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File 129121747687.jpg - (56.41KB , 504x378 , sakura_wars.jpg )
809 No. 809 [Edit]
Can you recommend me some dating sims? Preferably for PC. I tried looking on Google for some but all I get are links to people who think visual novels are dating sims.

I'm sure you all know what a dating sim is. Stats and all that good stuff.

Pic somewhat related. It's a SRPG with heavy dating sim elements. Gemini is mai waifu.
>> No. 810 [Edit]
Romance VNs with different girls to choose from aren't dating sims? they sorta have stats...

Unless you mean stuff where you have to work, earn money, and things to gain appeal along with talking to the girl a lot... Only ones i've played are the crappy ones on newgrounds a few years ago. (the zelda one was kinda funny though)
>> No. 811 [Edit]
I don't see why any game with girls to choose from to be your waifu cannot be a romance VN/dating sim in some form.
>> No. 813 [Edit]
I think he means that he wants a dating sim without the typical VN elements (I know it sounds a little silly, I can't find a better way to express it, though) i.e. storyline (and metaplot) and some pretense to be more than a dating sim.

To rephrase it: he wants a dating sim that doesn't try to be anything more.

... Or so I think. I can't really recommend anything myself, though, as I usually play exactly what OP doesn't want to play (for example Sharin no Kuni).
>> No. 814 [Edit]
Here's a list of them on VNdb.

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