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File 161411602316.jpg - (4.32MB , 6992x1181 , __original_drawn_by_you_shimizu__64eaed554a806522d.jpg )
35476 No. 35476 [Edit]
A thread for anime you have something to say about but don't want to make a thread for. Thought that this might be a good alternative to the seasonal anime thread and encourage people to post more.

Post edited on 23rd Feb 2021, 11:02pm
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>> No. 35945 [Edit]
File 163735476141.jpg - (373.18KB , 930x970 , __unown_unown_k_unown_unown_bojji_and_1_more_pokem.jpg )
I haven't been in the mood to watch anime lately and have stopped keeping up with what's airing this season despite having the likes of Isekai Shokudou airing. The only one I'm actively watching is Ousama Ranking which I feel like I should give a shout-out to. I came across the manga probably about a year ago but there weren't too many chapters translated yet although it caught my attention as it was highly rated. This is one of those cases where the anime will likely surpass the source material, the manga itself is a web series iirc and the art isn't the greatest which is reminiscent of the likes of One-punch man and Kobayashi's MaidDragon. The anime has been really engaging thus far both in terms of execution and plot/world-building. I've been only reading/watching SoLs in recent years and it's the first time in a while that I'm immersed in an anime like this.

Post edited on 19th Nov 2021, 12:49pm
>> No. 35946 [Edit]
>Ousama Ranking
Looks like it might be fun. Thanks for the suggestion.
>> No. 35947 [Edit]
Mieruko chan is a fun series
>> No. 35963 [Edit]
File 164159092690.png - (2.56MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Slow Loop - 01 (1080p) [43ED2108]_mkv.png )
A fishing cgdct/SoL to fill Doga Kobo's recent void in the genre. It's more cgdct compared to Houkago Teibou Nishi's emphasis on SoL/iyashikei. The quality of the anime adaptation is very good so far, I would've thought it was a Doga Kobo anime if I hadn't known better.
>> No. 35966 [Edit]
File 164168574838.png - (1.96MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - 01 (1080p.png )
There was a bit of discussion about it on the anime news thread but it's finally here. I was curious as to how the anime would approach the quaintness exemplified in the manga but they ended up taking a different direction from it albeit in a good way. Overall the anime's visual is decently stunning although in a different way from the manga, they also seemed to do away with the subtle ecchi-ness that was previously mentioned and opted for a more iyashikei approach which is a welcome move in my personal opinion. I also like how the art style of the manga translated into making the anime feel like it's from an older era and not something more recent. In conclusion, I would say that this is a series to watch and it has every bit the potential to be the anime of the season. CloverWorks have so far shown that they are exceptional when it comes to aesthetics and even though they have a tendency to take artistic liberties that deviate from the source material; in this instance, the direction they took have paid off.
>> No. 35995 [Edit]
File 164532457193.png - (1.64MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
>> No. 35998 [Edit]
I haven't watched a Digimon anime since either Tamers or Frontier. Ghost Game is just fucking bizarre in its everything, and the fights are straight garbage. Nothing makes much sense, and the only reason to watch it is for Jellymon-sama.
Poor man's Gegege no Kitarou.
>> No. 36008 [Edit]
I don't agree at all. I think it's cool.
>> No. 36009 [Edit]
File 164566899072.png - (649.79KB , 721x912 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
>> No. 36011 [Edit]
File 164576680481.png - (1.71MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jut.png )
>> No. 36017 [Edit]
Getting started on this now, I already like the character design: it's got that kirara charm. Hopefully I'll like it better than teibou nishi.

Also I did a quick subs comparison between the Funi/LoopSubs/9volt.

From what I can tell LoopSubs is basically just Funi + honorifics and minor word changes "e.g. sister to oneesan." 9volt has a "localized" track that for some reason ruins a joke that even Funi TL'd decently. The 9volt "unlocalized" has some minor grammatical corrections on top of funi + honorifics.

Overall just skimming the transcripts I'd assume that all are fine, and this seems to be one of the more decent funi subs. That said I have not actually watched an episode yet so I'll update this if I feel the subs are flagrantly off like they were for gochiusa s3.

(Also honestly my personal preference is for subs without honorifics but translated as literally as possible attempting to match the JP word order, even if it means strictly non-grammatical English. It makes it easiest to follow along with the dialogue. Alas I think the only people to do this (perhaps by happy accident) are the Muse subs.)
>> No. 36020 [Edit]
Yup, two episodes in and I love it. It's overflowing with warm, friendship, and affection, and has everything I'd expect from a Kirara.

Also turns out there actually is indo-subs from this (not from Muse though, from Billibi or however it's spelled). Here's a side-by-side sample of lines. I'll exclude loopsubs whenever it's the exact same as Funi modulo honorifics.

>Well, we're sisters, so I figured\Nwe'd be in different classes.
>How are you so calm?
>We're literally being torn apart!
>Wow, you're a handful, aren't you?

>Well, we're siblings.
>I did think that they'd put us in different classes.
>How can you be so calm?
>We're going to be separated, you know!
>What a troublesome person...


>Well, we're sisters, so I figured\Nwe'd be in different classes.
>How are you so calm?
>We're literally being torn apart!
>You really are a handful, aren't you?


>Nande sonna reisei de irareru no?
>Watashitachi mo hanarebanare ni nacchau n'da yo
>Mendokusai hito da na...


>Uh, dude...
>From what I heard,
>apparently my father finally showed up to\Nthe hospital five hours after I was born.
>He happened to catch\Na giant koi fish then,
>so he tried to name me after the fish.
>But my mom tried to stop him\Nand at least changed the kanji.
>She really was named after the fish...
>The worst part about all of this...
>Is the fact that he's actually\Nproud of his perversion!


>No, um...
>In the end,
>he came to the hospital five hours after I was born.
>The fish that he caught that time was a big koi fish,
>so he wanted to name me "Koi",
>but Mom did her best and managed\Nto at least change the way it's written.
>So her name did come from the fish!
>But the most annoying thing is
>how proud he is being a weirdo like that!

>Uh, dude...
>From what I heard,
>apparently my father finally showed up\Nto the hospital five hours after I was born.
>He happened to catch a giant koi fish then,
>so he tried to name me after the fish.
>But my mom tried to stop him\Nand managed to change the kanji to "love."
>She really was named after the fish...
>The worst part about all of this...
>Is the fact that he's actually proud of his perversion!


>Hey, is this "Yamahi" person\Nyou keep talking about Hiyori?
>Yup. That's the nickname I gave her.
>When we were in grade school,\Nthere were two Yamakawas in our class.
>So I decided to shorten Hiyori Yamakawa\Nand started calling her Yamahi.

>Hey, you keep saying "Yamahi".\NIs that a nickname for Hiyori-chan?
>Yeah. I was the one who gave her that nickname.
>There were two Yamakawas
>in our elementary school class,
>so I abbreviated "Hiyori Yamakawa"
>to "Yamahi".
>In the end, it didn't catch on,

>Ne.. saki kara itteru "Yamahi"-tte, Hiyori-chan no koto?
>Sou sou.. watashi no tsuketa adana
>Shougakkou no toki "Yamakawa" no myoji futari ita kara
>"Yamakawa hiyori" wo ryaku-shite "Yamahi"-tte meimei shita no


All seem fine without any egregious things, although I don't like the occasional american colloquial-isms like "Uh dude" and "you're a handful" that find their way in the into the Funi & Funi-derived subs.
>> No. 36021 [Edit]
File 164663121132.png - (1.51MB , 1280x1440 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
>> No. 36032 [Edit]
File 164723452313.png - (1.54MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
>> No. 36033 [Edit]
File 164723982593.png - (1.22MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
I'm ready.
>> No. 36040 [Edit]
Also koi-chan's eyes are beautiful. That deep violet is very captivating.
>> No. 36041 [Edit]
File 164774829355.png - (849.94KB , 797x1004 , ur waifu a shit.png )
>> No. 36045 [Edit]
>> No. 36046 [Edit]
File 164789859264.png - (1.15MB , 1044x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
>> No. 36047 [Edit]
File 164801329218.png - (875.93KB , 839x1014 , [SubsPlease] Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jut.png )
The cutest vassal!
>> No. 36048 [Edit]
File 16480333489.jpg - (90.71KB , 900x506 , twintail_rules.jpg )
The more I look at her, the more I like her.
>> No. 36049 [Edit]
File 164808602184.png - (940.10KB , 1114x1080 , [SubsPlease] Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jut.png )
She's captivating.
>> No. 36052 [Edit]
File 164852721250.png - (1.45MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
This is a happy Wolf-kun.
He was later molested by a superior.
Thank you.
>> No. 36053 [Edit]
File 164870066899.png - (1.55MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jut.png )
And it's finished! I'll be seeing best girl in the LNs.
>> No. 36054 [Edit]
I take it back, the funi subs for this seem to be utter garbage, and the derivative loopsubs aren't honestly all that better. Do yourself and a favor and go with the billibi subs on this.

> yūyake ni somatta sono kirei na machijikan wa totemo tanoshikute totemo anshin dekiru ibasho datta
>That time we spent together waiting colored in the sunset was so much fun, and we felt so safe.

>It was a very pleasant and very relieving place to be during that lovely time in the sunset.

>Bathed in beautiful sunset colors, that time we spent waiting together was both delightful and comfortable

This is the climax of the episode and the funi translation utterly butchers it. Forget any poetic sense, they don't even get the translation right. Loopsubs is better, but feels a bit plain and lacking emotion. Billbilili subs are the clear winner here, and they even have a bit of poetic flair which is surprising considering it's probably done by people who don't even speak english as their first language.
>> No. 36055 [Edit]
>done by people who don't even speak english as their first language
Somewhat related, some of the best and poetic lyrics I've heard sung were (supposedly) originally written in German and then translated in English by the German writers. I wonder if being an ESL can be advantageous for this application.
>> No. 36056 [Edit]
For _professional_ (read: not fly-by-night anime subs) translations I think being a native English speaker would confer an advantage since a native English speaker would have a better understanding of nuances, which combined with a good background in writing/literature/poetry would allow them to craft accurate-yet faithful translations.

But when it comes to mediocre minimum wage anime subs, I agree that the ESL people ironically end up putting out better translations. Perhaps they might be more likely to preserve elements of the original (JP) sentence such as word order that a native English speaker might find unnatural. Or to put it another way, most native English speakers (unless they specifically studied poetry or writing which the minimum wage translator surely has not) will have a standard mould for style/tone that they will edit sentences to fit into.

Taking the example in >>36054, if you do a word-for-word translation of the JP

> yūyake ni somatta sono kirei na machijikan wa totemo tanoshikute totemo anshin dekiru ibasho datta
> [[Dyed by sunset] [that beautiful time we spent idling]] was a [delightful and relaxing] haven(*)

(*) I think ibasho here has the nuance of not just place but "home" in the sense of belonging? Couldn't think of an equivalent English word but it seems proximal to haven/sanctuary which is what I could think of.

The Billibi translation follows that word order almost exactly. A native English speaker doing the translation might be tempted to reshuffle the "dyed by the sunset" clause to the end though because those constructions are more common, and you end up with something close to the Funi sub (modulo the word choice).

I also suspect a native English speaker doing the translation might feel a bit too overconfident in further editing once translated to English, or unintentionally slipping in colloquiol phrasing (e.g. "so much" as opposed to "quite").
>> No. 36057 [Edit]
File 164904586649.png - (1.34MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san - .png )
>> No. 36061 [Edit]
File 16493709092.png - (4.24MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] RPG Fudousan - 01 (1080p) [2BFAE0A4]_.png )
>> No. 36069 [Edit]
File 164955948194.png - (957.28KB , 900x1080 , [SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi - 01.png )
So then she says, "I use emacs." What a loser, right?
>> No. 36070 [Edit]
She's joking.
>> No. 36080 [Edit]
One would hope so, but you can never know ...
>> No. 36084 [Edit]
File 164988696164.jpg - (92.05KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Tomodachi Game - 01 (720p) [B11CB763].jpg )
I'm two ep into the currently airing Tomodachi Game.
I thought the concept sounded interesting. Everyone in a class saves up money for a school trip. It goes missing. Five friends get kidnapped and made to play children's games that test their trust in each other. One of them signed themselves up and the other four for the game, and most likely stole that class money as the entry fee. The game rewards/punishes the players by increasing or decreasing their share of a large debt owed by the person who signed them up.

It looks and sounds a lot like a shameless cash-in on the popularity of squid game, that much is obvious. I bet when that blew up, some suits searched high and low for any similar manga they could adapt.
'So far' it's not as edgy as I thought it might be. There hasn't been any violence yet but I half expect this won't end without a few deaths at least.
The setup which took up the first half of the first ep felt very cheesy and ham fisted. The writing came across so badly it felt like a parody. Things at least got a bit more interesting once the games started, even if the writing didn't improve much.
They kill some of the mystery by giving the people behind the scenes a ton screen time right in the first ep, who turn out to be cliche high school age girls that seem to get off on watching groups of friends play these games. I'd almost prefer rich old white guys in gold animal masks speaking bad English while placing bets...

What also ruins a lot of the mystery is how obvious it is from the first ep who the traitor of the group is. The second ep only seemed to reinforce who I thought it was. I mean I could be wrong but...
Cute moe innocent girls in dark edgy anime are generally only there for one of two reasons. To get killed/abused for shock value and easy audience gut punches OR that they aren't really as cute and inoccent as they seem~
In the first ep they make a very clear point of establishing that she gets bullied by her classmates, and that she's not very close to most of the friends in that group. She only seems to like the protag of the anime.
We then learn she 'really' likes the protag and in the second ep, she shows envy/resentment for the other girl in the group, this blue haired class rep like girl, who suddenly gets targeted in the second game and put at a huge disadvantage even though the three guys in the group wanna tap her ass. At this point it should have been obvious to them all what's going on, but they were too busy fighting over her to think about it I guess?
I think it fits too. moe girl has motivation in way of getting revenge on class that treated her like crap. Only real question is how she racked up so much debt. I'm guessing maybe it's her parent's debt passed onto her, but because they mention she likes anime, I'd die laughing if she racked up the debt buying anime figures.

I'll keep watching for a bit, mostly out of curiosity. I suppose if nothing else I think stories about people trapped in unusual situations and being forced to figure their way out while being tested, can be interesting. I'm also hoping I'm wrong about who the group traitor is. It'd be funny to see how they explain it being anyone else.
>> No. 36093 [Edit]
Nice show. It wasn't RPG-esque at all like I initially worried (e.g. it's closer to Endro than it is to Bofuri, and it's even more of a pure SoL with less RPG elements than Endro was).

Also a quick subs comparison (I do these for myself on any show I watch as a sanity check, but may as well share the results). Seems like the 2 sources this time are FuniCR, and Billibii. Right off the very first line:

>Hey, lady, your singing is great!
>You're a great singer!

Despite the evidence that the monkeys at CRFuni are native English speakers (I can't imagine any other explanation for their preference for idioms), I don't think I've ever seen "Hey lady" used in a non-accusatory tone. BB has wisely chosen to elide the Onēchan in this case since it's implied by context and any other replacement would have been strictly worse.

>oshiuri wa kekkō desu kara ne
>P-Pretty?! Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying!
>We do not condone aggressive haggling!

CR focused on the selling part of "oshiuri" while BB focused on the pressure part. I think the latter makes more sense here in context?

Also this is trivial but I found it interesting in how it might reveal the nationalities of the translators. CR translated the メラメラ of the tiny fuzzy things into "Mela mela" while BB chose "Mera mera." I guess neither is technically wrong since the alveolar tap(*) doesn't map exactly onto the canonical English "r" or "l" (**) but at the same time as a stylistic choice unless there's an otherwise clear translation (e.g. サリー -> Sally instead of "Sari") leaving it as the romanized form looks cleaner.

(*) At least that's what I think it is? But maybe I'm wrong and there's some controversy on the talk page for the inclusion of Japanese, but at the same time indicates that it is.

(**) Then again it doesn't seem like there's a "canonical" R sound in English since the sound changes based on the context anyway. Which is why it's weird that people make such a big deal about the pronunciation since unless you're _trying_ to sound like a stereotypical American you can probably get close enough that it's not going to be the bottleneck, and the sound also isn't unique to Japanese either.

Post edited on 17th Apr 2022, 5:47pm
>> No. 36094 [Edit]
Also one more translation shootout for Machikado S2. There are a few sources this time: HiDive, BB, "MAd le Zisel", and LoopSubs. Observations

* Mad le Zisel and LoopSubs are HiDive edits.
- No real difference in content between LoopSubs & HiDiff
- Ditto between Mad le Zisel & LoopSubs (Zisel probably has better typesetting though, if you care about that)
* LoopSubs & Zisel fixed the name order, but I don't give much credit to that given that you could probably do this with a sed one-liner
* HiDive is a bit liberal with the colloquialism , e.g."'Kay" instead of "Okay".

Cherrypicked diffs between HiDive/BB (Haven't watched the first episode yet so I can't include the original line in the comparison)

>What the heck is up with your outfit?! I thought I told you to wear something easy to move in!
>What the hell are you wearing? I thought I wrote that you should wear something easy to move around in.

>What's with the gratitude?! Quit it, you're scaring me! Anyways, I've been so pumped up for this that I even did warm ups to get ready.
>Why thank me? Please stop that. I'm afraid. Oh well. I have done my preparation exercises on anticipation of this moment.

So far not too bad except of HiDive's over-use of heck (it was used a few other times as well, and I'm assuming they can't say "hell" without offending some censors). Of course, then go ahead and use this line:

>I'm just ashamed at myself for being such a... peachy keen jelly bean. What was even the point of this pigtail? Oh crap! Momo's descending into
>uh? Momo, why did you look a little down? No, I'm just... I'm just kind of ashamed of myself for being frivolous.

Now maybe I'm being overpresumptuous since I haven't watched it yet but I'd still bet $10 that the actual dialogue doesn't have "peachy keen jelly bean". I'm surprised that neither of the HiDive edits corrected this either. In fact I'm a native speaker and I'm still not sure what "peachy keen jelly bean" or "pigtail" are supposed to mean in this context (I can infer that "pigtail" here means something proximal to dilemma/conflict given a pigtail's twisty nature, but I've never seen the word used like that, and seems like the dictionary backs me up on that. Interestingly LoopSubs used "cat's tail" instead of pigtail and that just makes me ever more confused). Similarly I'm not sure how "peachy keen jelly bean" fits in here since I've only seen that used as a non-serious childish reply.
>> No. 36096 [Edit]
File 165042745031.png - (418.24KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Yuusha_ Yamemasu - 03 (720p) [9F2C3F4.png )
The heart aches for perfection.
>> No. 36108 [Edit]
File 165059986495.png - (1.14MB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Mahoutsukai Reimeiki - 03 (720p) [1E0.png )
>> No. 36117 [Edit]
File 16507646134.jpg - (139.13KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasa.jpg )
Saw the first ep of "Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai"
It's about an office worker who gets haunted by a little girl "baby" ghost (these subs suck). It looked and sounded fun and cute from the PV. It's certainly cute at least but it feels a bit lacking in just about every other way. I hate to say it but it's a bit dull, especially in the second half. The ep repeats the instigating events from multiple perspectives but that feels redundant and makes things a bit boring. It's like when a person who just told you a joke goes into detail explaining the joke and how they came up with it. The anime can be best summed up by ghost loli being cute and salaryworker-chan calling her cute, over and over and over...

Post edited on 24th Apr 2022, 8:26am
>> No. 36136 [Edit]
File 165111933312.png - (365.86KB , 665x720 , [SubsPlease] Yuusha_ Yamemasu - 04 (720p) [028B07B.png )
Fluffy ears~
>> No. 36137 [Edit]
File 165112246550.jpg - (91.80KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasa.jpg )
ep2 was a considerable step up. It's still nothing all that special, but at least it wasn't the sloppy mess that was ep1. I don't know but maybe the characters are growing on me a tad.
>> No. 36138 [Edit]
i made a game out of watching this show: before each episode i would try to guess how many times the MC would spend a conversation shouting/screaming, how many times he would cry, and whether or not he would have an emotional break down which would end in him resting his head on some whore's lap.

i mean, i went into this show knowing it was trashy, but still, its gotten so absurd its hard to watch.
>> No. 36142 [Edit]
File 165145435310.png - (396.40KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Digimon Ghost Game - 24 (720p) [793CB.png )
Genuinely horrific.

The only thing worthwhile are the girls' designs. Crusch-chan is too cute.
>> No. 36151 [Edit]
something about the writing in this anime feels borderline condescending. I'm not sure if it's made for kids, or retards. still, it's relaxing enough. I'll keep following it.
>> No. 36166 [Edit]
File 165287808428.png - (100.19KB , 439x405 , Dora.png )
Do you have a show you go back to when you're feeling depressed?
I'm watching Doraemon again. It's a weird thing, I feel like watching it only when I'm feeling strong melancholy. I've been feeling I would end up going back to it again ever since I had a dream about it >>/so/27144. I've watched the first 400 eps or so of the new version, it's very good. I'll probably start with the newest one 704 and go backwards, let's see how far I get.

It feels good to know Doraemon is always airing, gives me an odd sense of relief.
>> No. 36167 [Edit]
File 165289256582.jpg - (355.50KB , 950x750 , __sawatari_fuu_tamayura__b26159378f0865e11c90f1ab0.jpg )
It's nice to have one like that. For me a series that makes me feel that way is Tamayura. I always watch an episode of it when I'm feeling down and it really lifts my spirits.
>> No. 36207 [Edit]
File 165319050987.png - (348.99KB , 465x720 , [SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi - 07.png )
>> No. 36284 [Edit]
File 165514136615.jpg - (185.95KB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0001.jpg )
It's trashy and it has a bad rep but it's probably my favorite anime of the season.
>> No. 36287 [Edit]
File 16555830731.png - (1.77MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasa.png )
>> No. 36313 [Edit]
File 165690348269.png - (633.57KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Lycoris Recoil - 01 (720p) [2847C3E1].png )
Machine guns and cute girls go so well together.
>> No. 36314 [Edit]
What genre is Lycoris Recoil? Is it more like upotte, GuP, rifle is beatiful, or sabagebu (i.e. is it closer to SoL/comedy or is it more action driven with "real gun action™". Or would knowing the genre itself be a spoiler (e.g. like Gakkougurashi).

Post edited on 3rd Jul 2022, 8:25pm
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