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File 160833193368.jpg - (405.97KB , 1280x720 , nekomiko-switch-screenshot01.jpg )
2211 No. 2211 [Edit]
Neko Miko starts with an unfortunate main character who finds a lonely and abandoned shrine in the city and prays to it after his roastie broke up with him and he was fired from his job. The shrine maidens there turn out to be cat girls, named Ayame and Kaede, and promise to rid him of his misfortunate that proves to be too much for them whose powers are attached to the shrine itself. Their powers were apparently weakened by the damaged state of the shrine and it's their only shelter so they decide to live with him while they slowly get rid of his misfortune over time.

I kind of didn't like this one as much. There is some messy presentation sometimes like the name of an NPC, the chinese restaurant owner, not even fitting into the text box for it, rarely the dialogue can actually not even fully show on the text box on the screen if the text is too long forcing you to look at the text log if you want to see it all, and some typos from time to time. Anyone could tell me it's probably because I played the Switch port but I played Nin Nin Days on my Switch too and it didn't have these problems. Checking the release dates I can only assume the devs missed some things because it might have been new for them and they got the hang of things later on since Nin Nin Days released over a year after Neko Miko.

The technical flaws themselves I can overlook, just so long as the games works and doesn't look like a mess. But that's not all of why I didn't enjoy it as much. The story didn't feel quite as fun this time. I suppose the writers maybe couldn't think of as many scenarios because, unlike a knight or a ninja, catgirls might not always be super-human athletes. That's probably why the events themselves come down more to shopping trips, a date at a restaurant or an arcade, and helping out at the restaurant you work at.

Depending on your tastes and possibly outlook, you might think it's relaxing, and it certainly was, but I personally felt it wasn't quite as exciting as the others I read so I didn’t feel as motivated to continue reading. I can’t even make much of an argument that it’s to make them behave like cats either. The personalities themselves definitely are like those of cats, one more than the other, but they never seem to do many things at all that are really exclusive to catgirls and it feels like it fails to take full advantage of it’s “gimmick”. It’s definitely a nice VN about catgirls, but it doesn’t feel much like it’s completely about catgirls because if their characters were regular humans then they would be, at worst, eccentric girls and, at best, just normal anime girls. The shrine maiden part comes through often at least, giving them the apparently passive ability to bring in fortune so it’s not like their unique traits were completely wasted. Much of any excitement comes from this power of theirs.

It’s also not as emotionally moving either since the major stakes are taken care of early on in the story and the girls are all set to be perfectly fine from having anything happen to them. Anything to worry about is within your power to resolve. It doesn’t negatively affect the story but it’s something I feel is worth saying.

The characters themselves are fun enough. Ayame behaves more like a catgirl, having a very energetic personality, while Kaede would have a much easier time getting away with being a human since she’s the smarter and more patient of the two though she does have a habit of occasionally saying something insulting towards you.

Speaking of the characters, it features the moving sprites you’ve seen in their other works. The art for the sprites themselves are good but you can tell that later on is when they really found their art style and deviated from the usual anime style.

The art is good. I don’t know much about the backgrounds they used but I noticed some backgrounds that were definitely recycled. I almost wonder if they used some kind of stock art but I doubt it.

I already spoiled enough as is but overall, barring minor issues, Neko Miko was still fun. It didn’t make as much of an impression on me as the other VNs did for taking greater advantage of the main appeal or at least putting a different spin on it that still turned out to be a lot of fun. Even so, considering I got it for $10 on the eshop, and anyone with a habit of hoarding up all of their gold points can get it for free, and it being a short read I might still recommend it to anyone looking for a VN about catgirls who has already read the more popular titles.

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