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File 155563056399.jpg - (86.62KB , 626x650 , Titian_-_Cain_and_Abel.jpg )
1149 No. 1149 [Edit]
What's the most annoying word you keep seeing?

I can't stand "yikes." I guess it really is the perfect sound for a normie to emit when they're triggered.
Must be why it's so fucking annoying.
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>> No. 1248 [Edit]
"kino", but that's just 4chan.
If the word was a human being, I'd strangle it with a rusty metal chain.
>> No. 1314 [Edit]
Anything I could say here has already been covered. I don't have anything against the word "comfy" though.
>> No. 1320 [Edit]
I hate the word meme.
>> No. 1321 [Edit]
Same. It's been bastardized beyond recognition.
>> No. 1326 [Edit]
All normalfags write like niggers these days.
>> No. 1327 [Edit]
what you plain at dog? man you trippin. lemme talk at you, set yo shit straight. check it homes cuz this some real shit coming at you I'ma school you in.

Norms talk lik 2 lazy 2 type rgt. abbreviate all. not "niggers", lazy & retarded. kep it under 40 char 2. b/c limits.

That said, I feel the likes of twitter and facebook with arbitrary character limits on posts is conditioning people to develop a new form of speech that revolves around abbreviations and condensing their thoughts. This is also conditioning people to feel uneasy and concerned when they see posts that have more than a few sentences with proper grammar, To them it's alien. Unlike "niger" speech, which is more to do with a race trying to cling to it's sense of individuality and create a culture for itself in a world that asks all people to follow the same cultural guidelines. Both are obnoxious, but they're very different.
>> No. 1328 [Edit]
The line between the two is blending though. You have people increasingly using filler words like "oof," "feels," "mood," etc., as a "catch-all" rather than putting in the effort to choose an appropriate adjective. And this is blended with what you characterize as the ebonics speak ("finna"/"cop"/etc.)

My own pet theory is that this is caused by the ubiquity of chat (especially group chat, extended to forums such as reddit) where people want to get _some_ word in, regardless of the quality of what they have to say.
>> No. 1329 [Edit]
Oh I've definitely noticed that, especially in the more active and fast paced communities. There's no motivation in those places to put any thought into your posts, if anything you're punished for doing so by way of having your time and effort wasted. Anything you say will be lost in a flood of emoji and meme.
...and god forbid you say anything about it. I have on several occasions, and I've been lynched every time.
>> No. 1339 [Edit]
To be honest I don't mind niggerspeak since even though it sounds stupid, there's still usually some awareness involved. But all of the "oof" "yikes" etc. crap is obnoxious, how can people parrot the same shit they saw online and think they have an ounce of originality? I don't expect poetry but if you can't think for 5 minutes about what you're writing I don't see why anybody should spend half of that time reading it.
>> No. 1346 [Edit]
>It's never actually based
Unless it's represented in terms of a linearly independent spanning subset. Then the object in question is indeed based.
>> No. 1347 [Edit]
Based... on what?
>> No. 1348 [Edit]
Based on that basis.
>> No. 1351 [Edit]

Cringe is proxy self-consciousness. You're feeling social pain on behalf of someone who gives less of a fuck what other people think than you do.
>> No. 1352 [Edit]
File 161354455653.png - (591.18KB , 866x705 , riamu punch.png )
"femboy". The people who use it are scum which should come as no surprise to anyone here but the word itself is also stupid, it's use is even dumber. What makes me angriest about it is that trannies seem to want the term to replace the word "trap" and it looks like Nhentai gave them that wish by using the word "tomgirl" instead of trap. How long ago this was done, I don't know. "Tomgirl" doesn't anger me as much but the intention behind it does. But to get to the reason why "femboy" as a word makes me angry, it just sounds stupid. I get what it means but to force it on anime communities and sites when the word they used not only made sense but is plenty accurate already is exceedingly childish. Not to mention "trap" is shorter and normalshits love short words even if they only save a few letters they would have had to tap on their iphone one million. The word "trap" is most relevant to Japan and the characters they make since their characters are usually Japanese and they canonically do what they do as a fetish. If nothing else, it works to identify an annoying liberal on the spot since the words they use make them incredibly obvious but I definitely don't enjoy hearing them.
In a way, the word "femboy" itself encapsulates everything that has made me like traps less over time and the circumstances might explain why I enjoy seeing violence inflicted upon them, something there exists too little art of.
>> No. 1353 [Edit]
I don't the like the word because it puts down effeminate men as being boys and sex objects for homosexuals. How do you feel about the word twink?
>> No. 1354 [Edit]
File 16137116773.png - (941.39KB , 955x1351 )
>I don't the like the word because it puts down effeminate men as being boys and sex objects for homosexuals.
I didn't think of that but that's a good point. Nice to see they're living up to their progressive ideals and promises of equality, huh? Fucking brainless masochistic self-mutilating screeching childish subhumans.

>How do you feel about the word twink?
I don't hear that word anywhere near as often, maybe it went out of style but I think a part of it is because it probably gets kept to the fag community while lgtq+whatever vermin seem to think that if a person dresses effeminately then they're trans, regardless of whether they're actually undergoing a gender transition (isn't that the entire point of being trans?), so what were once called "twinks" are now called "femboys" because of the much more popular gender identification delusion and maybe just because the word is new.
With my uninformed and poorly articulated assumptions about the history of the words out of the way, I'm too uninformed to have significant feelings about the word "twink". But for any opinion I have anyway, I'm mostly fine with it. I don't understand the word but it works for categorizing certain people so there wasn't too much of a logical reason for it to go away.
And on the topic of hentai, I wouldn't have minded the "trap" tag being replaced with "twink" as much since that's one of the words that comes closest to being the burgerland version of Japanese traps. Sure, some of those characters identify as a girl (yet don't transition so what's the fucking point?) but they are still guys who prefer to be with guys which is exactly what a twink is minus the "im a girl lmao uwu" shit and in the case of characters who aren't deluded into thinking they're a girl the word "twink" only becomes more fitting. Plus saying dumb shit like "a doujin where a cute twink gets brutally raped to death by gargantuan man meat then chopped up and cooked into burgers" sounds less obnoxious, stupid, and socio-political because "twink" doesn't have as much of a political origin and even if it does it has faded a little more from my own memory unlike using the word "femboy" in that earlier title which would make me think of it as more tranny propaganda.
>> No. 1355 [Edit]
>it looks like Nhentai gave them that wish by using the word "tomgirl" instead of trap.
That's probably because EH, from which most of these aggregators source their content, also uses that. I know that danbooru deprecated "trap" as a tag, and now it's an alias.
Even my "degenerate" interests are being sullied by these massive faggots, and it makes me sad.
>> No. 1356 [Edit]
I didn't know there were so many homosexuals on tc. If you like traps, you are a homosexual plain and simple. Just putting that on record.
>> No. 1357 [Edit]
I used to think that way, but now I'm not so sure. I feel like 2D and 3D are so far apart that being into the stuff from one doesn't necessarily mean you'd like the equivalent in the other.

2D has a way of making everything nicer and more appealing, by focusing on and highlighting on the positives ( or what the creator wants). we get what we want and none of what we don't. You can have a character be a robot or fish monster or a hypothetical noncorporal creature with an ever changing representation. It can even make guys look and sound like girls while incorporating any and all things a man might find attractive. It's all fantasy, unrealistic, unapproachable, and unreasonable to expect of 3D. Attempts at mimicking the 2D feeling and aesthetics in 3D just doesn't work. They're cringe, uncanny valley, ugly, or flat out horrifying. Just because a guy gets a hard on for an idealistic representation of a human female that the creator decided to slap a penis on for shit's and giggles, doesn't mean that guy is going to want to take a real world dick up his ass.
Maybe it's more likely, but I don't think it's an absolute guarantee.
>> No. 1358 [Edit]
That's bullshit because the selection of 2d girls is so massive that there's no reason to find traps appealing unless you're gay, let alone look for trap material. Plus traps usually aren't an "idealistic representation of a human female". They just look thin and androgynous most of the time, which wouldn't give a heterosexual man an erection.

>incorporating any and all things a man might find attractive
How about a vagina?

Post edited on 19th Feb 2021, 10:32pm
>> No. 1359 [Edit]
Goodness, anon, perhaps you should recuse yourself from such conversations until you stop comparing 2D to 3D, whether wittingly or not? It's quite embarrassing.
>> No. 1360 [Edit]
File 161381656788.jpg - (78.17KB , 900x1268 , 18a77cd39583400a2941040f61dae89fdfaca89c.jpg )
I like to think that you know as well as I do that nobody on this site wants to see posts that could be expected of the average 4channer. Tohno-chan is a place to be better than that and everyone here expects that standard that this place was built on. Your post, however, does not meet that standard. You ignored everything I said just to call me gay when you could have been far more mature and ignored my post or at least been more creative in how you call me a filthy flaming flamboyant fairy fag floppy sucking fucking faggot fucker but you did neither and that's not only very childish of you but also quite gay. Perhaps /lol/ is exempt from the standards the rest of the site is held to in which case, fine, I'll admit it's my loss. But you still not only failed to provide an argument, you failed to even say anything relevant to the post you replied to and anything relevant to the thread topic on top of failing to at least try to be funny and it's with all that in mind I must reiterate that it's quite gay of you. In anticipation of you saying /lol/ has nothing in the way of post quality standards, which you will likely decide not to say after I do this or use against me, I will now proceed to furiously masturbate to hardcore trap hentai and amass a cum jar collection to rival the weight of the piss bottles scattered about your room before I find your house and turbo fuck your mother. To add a cherry on top, I will also post a trap, all of this just to spite you, to punish you, in the hopes that you will use your anger and disgust to learn where replying with "licking traps is gey so ur ghey xD teehee" gets you so that someday you might be a better anon. I'm disappointed in you because I expect better of you.
>> No. 1361 [Edit]
File 161383340174.jpg - (168.51KB , 850x647 , sample_af7df8fc45491ad0333c518aac5d00c1.jpg )
No. I wasn't trying to be funny. You are encroaching on something I love. Feel free to be a faggot. I don't care. But do not, DO NOT, pretend liking traps is the same as liking 2d girls. I despise delusion. If you are a faggot, you must acknowledge it. You cannot hide behind 2d being better than 3d to conceal your faggotry. That is an insult to both 2d and rationality itself. This is an epidemic. I don't care if I'm overreacting, it pisses me off.
>> No. 1362 [Edit]
File 16138356704.jpg - (73.69KB , 850x478 , sample_488209040c28fc2e51e4e7f27f6f1a6e.jpg )
Ps, that picture isn't appealing. Short hair, or other features that in isolation are unappealing can work and add to a girl if they're contrasted with more feminine features like breasts or large hips among more subtle things. When there's no contrast, it's just unappealing. That character is pale, scrawny, has an embarrassed expression on their face, no chest, like not even budding or a-cups and is in a weird, unfaltering pose. Oh, and he has a penis. Anal sex is disgusting in any context and you can't even have actual sex with that character. Don't pretend shit doesn't exist in the 2d world. Scat porn exists.

Post edited on 20th Feb 2021, 7:43am
>> No. 1363 [Edit]
File 161384638728.png - (1.23MB , 1148x1308 , 2D ≠ 3D.png )
>> No. 1364 [Edit]
File 161384946847.jpg - (181.50KB , 600x600 , 631BF82E-DBE2-46ED-B067-4108CB6BD549-15396-0000195.jpg )
>> No. 1365 [Edit]
File 161385475971.png - (1.32MB , 1280x720 , 2017_01_13_151044.png )
What's all this racket going on up here? You arguing about gender representation of yer 2D characters?
>> No. 1366 [Edit]
File 161385615290.jpg - (29.41KB , 512x512 , Callie point.jpg )
Joke's on you, phoneposter. Trap abuse is my favorite.
>> No. 1367 [Edit]
File 161385797243.gif - (4.51MB , 800x800 , bee.gif )
Not really. I'm trying to wake some people up from their delusions. The worst part is them pretending their homosexual interests have anything to do with tc out of cowardice. 7chan.org/di/ is more up their alley.
>> No. 1368 [Edit]
File 161386187781.jpg - (592.12KB , 600x835 , 1482676777059.jpg )
i will agree that traps are gay. but a 2D girl doesn't nessecarily need contrasting feminine traits to be attractive. and there is nothing liking androginity either. as long as the girl has a vagina and looks androgynous to a degree. it's straight. if it has a dick it's gay. if both it's bisexual. easy and simple
>> No. 1369 [Edit]
File 161386423253.jpg - (177.58KB , 800x571 , f9d429bda64d8a54537f985e58b031f9.jpg )
It's hard to fathom both thinking of 2D in terms of 3D, but also not having an ounce of self-awareness to realize the depths of his own delusions. Impressive, I must say.
>> No. 1370 [Edit]
What ever happened to different strokes for different folks?
>> No. 1371 [Edit]
File 16138662968.jpg - (493.18KB , 850x1202 , sample_e648f66f11de575b6be4f5f08dcefdc8.jpg )
Contrasting features aren't necessary. They can be entirely feminine. Even in that picture you posted, they have breasts and long lashes, which contrasts with their hair and clothes to up the appeal and making something distinctive.

Whatever, faggot in denial. Go suck on a miniature dildo while thinking of 2d choir boys or whatever it is you're into. If you're not a regular faggot, you're a gay, 2d exclusive, faggot. g2dexfag for short.

Homosexuals are a type of folk. Homosexuals who pretend they're straight aren't a type of folk I can tolerate or respect.

Post edited on 20th Feb 2021, 4:13pm
>> No. 1372 [Edit]
File 161386820888.jpg - (104.75KB , 900x900 , 0906ed04a79152ea00ab8ffc8a515182.jpg )
Impregnating a 2D trap's fertile asshole is the first step on the road to masculinity and enlightenment.
>> No. 1373 [Edit]
File 161387250210.png - (1.05MB , 793x599 , Akira_in_the_park-1.png )
of course they can be entirely feminine, but girls can be entirely androynous looking too and it wouldn't be gay as long to be attracted to that as long as they have a vagina
>> No. 1374 [Edit]
File 161387386810.jpg - (329.64KB , 850x1134 , sample_0a91a58102ce32f11022cd642982b0fe.jpg )
I guess, but I have a hard time seeing the appeal myself. That picture is even more androgynous, but even that girl has some chest and earrings. See your point though. We can agree though that this anon >>1372 definitely isn't straight and if he thinks he's straight, he's in need of some medication.
>> No. 1375 [Edit]
Shouldn't the nsfw pics (and perhaps this discussion as well) be moved to /ns/?
>> No. 1376 [Edit]
File 161387725963.jpg - (1.11MB , 1032x1458 , 05ace235f5b840f88425514d27577fbd.jpg )
After further rumination, I've concluded that 2D traps are the beautiful, sensual, and hopeful bedrock upon which Man is built. Not only that, but we use this rock to form sculptures that embody femininity's ideal; this consummation may not even be attained by actual 2D girls!
The amalgamation of DFC and the desire to be cute is why the life-force for all heterosexual men, everywhere. Denial of this fact is indicative of a malicious undercurrent that must be retarded if not outright annihilated at any cost!

Probably, but this is funposting!
>> No. 1377 [Edit]
I hope you're as unhappy as possible when you die, gay anon.

Post edited on 20th Feb 2021, 7:48pm
>> No. 1378 [Edit]
File 161388068835.jpg - (852.09KB , 722x1024 , 38120f39a29eba61f549b36385109988.jpg )
Thanks, anon-kun! I hope you overcome your self-hatred and embrace the beauty of traps~
>> No. 1379 [Edit]
Just isolate your faggotry to this thread. If you try spreading it anywhere else I hope the mods have the good sense to do something about it. Tohno-chan is not for you or your repulsive, gay fetishes. I'll take gurofags over this shit any day of the week.
>> No. 1381 [Edit]
Elegantly put my fellow homosapian.
>> No. 1382 [Edit]
Whoa whoa whoa, hold the fuck on? Are you shitting on flat girls? Now that I just cannot sit silent for. DFC is supreme and you have to apologize right now.
>> No. 1383 [Edit]
Don't bother: His faggotry transcends barafags'.
>> No. 1384 [Edit]
File 161560341223.jpg - (607.52KB , 850x646 , sample_877df6387695782fbcea14483feb1794.jpg )
Totally, washboard flat isn't appealing in isolation. If a girl like that has nothing else which is appealing, yes I am shitting on them.
You literally jack off to dicks and guy on guy anal sex. 2d has no meaning without 3d. 2d derives its meaning from the 3d world. You jack off to penises. You jack off to guys taking it up the ass. I didn't even know what bara was until you mentioned it, which just shows the circles you frequent.

Post edited on 12th Mar 2021, 6:44pm
>> No. 1389 [Edit]
File 161588296010.jpg - (230.39KB , 600x680 , f15bd55dbbebe7b61407d0252e5ddc29.jpg )
Your disdain for flat is disgusting but that ass requires a thorough tenderizing through spanking until it is beaten red and raw.
>> No. 1390 [Edit]
File 161610512992.jpg - (127.06KB , 1006x1557 , 110c318432a42bd48ee70ef700c0657a.jpg )
No need for the self-hatred, delusion, and vitriol, friend. Here's another trap for which you're desperately begging and whining.
>> No. 1392 [Edit]
File 161616681981.jpg - (872.50KB , 900x1200 , c55dfccc71e851a2172612b16a7748d9.jpg )
Your entire purpose in posting this is to try pissing me off. My first comment >>1356 wasn't even meant as a an insult, but you've successfully gotten me to hate you and your kind when before I was mostly indifferent. So congratulations? It doesn't bother me when somebody calls me gay because it's so far off the mark, but you decided to write an entire essay and are still replying to this thread when I point out how gay your femboy fetish is. You've failed to provide an argument. Femboy is what they're called now, faggot.
>> No. 1393 [Edit]
File 161616852988.png - (1.09MB , 1920x1080 , ayase.png )
I know this board is supposed to be shitposting containment but I've had enough. Locking this thread temporarily.
>> No. 1441 [Edit]
lurk moar is another one. I hate it when it is used to imply that you shouldn't have opinions that go against the consensus
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