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File 132937459094.jpg - (142.22KB , 739x621 , 132937428617.jpg )
1768 No. 1768 [Edit]
Please accept my apology for posting 3D.
I'm sure that most of the people here will recognize the image as being inoffensive and (I hope) possibly even slightly amusing.
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>> No. 1817 [Edit]

Conclusion: 10bit is worth the switch, for quality and file size.
>> No. 1843 [Edit]
Problem is though, many people's machines can't handle it, along with some media players, which can make the video look a lot worse.
>> No. 1886 [Edit]
File 133709077111.jpg - (155.61KB , 2200x1400 , img401.jpg )
>> No. 1889 [Edit]
I like it.
>> No. 1910 [Edit]
File 134025350624.jpg - (52.80KB , 438x400 , barely.jpg )
i made this last night although i didn't put much effort into it at all.
its a polar bear's muzzle i added and see the filename to pick up on the rest of the joke.
>> No. 1914 [Edit]
File 134098135396.png - (507.82KB , 500x750 , vandrer.png )
Making 2D objects appear 3D is hard.
I also messed up bad by drawing it with a 10-something degree tilt, when I tilted it back the pixels got all distorted... orz
>> No. 1915 [Edit]
Really cute, good job!
>> No. 1917 [Edit]
File 134154545492.jpg - (106.18KB , 680x921 , albrechtdurer_study_of_a_drapery.jpg )
>Making 2D objects appear 3D
It's called drawing. Good luck with it.
>> No. 1933 [Edit]
File 134411765886.png - (27.77KB , 576x596 , 2PAC.png )

It's fucking hard, mang.
>> No. 1936 [Edit]
File 13457452022.png - (107.10KB , 600x528 , tonho-chess club.png )
I was going to make a chess thread but then I was like "fuck thís"
>> No. 1937 [Edit]
we only play go in this hood, if ya ain't playing go you's a bustah.
>> No. 1938 [Edit]

Real men play chess.
>> No. 1939 [Edit]
Too bad I'm a little girl. And a cute one, above all.
>> No. 1940 [Edit]
>Real men play go.
>> No. 1941 [Edit]

I found a chess website that has no signups if anyone wants a match. Buzz me on IRC or something, I'm always up for a game.
>> No. 1944 [Edit]

Real girls play mahjong.
>> No. 1973 [Edit]
File 135136888082.png - (4.70KB , 640x400 , ansi1.png )
I tried to make some ANSI art. Please critique.
>> No. 1974 [Edit]
a boomerang attacking the seattle space needle's imouto
>> No. 1975 [Edit]
It's not bad. It looks like some pretty cool tower surrounded by trees. The only questionable thing about it is the boomerang-like thing next to it.
>> No. 1976 [Edit]
I... don't think I get it.
But it's appealing.
>> No. 1977 [Edit]

Good job, I like it.
>> No. 1978 [Edit]
Thanks for all. I was inspired by some pixel art cityscapes, so I drew a particular tower from my home town. Btw, that boomerang is supposed to be the Moon.
>> No. 1979 [Edit]
The moon should've been higher in the sky and it should've been yellow. Maybe the moon should've been closer to the edge of the picture.
>> No. 1980 [Edit]

I imagined it as being low in the sky, at a distance. Either way, it works.

Makes me want to do ANSI art again...it's been so long.

Have you done any more >>1973?
>> No. 1981 [Edit]
File 135144204852.png - (11.93KB , 742x584 , Clipboard01.png )
There isn't too much else so far, except from some really old doodles from 2007. Here's one, with cityscape elements and an attempt at a personal logo.
>> No. 1982 [Edit]
File 135147100494.jpg - (5.85MB , 2560x2048 , Single Aging copy.jpg )
I used to do a lot of image manipulation back when I was 16-ish. I still use what I'd learnt to clean pictures up or entertain myself, but I'm no good with art.

Here's something of acceptable resolution that has survived on my hard drive.
Rendering each layer in apopysis before processing in photoshop on Windows XP would take days.

I like this ANSI business. Maybe some of us could work together on something.
>> No. 2152 [Edit]
File 136765890390.jpg - (1.17MB , 1426x780 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
[contains Aku no hana spoilers]

First time I try to do a wallpaper over a third-party work. I did it because nobody would fucking do it and I damned wanted it.
>> No. 2396 [Edit]
File 140737414675.jpg - (355.81KB , 1500x1125 , hidamarisign.jpg )
I just made this. Still have to color it, ugh I hate coloring.
>> No. 2397 [Edit]
File 140750234512.jpg - (423.05KB , 1500x1125 , hidamarisign2.jpg )
Finished! I colored and cut them and then hung them on my door.
>> No. 2399 [Edit]
Those are quite nice.
>> No. 2490 [Edit]
File 14232899689.png - (289.38KB , 900x810 , Sakurakig2.png )
I made this dank meme picture for stupid sakurafish threads on /a/.
>> No. 2492 [Edit]
is that, distressing for you?
>> No. 2494 [Edit]
The reason this picture will receive limited use is because it has a word limiting it to certain moments. A word that does not need to be on the picture as the girl's expression already show signs of distress/worry/anxiety and a few other emotions that can very, very easily be inferred without needing to be told by that repetitive word that adds nothing to the picture but garbage that just covers the picture. It's a waste.
>> No. 2496 [Edit]
Based on the "Good morning Crono" pic.
>> No. 2497 [Edit]
File 142433023170.png - (22.45KB , 500x500 , Good morning Tohno.png )
>> No. 2498 [Edit]
I like it.
>> No. 2499 [Edit]
>> No. 2545 [Edit]
Is it funny because her chest is flat as a board?
>> No. 2598 [Edit]
any luck yet?
>> No. 2599 [Edit]
File 144941285945.png - (343.49KB , 552x536 , SaitamaJolly.png )
Christmas Saitama
>> No. 2630 [Edit]
File 14559621246.png - (164.12KB , 788x329 , NEET.png )
Made this a while back but just now came across it.
>> No. 2631 [Edit]
That's one of the reasons I didn't like that show, it was just hanging on to the word "NEET" like it's a catchy buzzword.
>> No. 2682 [Edit]
File 146828791412.jpg - (3.52MB , 2884x1761 , 8650_k-on-Recovered.jpg )
I've been having a lot of fun recently using the most basic of functions in image editing.
>> No. 2683 [Edit]
File 146828795251.jpg - (1.12MB , 3037x2043 , K-ON!_full.jpg )
>> No. 2724 [Edit]
satou the realistic hikki went out every day to have crazy adventures with his friends and 3dpd
>> No. 2725 [Edit]
File 147822837118.png - (4.47KB , 726x378 , penf.png )
Some diagram I made to explain how minecart tracks in Terraria worked to someone.
>> No. 2749 [Edit]
File 148417843710.png - (30.70KB , 865x435 , Grapefruit.png )
this is a diagram a friend did for me explaining how he spilt his tinned fruit
>> No. 2759 [Edit]
File 148571706113.png - (60.75KB , 800x600 , Map of Lucia (2218 AD).png )
I just whipped up my dream planet, Lucia. I am only open for RPs in appropriate boards whenever available, but not in here. This is just a quick what's going on at the moment during the spring of 2218 AD.

Main continent: Lucians (light blue)
Meridia: Dormilians (purple)
Red Sun Mountains: Yan Tribe (brown)
Mysterious Archipelago: Sun Pirates Clan (yellow)
Mitakihara: Various magical girl teams, including Idol Master (pink)
Gensokyo: Touhou(red)
Unknown territory: Night Raiders (dark red)
Monchrome: Colorless people from Yume Nikki's White Desert (light grey)
Yerivia: Chasers, various monsters from all over the galaxy that pursues lucid dreamers with the intent to harvest soul energy(orange)

Let me know what you think about this planet. I want this world to be recognized (love-hate or love-love relationship) within the year as my goal.
>> No. 2760 [Edit]
>I just whipped up my dream planet, Lucia
Why the name?
>I am only open for RPs in appropriate boards whenever available, but not in here.
What does RPs stand for?
>This is just a quick what's going on at the moment during the spring of 2218 AD.
Is that time consistent with the later-mentioned magical girl teams, gensokyo and colorless people from Yume Nikki? Why do these three continents contain brand characters from somewhere else?
>I want this world to be recognized (love-hate or love-love relationship) within the year as my goal.
Recognized by whom or where? And how?
>> No. 2761 [Edit]
>Why the name?
From a dream character that saved me from monsters during a night terror episode when I was kid. From then on, I have no more dreams due to autism, nothing I can do but deal with it.
>What does RPs stand for?
>Is that time consistent with the later-mentioned magical girl teams, gensokyo and colorless people from Yume Nikki?
In dreams, there is no consistency, because when we enter REM sleep the logical part of the brain shuts off.
>Why do these three continents contain brand characters from somewhere else?
Thycia: Welsh for "to avail", "profit", and Greek for "rites of sacrifice".
Meridia: A land dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Life and Lady of Infinite Energies.
Yerivia: Inspired by the Spanish tragic play from the 1930's.
>Recognized by whom or where? And how?
When there are more interested people giving their own interpretations about my planet.
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