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File 129231437423.jpg - (1.21MB , 1200x1600 , 38e9f83533f9ee72d8f6a67a0b6b2995.jpg )
567 No. 567 [Edit]
ITT, post your fetish.
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>> No. 2625 [Edit]
File 132993109090.jpg - (628.74KB , 1366x768 , fb5a3919acb1aa62e3e062b4228483c6.jpg )
I'm not sure how to really place it in one word, but I have a fantasy I keep going through in head. Maybe it's yandere or dependent? Or possibly just deredere could be good tags. A very submissive and attached girl that would wake me up in the middle of the night, with arms wrapped around and humping my leg and breathing in my ear. Not being able to fall asleep without holding hands or treating me like a dakimakura pillow. Maybe desperately in love is a good way to say it?
A teary face is nice too, from holding with that kind of face and begging to have my baby. It's hard to express solely on scenario, but if I tried to say it in some kind of abstract or a form of analogy, what I want is not a putty in my hands. More of a slime that covers every inch and attaches itself. Not the girl being made of slime, but her personality being described in that manner. Her love would be like Zerg creep covering me whole.

Sometimes I think of a girl that is bed ridden and I nurse her back to health. Very needy and dependent on me to function. Maybe she's just a really sleepy person. Drowsy faces are adorably cute too.
>> No. 2665 [Edit]
File 133441099660.jpg - (111.93KB , 850x1194 , 52.jpg )
>> No. 2686 [Edit]
File 133641310771.jpg - (501.64KB , 1000x1200 , 9229f890696ad720471d53a138c635dfg.jpg )
>> No. 2689 [Edit]
File 13364228159.jpg - (443.32KB , 738x820 , ce4cba2b9f501b7b0e597d827003aa91.jpg )
Internal ejaculations.
>> No. 2700 [Edit]
File 133717278632.jpg - (85.73KB , 400x565 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
no panties
>> No. 2703 [Edit]
File 133717898952.jpg - (387.52KB , 1200x1691 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
>> No. 2704 [Edit]
File 13371791308.jpg - (394.92KB , 1200x1691 , MX2WH3N4LA2BDHZVRTMOKYZJ5ZSSUCUZ.jpg )
with glasses and a beauty mark
>> No. 2755 [Edit]
Girls with short hair and more modest chests, I suppose. Cute faces. While it can sometimes look nice, long hair just disgusts me... I can't say why.

Sometimes crying's cute, but I don't like guro or rape or whatever. I might look at gangbang stuff, or exhibitionist, or voyeur once in a while, but usually I just look at vanilla, it's the easiest to find.

Aside from rape and guro and long hair, something that really disgusts me for some reason is yuri. I'm neutral on things like tentacles or shitting (not my thing, but hey, if you like it) but I just feel an immense loathing for yuri. Traps, too.
>> No. 2762 [Edit]
File 133942477636.jpg - (102.37KB , 800x600 , 7774157041abbffeb8e305ae7e9f0e5d_jpeg.jpg )
That skin.
>> No. 2772 [Edit]
File 134183655470.jpg - (128.43KB , 800x1000 , pic.jpg )
<- everything here
>> No. 2901 [Edit]
File 13537203052.jpg - (274.27KB , 850x1266 , amamm.jpg )
Undressing & clothed nudity

Yes, I'm a sicko.
>> No. 2902 [Edit]
File 135372389183.jpg - (588.23KB , 823x1000 , after.jpg )
>> No. 2962 [Edit]
File 135734981625.jpg - (111.51KB , 1211x850 , achess.jpg )
Oh yeah
>> No. 2963 [Edit]
File 135735052739.jpg - (134.68KB , 849x592 , achess.jpg )
>> No. 2992 [Edit]
File 136032577425.jpg - (844.72KB , 3228x1328 , 2main13.jpg )
Lesbian orgy in 3..2..
>> No. 3011 [Edit]
uh... blue?

all those asses...
>> No. 3012 [Edit]
File 136604928484.png - (329.28KB , 700x875 , 7e6e76622a749f1f577ef471b37b0625.png )
speaking of blue...
When I first saw goo girls i thought they were kind of silly. Then I starting getting interested in x-ray stuff and realized how fucking awesome they are.
>> No. 3013 [Edit]
File 136635605993.jpg - (499.79KB , 900x1200 , 1326328792268.jpg )
The most prominent fetish I have is female-on-male rape, but I detest any sort of gore or genital mutilation. I enjoy depictions of assertive girls in general too, even if it's not outright rape.

The rest of my fetishes are pretty vanilla. Loli, glasses, internal ejaculation, chubby girls, and dripping vaginal lubrication come to mind.
>> No. 3030 [Edit]
File 137077587061.jpg - (464.75KB , 1400x1400 , 1370578316-0.jpg )
>> No. 3031 [Edit]
File 137171633295.jpg - (308.68KB , 1000x1095 , e34af26530a978e5901503b666d273ae.jpg )
Any and all monster girl related stuff.
>> No. 3038 [Edit]
I, too, enjoy monster girls. As well as loli, ss, futa, and from time to time, rape(Male on female and female on male).

But most of the time it's soft stuff involving first four things listed. As well as simple stuff like dark skin, tomboys, heavy oral content, shyness. Pretty vanilla stuff.
>> No. 3043 [Edit]
File 137311332554.jpg - (222.52KB , 1055x1500 , Dell.jpg )
>> No. 3050 [Edit]
Uhm, I think my reply was deleted? If yes, why?
>> No. 3051 [Edit]
What did you post?
>> No. 3052 [Edit]
Nothing bad, just explained my 7 fetishes and posted a picture of Kotetsu eating.
>> No. 3053 [Edit]
File 137366071188.jpg - (240.06KB , 850x634 , a02764bd5d6af9c5f68f7f9b9c486eaa.jpg )
Grown men with small penises, it's easy enough to find straight shota but that doesnt seem to interest me nearly as much.
Also, anything related to premature ejaculation or sexual dissatisfaction conversation text is great too.
>> No. 3054 [Edit]
I recall a post that referred to some 3D things, which is pretty frowned upon. If that was your post, then it's no wonder. Otherwise, I couldn't tell you why.
>> No. 3164 [Edit]
File 137985809733.jpg - (491.95KB , 700x1018 , 1298563622696.jpg )
Nothing can turn me on more.
>> No. 3171 [Edit]
File 13815249883.jpg - (95.54KB , 800x690 , 1379734610929.jpg )
I have several things that probably count as fetishes.
There's curvy, healthy girls, not too chubby but healthy.
Traps, but only a specific kind of trap. Most traps are just lolis with dicks, but for me Rui is a perfect trap.
Light bondage.
Non-penetrative sex, like thigh sex.
>> No. 3197 [Edit]
File 138243850344.jpg - (330.58KB , 1200x1585 , zstab.jpg )
>> No. 3198 [Edit]
File 138252822679.jpg - (287.69KB , 1440x1280 , zpool.jpg )
Have some Hana
>> No. 3218 [Edit]
File 138770055174.jpg - (257.68KB , 1333x1000 , 1387106950336.jpg )
Bondage (deelicious80)
>> No. 3220 [Edit]
File 138779556136.jpg - (190.13KB , 707x1000 , zps35xq8edy.jpg )
Multiple girls
by ohigetan
>> No. 3227 [Edit]
File 138914782360.gif - (3.68MB , 600x450 , sara_09a.gif )
>> No. 3228 [Edit]
File 138961621144.jpg - (124.69KB , 703x1000 , z20140201.jpg )
>> No. 3229 [Edit]
File 138961812616.jpg - (484.60KB , 1500x1147 , z20140201.jpg )
Oh yes!
>> No. 3235 [Edit]
Penis/Prostate milking, filling containers/condoms with cum, unrealistically huge ejaculation, cum being treated as a commodity (casually drinking it, farming it, tugging cocks like milking milking cows.), cumming onto tongues, futas with average dicks, girls who crave sex/ literally are cock crazy like they need cum to survive, primal sexual urges, women who beg to become pregnant, x-rays of internal cumshots.

All these.
This would be perfect if the girl behind was fingering him.
>> No. 3249 [Edit]
File 139298525557.jpg - (258.25KB , 1400x933 , z2.jpg )
>> No. 3287 [Edit]
File 139746966011.jpg - (208.58KB , 631x891 , yrevoke.jpg )
Wet clothes by twinpoo
>> No. 3332 [Edit]
File 140067993892.jpg - (112.16KB , 1000x750 , 889-.jpg )
Mmmm.... foood
>> No. 3333 [Edit]
Bishies. Yaoi, that isn't grotesquely large men or fat people.
>> No. 3495 [Edit]
File 140586256998.jpg - (168.11KB , 688x1000 , opd.jpg )
>> No. 3510 [Edit]
File 141006523815.jpg - (245.10KB , 709x999 , yScion.jpg )
How about both?
>> No. 3511 [Edit]
File 141007360511.jpg - (431.94KB , 1200x1728 , MAGNUM_KOISHI_COMPLETE_037.jpg )
My main fetishes:
Ahegao, Amputee (Quad or legs mainly), Anal, Catgirls, Blind girls, Bondage, Exhibitionism (Seen or unseen), Femdom, Forniphilia, Futa on futa / female / male, Futa exhibitionism, Time stop, Group sex, Gender swapping, Body swapping, Guro (Body part removal) / Cannibalism, Gyaru, Impregnation, Incest (Siblings, cousins, daughter-father, mother-son, mother-daughter, bonus points for multiple at once), Irrumatio, Large / impossible insertions, Loli, Nakadashi, NTR, Shotacon, Omorashi, Prolapse, Public use, Rape, Scat, Tentacle, Tomboy, Torture, Urethral insertion, Vanilla, Yaoi, Yuri

And some of my favorite artists + circles in these genres:
Kurenai Yuuji, Minazuki Juuzou, Juan Gotoh, Mizuryu Kei, ShindoL, Takemura Sesshu, Uziga Waita, Sumomo Dou, Kokonoki Nao, Tsukino Jyogi, Charu, Kiai Neko, ACTIVA, Akai Mato, Uchi-Uchi Keyaki, Kanyapyi, Fue, Ishigaki Takashi, Takumi na Muchi, Radiohead, Mayonnaise, kasuga, Uno Makoto, Piririnegi, Tokimachi Eisei, rt., Behind Moon, Seura Isago, Yukimi, Kurosaki Bunta, Kizuki Aruchu, Aji Pontarou, Yamaura Shou, Watosato, Shimaji (Cannabis), Homunculus, Distance, Suehirogari, Hisasi, Yuzuki N Dash, Saikawa Yusa, Nakamura Kanko, Satsuki Itsuka, Inuboshi, Rustle, Yamazaki Kazuma, Jin (MTSP), Takenoko Seijin, Takashiro Go-ya, John K. Peta, Oyster, Asanagi, Yami ni Ugomeku, Ootsuka Reika, Hino Hino, Aita Nikov, Yamatogawa, NaPaTa, Nanairo Koubou, Nagi Ichi, and Makuro.

I'm pretty sure I've masturbated to every genre at this point. I just really like hentai and doujins and as long as it's hot and the art is good I'll masturbate to it.
>> No. 3514 [Edit]
>I just really like hentai and doujins and as long as it's hot and the art is good I'll masturbate to it.
Same, I can appreciate almost anything if it's good. Femdom and ballbusting are my main fetishes though. Also loli if that counts as one.
>> No. 3632 [Edit]
File 14154298776.jpg - (167.47KB , 707x1000 , Red.jpg )
>> No. 3693 [Edit]
File 141828234876.jpg - (648.98KB , 950x1400 , 26.jpg )
I can fap to a lot of things but I guess my favorites are traps, ss and femdom as heavy as it gets
>> No. 4473 [Edit]
i'm a cuckold
>> No. 4474 [Edit]
passionate love and sticking to your lover as close as possible, as in very tight hugging during love
>> No. 4475 [Edit]
My man.
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