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No. 1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is this stuff okay here?
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>> No. 105 [Edit]
Pikachu < Serval
>> No. 107 [Edit]
Would you watch Gundam Friends?
>> No. 108 [Edit]
That's more like Kemono Gundam. Gundam Friends sounds more like if you had MS girls like KF has animal girls.
>> No. 224 [Edit]
I wonder where Serval learned to dance like that.
It's really sugoi.

File 150378290713.png - (0.99MB , 1300x975 , purest.png )
152 No. 152 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post Kemono yuri. If posting NSFW material please redirect your posts here:

I will start by posting the purest.
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>> No. 156 [Edit]
File 150379188062.jpg - (90.21KB , 712x892 , common_raccoon_and_fennec_kemono_friends_drawn_by_.jpg )
Probably the pair most yuri'd.
>> No. 157 [Edit]
File 150379528494.jpg - (141.30KB , 900x964 , 1499538559706.jpg )
Not sure if yuri or not but here is cute sleeping hug
>> No. 222 [Edit]
File 150813177658.png - (968.67KB , 820x2007 , purest1.png )
Pretty one-sided yuri but maybe it still goes here.
>> No. 223 [Edit]
File 150813196468.jpg - (347.17KB , 1280x1778 , yuri.jpg )

File 15078614283.jpg - (118.84KB , 576x768 , DL-kPhBUIAAS6oI.jpg )
207 No. 207 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Grape-kun has passed away ._.
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>> No. 218 [Edit]
File 150799516010.jpg - (524.26KB , 2048x1152 , DMDyAfkVoAApeHU.jpg )

"東武動物公園 献花台

>> No. 219 [Edit]
File 150799547722.jpg - (563.55KB , 2048x1536 , DMFkrhKVwAAYQoY_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 220 [Edit]
File 150800498013.jpg - (9.24KB , 236x216 , d535f69138df3f6e979f9e7532debd28--chen-graphic-nov.jpg )
I am happy that grape-kun is being respected though I am still sad that he passed away, though now he gets to be with his waifu.
>> No. 221 [Edit]
This is making me wanna cry.

File 149570031355.webm - (2.92MB , どうぞ.webm )
39 No. 39 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]

If you're not writing any text, then don't forget to add どうぞ / Dōzo / Douzo / Dozo to your post. Alternatively, you can use いらっしゃい / Irasshai.
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>> No. 187 [Edit]
File 150646327015.jpg - (553.49KB , 792x1010 , alpaca_suri_and_japanese_crested_ibis_by_hitec.jpg )
They get along really well.
>> No. 197 [Edit]
File 150662119137.png - (752.93KB , 1200x890 , alpaca_suri_and_japanese_crested_ibis_by_kemonomic.png )
You could even say they are best friends!
>> No. 198 [Edit]
File 150689631377.png - (801.07KB , 819x1158 , alpaca_suri_and_japanese_crested_ibis_by_knives_kn.png )
Sometimes Toki accompanies Arupaka down the mountains to restock on supplies.
>> No. 206 [Edit]
File 150776961382.jpg - (74.31KB , 705x1000 , alpaca_suri_and_japanese_crested_ibis_by_kashmir.jpg )
And the company is specially welcomed. They seem to enjoy the view.

File 150642168140.jpg - (83.96KB , 640x562 , 321333.jpg )
185 No. 185 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
RIP Kemono friends.
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>> No. 202 [Edit]
What if this scandal was a conspiracy to get media attention, so more people will watch S2 when they hear Tatsuki and the team are back?
>> No. 203 [Edit]
That was my first thought. Japanese are very good at shock-marketing and staging things.
>> No. 204 [Edit]
Yes. Negative press is better than no press they say. And if they really do end up going back and rehiring Tatsuki, Kadokawa will be seen positively. I'm sure more people know about Kemono Friends now due to this whole deal, so it'd be a bad move not to.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2017, 9:39pm
>> No. 205 [Edit]
Has this ever happened with an anime though? Plus, it's already insanely popular.

No. 191 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
videos, doujinshi, etc

File 149257649840.jpg - (70.15KB , 788x920 , 4da7b71dedc34567b8861440c2e59715_jpeg.jpg )
16 No. 16 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post an offering, tribute, fan art, ritual, sacrifice, etc. for the daily worship of whatever kemono friend you decided to worship today.
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>> No. 181 [Edit]
Boycott when?
>> No. 182 [Edit]
kancolle was absolutely a souless cash crab. It's anime was lazy half assed garbage that they knew was going to sell big matter what they did so they put in the least amount of effort possible. Kemono Friends on the other hand was hopeless project advertising a dead game. The creators probably didn't expect anyone to even watch it but they did the best they could with it and turned a turd into gold with nothing but pure determination and willpower while making the best of a bad situation.
I can't stress how insulting and outright disgusting it is to kick the original creators off the team. The suits clearly don't understand that Kemono Friends is largely an underdog story, it's not just about cute animal girls. Shooting that dog at the finish line and replacing it with some prize winning purebred is an outrage. Fans shouldn't be disappointed, they should be angry.
>> No. 183 [Edit]
I guess today is the day Kemono Friends died, huh?
>> No. 184 [Edit]
Accurate to the source material.

File 150386833789.png - (1.32MB , 1378x2039 , 62657183_p0.png )
159 No. 159 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT: Post friends that did not appear in the anime. I will start with Kiwi-chan.
>> No. 165 [Edit]
File 150459593182.jpg - (47.42KB , 500x700 , 40269f78c4ade17a426cfd32b60b328fd5be1f22.jpg )
>Hilgendorf's tube-nosed bat (Murina hilgendorfi) is a species of vesper bat in the family Vespertilionidae. In Japan they are called 'tengu komori', after the mythical creature called the Tengu. It was formerly thought to be a subspecies of Murina leucogaster (called Murina leucogaster hilgendorfi), but is now known to be a distinct species.

>Kingdom: Animalia
>Phylum: Chordata
>Class: Mammalia
>Order: Chiroptera
>Family: Vespertilionidae
>Genus: Murina
>Species: M. hilgendorfi

Source: Wikipedia

File 14924125652.jpg - (0.99MB , 1280x1440 , kemono-friends-05.jpg )
9 No. 9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How about a thread for discussing the show/story itself?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12 [Edit]
So there's absolutely no way to play the original KF Android game, huh
>> No. 13 [Edit]
You can download the apk for it, but I don't think you'd be able to get past a loading screen.
>> No. 162 [Edit]
File 150405069138.jpg - (92.25KB , 515x1000 , 15c4fa597d12cb1a1.jpg )
Taken from the Japari Library wiki:
>A unique exception to the usual nature of Cerulean is the character Cerval, a Cerulean learning how to live as a Friend after having taken the form of a Serval Cat. To date, she only appeared in the Kemono Friends game.
>> No. 163 [Edit]
kemonos final form

File 149698772433.jpg - (403.29KB , 1200x800 , 2893d07caf3dadb27734ddf2fac1092c.jpg )
79 No. 79 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Keep the park bus over 50 or all the friends on board will die!
15 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 145 [Edit]
File 150343315142.jpg - (89.36KB , 600x400 , Jumanji_Board_Game.jpg )
please, PLEASE make KF x Jumanji crossover, this will be a perfect combination

what better movie to choose, really

I wonder if there was a way to suggest the idea to the author of these
>> No. 146 [Edit]
File 150361467247.jpg - (73.65KB , 615x1000 , 6923731ce50089012716d2a1dc5b8cd4d41d05e5.jpg )
>> No. 148 [Edit]
File 150361485957.jpg - (64.12KB , 848x1200 , Truman Show.jpg )
In case I don't see you... good afternoon, good evening, and good night-nanoda.
>> No. 153 [Edit]
The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down.

File 150366664679.png - (885.70KB , 800x1091 , e17059486b5cb43dc1f0b0202e6144bf379acbf0.png )
149 No. 149 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post stuff you found containing info about Kemono Friends. Interviews, game info, concept sketches, all of that autism.
>> No. 150 [Edit]
File 15036670645.png - (685.49KB , 1136x640 , MwEcUOs.png )

Some autist autistically translated friends autism records from the austistic game, Autism Friends, for your autistic reading pleasure.
You autistic autist.
>> No. 151 [Edit]

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