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No. 65 [Edit]
Enjoy your apps!
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>> No. 66 [Edit]
If I'm forced to have it work anything like that then I'm switching to linux
>> No. 67 [Edit]

Enjoy your no apps.

It was a joke, don't get mad.
>> No. 68 [Edit]
>it works for keyboard and mouse too if you have that

If? Last time I checked pretty much everyone does
>> No. 69 [Edit]
Yeah, hearing that made me worry. I'm hoping touch input doesn't become the new big thing.
>> No. 70 [Edit]
No really, someone please tell me all the cell-phone looking shit is just an option that I can turn off 5 minutes after install.
>> No. 71 [Edit]
I'm hoping motion control doesn't become a big thing for Video Games, also hoping 3D doesn't become a big thing for tv and film

It's gonna happen weather we like it or not.
>> No. 72 [Edit]
I understand Microsoft's intention behind this new user interface, as new technology gives us new and interesting possibilities and the mouse controlled UI is getting kind of redundant and has failed to really evolve since it was introduced in the 80's, but really now? This is simply awful. Next thing they're telling us, they removed multitasking, one of the most important things on a computer. I can see how this is a limitation to it.

Although I expect it to be a kind of "additional" possibility to use Windows just like they sold Windows with a Media Center back then. When Windows 8 rolls around it will be a good time to switch to GNU/Linux, the more people switch the more "apps" we'll get. Getting people to develop on this environment is important.
>> No. 73 [Edit]
Looks like a fisher price-esque clusterfuck UI, even more so than vista/7. I'm definitely not even going to come near this.

I'm sick of all this touch screen shit.
>> No. 74 [Edit]
This is the most normalfag OS I've ever seen
>> No. 75 [Edit]
File 130701940279.png - (612.87KB , 755x1463 , ipadTabletPC.png )
They should've developed this back when they were trying to push their tablet PCs.

>When Windows 8 rolls around it will be a good time to switch to GNU/Linux
What makes you think that will be a better time than any other? If anything, the new OS release will take away attention from any shifts in OS market share, making it less likely for software companies to take notice.
On the other hand, some interesting stuff is going on in the Loonix world right now, like the releases of Gnome3 and Ubuntu Unity.
>> No. 76 [Edit]
Marketing makes one hell of a difference.
>> No. 77 [Edit]
>Although I expect it to be a kind of "additional" possibility to use Windows

I really hope that's the case, because there is no goddamn way I would use windows anymore if it was going to look like this from now on. If it's mandatory I'll wait until 7 is too obsolete to play games anymore then switch to linux
>> No. 78 [Edit]
I really don't understand why they are acting like mouse and keyboard aren't worth focusing on anymore. I mean, I'm a shutin so maybe I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that most people don't use tablet PCs
>> No. 79 [Edit]

>While the traditional Desktop will still be available, along with compatibility for legacy apps, the Start screen will run a second type of application written in HTML5 and JavaScript, much like mobile apps and widgets.

Oh thank god I don't have to use it. Still, linux is looking better and better if MS is going to start telling real PC users to fuck off like this
>> No. 80 [Edit]
How well does linux work with things like PC games and steam? That's pretty much the only thing I do aside from watching anime and collecting pictures and I doubt those will be a problem at all, so if gaming is not as big of a hassle as I think it is I'll definitely switch eventually

Post edited on 2nd Jun 2011, 12:09pm
>> No. 81 [Edit]
>> No. 82 [Edit]
I don't think steam works on linux, though the mac OS is pretty much a very heavily modified linux, so it could be possible if you run the mac version, though I highly doubt it. Though I would advise against trying to run it on wine, since r8221's old account he inherited was vacbanned (I believe only for cs:s and something else though) cause the guy he got it from tried to launch a game on wine. (If I remember right).

Then again, I've heard that it'll work fine under wine without vacbanning you, so I could be spewing shit that I have no clue about again. If you have another computer laying around that you don't use, set up linux on it and try it out.
>> No. 83 [Edit]
looks like I'm sticking with windows until their bullshit drives enough people away that they make steam/games work on linux then. not like 7 will be obsolete anytime soon anyway
>> No. 84 [Edit]
This really looks like the Windows Phone OS but for a "computer". I'm not a fan. Using tiles is probably a good thing since screens are getting bigger but strikes me as unusable on day-to-day basis. It's not a phone, it's a computer with a mouse and keyboard.

tl;dr it's all Apple's fault.
>> No. 85 [Edit]
There are some ways to get Steam working on Linux and some games are even playable but of course, there's lots of limitations and performance is poor. Look for PlayOnLinux.

I wish Valve would port it to GNU/Linux already, so much money to be had really. Although my guess is that it would be hard to have a generic Steam that would work on all distros or else they'd have to make it exclusive to Debian or Ubuntu or something along those lines. That's probably one of the top reasons preventing them from doing it.
>> No. 86 [Edit]
incompatibility between distros is an issue that can be overcome. App vendors like Opera etc. manage to do it just fine.
The main reason is that there are almost no gamers on Linux. Back in 2004, when there were stll more Linux users than Mac users, some of the most high-profile titles came out for Linux, such as Doom3 and UT2003/4. But it didn't catch on, because most Linux users simply aren't gamers.
>> No. 87 [Edit]
Keep in mind guys, Windows will always continue to put out a "professional" version of any OS they put out. These are geared toward more administrative types or business users who are much more proficient at the use of a computer. I doubt any Windows 8 Professional/Server/Corporate would be as dumbed down with the GUI they're showing.
>> No. 88 [Edit]
This is the stupidest shit ever. If this is where Microsoft is going then I'm stopping at Windows 7. And if they cut support for 7 and kill the OS (I'm sure there's a backdoor for "completely kill the OS" in 7), then I either wait for steam to come out for linux or look into a mac.

Business-types aren't any more proficient at computer use than the common idiot. There may be a little higher ratio of smarter computer users to dumber ones, but it's not that much better.
>> No. 89 [Edit]
Windows 7 support won't be gone any time soon. XP's support doesn't even end until 2014
>> No. 90 [Edit]
> there's lots of limitations and performance is poor.

Poor performance for games obtained through Steam or for games in general?

And do you know if most Visual Novels are playable on Linux? They don't appear very complicated, but I doubt the western market (or is Linux getting attention in Japan too?) is big enough for anyone to try to port them.
>> No. 91 [Edit]
As in anything that runs in a virtual environment, which steam would have to do since it's made for Windows.
>> No. 92 [Edit]
Some of them play ok but some don't start or freeze at certain parts, and there's little documentation on them. Just do what I do; windows for gaming and movies/anime, lunix for everything else.
>> No. 93 [Edit]
I have had very few issues getting visual novels to run under wine.
>> No. 94 [Edit]
Install Window XP. Problem solved.
>> No. 95 [Edit]
Regular computers aren't going anywhere guys. This is just the UI for touch interfaces, which like it or not, are becoming increasingly popular. Mostly because computer illiterate folk find them easy to use.
>> No. 96 [Edit]
There's a preview for this out now, and everything I've heard from people who have tried it indicates that it's a steaming pile of shit for reasons you would probably expect, and some you wouldn't (something as simple as shutting down or rebooting is now almost a hidden option, for example). If the final product is anything like this then I'd expect to stay with win7 for a long time.
>> No. 97 [Edit]
I've seen a few threads on it already. Seems like windows media center expanded on top of W7. Don't see how this makes it a full fledged operating system yet. Seems like just some shitty applications and extensions plastered on top of an existing OS.
>> No. 98 [Edit]
File 131602442177.png - (5.05KB , 604x322 , PEb6L.png )
This is what the new BSoD looks like
>> No. 99 [Edit]
>>1020're kidding right?
please tell me your kidding.
>> No. 100 [Edit]
Emoticons huh?
>> No. 101 [Edit]
Nope, it's real. I thought it was fake too when I first saw it, but googling windows 8 bsod brings up the same stuff
>> No. 102 [Edit]
for some reason there's two clocks on the desktop: one big one and one little one in the corner that has always been there. This thing is made for cell phones/tablets through and through
>> No. 103 [Edit]
with the fast growth of android I can almost sure bet they will have some form of client three years in the future.
looks like the chrome error message but on the other hand chrome is similar to the Macs messages .
>> No. 104 [Edit]
File 131607778231.jpg - (399.34KB , 636x1218 , tablet_users猿.jpg )
just in case you were wondering what sort of users this is directed at.
>> No. 105 [Edit]
i hope the loading screen says "Welcome to Windows 8 XD"
>> No. 106 [Edit]
I had a feeling...
>> No. 107 [Edit]
"u shuld only run apps from ppl u trust. r u sure?? :/"
>> No. 108 [Edit]
Holy cow, and I was bitching just because I had to download half a dozen third-party software to make Windows 7/Office 2007+ usable.
>> No. 110 [Edit]
File 132926705964.jpg - (24.83KB , 577x282 , xvylF.jpg )
even the logo for it looks like shit
>> No. 111 [Edit]
This isn't really anything that will stick for long.

SCADA is switching from GUI back to CLI in their microwave rooms for ease now, and you better believe OO programming is going to return to Functional.
>> No. 112 [Edit]
>Next thing they're telling us, they removed multitasking, one of the most important things on a computer.
They're not Apple.

Anyways, I think the tablet phase will blow over within ten years when everyone realises "Wait, this is pretty useless. It's too small to be a smart television, too simple to be a computer, and too big to be a phone. It's utterly useless. I can't make a halfway decent powerpoint for the business meeting, my teacher is going to hate my formatting on this essay, and I feel like a child playing with a fischer Price toy."

Some consignment-store sucking old bags were talking about how children can use tablets so easily, citing how her two year old granddaughter found out how to use her iPad so quickly. and I thought to myself "Fucking hell, of course she can! These things are literally made so nobody can fuck up no matter how hard they try!"

Simple as fuck user interface is good for phones and mobile internet palmtops, not for computers. Like the iPhone, which I literally rubbed my cheek against and was able to text someone, or play a song.

I'm using XP. When XP came out, I wasn't to thrilled with it myself, but I managed and I like it now. Vista was the Windows 98 of 2008, and 7 was a decent improvement.
>> No. 113 [Edit]
I thought a tablet pc would be neat for reading manga.
but that's really it.
not worth the prices.
>> No. 114 [Edit]
also for textbooks and VNs.
And for drawing and making notes, if styluses work on them.
But apart from that, I've only ever seen people use them for web-browsing (which works far better on a real laptop/netbook) and playing simple games like sudoku and so on.
>> No. 115 [Edit]
I used mine so I wouldn't have to spend money on a graphics tablet.
>> No. 116 [Edit]
Tablets seriously need to be used for textbooks. But, as usual, Americans are leading the way in ass-backwards developments, reading smut novels and playing games on them. Seriously, nobody carries a bag around with sixty pounds of paperback novels. What you do see is students carrying six $200 books across campus.

Tablets would really help the education process and streamline textbook publication, as well as not punch the balls off of each students' bank loan and scholarship funds.
>> No. 117 [Edit]
I already carry a laptop with many PDF's I find for free online. Tablets are just a crippled PC.

Doesn't matter what they get used for, it will just be a toy.
>> No. 118 [Edit]
If my school had tablets they would all be stolen within a month. That or broken from the students using them as drums. It was like going to school with cavemen
>> No. 119 [Edit]
File 132984693420.jpg - (23.20KB , 490x505 , lenovo-thinkpad-x61-tablet-pc.jpg )
I understand that schools try to be modern with PDFs and such, but why choose to give students a tablet toy instead of a Tablet PC? One is a handicapped mess, the other is a laptop with a touchscreen. Why shoot yourself in the foot by giving them the limited gadget?
>> No. 120 [Edit]
then those students would have to pay to replace them, it should be that simple.
>> No. 121 [Edit]
that would probably be considered racist or classist or sexist or whatever the excuse of the day in america is.
>> No. 122 [Edit]
1.locked bootloaders
2.control maintenance

>Implying e-books are cheaper and more efficient and you can sell them after the semester has ended.
>> No. 123 [Edit]
>>667 Have you noticed that both "mattberg" and "angiulo" are displayed in lower case, despite being proper nouns? Looks like calling people on their real names is still an unsolved problem, despite decades of work on this issue.
>> No. 124 [Edit]
You're probably right.
>> No. 125 [Edit]

Pftfft shhhhh hahaha!
>> No. 126 [Edit]
what the fuck are they doing
>> No. 127 [Edit]
It's DLC hits the OS market!

At least I hope I'd be able to download a decent Windows 2000-style interface for $5
>> No. 128 [Edit]
All right, that is just stupid.

They just want everyone to stick with 7 then. Actually 7 still has the ability to make Microsoft a ton of money. Xp support is supposed to end soon, but companies are dragging ass to upgrade from xp.

The life-span of an OS is getting long now. A new version every other year doesn't fly anymore.
>> No. 129 [Edit]
File 133665415348.png - (171.71KB , 469x450 , 1336652002480.png )
silly Microsoft what are you doing with ARM ?
>> No. 130 [Edit]
It's such a disaster
>> No. 131 [Edit]
File 133786969891.png - (1.61MB , 1247x2878 , 1337864900997.png )
windows related
>> No. 132 [Edit]
File 13379304147.jpg - (318.79KB , 856x1702 , c28009626bddd5d82b0287e52962e47a.jpg )
They're trying to get the otaku!

Unfortunately it isn't going to work with how stupid Windows 8 sounds
>> No. 133 [Edit]
She's also not as cute as Nanami.
>> No. 134 [Edit]
File 133793338367.jpg - (354.94KB , 812x1180 , 9e5d0daf66a4ebc5eb76f49336896f8d.jpg )
I dunno, I have a thing for blonds, so I can't 100% agree with you, but Nanami-chan is undoubtedly cute.
>> No. 136 [Edit]
File 133793344937.jpg - (443.17KB , 850x1133 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Reminds me of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z.

Post edited on 25th May 2012, 3:23am
>> No. 137 [Edit]
File 133793972542.jpg - (683.45KB , 941x992 , b1692a9bb83a2e5b559dd9b8180de85a.jpg )
Yeah, they look pretty similar. Maybe there's a slight chance that it's more than a coincidence since they both are related to the number '8'.
>> No. 138 [Edit]
File 133796550355.jpg - (29.86KB , 395x400 , slack.jpg )
Slackware-tan's the only one for me.
>> No. 139 [Edit]
File 133796690127.jpg - (593.09KB , 1920x1080 , silverlight tan beach.jpg )
Silverlight-tan never got me to get silverlight so this isn't gonna work on me either!
>> No. 140 [Edit]
File 134461078049.gif - (444.63KB , 240x180 , Gabetroll.gif )
>Valve’s Gabe Newell says that Windows 8 is a ‘catastrophe’ and that developing their games and platform for Linux is one way to ‘hedge against that eventuality.’
>> No. 141 [Edit]
They've been calling the shitty new UI "Metro" this entire time, but a few days ago they had to change it because of a copyright dispute. Considering it's 2 months until release it's pretty funny it went unchecked for that long
>> No. 142 [Edit]
Also now it's just called "Modern UI", which is just stupid.
>> No. 143 [Edit]
>> No. 144 [Edit]
As someone who has been dualbooting XP & various flavors of linux for a good ten years, this seems like a welcome change to me. I've hated everything Windows has done since XP (I fucking hate 7, for reasons I don't want to get into here), but this seems a big enough change that I wouldn't mind at least trying it. I'm all for simplicity, and if this means it has to look more like a tablet, I don't mind. I don't get this sort of misplaced elitism. If a new desktop metaphor comes along that is more efficient and simpler than the other one, there is no sense in clinging to the old one, and I say this as someone who hates change. It's also ironic to see people posting 'time to switch to linux' when the "tablet" paradigm has been taking over lately there too (Unity & Gnome 3).
Now I'm not saying that Windows 8 is good or even better than its predecessors, I just think it's silly to condemn it without even having tried it just because it looks like a tablet interface. It just seems to me like many people are simply afraid of having to relearn how to use their computer(s).
>> No. 145 [Edit]
>that is more efficient and simpler than the other one

you can't have more than one app window open at the same time and people could literally not figure out how to shut it down. it's a mess
>> No. 146 [Edit]
How about no windows.
>> No. 147 [Edit]

>According to Taiwanese trade paper DigiTimes, the top two netbook manufacturers, Asus and Acer, have at long last abandoned the inexpensive, low-powered netbook.

>Asus CEO Jerry Shen has reportedly confirmed the end of production for Eee PC netbooks, the trailblazing netbook brand that started the whole netbook craze.

>Windows 8 almost ensures the death of the netbooks, with its 1024-by-768-pixel screen resolution requirement. (Most netbooks have a 1024 by 600 pixels resolution on their 10-inch screens.)
>> No. 148 [Edit]
The reasons to love windows 8 just keep piling up...
>> No. 149 [Edit]
File 135006664038.png - (438.63KB , 1116x648 , 1350054949854.png )
>> No. 150 [Edit]
I'll take 8!
>> No. 151 [Edit]
/fa/ggot movement
>> No. 152 [Edit]
more like bowel movement
>> No. 153 [Edit]
File 135051300625.gif - (1.54MB , 480x270 , 1341523129078.gif )
dude why would you use cure piss that's so mean
>> No. 154 [Edit]
They're going to be printing money with that shit.
>> No. 155 [Edit]
File 135773317173.jpg - (428.48KB , 644x910 , 1357732719948[1].jpg )
Fuck whoever did this, I'm pissed.

What the fuck. Reverse image search pictures of Peace and you get that bullshit.
>> No. 156 [Edit]
Windows eit wery gud
>> No. 157 [Edit]
That's was so informative. I really learned a lot about that product and why I should buy it from watching that advertisement.
>> No. 158 [Edit]

Hehe, pissed.
>> No. 159 [Edit]
Microsoft is expanding with exciting magical new features for advertisers!

Computerworld - Talk about having things both ways! A few months ago in its "Scroogled" ad campaign, Microsoft was complaining about how Google uses your search terms and Gmail contents to deliver targeted ads. Now, Microsoft is touting how Windows 8.1 uses your search terms to deliver targeted ads, even when you're doing searches on local drives.

Do people at Microsoft ever talk to anyone outside their own groups? Does the Bing team need to be introduced to the Scroogled team? Scroogled? How about Bing-Bang-Bungled?

Windows 8.1 is still in preview, but when you do a local search in it, your results will include both local and Bing-provided hits. Microsoft will then use your search terms for targeted ads.

For Microsoft, this is decidedly a feature, not a bug. David Pann, Microsoft's general manager for the Search Network, wrote: "Bing Ads will be an integral part of this new Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience. Now, with a single campaign setup, advertisers can connect with consumers across Bing, Yahoo! and the new Windows Search with highly relevant ads for their search queries. In addition, Bing Ads will include Web previews of websites and the latest features like site links, location and call extensions, making it easier for consumers to complete tasks and for advertisers to drive qualified leads." He continued, "Our goal is to make search advertising easier for our customers, while providing the best consumer experience with the most relevant results for the tasks they are looking to accomplish."

It all sounds wonderful -- if you're an advertiser. I don't think it's what users expect from a "local" search, though. Sure, anyone who's paying any attention at all expects their every move to be tracked on the Web, but this is built into PC search. In a way, Microsoft is incorporating spyware into local search.

Imagine that you're a Microsoft competitor who uses Windows 8.1. Do you want Microsoft to know what you're searching for on your PC or corporate intranet? I don't think so!

I'm not saying that this type of functionality is unprecedented. Google has long incorporated that kind of capability in Android and Google Instant search. But it's a new move for Microsoft. Ever since its '90s antitrust trial, Microsoft has steered clear of incorporating Internet functionality in its Windows operating system. Twenty years on, however, with the PC on the decline and mobile devices and the cloud ascendant, everyone is integrating Internet services into their products, and Microsoft wants to do the same.

What sticks in the craw is that this comes so closely on the heels of Microsoft blasting Google for peeking at users' information for the sake of targeted ads.

Fortunately, you can turn this functionality off without much trouble. What you can't do in the preview -- but what you can do with any Web browser -- is pick a different search engine. If you want to use Internet search within Windows 8.1, it's Bing or nothing.

I don't know. Maybe people won't care. Goodness knows they seem indifferent to the revelation that the NSA is peering over their shoulders. Perhaps they'll be as nonchalant about sharing all their local searches with Microsoft -- even if Microsoft did claim to think that such activity was just awful only a few months ago

>> No. 160 [Edit]
>Windows 8.1 is still in preview, but when you do a local search in it, your results will include both local and Bing-provided hits. Microsoft will then use your search terms for targeted ads.

It's like Ubuntu, but without the option to opt-out of the advertising!

and the shitty "metro" design can't be changed either.
and the sidebar gadgets, which is rainmeter with less functionality 1000% more RAM consuming, also comes standard!
>> No. 161 [Edit]
File 137711678238.png - (92.54KB , 550x344 , 8407_Windows%20Logos_png-550x0.png )
I guess MS wanted to go back to their roots. I agree it looks terrible.
>> No. 162 [Edit]
I wish that I could turn back time
>> No. 163 [Edit]
File 137726786998.jpg - (371.12KB , 1024x1600 , ubuntu_guide.jpg )
German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA

>It allows Microsoft to control the computer remotely through a built-in backdoor. Keys to that backdoor are likely accessible to the NSA – and in an unintended ironic twist, perhaps even to the Chinese.

Original German article:
>> No. 164 [Edit]
kinda funny reading when the german police are known for injecting malware on windows computers through fake software updates.
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