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File 15794674681.jpg - (173.04KB , 600x800 , b73a19178bb6de16c3c4e1639eebd1e9.jpg )
4739 No. 4739 [Edit]
Do you ever wonder how much you like your fetishes because they're taboo, and how much you like them for their own sake? I've always liked shota, but I only got interested in loli after finding out more about how contentious it is. Even then, I only get off to it easily if they have some womanly proportions. So do I just like it for the thrill? I don't know. After reading a bunch of threads about how disgusting 3DPD is and repulsive all their imperfections are, suddenly i'll feel in the mood for 3D porn even though it bores me most of the time and really only a small minority of people feel that way about it. Other people think it's gross and that might be what's exciting.

I'm terrified of insects, but if I stare at some types for long enough, maybe they actually look kind of cool and a little mechanical. Or maybe they're just disgusting. All those disgusting little details on a person suddenly have some odd appeal to them. Maybe 2D is too perfect and dull. Or maybe 3D people and their flaws are off-putting and disappointing. Disgust and attraction shift around in my head. Some stuff does just disgust me all the time though.
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>> No. 4740 [Edit]
File 158033931931.png - (473.14KB , 800x600 , ev001.png )
Mine has little or possibly nothing to do with taboo. I've had it for as long as I could remember (even as a kid). When people talk about fetishes they usually seem to be little more than some odd new passing interest to fap to, Where as mine feels more like an obsession. As such I find it interesting to hear about the odd things people have legitimately become attached to and what might have possibly caused this. I've spent a lot of time wondering what could be the cause of mine, and even tried purging it from myself due to being embarrassed by it. In the end I gave up fighting it or trying to fully understand it.
Due to a mental disorder I've lost 'nearly' all interest in human relations and things of a sexual nature, but the attraction to my fetish was apparently strong enough to over come that and now is essentially the only thing that has a chance of getting me aroused. Anything else is boring to me and is rarely able to spark any interest.
>> No. 4741 [Edit]
I was always into little girls. If tohno will forgive me, I'll have to say that my interest in the younger females dates back to when I myself was in elementary school. During middle school I remember other guys talking about porn stars, and I thought they had terrible taste for liking those old ugly bimbos when there were pretty girls right in our very own school. My tastes never really changed, and although my serious arousal by the taboo is what pushed the fetish into overdrive in my later years, I was always more fond of young girls. The taboo aspect is just a bonus. I also have something of a anal fixation that developed during my strange upbringing with my slightly younger sister, and I almost shouldn't have to mention that I ended up developing a major incest fetish. I will say that as it stands today though I have no interest in 3D. Sorry if that breaks the rules, but the thread kind of demands some mention of real life stuff.
>> No. 4742 [Edit]
What's your fetish?
>> No. 4743 [Edit]
See >>572
>> No. 4746 [Edit]
File 158373219055.png - (1.26MB , 979x1637 , ee634de4391b30e0608efb525e73d5b5.png )
I've been thinking lately. I like shota because I fantasize about being prey. Having someone else take charge and take me to heaven. I like loli because I fantasize about being a predator. Taking whatever I want without asking. When the loli is the one doing the raping though, that's a combination of the two desires, to be prey and predator. Life is shit.

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