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File 14269825194.gif - (43.50KB , 120x90 , sAWJYKX.gif )
1280 No. 1280 [Edit]
A bit late with this one, but whatever. To start off:
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>> No. 2080 [Edit]
Fuck them. Do they really think people are mainly using youtube-dl to download webrips of shitty pop songs off youtube?
>> No. 2081 [Edit]
>> No. 2120 [Edit]
Pornhub has deleted every single video not made by a "verified account" because of pressure from visa and mastercard.
>> No. 2121 [Edit]
>> No. 2122 [Edit]
They're the reason so many online services refuse to touch anything x-rated.
>> No. 2123 [Edit]
File 160832386543.png - (2.84MB , 2000x1740 , ♂FUCK♂YOU♂.png )
Fuck. Fucking shit. I had playlists I spent a lot of time building up and videos I really liked on there. Fucking damn it!
>> No. 2124 [Edit]
File 16083260313.png - (32.04KB , 1030x276 , bingcache.png )
If you bookmarked them(or they're in your web-history), or just have a record of their titles, you can search for them on google/bing to find a copy. If you can't find one, you use their cache of the original page to see an image from the video. You can then screencap that page to get the image and reverse search that on google or yandex or something to find another copy of the video. Another option is seeing if webarchive has the page. If you don't see the image on webarchive, you can click on recommended videos and see if those have a small thumbnail of the video on their page.

This has worked for me a few times. Some more tech-savvy people might have better advice.

Update: on bings cached pages, there's a redirect and the image doesn't seem to be showing. Viewing the page source will the link to the image, but some of them seem to be forbidden. However, even these links might be on the webarchive.

Post edited on 18th Dec 2020, 1:56pm
>> No. 2125 [Edit]
File 160832648482.jpg - (288.03KB , 2048x1448 , EVfYaqHVAAITDcR.jpg )
Credit card companies are being assholes but there is nothing of value lost.
>> No. 2126 [Edit]
There was some original, anime style 3d works on there I think. The biggest issue is the precendent it sets.
>> No. 2127 [Edit]
It's not so much that the payment processors are being dicks, it's that they don't want to be held liable or be connected to potential illegalities.
>> No. 2128 [Edit]
>On Wednesday, a bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill that would allow victims to sue websites like Pornhub for hosting illegal content depicting them.
The effect all this will have is pretty easy to see. Websites will be even less willing to let users post content on their website. A one way stream on consumption is being pushed forward.

Post edited on 19th Dec 2020, 5:01am
>> No. 2129 [Edit]
>it's that they don't want to be held liable or be connected to potential illegalities.
These types of services also see a higher rate of chargeback, so it's inherently more risky for the CC processor. That's why Stripe, for instance, has restrictions against using it for porn services in their ToS. That's why these services are usually stuck with bottom of the bin processors. The more serious buesinesses will make use of cascading payments to carefully load-balance payments across processors (usually coupled with their own internal risk detection system to ensure that they don't send risky transactions to the top-dog processors). That way they can dilute chargeback percentages and ensure they stay under the limits.
>> No. 2156 [Edit]
Not really news, but I was surprised to find that bit-flips due to background radiation in RAM are more common than I expected. It's really hard to find quantitative numbers for consumer hardware though; one would think that someone who's using ECC-memory could just publish the number of parity events - that anecdotal reports from commenters seem to indicate that for 16GB it's about one bit a month at the high-end, one bit a year at the low-end.

So maybe not all those random computer glitches that always seem to go away after a reboot are actually buggy software... And the thought of silently corrupting files written out to disk is worrying. That said, most people only use a small fraction of the memory at a time and the probability it flips the right bit to make a noticeable impact is pretty low. Still pretty spooky; Sadly ECC is uncommon on laptops.
>> No. 2157 [Edit]
File 161021196253.jpg - (159.05KB , 850x992 , sample_2b7367df861a6f3c432e57c761217ffe.jpg )
Mozilla published a report on how p2p networks can(and should be) be censored.
The report:
It seems a little fluffy, but is still a bit concerning.
>> No. 2158 [Edit]
Start with white supremacy (however that's defined); end with anything they don't like. Fantastic.
>> No. 2159 [Edit]
I wonder how feasible and effective any of what they're suggesting is.
>> No. 2160 [Edit]
I'm not even sure what they're suggesting. As you said, that report is rather voluminous considering its content.
>> No. 2161 [Edit]
Page 13 has some stuff. Basically it seems to revolve around marketing and isolating peers from the rest of the network.
>> No. 2162 [Edit]
>isolating peers from the rest of the network
I saw that, but that's nothing new, and it's already been happening. That's why I'm confused why somebody felt the need to draft such a vacuous paper. Fear-mongering? Self-importance?
>> No. 2163 [Edit]
Mozilla has shifted from focus on the web ecosystem to being more of a "feel-good" organization that wastes money on random crap. You can see it in their recent actions such as firing a lot of core employees who worked on the browser, inflating exec pay, and shifting their focus from improving the browser to pushing things like their vpn and bookmarking sevice.
>> No. 2164 [Edit]
Marketing works, to a degree - but it's assuming there are no right wing programmers with enough talent to roll their own system, and considering what's considered "right wing" these days, that's certainly an erroneous assumption. Hell, there's Loki, which got started by the guy that defended White Lives Matter being on I2P.
Isolating peers:
Only works in that it keeps people from interacting with icki opinions on accident. You can't prevent Person A from peering with Person B in general. You'd end up with 2+ mostly separate networks. They even quote proof of this with the whole Fediverse thing.

Honestly, the thing reads to me more like someone wanting grant money, for which social issues are great because it's easy to make the "problem" understood and you don't need to deliver measurable results.
>> No. 2165 [Edit]
All v3 Onion Addresses Down After Attack On The Tor Network

I've been playing around with i2p and so far the experience has been leaps and bounds more enjoyable than any attempt I've made at using tor. I don't get why tor has gotten so much more attention over the years.
>> No. 2166 [Edit]
I was pondering just yesterday what prevented DDoS type attacks on Tor. The type of attack mentioned in that post seems to be targeting the bootstrap nodes from which info about the relays is obtained.

Another type of attack alluded to in there is a more standard type of DDoS like you might see on the "clearnet." The fact that crypto operations are inherently expensive (to connect to a hidden service you require the other side to build a circuit to a rendezvous point) seems like it should make traffic amplification attacks quite feasible. Even worse, someone with a global view of the network topology could possibly use the DDoS as an opportunity to discover the server hosting a hidden service (find the "hot" node with a lot of incoming traffic).
>> No. 2225 [Edit]
>Microsoft in Talks to Buy Discord for More Than $10 Billion
>Discord exploring sale that could be worth more than $10 billion

From the latter article:
>The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that in 2020 Discord generated $130 million in revenue, up from nearly $45 million in 2019.
>But Discord acknowledged in the same article that it is not yet profitable.

Well no shit: It's painfully obvious that the only reason it has stayed afloat is VCbux. Really, I cannot fathom how it will be able to ever become profitable without many users revolting in some manner. As I don't use Shitcord, I'm not aware of any revenue streams besides its (now defunct?) game store and micro-transactions; it's assuredly and voraciously storing data of its users, but how does one effectively monetize that without cramming lots of adverts into the UI?
In any case, and as one can easily tell, I will derive great pleasure if this shit burns and crashes, but I think Microsoft or a similar behemoth would rescue it.
>> No. 2226 [Edit]
I think Microsoft would probably kill it and end up driving out all the users into alternative platforms like they did with Skype. I notice that they tend to go immediately overboard with trying to exploit users, and as a result anyone even moderately technologically literate can sense they're being used from a mile away and leave, with the rest of the users eventually packing up when it stops being a popular platform.
What happens after that is uncertain, but if history decides to repeat itself again then it's very likely people will just go to another service that had similar problems to Discord/SKype and the process will begin anew. Maybe somoething like this could finally be the turning point for people deciding to use something less centralized, but I doubt it.
>> No. 2227 [Edit]
I use it. I think it's main forms of income is A: nitro(premium accounts) and B: the sale of user data.
Microsoft will probably add onto that advertisements, and paywall a bunch of features that are currently free.

99% of discord communities are cancer without a doubt. I have joined dozens and dozens of "servers" over the years in an attempt to meet people I could get along with. It almost always ends up being meme spouting -15 year olds who struggle to formulate a sentence. The bigger servers/channels end up flooded with emoji spam by users who have nothing to say but want to be noticed. When a community gets that big, it becomes pointless to say anything anyway as it quickly gets swept away. Even in smaller discord communities where communication is at least 'possible', the average user gets a knee jerk reaction to seeing any post with more than one sentence. They automatically assume things are getting too "serious" or that people are fighting and will respond accordingly. Of course, they tend to not bother reading anything which is more than a few words. This is what Microsoft thinks is worth $10 Billion dollars.
My only regret with seeing it burn is that I like to use it for saving content (links photos ect) and easily transferring them between devices.
Between all the content sharing across countless channels and the ability for anyone to create practically personal servers to upload and store endless amounts of content, makes me think that the storage and bandwidth costs must be astronomical. It's hard to imagine how it can be profitable, let alone worth what's being talked about in it's current state.
>> No. 2228 [Edit]
They haven't killed github (yet)
Text compresses well, and images don't take up that much space. Storage costs are also cheaper than you think.
>> No. 2229 [Edit]
People upload videos too I think.
>> No. 2272 [Edit]
Yahoo Answers is shutting down. On May 4th it will become inaccessible. Another cornerstone of the early web is dying.
>> No. 2273 [Edit]
the Japanese equivalent, seems to be fine.
>> No. 2274 [Edit]
Yahoo JP is almost wholly different from the US yahoo. (I think the JP one is owned by softbank?). I wish I knew enough JP to make use of Yahoo JP as my main page; it has a clean page, doesn't have stupid web developers changing the layout every month, and people on the answers page are actually helpful. Also I think Yahoo JP search basically uses google under the hood for returning results.
>> No. 2275 [Edit]
it looks like straight out of 2005. I really love how a lot of japanese sites seem to still be made with 4:3 aspects in mind.
Meanwhile the US version of Yahoo doesn't even properly render for me without javascript.
>> No. 2276 [Edit]
There are definitely a lot of older sites still online on the Japanese web that are made for 4:3, but I think a lot of the newer sites that render correctly do so in response to mobile phones demanding greater webpage scaling so that no single aspect ratio is the "correct" way to view something, or at least that the site works with the greatest number of aspect ratios as possible.
>> No. 2301 [Edit]
I swear to fucking god if they do this to me bad things will happen.
>> No. 2302 [Edit]
well, they're doing the next best thing, which is just hide it even further until eventually nobody remembers and they can kill it silently.

I still can't really wrap my head around what their problem is. They can't be THAT retarded, doing pointless crap just to upset the users. It looks more like the people running mozilla view firefox as the unwanted stepchild and just see how far they can go mocking its userbase and ruining the browser until it eventually dies. It's just malice at this point.
>> No. 2303 [Edit]
File 162276579915.jpg - (360.37KB , 850x1195 , ball.jpg )
This latest update, the tabs got all messed up. Disabling every proton option in about:config fixed it. This feel like a repeat of what Google did to tabs in chrome, where the "old mode" was available for a while before they axed it. Firefox at least has userchrome, but it's worrisome nonetheless.
>> No. 2304 [Edit]
UX designers justifying their salary. Mozilla's management is rotten at this point; recall that they recently fired a lot of their engineers focused on developer tooling/security and instead created new departments like "Design and UX" and "applied machine learning team"
>> No. 2305 [Edit]
Design should be done on commission. Those guys shouldn't be on payroll.
>> No. 2316 [Edit]
Freenode irc network is imploding after hostile takeover/ownership change. Feels weird to see drama from what I'd considered to be one of the few remaining legacies of the older internet.
>> No. 2317 [Edit]
That's extremely concerning.
>> No. 2318 [Edit]
The old internet is doomed to die without the freedom it thrived on, and that's not coming back. The clearnet is on its way to becoming the corporate web and PIA taking control of Freenode is just a sign of the times.
If you want the old internet, the darknet is where you need to look.
>> No. 2319 [Edit]
There's no need to be hyperbolic, gentlemen. Most of the original freenode staff created an alternative (, and indeed, everybody seems to be moving their channels over to it or another service, e.g. OFTC.
>> No. 2320 [Edit]
Indeed –
I just find it absolutely mind-boggling how the current admin of freenode is basically feeding the fire by banning channels and even banning clients. The stupidity with which they're carrying out actions doesn't even seem to point to a takeover with malicious intent, just plain arrogance.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2021, 3:23pm
>> No. 2321 [Edit]
>the darknet is where you need to look
Except the old internet had things of value on it. The "darknet" only has larpers, petty criminals, and alphabet soup employees. The amount of fun and creativity there is almost nil.
>> No. 2376 [Edit]
This latest firefox update I got after restarting my computer makes disabling proton in about:config do nothing. So I had to use this to fix it

Post edited on 10th Aug 2021, 9:45pm
>> No. 2380 [Edit]
They also fucked with the HTTP, have not they? This crap keeps forcing HTTPS, about:config also can't fix it. It's specially annoying because this site always get a white theme when on HTTPS.
Does this fix solves this problem as well?
>> No. 2381 [Edit]
I haven't noticed that issue. TC works fine for me along with other "not secure" sites.
>> No. 2382 [Edit]
Also, check your network settings to see if you're in "HTTPS-Only Mode".
>> No. 2383 [Edit]
File 162904483745.png - (213.68KB , 1308x760 , why on earth.png )
The settings clearly indicate that it's not set to browse in HTTPS only mode. This is what it looks like to browse TC to me. Also if I click a link within the page and get sent to another board it looks normal but when I click another link to another board it gets white again. I need to enter a board while in "white mode" and the click the reply button, or else I will reply like this.
>> No. 2384 [Edit]
I figured it out. The settings was everything set to not enable https, but upon typing a non-https website it would force it anyway, and if it could not be forced a padlock with a "!" would appear. Upon clicking on the "!" padlock it said that firefox was worried about "the user protection" and chose to block certain contents form being displayed. I had to click a button that said "not block features".
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