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File 148783540594.jpg - (59.38KB , 855x480 , nbKHigX.jpg )
261 No. 261 [Edit]
I haven't seen a single character in this show that isn't cute.
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>> No. 262 [Edit]
File 148783592810.jpg - (58.55KB , 846x476 , 66hZL2d.jpg )
>> No. 263 [Edit]
File 148801186378.jpg - (78.65KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 01 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
Whelp, I was surprised to see this was a full length anime, not some half or even 3 minute deal as I assumed it would be.
The animation is absolutely atrocious, but I found myself getting used to it after a while.
Been a while since I watched a MMD style anime like this (or whatever the hell was used to animate this) so isn't my first rodeo, and as such it wasn't a deal breaker for me. To an extent I agree, many of the characters are cute, but some have pretty retarded looking designs that seem like they were half assed and/or created by someone who was drunk. Blatant budget/quality issues aside, it's not without it's charm. It's hard to nail down the appeal, but I suppose you could say it's very quaint.
Also, the grade of Japanese used in this is so simplistic combined with such a simple premise that subs are really unnecessary.
I also kinda like the idea of exploring how humans relate to other animals in the wild and how they would naturally function in the ecosystem without technology. Growing up I'd always see animals with sharp claws, incredible speeds, camouflage, toxins and all sorts of special traits, and it would make me wonder what nature gave humans in that respect. we're slow, weak, and have no natural weapons after all. For the longest time I was convinced it was our intelligence and ingenuity that was what made us special, then I saw the transformers movies and tossed that idea out the window. Kidding aside it was nice to see them touch on that, and demonstrate the issues with energy conservation and efficient heat distribution that would allow prehistoric man to chase down prey that would literately get tired of running from their hunters and collapse, allowing humans to walk right up to them for the kill.

Oh and OP, Maeve asked me to tell you to commit suicide. (?)
>> No. 265 [Edit]
File 148801293274.jpg - (107.89KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 01 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
I see the art director from Tesagure! Bukatsumono (TATSUKI) is credited as the director for this, neato!

I wouldn't have guessed however that Serval's VA was a complete noob with only one previous credit. They're not half bad at all.
What's also surprising is Kaban(bag)'s VA being Uchida, Aya (Minami, Kotori), They've done a few low budget works before but still...
>> No. 266 [Edit]
>Oh and OP, Maeve asked me to tell you to commit suicide. (?)

Thanks, friend.
>> No. 267 [Edit]
File 148817913997.jpg - (132.56KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 01 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
So what's the demographic for this anyway? Felt like something made for kids while watching it, but at the same time I can't picture something this low quality airing on early morning broadcast TV.
>> No. 268 [Edit]
File 148833684293.jpg - (163.27KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 02 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
These segments are so bizarre. Did they secretly record audio from the guides at their local zoo exhibits for these? The audio quality is horrible and it's so muffled.
If so I'd be concerned about possible copyright issues.
>> No. 269 [Edit]
This show in a nutshell.
>> No. 270 [Edit]
File 148844057547.jpg - (103.36KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 02 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
Looks like they have the same problem the last season of Tesagure! Bukatsumono had. They used the same thickness for outlines on characters regardless of distance, which leaves characters in the distance with really think outlines.
>> No. 271 [Edit]
File 148861925364.jpg - (111.29KB , 1280x720 , do you even lift.jpg )
...what the fuck?
>> No. 272 [Edit]
Serval has been hitting the gym.
>> No. 273 [Edit]
When they started building the bridge I expected them to pull the car across it, or float the car on a raft. Last thing I expected was for them to grab the car and skip across the river with it after all the trouble they had with it before with it being so heavy.
>> No. 274 [Edit]
File 148875341128.jpg - (42.75KB , 854x484 , qRTuVLh.jpg )
My favorite kemono so far, her screaming voice is funny.
>> No. 275 [Edit]
File 148897158225.jpg - (53.40KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 03 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
The design of this thing seems horribly horribly unsafe. Besides, if they're getting that tired peddling downhill, what's uphill like?
>> No. 276 [Edit]
File 148956490799.jpg - (145.53KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 04 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
I want a bus like that!
>> No. 277 [Edit]
File 148973545995.jpg - (50.68KB , 838x476 , f25cb1228baf50335af1755b33084208_jpeg.jpg )
Episode 6 was my favorite so far. All of the episodes are cute but this one felt so fun, I guess because there were "battles" but nobody was ever really hurt and that makes me happy. I also really like Lion-san's serious voice, she sounds so stern but pretty too.
>> No. 278 [Edit]
File 148982293729.jpg - (122.45KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 06 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
>> No. 279 [Edit]
File 148987728599.jpg - (145.03KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 07 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
I was starting to think they'd never reach that library.
>> No. 280 [Edit]
File 149032497749.jpg - (205.00KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 07 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
This seems like a pretty big detail to just gloss over so casually.
>> No. 281 [Edit]
File 149032513165.jpg - (116.43KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 08 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
I don't think I've ever seen such horribly animated awkward and stiff dancing before. Kind of ironic considering this show looks like it was made using Miku Miku Dance.
>> No. 282 [Edit]
File 149041154738.jpg - (131.84KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 07 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
The owls are too cute, even if they were kind of assholes.
>> No. 283 [Edit]
File 149068131652.jpg - (156.34KB , 500x374 , welcome to japari park.jpg )
More like this is the show in a nutshell.
>> No. 284 [Edit]
File 149085125461.jpg - (130.44KB , 1280x720 , [Ohys-Raws] Kemono Friends - 01 (TX 1280x720 x264 .jpg )
Dat ass
>> No. 285 [Edit]
File 149092429316.jpg - (157.30KB , 925x620 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
It's over.. for now. Here's hoping they made another season.
I'm more than a bit confused by that ending though. Could someone kindly explain to me Why serval was crying when she saw that other serval? Was that her with mirai before getting eaten by a cerelian and having their memories erased, then being reincarnated again latter?
Where exactly did Kaban come from? Is she like a clone of Mirai or something?
What happend to mirai anyway? Did she die or gtfo off the island?
What was... everything about the volcano?
I'm so confused.
>> No. 286 [Edit]
File 149103019547.jpg - (183.35KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends - 05 [720p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
I somehow missed ep5, and it ended up being my favorite ep!
>> No. 287 [Edit]
None of the questions you asked can be explained with a considerable amount of assumptions, which are impossible to know if right. Best we can do is wait for the BD extras or anything additional that gives some insight.

It's possible all these mysteries were kept under wraps on purpose for a future season.
>> No. 288 [Edit]
I hope we get another season. The animation wasn't the best but the show was fun.
>> No. 289 [Edit]
Man, the bus looks so much better designed in the anime than the game it was based on.
>> No. 290 [Edit]
File 149121322863.jpg - (94.20KB , 1040x400 , FsfUEtj.jpg )
Everyone should give this anime the three ep treatment.
>> No. 291 [Edit]
File 149130082488.png - (285.68KB , 680x920 , 886.png )
Yeah no kidding.
>> No. 292 [Edit]
File 149130090398.jpg - (138.41KB , 366x1600 , 881.jpg )
>it's over
>> No. 293 [Edit]
File 149130247428.png - (2.17MB , 1920x1080 , FoMY2QC.png )
Hey guys, Who's your favorite kemono friend?
>> No. 294 [Edit]
File 149133856541.jpg - (203.77KB , 1000x1000 , 5d13f3b72cbaa45003c2cb4ebf27c058_jpeg.jpg )

Kaban, she's nice to everyone and she's smart too. She's cowardly a lot but she can be brave and she is very cute.

After Kaban it would be Tsuchinoko, Crested Ibis, Alpaca, Raccoon, American Beaver, Lion, Margay, and Ant Eater.

I feel like putting Mirai on the list too because she seems like a great person but she doesn't seem to show up all that much at all, only for bits and pieces in the last few episodes but she still manages to be characterized well.

Humans are also a part of the animal kingdom therefore I can put Kaban at the top of the list as a kemono friend.
>> No. 295 [Edit]
Who would win in a fight: Serval or Superman?
>> No. 296 [Edit]
There's no way superman could willingly hurt someone so cute and innocent and friendly. Where as Serval can kill superman with moe. It would be death by HNNNGGGG.
>> No. 297 [Edit]
File 149136229076.png - (845.07KB , 1000x1000 , 571c3c821cdc5f04634c119ca971a6bb.png )
Can you imagine how hard it must have been for Serval to set that plane on fire at the end?
>> No. 298 [Edit]
That's the exact thing that when through my head. But also how frightening to set it on fire.
>> No. 299 [Edit]
File 149141762946.jpg - (462.49KB , 1000x769 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
So I think it's kind of implied that mirai and their Serval died right?
so.. would that mean it's a metaphor for the death of the game this anime was based on?
>> No. 300 [Edit]
File 149142488290.png - (1.02MB , 1000x881 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I kept wondering why the front of the bus and the back were on opposite ends of a river.
I guess it would make sense if mirai or someone else ditched the back while running from the black cerulean. Then drove across the safety of the river and destroyed the bridge in the process, trapping it there in that area.
>> No. 301 [Edit]
I think it's very implied, specially once you watch the whole series a second time and notice the clues, specially Tsuchinoko's (e.g. "I see she wasn't annihilated" or something like that), Mirai's Serval having a different voice actress, Caracal being nowhere to be found, etc. Additionally, the game enthusiasts confirmed Mirai is the "Park Guide" in the game; what that entails, I don't know.
I think your assumption is correct. We do know thanks to Tsuchinoko and the Owls that the Cerulean Prime battle took place somewhere around the former lives / lived (i.e. "The Ruins").
>> No. 302 [Edit]
File 149147309212.gif - (129.80KB , 500x357 , tumblr_omjo935TAE1w169g0o1_500.gif )
If Mirai got across the bridge and escaped the black cerulean, how did they kick the bucket?
>> No. 303 [Edit]
Maybe the Cerulean Prime crossed the bridge as well and that's what made it collapse? Who knows.
>> No. 304 [Edit]
File 149147411199.jpg - (651.29KB , 900x1200 , 7SQbPYF.jpg )
Wouldn't it have turned into lava then?
>> No. 306 [Edit]
....What's in Kaban's kaban anyway?
>> No. 307 [Edit]
File 149153333392.jpg - (135.97KB , 450x450 , Kemono_Friends_full_2079115.jpg )
Serval's heart
>> No. 308 [Edit]
I love how there's so much fan made content that just keeps coming and coming.
>> No. 309 [Edit]
I meant the bridge collapsed after the fellow crossed.
>> No. 310 [Edit]
File 149174491134.webm - (555.12KB , arai.webm )
It's unstoppable really, already on its second convention, the Japariket:
Makes me wonder if this will reach pre 2000s Touhou levels. Also found this jewel, pic related.
>> No. 311 [Edit]
File 149174517468.jpg - (43.10KB , 800x600 , 1491731828317.jpg )
Also getting a lot of doujin games:
>> No. 312 [Edit]
File 149174548219.jpg - (325.72KB , 743x2000 , 1491736898593.jpg )
For all your news needs:
Upcoming events in Japan:
>4/2 ジャパリパークで大騒ぎ!(大田区産業プラザPiO)
>4/9 ジャパリケット(大田区産業プラザPiO)
>5/5 フレンズチホー(都立産業貿易センター)
>5/14 ジャパリケット2(大田区産業プラザPiO)
>5/21 ジャパリフェスタ(大田区産業プラザPiO)
>5/28 ジャパリパークで大騒ぎ!2(東京ビッグサイト)
>7/16 ジャパリケット3(不明)
>> No. 313 [Edit]
Some edge lord kid made a really fucked up side scrolling platformer based on this series.
>> No. 314 [Edit]
File 149176532963.jpg - (195.25KB , 1200x900 , C8-d36KUIAAS7Zd.jpg )
I want one...
>> No. 315 [Edit]
File 149181211257.jpg - (254.33KB , 1400x988 , 093a0f43ae96aa5cf5c9620701aed4bb_jpeg.jpg )
This show makes me want to kill myself so I can die happy.
>> No. 317 [Edit]
File 149184530655.jpg - (747.89KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Trigger warning.
>> No. 318 [Edit]
pretty much what I expected that to be lol.
>> No. 319 [Edit]
File 1492041143632.webm - (1.88MB )
>> No. 320 [Edit]
File 14921557776.png - (696.22KB , 989x654 , Tsuchinoko_ep12.png )
"I'm helping"
>> No. 321 [Edit]
File 149220782065.jpg - (1.71MB , 1800x1350 , 1492207320745.jpg )
Find your favourite animal.
>> No. 322 [Edit]
>> No. 323 [Edit]
I don't see it.
>> No. 324 [Edit]
I started watching this a couple of days ago. It only took one episode for me to like it.

I love the designs of the Friends. No wonder this has gotten the popularity that it has since it's very interesting. I really want to see what Kaban and Serval are going to do.

It's just too cute!
>> No. 325 [Edit]
I meant that you should think of your favourite animal and then try finding who you think it's the corresponding friend.
>> No. 326 [Edit]
The chances of there being a Scrub Turkey or a Torresian Crow are astronomically low, so I'll settle for the one that is probably a Carrion Crow since they're common in Japan. Left of the Japari Park sign there are three friends, I think the furthest left is the crow. Could be wrong though.

One that is almost certain, and is probably my next favourite animal is the Peregrine Falcon, seen in the race near the water agains presumably a cheetah.
>> No. 327 [Edit]
Guys, this is really bothering me

Why were Kaban's hands black after resurrecting in the last episode?
>> No. 328 [Edit]
I was wondering about that too. My best guess is when shit got real the gloves came off and she got her hands dirty. The creators possibly had trouble illustrating this.
That or maybe there was an issue with the character model. possibly something got screw up with it or they were using an old version that had no gloves for one reason or another, so they colored some on thinking it wouldn't be noticeable?
>> No. 329 [Edit]
File 149236806145.png - (609.45KB , 935x935 , f2b9faac74f353c7316f24f29fd02169.png )
I was expecting to see a lot more of this sort of thing...
>> No. 330 [Edit]
Her gloves were regenerating. Watch it again and you'll notice the same happens to her thigh socks. The effect is fully intended and is not a continuity nor animation error.
>> No. 331 [Edit]
Kaba (Hippo) is cute!
>> No. 332 [Edit]
They ALL are! All of the girls are so, so cute! <3
>> No. 333 [Edit]
File 149283854679.jpg - (153.95KB , 640x750 , 20170422.jpg )
Looking for the 'female' peacock
>> No. 334 [Edit]
File 149304145499.jpg - (81.72KB , 646x813 , 20170422.jpg )
Ocean animal Friends next?
>> No. 335 [Edit]
Unless they have a means of traveling underwater, I feel like that would get boring pretty quickly. Even then the variety in landscape was one of the things I felt keep Kemono Friends interesting every week. Keeping everything water themed would be tiresome after three or four ep. I don't think they have many water themed friends anyway from what I've seen.
>> No. 336 [Edit]
They're sailing at the end of season one, so they could totally work in some salt water Friends and move on to something else before it gets stale. I'd personally love to see an octopus. I bet she'd be cute!
>> No. 337 [Edit]
File 149319853117.webm - (291.64KB , eKemono.webm )
Japari OS loading scene. Haha
>> No. 338 [Edit]
File 14932859658.jpg - (188.34KB , 1024x768 , 20170430.jpg )
Hello from KANGAROO in Australia
>> No. 339 [Edit]
>> No. 340 [Edit]
I really like that KF can make cute friends even out of overgrown vermin like kangaroos.
>> No. 341 [Edit]
Vermin? really?
>> No. 342 [Edit]
I grew up in the country during a really dry period. There was not a lot of grass to go around and the roos would eat all of it. Plus they make getting anywhere once the sun starts to go down close to suicidal. If you didn't grow up with them being a pain in the arse then it's very understandable why you might like them. Most wouldn't consider them vermin, it's really a rural thing.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go out of my way to get rid of them like I would the rabbits which are a genuine pest. It's just that I'm not hugely fond of them either.
>> No. 343 [Edit]
Interesting. I always thought of them as being uncommon animals that humans wouldn't often interact with.
>> No. 344 [Edit]
File 149372692444.jpg - (122.10KB , 850x1339 , 20170502.jpg )
TOKI is my favourite bird Friend.
>> No. 345 [Edit]
Kangaroos are far less common than wallabies, and the big roos that everybody thinks about (and in that picture) are Red Kangaroos which are very uncommon for 90% of the population, though if you go into their areas, there are a lot of them. Eastern Grey Kangaroos live all over the eastern half of the country which is the most densely populated part. Only deep in the city would you not see any, and even then the highway about 20 minutes out of the capital city has a lot of roadkill.
>> No. 346 [Edit]
I think I'd be really sad to see dead kangaroo on the side of the road.
>> No. 347 [Edit]
File 149411927488.jpg - (98.98KB , 525x731 , 20170507.jpg )
Phoenix Friend
>> No. 348 [Edit]
File 149526000452.jpg - (594.95KB , 2048x2048 , 1495157709796.jpg )
That's a damn good looking custom fig.
And considering what the original fig was, nothing of value was lost! (Materia sucks imo)
>> No. 349 [Edit]
File 149542547224.jpg - (34.19KB , 618x701 , Haunter laugh.jpg )
>> No. 353 [Edit]
I'd be pretty stoked with a Harvest Moon clone with friends grafted onto it. That would be stupidly comfy to play.
>> No. 355 [Edit]
KADOKAWA kills Kemono Friends
>> No. 418 [Edit]
One year ago, 29th March 2017, the last episode of Kemono Friends aired. I'll celebrate in a low key by posting the long overdue "Oozora Dreamer".
>> No. 425 [Edit]
Feels like it was just a couple months ago. Time sure flies.
>> No. 426 [Edit]
File 152248007740.jpg - (111.16KB , 500x495 , VICL-64997.jpg )
There will be a new album for PPP released at April 25th.
>> No. 427 [Edit]
File 152459744499.jpg - (503.90KB , 1423x1411 , 81nr8t44IoL_SL1423.jpg )
And there it is already
https://mega.nz/#!FoQEXQKB!gOIPpKF8XDeCHYU_RHHXwufulFhW3TepefSS4pMX7bE DDL just for you

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