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File 155563056399.jpg - (86.62KB , 626x650 , Titian_-_Cain_and_Abel.jpg )
1149 No. 1149 [Edit]
What's the most annoying word you keep seeing?

I can't stand "yikes." I guess it really is the perfect sound for a normie to emit when they're triggered.
Must be why it's so fucking annoying.
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>> No. 1150 [Edit]
"oof", I'm sure it's just a fad though.
>> No. 1151 [Edit]
Vibe/Vibes. It's been completely overused to the point where it's just become a trendy way of saying "feeling".
>> No. 1152 [Edit]
Oh yeah, and comfy.
>> No. 1156 [Edit]
"lowkey" seems to have sprung up out of nowhere and is overused as a filler adverb
>> No. 1165 [Edit]
>> No. 1168 [Edit]
r/ "roasts" in youtube comments
"have sex" on r9k, i hate r9k now its filled with incels and normalfags every thread is about 3dpd now and i hate it
>> No. 1169 [Edit]
What does incel stand for these days? Because technically I'm one and it hurts every time I see someone raging about them. It's like the world is always finding new reasons to preemptively hate me for whatever reason, and I'm not paying attention to any of the mainstream sites so I don't even know what the term means anymore.
>> No. 1172 [Edit]
>every thread is about 3dpd now and i hate it
It's been that way for a couple of years now (at least it was when I last checked ~2 years ago). I have no idea why one would even browse it anymore since the quality has been driven so far into the ground.

From what I gather "incel" has been co-opted as a derogatory insult for people who aren't a part of "mainstream" society in some regard, usually relating to a combination of not sharing mainstream views and not having any friends/3dpd. It also helps society shift blame whenever things like school shootings happen, since they can just stick the term "incel" on and avoid really introspecting much further.
>> No. 1174 [Edit]
"comfy" "oof" "roasted" "lowkey" "vibes" "mental health" "therapy" "positive thinking" "bible" "dm" "unironically" "ironically" "literally" "human rights" "freedom of speech" "faggot" "virgin loser" "motherfucker" "fucker"

I know this is isn't a word, but I have come to detest the word 'waifu' when it's being used to address female anime characters. It's the context that I'm infuriated by.
>> No. 1176 [Edit]
Catch-all insults thinly disguised as specialist terms. The most popular are probably "sociopath" and "narcissist."
These words have lost all meaning today but I suspect they never really meant anything specific.
World has a ton of competing organizations and 'schools of thought' which deal with mental hogwash and they have their own pet definitions, all of which are broad, vague and sometimes contradictory.
These categories are just convenient prefab plastic bins, labelled "people I don't like." Which is why the general public adapts these terms so eagerly, adding armchair diagnoses into their precious cabinet of socially acceptable insults safe for use in public.
>> No. 1180 [Edit]

Sometimes when searching for stupid hobby shit I stumbled into plebbit. Yeah I know. One time I saw these muppets were having a 'discussion' about the scary new brand of terrorist so I dared to chime in.

I said the whole witch hunt accomplished nothing other than making it easier for normal people to shit on losers even more and feel good about doing it.

I never got any reply when asking actual questions on that shitty unusable site. But when I posted something about the internet villains 'incels'? I could hear the lynchmob unsheathing their pitchforks.

It was some slow shithole of a board but I got something like negative 50 score right away and 10 replies of presumptuous cunts calling me shit like 'entitled manchild' and 'garbage human being'. A free shadow ban later too. All of that for one post which only said that the buzzword is being widely used to justify assholery towards those branded as 'losers'. Nothing about men, women, politics, society, terrorism or anything. Just a line about the impact of their pointless little virtue signaling campaign on random fuckups such as myself. But of course they're all telepathic so based on the two lines of text I posted they immediately concluded I'm the internet boogeyman.

Fucking plebbit. Some of them were even offended because I referred to myself as 'retarded loser' or something. Apparently I can't even call myself whatever names I want without a written permission from the ministry of internet morality. I wouldn't be surprised if these outrage junkies were the same kind of people who'd shamelessly call me things worse than 'retarded loser' IRL.
>> No. 1183 [Edit]
This thread has been successfully reported for being a non lol thread.
Please post content germane to the board. If you have complaints about the quality of content on the internet, then unfortunately this website does not have any relevant boards for that type of discussion, so you'll have to go elsewhere.
>> No. 1184 [Edit]
How about you fuck off?
>> No. 1197 [Edit]
"Based". It's never actually based. "Based" means doing what you want, as if you'd just freebased cocaine. It doesn't mean being pointlessly rude and stomping on people with zero chance of blowback.
"Seething". It's "u mad" with a new, hip, trendy coat of paint. The old garbage was terrible enough! Do they really need to make more of it?
>> No. 1198 [Edit]
Being shat on for not Lurking Moar happens everywhere. You've only yourself to blame.

"Hon" -- in the affected wannabe yankie speech 'Honey'. Usually done in a matronizing sense. When I first started seeing that on the Internet/ARPANet, I knew that the low-balls were flooding in and expecting to have the place for themselves.
>> No. 1199 [Edit]
Better start comprehending what you're reading hon. It wasn't a problem of "lurking" so thanks for contributing nothing.
>> No. 1229 [Edit]
yikes, oof, unironically, based (in a ironic and non ironic sense), comfy
i use these unironically, its so stupid it has become funny to me
>> No. 1230 [Edit]
Fucking hate `based'. I don't even listen to (c)rap, why must I be subject to the incomprehensible babble those dregs have come up with?
>> No. 1233 [Edit]
It's not a word, and I don't know where this came from, but seeing people mock others by capitalizing every other letter of a word or set of words is, to me, a new low. It's often paired with a strawman too.
Example: I lIkE aNiMe

What's almost pitiable is that normalfags compensate for liking Japanese media and/or culture by using that vernacular. Insecurity on that level is a sad thing to see.
>> No. 1237 [Edit]
This is months old, but I also hate it when people use 'waifu' to refer to girls in an anime or even worse 'waifus' meaning that they either have multiple waifus, or just use that as a term to refer to multiple anime girls that they like. I tend to avoid communities that have people like this, but they even started to advertise games like this. (Another reason to learn nip, those darned translators)
>> No. 1243 [Edit]
Guess it's time to start calling your waifu "wife."
>> No. 1247 [Edit]
I really hate how folks' pitch rises towards the end of a conversation, like "how are things GOING TODAY?" They don't try to have a more even tone or even just a monotone.
>> No. 1248 [Edit]
"kino", but that's just 4chan.
If the word was a human being, I'd strangle it with a rusty metal chain.

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