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File 160118275982.png - (2.83MB , 1598x896 , catgirl ninja sisters.png )
2198 No. 2198 [Edit]
A vn about catgirl ninjas coming to live with a guy because he comes from a special bloodline or some other such fluffy excuse and all of the antics that would naturally ensue from two catgirl ninjas becoming attached to you. It's cute and nice to read though I get the feeling some people will probably compare it to Nekopara just because they both have catgirls in it. Yura is a nice girl.
The story feels like it almost stumbles around when the living situation becomes a problem. That is until MC-kun's dad, who is treated pretty badly for some reason, decides to be the only person with a brain and lets them live at their house but this happens after MC-kun finally saves up enough to money to get some kind of place to live because MC-kun couldn't just talk it out with his dad first because he suffers from main character syndrome which forces him to live a life with no more than a few functioning brain cells.
>> No. 2199 [Edit]
Sounds like a pleasant time, but their breasts are too large.
>> No. 2207 [Edit]
The drama in this felt like a parody of bad budget VNs.
I understand they are trying to relate to otaku that have lower emotional intelligence than the average character, but there is a limit to how much they can stumble around through a narrative without being insulting to the reader! Poor Dad.
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