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File 128951987351.jpg - (56.50KB , 320x460 , nana.jpg )
789 No. 789 [Edit]
Do you barely know Japanese or not at all, are you a NEET, and want to read some crappy VN translation from /tobochan/?

If your answer to all of the above was 'yes', then join us in the Nana Puri play along!

How do I participate?
If you haven't been granted access already, I'm not quite sure how you're reading this. But basically it will work like this:

Dialog will be shit tiered translated until a decision point, and then the first decision to get 3 votes (this might change if more people particpate) wins.

I encourage you all to get the game and play along so you can experience the music and voices as well.

Let's get our Nana's on!

Game Summery:http://vndb.org/v3825

*update* I'm redoing the prologue it had so many errors. I'm desperately looking for a proof reader.
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>> No. 790 [Edit]
File 128952002281.png - (361.99KB , 806x625 , pic1.png )
The thick darkness in the forest blurred by.

Firmly my hand grasps to the horses reigns as it jumps into a gallop.

Sweat pools in the palms my hands.

These uncomfortable gloves begged to be removed, but the situation would not allow it.

Another person rides on the horse with me.

I lean forward to protect that small body clinging to my horses' neck.


Katarina 「-tss!」

From behind a faint sound whistles through the air. My horse veers slightly to the right.

Something pegs into the ground, but is is soon left behind.

Even if I were to turn and peer over my shoulder, Night covers the highway.

Despite not being able to see my pursuers I knew they were there.

This isn't a normal robbery.

I was convinced of this fact. Soon enough though it would all be clear.

But that didn't matter, whoever it may be wouldn't change anything.

Edel――The Seventh Princess Edelweiss will be protected.

There is no room for consideration, for The Seventh Princess alone I work.

This charge is absolute.
>> No. 791 [Edit]
File 128952008273.jpg - (21.17KB , 806x625 , black.jpg )
This was happening on the road to Torigneila. A place governed by the Fourth Princess.

Very few people even in the castle were aware the princess Edel would be traveling to Torigneila.

Despite of this, there was a raid on the traveler's inn at which we stayed.

The raider's actions made it clear that their target was Edel.

Besides me there was a guard of five knights, I'm uncertain if any survive.

By the time I had grabbed Edel and gotten on the horse, two had already fallen.
>> No. 792 [Edit]
File 128952017942.jpg - (75.65KB , 806x625 , alt2.jpg )

Katarina 「eeah-!」

My thoughts are suddenly interupted by a sharp pain in my left shoulder.

In reflex my hand squeezes down on the bridle, increasing the pain.

Edelweiss 「Rina-?」

From the small voice comes worry.

Thanks to that voice though, instantly my pain is gone.

Katrina 「I was only grazed, it's alright. Just hold on tight. If you fall off this is all for naught.」

At my prompt Edelle firmly grasps the horse again.

At her composure, instinctively I almost begin to loose my panic. Bewildered by that situation, I sharpen my mind and regain focus.

If worse comes to worst, I must save Edel's life.

I am the Seventh Princesses' Knight. If for nothing else I must accomplish that.

However, things right now are dire.

I notice we are being herded.

Though I have visted Torigneila before I am unfamiliar with the land.

If this attack was planned, the raiders probably know exactly where we are.

The situation is perilous.

However I must continue. I can't give up.

I want to stop my horse and confront my pursuers head on.

But how many are there? One, Two? There's no way to tell.

No good. No matter how many of them there's one of me―

Katarina 「......」

I condsider Edel underneath me.

To what extent can she defend herself? She's far to Kind a person to do something like that.

If she flees while I fight, will she be alright? I'm not sure.

As I thought, a head on attack will be no good.

Perhaps she can hide as I lure them away?

*Horse Whiney*

As I approached the edge of the forest, the horse neighed and thrashed violently.

I quickly grabbed the reigns while pressing against Edel. However, my injured arm was unable to keep us on the horse. Both of us were thrown off.

Katrina「Oof--Edel, are you all right?」

My lower body had been hit hard, but I was worried about Edel.

Edelweiss 「Yes, somehow」

I see Edel's hand raise and she seems to be concious. I let out a small sigh of relief.

At the same time the I catch the horse which had shaken us off in my vision.

There was nothing I could do about it.

I stand up and look around. I Then step towards Edel.
>> No. 793 [Edit]
File 128952024385.jpg - (107.94KB , 806x625 , pic2.jpg )
We are at the end of the forest.

Edelweiss「Rina, this sound.」

Katarina 「Ah, It's the waterfall of Naraka.」

After I help Edel up, I look towards the source of the sound in reply to her.

The powerful bass sound reverberates throughout my body, the famous waterfall.

Night hangs like a black curtain over my vision, masking it. Just past my vision is an impossibly large waterfall which surrounds the

continent, the Naraka Falls.
>> No. 794 [Edit]
File 128952031036.jpg - (108.97KB , 806x625 , pic3.jpg )
Glittering white objects begin to to fall into my vision.
>> No. 795 [Edit]
File 128952037474.jpg - (136.29KB , 806x625 , pic4.jpg )
Edelweiss 「Lux Lukis―」

While almost whispering this Edel gently lifts her palm and catches one.

Just as it touches her hand the small light extinguishes.
>> No. 796 [Edit]
File 128952050624.jpg - (109.09KB , 806x625 , pick3-1.jpg )
It is said the Lux Lukis originate from the waterfall of Naraka.

This mysterious scene may only be seen here on the continent's edge facing the falls.

But right now we can hardly be concerned with it.

Ahead of us is a cliff which drops into hell. Somehow I knew this without even needing to peer over it.

In other words, we are cornered.

Katarina 「..........」

Apparently, we had already been trapped.

However the forest remained still.

Extreme caution―

Anxiously, my skin crawls with fire. I'm not afraid for myself.

I think of how to protect Edel.

It would be impossible to draw them away from Edel as a decoy.

No matter how I think about it, it is certain their aim is Edelweiss. They would

quickly be at her if given the chance.

What am I to do?


I decided instantly.

I would annihilate them.

I don't know if I can do it.

I already knew this situation this situation was hopeless. Still I grasped onto one ray last ray of hope.

I feel the sword which is always at my side and prepare to draw it by opening its scabbard.

Katrina 「I am the knight of the Seventh Princess, Katrina. I don't know who you are, or what your reasons are but I cannot permit you to

continue! Throw down your arms and surrender!」 

I shouted to the forest where they might be hiding.

Instead of a voice of surrender, an arrow came in reply.

Katrina 「Is this your answer!?」

Because of the Lux Lukis I was able to see the arrows.

I deflected them with my sword while glaring at the forest.

It seems not only were they unwilling to negotiate, but they were unwilling to show themselves as well.

Why won't they show themselves? Are they being careful or is there some other reason?

There had to have been at least 5 of them from the amount of arrows I deflected.

There was no chance for help to come. I was stuck in this dire stalemate.

Even if it did arrive at this point I couldn't move from protecting Edel.

What can be done but to thrust forward into them?

As if to suppress that thought from behind Edel touched my sleeve

Katrina 「 It's alright. I will protect you, so do not worry―」

Edel interrupted me as I spoke.
>> No. 797 [Edit]
File 128952056346.jpg - (136.50KB , 806x625 , pic5.jpg )
Edelweiss 「I'm not worried. I know you will protect me until the last moment.」

With her faith in me, I became encouraged. She continued.
>> No. 798 [Edit]
File 128952060416.jpg - (136.48KB , 806x625 , pic6.jpg )
Edelweiss 「However even if I survive, a world without you Rina is no good. Do you understand that?」

Katarina 「..........」

I am at a loss to Edal's question, because of the answer in my mind.

I was going to die in a sucidal charge, protecting her until the end.

Even thought I have the resolution to I could not admit it to Edel.

I didn't believe it was possible for both of us to survive in this situation.
>> No. 799 [Edit]
File 128952066446.jpg - (136.43KB , 806x625 , pic7.jpg )
Edelweiss 「I want to stay together with you always. And long after now―for that reason I'm not afraid of death. So please, you cannot

leave me alone. 」

I guess at her intentions and answer

Katarina 「―I understand, to hell with it.」
>> No. 800 [Edit]
File 128952075461.jpg - (136.69KB , 806x625 , pic5-2.jpg )
Edweiss 「So this isn't as bad as it looks?」

When Edel lets out a small laugh the situation somehow seems to becomes less dire.

Regardless, in reality it's still the same and nothing has changed.

In this situation the only chance for both of us to survive would be to dip into hell.

If a soul is broken, it cannot be reborn.

I have never heard of someone jumping down the Naraka falls and surviving.
>> No. 801 [Edit]
File 128952088931.jpg - (109.12KB , 806x625 , pick3-2.jpg )
Katarina 「 Is it because of that? However―」

While muttering I pay heed to the forest.


After the arrows were fired, there has been nothing.

It's as if they were waiting for us to throw ourselves into the Naraka Falls.

Their intentions are unclear, but that doesn't mean they'll keep us alive.

In that case, may at least Edel's wish may be granted―

Edelweiss 「Rina―」

I become aware of her hand which was gripping my sleeve begining to tremble. Gently I clasp it.

Katrina [b]「Let's do it Edel. I will always be by your side.」/[b]
>> No. 802 [Edit]
File 128952092171.jpg - (144.71KB , 806x625 , pic8.jpg )
>> No. 803 [Edit]
File 128952098345.jpg - (24.12KB , 806x625 , pic9.jpg )
Just as Edel smiles at me contentedly, a single arrow pierces her chest.

>> No. 804 [Edit]
File 128952101551.jpg - (186.88KB , 806x625 , pic10.jpg )
Before she hits the ground I grasp her in my arms.

At the same time a pain shoots up my waste and leg.


Though I was stuck with an arrow, I grasped Edel's body with all my might. I could hardly feel the pain.


She reaches out towards me.

Instead of words, blood flowed from her mouth.

Regardless, I could still understand my name being muttered.

Katarina「Ahh, Don't worry. I'm here. Look.」
>> No. 805 [Edit]
File 128952104779.jpg - (180.76KB , 806x625 , pic11.jpg )
I grasp her held out hand.

And then seemingly relieved, Edel closed her eyes.


An insane and violent feeling developed in the pit of my stomach. I stood up while still grasping Edel.
>> No. 806 [Edit]
File 128952110510.png - (10.35KB , 806x625 , black2.png )
There was not a speck of hesitation.

Edel smiled while in my arms.

And then, without turning, I stepped over the cliff.

>> No. 807 [Edit]
End Prologue
>> No. 808 [Edit]
Alright, just redid pretty much every post due to me being retarded and posting the same day I wrote. On that note, I really need a proof reader.

Anyways, please tell me if you enjoyed this format or if it is too cumbersome to continue to read it like this. As I said in the OP, I highly encourage you get the game. The music is very nice in this game and the sound effects help with the mood.

Every post in this thread is a different screen and every line is a click click, so you could follow along pretty easy if you have the game.
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