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File 129107125697.jpg - (13.58KB , 524x42 , download.jpg )
823 No. 823 [Edit]
i'm curious: what's your average download speed rate, for torrents from places like hongfire and piratebay?
mine was normally around 50 KB/s, at its best; recently i changed my service up to 5 MB/s and the one in the picture is the fastest i've ever got.
>> No. 824 [Edit]
Torrent download speeds are determined by a number of factors, so it's hard to really give a general number for every download. Usually, public places like Hongfire/thepiratebay don't have well-seeded torrents (not always the case), and the few people that do seed tend to have slow upload speeds.

More seeds means more seeds that you can connect to, which equals quicker downloads. Less seeds means less seeds that you can connect to, which equals slower downloads. Slower/quicker speeds depending on the available number of seeds is not the sole factor in download speeds, though. Leeches (the people that are also downloading the same file as you) also play a factor in this, as they're consuming bandwidth from the available seeds. Leeches can also upload (just like seeds) to other available leeches at the same time, though, if they've already downloaded part of the file that other leeches still need. Another thing to consider is that leeches and seeds can toggle the amount of bandwidth they want to spend on uploading (or downloading). So, you can cap your upload speed at 20 kb/s if you really wanted to, even if you could upload at much quicker rates.

The most important thing to consider is your ISP's connection plan's speed, and the seeds/leeches' respective ISP connection plan's speeds.

That's just my experience, though. Sometimes you'll get 80-100 kb/s or higher download speeds from just a single seed, if there are no (or few other) leeches.
>> No. 825 [Edit]
thanks; i know how it works, though. i guess what i really wanted to know (sorry) is the highest download speed brohnos had ever got from hongfire and piratebay VN torrents (cosidering, of course, their own service speed), just to have an idea of how good am i doing (or if you could suggest any better place to find good healt torrents).
>> No. 826 [Edit]
I think I've topped out somewhere around 200-300 kb/s on Hongfire, probably a bit higher on TPB.
>> No. 827 [Edit]
I'm using a 3mb (megabit) and my dl speed it's around 340~360 KB.
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