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File 15863955153.jpg - (127.50KB , 800x805 , grandpas-grandfathers-deathbeds-death_bed-spell_ch.jpg )
2185 No. 2185 [Edit]
can anyone send me a download or torrent link to this game?

the ones i found had its img corrupted or something
>> No. 2186 [Edit]
It's fairly easy to get the game, but first you need to install Gentoo. Come back after you do.
>> No. 2187 [Edit]
Feel my supple touch as I guide your hand over the mouse to click the hyperlink and download your beloved visual novel. Then, the mouse moves and bites back! it's actually a rat, traveling from afar and appearing once per year to spite your efforts in gaining access to your favorite visual media. Curse you anti-VN rat!!
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