 ass flat_chest hashimoto_taka.jpg )
Oh, Haruhi: this is hard...

I guess, however the character looks like, the main thing that drives me really crazy about them it's tsundere love and intelligence: strong tempered girls, smart in a logical-deductive conventional way, do turn me on; also, I have a strong weakness for imouto/onee-san incest. Otherwise, within physical features:

- pettan/small breasts
- redhead
- twitails
>> No. 580 [Edit]
You know, it's easier to just say what AREN'T my fetishes:

fat women



any sort of watersports besides male on female

non-sexual abuse towards women (like, killing her or wounding her in any sort of permanent way)

HUGE boobs (you know what I mean)
>> No. 581 [Edit]
File 129235361834.jpg - (6.09MB , 3661x2528 , 425050.jpg )
oh! also ribbons and wearing a man's shirt (guess whose).
>> No. 584 [Edit]
File 129237332539.png - (572.46KB , 640x480 , eiuhliauhpaceacds0.png )
After careful deliberation, I found out that I have a number of fetishes, however none are 'extreme'. Here is a list:

-Catholic schoolgirl uniforms
-Straight black hair
-Hair that fans slightly inwards towards the cheeks
-Squirting/Uncontrollable orgasms

And finally, I have a preference for a certain 'build', which is for women around the age of 17 who are slender, of average height and have modest breasts. I don't like loli, nor do I like healthy, but this build makes me happy in my pants. Think Kanako Urashima (pictured), or Sakuya Izayoi (below).
>> No. 585 [Edit]
File 129237339296.jpg - (190.72KB , 849x1200 , sakuya.jpg )
>> No. 586 [Edit]
File 129237381449.jpg - (76.64KB , 383x600 , kaga_ai.jpg )
>> No. 587 [Edit]
File 129237857033.jpg - (669.30KB , 850x1133 , 4556765yh5t6y.jpg )
Not sure if it really counts as a fetish, but I think I also have a vagina fetish.
>> No. 588 [Edit]

One thing that can always make me rock hard is when you can see a girl's vaginal juices. Or, maybe a guy is fingering her then shows her the juice dripping from his fingers
>> No. 589 [Edit]
File 129237978376.jpg - (161.70KB , 800x600 , 1288247376620.jpg )
I like me some hand in the pantsu too.
>> No. 590 [Edit]
File 129237984056.jpg - (224.29KB , 1440x900 , wallpaper miku pantsu.jpg )
>> No. 592 [Edit]
File 129238009958.jpg - (354.73KB , 715x1000 , 9d125011a489a5db2bd79665a7d9d6b9.jpg )
The whole of Akiko is my fetish.
>> No. 593 [Edit]
hey! I've been looking that for ages... have you got the full set?
>> No. 594 [Edit]
'fraid not. I didn't even know there was more
>> No. 595 [Edit]
File 129238088132.jpg - (112.37KB , 800x600 , 1288865350797.jpg )
>> No. 596 [Edit]
File 129238240947.png - (8.69KB , 493x402 , 1274487968951.png )
>> No. 597 [Edit]
Delicious brown girl
>> No. 599 [Edit]
File 12924490508.jpg - (1.12MB , 1280x1621 , hideyoshi.jpg )
I also really like traps. Not futa, I mean really cute and feminine guys who dress like girls
>> No. 601 [Edit]
File 129245170643.jpg - (485.35KB , 850x1131 , 7.jpg )
I am all about traps. I don't like futa, but traps are fine with me.

Also more typical stuff like loli, thighhighs, and legs.
>> No. 602 [Edit]
Glasses, paizuri, Short hair, eyes.

There are so many fetishes I don't understand.
>> No. 603 [Edit]
Oh, Traps and Futa are fine, too. As are brown girls.

Not toasted, like some people seem to like, just brownish.
>> No. 604 [Edit]
File 12925272698.jpg - (340.16KB , 566x800 , b705275ba3504a56de5ce5723c9c3d8f0a0e853c.jpg )
eyebrows, public lewdness
>> No. 605 [Edit]

I never got the glasses fetish.

It's just one of those things that turns me off.
>> No. 606 [Edit]
It doesn't turn me off, but it's not really something I look for either. Different strokes and all that
>> No. 607 [Edit]
File 129253154548.jpg - (1.11MB , 1240x1600 , 1291362395867.jpg )
Flat Chest
Older women
Brown Skin
Hot dogging
Chubby. Not fat but chubby.
>> No. 608 [Edit]
File 129253243236.jpg - (235.98KB , 477x725 , c3986b7347a697dcce4dce3e65db94a2.jpg )

Oh yeah and naizuri.

That turns me on too.
>> No. 609 [Edit]
File 129253265773.jpg - (685.43KB , 960x1320 , d15197b21f7efe862b1634574870bebd90bc335b.jpg )
Helpless lolis, futa, brown girls, healthy, milfs.

I guess you just don't have it. I hardly feel anything for feet myself but short-haired girls can turn me on.
>> No. 610 [Edit]
File 129257778983.jpg - (158.43KB , 900x1061 , 1292220975042.jpg )
Forgot happy_sex.
>> No. 611 [Edit]
Fetishes are unexplainable and thus ununderstandable
>> No. 612 [Edit]
File 12926829538.jpg - (150.15KB , 670x520 , 501567.jpg )
Tomboys are fine, too.
>> No. 622 [Edit]
File 129283448971.jpg - (538.36KB , 1200x858 , 85e9aeddb0458f98d89da62b6320a5c4.jpg )
-Red Hair
-Short Hair (Short red hair is the best, obviously, though I'm fine with either or.)
-Vampires (A 2D fetish only, for obvious reasons)
-Stockings, especially with individual inserts for the big toe, or drawn in high detail with the material hugging their feet and legs. They can't be made of a transparent or netted material, though, or it isn't as appealing.
-The female enjoying the sex/sexual activity. (I'm fine with rape as long as they enjoy it at some point, and even if they don't it doesn't turn me off or anything.)
-Those tiny pink vibrators.
-Dat ass.
-Dose legs.
-Small breasts. More than you can hold in the palm of your hand is a waste.
-Traps (I'm really picky about this, though.)
-That preposterous face that females or traps make when they've broken from pleasure overdose. (As seen in picture.)
-Speaking of the picture, elevated knees is awesome as well.

I'm kind of surprised at the number of people who responded. I'd think it'd be more of something people would want to hide, or be embarrassed about.
>> No. 623 [Edit]
well, most people did post as Anonymous after all.
>> No. 624 [Edit]
I wonder how many posters removed their name for posts in this thread? It'd be humorous to know.
>> No. 625 [Edit]
>That preposterous face that females or traps make when they've broken from pleasure overdose.
That's called Ahegao, if I recall correctly.
Everyone except OP.
My fetishes are: loli (flat chests), glasses, incest (Onii-chan~), english meido and Yandere. If anyone finds a loli character who works as an english maid, has glasses, calls everyone onii-chan and would kill any woman that would come within 10 meters of me, let me know.
Also, it's a bit weird that my waifu doesn't have any of those traits.
>> No. 626 [Edit]
Let's see:

Long hair
>> No. 627 [Edit]
File 129283687742.jpg - (187.88KB , 800x1056 , 5b15f46701fd678a35ced4a525fdc4cd.jpg )
>> No. 628 [Edit]
i forgot, naked apron and catgirls too
>> No. 629 [Edit]
I don't have one
>> No. 630 [Edit]
File 12928831848.gif - (533.72KB , 600x740 , 1289537085669.gif )
Is this a fetish?
>> No. 631 [Edit]
File 129289429342.jpg - (221.69KB , 500x900 , 8c8dc4154334bc40031c441193eefd82.jpg )
I have a ton of things if we're being pretty broad about it (which I guess we are). For the more tame-ish stuff:

- non-slutty maid uniforms (no cleavage, no panchira, just some zettai ryouiki)
- tall boots with flattish heels (e.g. Luka from Vocaloid)
- impossibly fancy hair/clothing is often good, especially if it's not too elegant/"high class".
- groping/fingering underneath the clothing
- yandere
- lots of other stuff i guess?
>> No. 632 [Edit]
File 12928954061.jpg - (164.35KB , 463x600 , 1287681620195.jpg )
not sure what you mean by this, but everything is likely a fetish, so...
>> No. 728 [Edit]
File 129384037937.jpg - (99.65KB , 417x500 , trcAshuraPool.jpg )
Not a fetish per se, but I have an intense fascination with sexless characters. They seem so inhuman, so ethereal, so beyond this world and its conventions. I get excited even when otherwise gendered characters are drawn with a blank crotch. I used to think this was weird, until I heard about someone on the Internet who likes the same.
>> No. 1310 [Edit]
File 129980522293.jpg - (52.52KB , 800x600 , 247.jpg )
I like giant girls.

Probably something Freudian there but really, it's about all I fantasize about.
>> No. 1311 [Edit]
I like small girls. Not loli, but girls who are smaller than the guy they are having sex with (like monster rape and such)
>> No. 1312 [Edit]
Incidentally, today I watched End of Evangelion again, and the idea of Giant Naked Rei seemed a little more attractive than it should.
>> No. 1313 [Edit]
File 129982823216.jpg - (237.68KB , 800x600 , ev223_3_IES2.jpg )
>> No. 1314 [Edit]
File 129982824297.jpg - (212.68KB , 800x600 , ev215_2_IES2.jpg )
>> No. 1315 [Edit]
File 129982827757.jpg - (302.54KB , 680x936 , coverg.jpg )
Mind Control- I can't help but get a humongous erection.
>> No. 1316 [Edit]
File 12998283217.jpg - (108.48KB , 1200x900 , 051.jpg )
>> No. 1418 [Edit]
That skin color turns me off, but monster girls as a whole are pretty high tier for me.

So many good fetishes in this thread. I am pleased to be part of such a nice community.
>> No. 1450 [Edit]
File 13005703198.jpg - (112.84KB , 640x480 , MG4.jpg )
Then have another. I like the lilac skin; not to mention the artist draws the nipples a shade too light in my opinion. I like monster girls because besides the lovable moestock personalities they represent a supreme unattainable and unimaginable pleasure. No 3DPD will ever match-up
>> No. 1451 [Edit]
Im the one who posted both mind control and monster girls and Im always hoping Vanadis will combine the two. I find myself interested in monster girl breeding as well.
>> No. 1465 [Edit]
File 130073109511.jpg - (486.30KB , 500x900 , 1294839986869 nopan.jpg )
No panties. If you happen to be a woman, please don't do this, or at least not this spectacularly.
>> No. 1597 [Edit]
I love it when the girl has those dull, mind-broken eyes
>> No. 1598 [Edit]
What's the japanese term for traps (not futa, but like that pic)? I'd probably have an easier time finding fap material if I knew what to search for
>> No. 1599 [Edit]
File 130092950127.jpg - (134.75KB , 800x600 , A119_A100.jpg )

Also loli, incest, traps, and TS, plus at least a million more minor ones (obvious ones like sukumizu, thighighs, shimapan).

女装 is probably the most common. I also see 男の娘.
>> No. 1600 [Edit]
I think both are pretty common. The first one is more for guys dressed up as a girls, though, I believe, not necessarily just traps.
>> No. 1653 [Edit]

Yeah, I was fapping to some NTR CGs from the new game even so, and why don't these writers try harder?

I mean I get it's a fetish ,but really "my wife took a ton of dicks ,but I still love her"

Also since most of the time it's suppose to be your wife, why is there never an ending where she hands your ass some divorce papers and leaves ;marrying the other guy a few weeks later. The guy she cheated with was the head boss of your company so you have to attend.....
Yeah ,That's some psychological torture I could get behind.
>> No. 1658 [Edit]
I haven't played Soredemo Tsuma wo Aishiteru yet, but one of the writers wrote Kanojo ga Mimai Konai Wake, which is actually pretty well written. For a nukige. I'm not usually into wife NTR but will probably give SoreTsuma a shot because I liked KanoMima. Also the wife looks young and attractive unlike the overly-healthy hags most wives in hentai are.
>> No. 1713 [Edit]
File 130204807560.jpg - (168.19KB , 425x600 , 14954341_m.jpg )
I'm not sure if it's a fetish ,but I love the recent trend toward turning historical and mythological males into female. I'm trying to find one ,but I'm having trouble.Maybe tohnochan can help me figure out what to search for.
>> No. 1724 [Edit]
I have a guro fetish, not too sure how common that is. There's just something about completely violating someone in every sense of the word. I'd never do such a thing with my waifu, so I feel like I'm being unfaithful when I've actually set focus on just one character for my Guro. I would not mind being torn to shreds by my waifu though.

Not going to post pictures, but I'll throw a few links; if anyone wants any I mean.
>> No. 1725 [Edit]
I was into guro for a little bit awhile back. Never fapped to it, just looked at it. Only a small batch of pics were ever really appealing, too.

I'm not sure how to describe the appeal. I never wanted to act any of it out, I guess it was just nice to see that suffering happens to others, too? Geez, I probably sound like a 14 year old here.
>> No. 1751 [Edit]
>Geez, I probably sound like a 14 year old here.

Not at all. That's a gross misconception when it comes to people who like guro :3
>> No. 1767 [Edit]
File 130479335285.jpg - (43.18KB , 600x900 , etna.jpg )
tight latex/leather
>> No. 1775 [Edit]
File 130579795014.jpg - (144.31KB , 530x575 , 1304201009002.jpg )
I have quite a lot of fetishes I guess: traps, femdom, feet/footjob, lolis, straight shota, futanari, legs, flat chests, etc...
>> No. 1828 [Edit]
File 130881084325.jpg - (1.14MB , 1600x1200 , 紫×幽々子17213716_p0.jpg )
くぱぁ (pussy/asshole spreading)
>> No. 1832 [Edit]
File 130946118614.jpg - (1.07MB , 848x1200 , 01fe35bc9cbe83e21a677ecbc0fdd413.jpg )
Orca sex.
>> No. 1833 [Edit]
actually I'd have to say bestiality is a fetish of mine. Only 2D of course, but that should go without saying
>> No. 1887 [Edit]
File 131094824436.png - (381.33KB , 750x600 , 1233680037917.png )
tickling is my fetish
>> No. 2406 [Edit]
File 131536983753.jpg - (87.53KB , 488x500 , 3328654161_c9f74d8e09.jpg )
>> No. 2410 [Edit]
File 131691357299.jpg - (175.39KB , 704x1000 , hawt70.jpg )
Inflicting pain and pain being inflicted upon me.
Though I would say I am more 70-S/30-M.
I really like joint locks, holds, and throws.

Nothing better than getting someone in a hold they can't escape from, and then watching them squirm in agony as their arm/leg borders on destruction. Cutting off their air-supply is nice too. Oh god, I need to stop.

Getting turned on while I'm typing just thinking about it.
>> No. 2458 [Edit]
File 132090022459.jpg - (183.45KB , 819x638 , goodoldfashionedpounding.jpg )

The green line is just because I simultaneously laughed my ass off and realized just how useful kanji are.
>> No. 2460 [Edit]
File 132138595597.jpg - (140.74KB , 728x1159 , cmsn_v03_c23_25_155.jpg )
Mind control.The great thing about it is It can be included in stories that aren't intended for mature audiences and yet more people don't use it.Why?;_;
>> No. 2465 [Edit]
File 132152949412.jpg - (160.79KB , 800x1087 , zOMD_01.jpg )
>> No. 2491 [Edit]
File 132356661616.jpg - (116.73KB , 950x713 , z37.jpg )
>> No. 2492 [Edit]
File 132357255215.jpg - (146.80KB , 750x1000 , 1323569273777.jpg )

I have a very odd one.Women being used as an arcade game.It's like a subfetish (the main fetish being public use) and art,as you might expect,is lacking.My pic BTW is on page 3 of this link,NSFW obviously.

I got the above from an anon.If you go to the picture and click on it,it actually has an arcade tag.Sadly, that tag is mostly girls posing around arcade cabinets.

While most people enjoy it probably as a public use type thing,I'd be happy if I was the only one to "play" my waifu.Interacting with the one you love like that just appeals to me.
>> No. 2493 [Edit]
Here's the list of images tagged with arcade if anyone is interested.

>> No. 2494 [Edit]
File 13239798526.jpg - (96.35KB , 1000x750 , 1302756224529.jpg )
I'm a masochist who likes being degraded and put down. I like the lack of control I have when I'm being tied up.
>> No. 2510 [Edit]
File 132526096489.jpg - (77.94KB , 800x600 , 7cdfd20b22703387344b171566c81b67_jpeg.jpg )
Nuns. Not those young, flat-chested nun but those with complete womanly figures and motherly looks. Defiling them so much that they turned from saints to sluts.
>> No. 2511 [Edit]
File 132536061532.jpg - (441.95KB , 1200x1695 , 2.jpg )
Depends how I'm feeling. Going over my favourites, I see;

Futa, ahegao, pregnant, monster girls, scat, guro, loli, traps, ballbusting, chubby, shota, pegging, femdom, incest(mom or sister), birthing, bondage, amputee, muscle, armpits, hairy crotch or armpits, glasses, urination, dark skin, etc.

Easier to say would be things I really don't like, and that'd have to be rape, ntr, and things like slutty girls. That's a REAL turnoff.

Can't find a picture with everything in it, but this is one of my favorite doujins of my favorite touhou characters, so I'll post a picture of it.
>> No. 2625 [Edit]
File 132993109090.jpg - (628.74KB , 1366x768 , fb5a3919acb1aa62e3e062b4228483c6.jpg )
I'm not sure how to really place it in one word, but I have a fantasy I keep going through in head. Maybe it's yandere or dependent? Or possibly just deredere could be good tags. A very submissive and attached girl that would wake me up in the middle of the night, with arms wrapped around and humping my leg and breathing in my ear. Not being able to fall asleep without holding hands or treating me like a dakimakura pillow. Maybe desperately in love is a good way to say it?
A teary face is nice too, from holding with that kind of face and begging to have my baby. It's hard to express solely on scenario, but if I tried to say it in some kind of abstract or a form of analogy, what I want is not a putty in my hands. More of a slime that covers every inch and attaches itself. Not the girl being made of slime, but her personality being described in that manner. Her love would be like Zerg creep covering me whole.

Sometimes I think of a girl that is bed ridden and I nurse her back to health. Very needy and dependent on me to function. Maybe she's just a really sleepy person. Drowsy faces are adorably cute too.
>> No. 2665 [Edit]
File 133441099660.jpg - (111.93KB , 850x1194 , 52.jpg )
>> No. 2686 [Edit]
File 133641310771.jpg - (501.64KB , 1000x1200 , 9229f890696ad720471d53a138c635dfg.jpg )
>> No. 2689 [Edit]
File 13364228159.jpg - (443.32KB , 738x820 , ce4cba2b9f501b7b0e597d827003aa91.jpg )
Internal ejaculations.
>> No. 2700 [Edit]
File 133717278632.jpg - (85.73KB , 400x565 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
no panties
>> No. 2703 [Edit]
File 133717898952.jpg - (387.52KB , 1200x1691 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
>> No. 2704 [Edit]
File 13371791308.jpg - (394.92KB , 1200x1691 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
with glasses and a beauty mark
>> No. 2755 [Edit]
Girls with short hair and more modest chests, I suppose. Cute faces. While it can sometimes look nice, long hair just disgusts me... I can't say why.

Sometimes crying's cute, but I don't like guro or rape or whatever. I might look at gangbang stuff, or exhibitionist, or voyeur once in a while, but usually I just look at vanilla, it's the easiest to find.

Aside from rape and guro and long hair, something that really disgusts me for some reason is yuri. I'm neutral on things like tentacles or shitting (not my thing, but hey, if you like it) but I just feel an immense loathing for yuri. Traps, too.
>> No. 2762 [Edit]
File 133942477636.jpg - (102.37KB , 800x600 , 7774157041abbffeb8e305ae7e9f0e5d_jpeg.jpg )
That skin.
>> No. 2772 [Edit]
File 134183655470.jpg - (128.43KB , 800x1000 , pic.jpg )
<- everything here
>> No. 2901 [Edit]
File 13537203052.jpg - (274.27KB , 850x1266 , amamm.jpg )
Undressing & clothed nudity

Yes, I'm a sicko.
>> No. 2902 [Edit]
File 135372389183.jpg - (588.23KB , 823x1000 , after.jpg )
>> No. 2962 [Edit]
File 135734981625.jpg - (111.51KB , 1211x850 , achess.jpg )
Oh yeah
>> No. 2963 [Edit]
File 135735052739.jpg - (134.68KB , 849x592 , achess.jpg )
>> No. 2992 [Edit]
File 136032577425.jpg - (844.72KB , 3228x1328 , 2main13.jpg )
Lesbian orgy in 3..2..
>> No. 3011 [Edit]
uh... blue?

all those asses...
>> No. 3012 [Edit]
File 136604928484.png - (329.28KB , 700x875 , 7e6e76622a749f1f577ef471b37b0625.png )
speaking of blue...
When I first saw goo girls i thought they were kind of silly. Then I starting getting interested in x-ray stuff and realized how fucking awesome they are.
>> No. 3013 [Edit]
File 136635605993.jpg - (499.79KB , 900x1200 , 1326328792268.jpg )
The most prominent fetish I have is female-on-male rape, but I detest any sort of gore or genital mutilation. I enjoy depictions of assertive girls in general too, even if it's not outright rape.

The rest of my fetishes are pretty vanilla. Loli, glasses, internal ejaculation, chubby girls, and dripping vaginal lubrication come to mind.
>> No. 3030 [Edit]
File 137077587061.jpg - (464.75KB , 1400x1400 , 1370578316-0.jpg )
>> No. 3031 [Edit]
File 137171633295.jpg - (308.68KB , 1000x1095 , e34af26530a978e5901503b666d273ae.jpg )
Any and all monster girl related stuff.
>> No. 3038 [Edit]
I, too, enjoy monster girls. As well as loli, ss, futa, and from time to time, rape(Male on female and female on male).

But most of the time it's soft stuff involving first four things listed. As well as simple stuff like dark skin, tomboys, heavy oral content, shyness. Pretty vanilla stuff.
>> No. 3043 [Edit]
File 137311332554.jpg - (222.52KB , 1055x1500 , Dell.jpg )
>> No. 3050 [Edit]
Uhm, I think my reply was deleted? If yes, why?
>> No. 3051 [Edit]
What did you post?
>> No. 3052 [Edit]
Nothing bad, just explained my 7 fetishes and posted a picture of Kotetsu eating.
>> No. 3053 [Edit]
File 137366071188.jpg - (240.06KB , 850x634 , a02764bd5d6af9c5f68f7f9b9c486eaa.jpg )
Grown men with small penises, it's easy enough to find straight shota but that doesnt seem to interest me nearly as much.
Also, anything related to premature ejaculation or sexual dissatisfaction conversation text is great too.
>> No. 3054 [Edit]
I recall a post that referred to some 3D things, which is pretty frowned upon. If that was your post, then it's no wonder. Otherwise, I couldn't tell you why.
>> No. 3164 [Edit]
File 137985809733.jpg - (491.95KB , 700x1018 , 1298563622696.jpg )
Nothing can turn me on more.
>> No. 3171 [Edit]
File 13815249883.jpg - (95.54KB , 800x690 , 1379734610929.jpg )
I have several things that probably count as fetishes.
There's curvy, healthy girls, not too chubby but healthy.
Traps, but only a specific kind of trap. Most traps are just lolis with dicks, but for me Rui is a perfect trap.
Light bondage.
Non-penetrative sex, like thigh sex.
>> No. 3197 [Edit]
File 138243850344.jpg - (330.58KB , 1200x1585 , zstab.jpg )
>> No. 3198 [Edit]
File 138252822679.jpg - (287.69KB , 1440x1280 , zpool.jpg )
Have some Hana
>> No. 3218 [Edit]
File 138770055174.jpg - (257.68KB , 1333x1000 , 1387106950336.jpg )
Bondage (deelicious80)
>> No. 3220 [Edit]
File 138779556136.jpg - (190.13KB , 707x1000 , zps35xq8edy.jpg )
Multiple girls
by ohigetan
>> No. 3227 [Edit]
File 138914782360.gif - (3.68MB , 600x450 , sara_09a.gif )
>> No. 3228 [Edit]
File 138961621144.jpg - (124.69KB , 703x1000 , z20140201.jpg )
>> No. 3229 [Edit]
File 138961812616.jpg - (484.60KB , 1500x1147 , z20140201.jpg )
Oh yes!
>> No. 3235 [Edit]
Penis/Prostate milking, filling containers/condoms with cum, unrealistically huge ejaculation, cum being treated as a commodity (casually drinking it, farming it, tugging cocks like milking milking cows.), cumming onto tongues, futas with average dicks, girls who crave sex/ literally are cock crazy like they need cum to survive, primal sexual urges, women who beg to become pregnant, x-rays of internal cumshots.

All these.
This would be perfect if the girl behind was fingering him.
>> No. 3249 [Edit]
File 139298525557.jpg - (258.25KB , 1400x933 , z2.jpg )
>> No. 3287 [Edit]
File 139746966011.jpg - (208.58KB , 631x891 , yrevoke.jpg )
Wet clothes by twinpoo
>> No. 3332 [Edit]
File 140067993892.jpg - (112.16KB , 1000x750 , 889-.jpg )
Mmmm.... foood
>> No. 3333 [Edit]
Bishies. Yaoi, that isn't grotesquely large men or fat people.
>> No. 3495 [Edit]
File 140586256998.jpg - (168.11KB , 688x1000 , opd.jpg )
>> No. 3510 [Edit]
File 141006523815.jpg - (245.10KB , 709x999 , yScion.jpg )
How about both?
>> No. 3511 [Edit]
File 141007360511.jpg - (431.94KB , 1200x1728 , MAGNUM_KOISHI_COMPLETE_037.jpg )
My main fetishes:
Ahegao, Amputee (Quad or legs mainly), Anal, Catgirls, Blind girls, Bondage, Exhibitionism (Seen or unseen), Femdom, Forniphilia, Futa on futa / female / male, Futa exhibitionism, Time stop, Group sex, Gender swapping, Body swapping, Guro (Body part removal) / Cannibalism, Gyaru, Impregnation, Incest (Siblings, cousins, daughter-father, mother-son, mother-daughter, bonus points for multiple at once), Irrumatio, Large / impossible insertions, Loli, Nakadashi, NTR, Shotacon, Omorashi, Prolapse, Public use, Rape, Scat, Tentacle, Tomboy, Torture, Urethral insertion, Vanilla, Yaoi, Yuri

And some of my favorite artists + circles in these genres:
Kurenai Yuuji, Minazuki Juuzou, Juan Gotoh, Mizuryu Kei, ShindoL, Takemura Sesshu, Uziga Waita, Sumomo Dou, Kokonoki Nao, Tsukino Jyogi, Charu, Kiai Neko, ACTIVA, Akai Mato, Uchi-Uchi Keyaki, Kanyapyi, Fue, Ishigaki Takashi, Takumi na Muchi, Radiohead, Mayonnaise, kasuga, Uno Makoto, Piririnegi, Tokimachi Eisei, rt., Behind Moon, Seura Isago, Yukimi, Kurosaki Bunta, Kizuki Aruchu, Aji Pontarou, Yamaura Shou, Watosato, Shimaji (Cannabis), Homunculus, Distance, Suehirogari, Hisasi, Yuzuki N Dash, Saikawa Yusa, Nakamura Kanko, Satsuki Itsuka, Inuboshi, Rustle, Yamazaki Kazuma, Jin (MTSP), Takenoko Seijin, Takashiro Go-ya, John K. Peta, Oyster, Asanagi, Yami ni Ugomeku, Ootsuka Reika, Hino Hino, Aita Nikov, Yamatogawa, NaPaTa, Nanairo Koubou, Nagi Ichi, and Makuro.

I'm pretty sure I've masturbated to every genre at this point. I just really like hentai and doujins and as long as it's hot and the art is good I'll masturbate to it.
>> No. 3514 [Edit]
>I just really like hentai and doujins and as long as it's hot and the art is good I'll masturbate to it.
Same, I can appreciate almost anything if it's good. Femdom and ballbusting are my main fetishes though. Also loli if that counts as one.
>> No. 3632 [Edit]
File 14154298776.jpg - (167.47KB , 707x1000 , Red.jpg )
>> No. 3693 [Edit]
File 141828234876.jpg - (648.98KB , 950x1400 , 26.jpg )
I can fap to a lot of things but I guess my favorites are traps, ss and femdom as heavy as it gets
>> No. 4474 [Edit]
passionate love and sticking to your lover as close as possible, as in very tight hugging during love
>> No. 4475 [Edit]
My man.
>> No. 4498 [Edit]
I'm an odd one i'm into the vanilla parts of extreme things for instance i'm into giantesses most people like vore or crushing that comes along with it but i hate that i like futa on male but only when they both embrace each other rather than one raping the other i like big boobs the bigger the better (no limit) big butts same as boobs i like femdom but i hate bdsm and i don't mind monster girls
>> No. 4526 [Edit]
So many, I know what I dislike but I get lost when I try to find all my fetishes.
Similar to >>4498 I like a lot of stuff when it's vanilla. If it includes nice things like hugging, kissing, hand holding, passionate happy sex in general- better. If I can self insert- perfect.
>> No. 4737 [Edit]
File 157500534999.jpg - (188.37KB , 850x1175 , 21.jpg )
Ebony & ivory.
Also elf.
>> No. 4744 [Edit]
File 15807270273.jpg - (437.19KB , 1200x1659 , blade.jpg )

>> No. 4745 [Edit]
File 158075266799.png - (1.19MB , 992x1511 , yosh_hpt13.png )
>> No. 4775 [Edit]
File 160405992448.jpg - (476.00KB , 1991x1407 , feast.jpg )
Busty Virgin
>> No. 4798 [Edit]
File 161461081520.png - (519.70KB , 715x1000 , __yamamura_sadako_and_sada_chan_getsuyoubi_no_tawa.png )
Horror, Iwasaki Yuuki's works are a good example.
>> No. 4802 [Edit]
File 161507595883.jpg - (4.02MB , 4000x3000 , bb2966a02e453de75f8dcf5ebe99714e.jpg )
Traps as maids~
>> No. 4803 [Edit]
File 16150775327.jpg - (405.21KB , 763x858 , 6114085bc089a2ccd382068368b2a6c5.jpg )
>> No. 4804 [Edit]
File 161507762560.jpg - (153.64KB , 850x1371 , sample_481378fb8cc2628ea346e9ce3c7fd860.jpg )
>> No. 4805 [Edit]
File 161507766829.jpg - (287.86KB , 850x637 , sample_8a5590ff846fda5999ac470a8796cee7.jpg )
>> No. 4806 [Edit]
File 161507775658.png - (1.07MB , 842x1019 , 8b8503ba5d263cd385ea8aac9b9d2e4e.png )
>> No. 4807 [Edit]
File 161507785584.jpg - (58.59KB , 600x500 , ac9a63cf40526c945a6def2634781c88.jpg )
>> No. 4854 [Edit]
File 162177509073.jpg - (375.13KB , 1280x1800 , 01mtg.jpg )
Girls named after months
>> No. 4855 [Edit]
File 162179639747.jpg - (126.17KB , 755x561 , 0ffd303e80ae6bb492f7d69984f2c340.jpg )
What do you mean? her name is Haruka.
(Pic is March from Coyote Ragtime Show, this series has 12 girls named after every single month)
>> No. 4856 [Edit]
File 162179745340.jpg - (144.71KB , 559x794 , 1bdd9c2cd113105a36f59e714b32eec5.jpg )
Here's a cuter pic. To stay on topic i really love girls wearing loose clothes (tank tops especially), shiny skin, sweat and smell. Also, I've always had a thing for armpits but recently it has evolved into an arm and shoulder fetish.
>> No. 4857 [Edit]
File 162179787042.jpg - (673.98KB , 2909x4096 , d13d8164f1f5a1d6ac6e4ce3b1df2ac8.jpg )
>> No. 4858 [Edit]
File 162193360610.png - (1.17MB , 3508x2479 , b730c86427733c5849d3d5c2d663561d7e4ccf5d68973dc531.png )
Oppai loli. ロリ巨乳.
>> No. 4866 [Edit]
File 162577715786.png - (1.35MB , 850x1351 , delicious.png )
Lolis enjoying popsickles.
>> No. 4867 [Edit]
File 162646085631.png - (1.20MB , 1748x1195 , Anime-Eromanga-Sensei-Izumi-Sagiri-black-box-38525.png )
Seconded. I also really really like imoutos.
>> No. 4881 [Edit]
File 163215805852.jpg - (1.03MB , 3067x2606 , __florence_nightingale_anastasia_and_florence_nigh.jpg )
My extremely specific fetish is for an energetic, strong girl to overwhelm me and force me out of my shell, to be brought into an upright straddle position and subjected to her hard, fierce and aggressive but at the same time kind, happy, joyful and nourishing love for hours until my heart is healed. Then cuddling lots and happily staying together forever.
Lovely demon girl package optional. Prostate-exploding futa package optional. Dreamy furry package optional, sharks and dragons preferred.
Other specific elements include latex or other skintight clothes, long gloves and legwear, chokers and collars, copious sex toys and lube, perky large or medium breasts with hard nipples, moderate nipple and lip piercings, voluptuous fit body with frottable abs and squeezable butt and other cute girly-muscle parts, skin slippery with lotion, sleek cameltoe pussy, passionate close body contact, tight hugging leg lock, frenzied kissing, touching, eye contact, intense reciprocal appreciation, desperately crying each other's names. The contrast of furious physical lovemaking happening simultaneously with tender emotional contact, affectionate intimacy and delicate mutual openness.
Unfortunately most of the material featuring some of the elements I like also includes stuff indulging in negative emotions, typically degradation, rape or cheating.

I don't know what to call all this.
>> No. 4882 [Edit]
File 163215989125.jpg - (149.50KB , 654x1024 , b47c5148340664cfb7c56aa224408c1d.jpg )
>> No. 4883 [Edit]
File 163222072155.jpg - (156.11KB , 749x1000 , miqo'te_final_fantasy_soranamae_11a01.jpg )
You could argue that sensibly pierced nips & lips aren't cute. You would be wrong.
>> No. 4884 [Edit]
There's nothing sensible about puncturing flesh so you can put metal decorations inside of it.
>> No. 4885 [Edit]
File 163226523576.jpg - (268.05KB , 1600x900 , miqo'te_final_fantasy_soranamae_2b96e.jpg )
That certainly looks like an opinion. A most incorrect one.
>> No. 4897 [Edit]
Pubic and armpit hair. Camonome is the best artist I've seen for this
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