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File 155217588518.jpg - (33.08KB , 300x272 , FatalRelations_JPG.jpg )
2136 No. 2136 [Edit]
So are visual novels dead in 2019? I am a new wap so please don't bully me, I was just wondering if it was a dead genre. Image attached is the only VN I've ever played.
>> No. 2137 [Edit]
Not by a long shot. I'd say they're bigger than ever now that they're being translated and enjoyed by fans around the world.
>> No. 2138 [Edit]
They’ve had better days in the west but are still going strong in Japan, learn Japanese if you’re very insistent on reading stuff because if you have to ask if it’s translated, it probably isn’t.
>> No. 2139 [Edit]
>are still going strong
Minori just closed down... Are you sure they also aren't running into issues, particularly with regards to competition from the mobile game market?
>> No. 2144 [Edit]
Minori was doing better than a lot of other brands that are still around. There's nothing stopping vn developers from putting their stuff on phones either, and plenty of them have done so.

As for OP, why would it matter if they were dead? It's not as if that would prevent you from reading everything that came out in the 30+ years prior.
>> No. 2147 [Edit]
Hype in the west has seemed to die down a bit. Only (chinese) Nekopara and OEL DDLC have gotten mainstream. Like >>2138 said, learn Japanese for a wider selection.
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