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File 153093024423.jpg - (60.96KB , 500x375 , エイム.jpg )
2123 No. 2123 [Edit]
Is there a good website to download older (00's) VN's?

I'm looking for Ayakashi and Ayakashi-H, but don't really feel like spending almost 100 bucks for games from more than a decade ago.
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>> No. 2124 [Edit]
This is a little out of date, but there are some useful links here.

This has all of fuwanovel's old torrents but I'm not sure how well they're seeded.

If all else fails, search for it and hope you don't end up at a dead link.

Good luck finding it. I know how hard it can be to find VNs sometimes, especially untranslated ones.
>> No. 2125 [Edit]
Hop on irc.rizon.net #tohno-chan and message bumbaloe, or leave your e-mail. I can lend you my copy.
>> No. 2126 [Edit]
File 153113003798.jpg - (53.45KB , 642x507 , あなた達を殺しに来ました.jpg )

Thanks for the offer but I did eventually find a working copy.

Btw, if anyone else cares about this game, you can find the whole anime on youtube (with JP audio and Arabic subs):
And there are some short stories on the game's website:

Picrelated was the very first Japanese sentence I remember reading and understanding back when I started learning that language, so I'm getting hit pretty hard with the nostalgia right now.
>> No. 2227 [Edit]
The Pastebin link is down but if anyone else is looking for older VNs, or VNs in general, https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/library/vn.html has a bunch.
It's not everything but if it's even remotely well known then it's probably on there.
>> No. 2249 [Edit]
>> No. 2251 [Edit]
I made a google drive folder years ago with a ton of pc-98 games. Those are more from the 90s though.
It works fine for me.
>> No. 2253 [Edit]
When I tried downloading your folder as a zip (which came in 3 split zips) google drive complained about viruses in the zips.
>> No. 2254 [Edit]
File 16289823484.jpg - (249.90KB , 1269x1581 , e592e35dceac5b35663a4ea30acc0c7d.jpg )
Google is full of shit(false positives). Don't know what else to say. You can try downloading a single game and testing it.
>> No. 2255 [Edit]
Google and windows do that for damn near everything.
>> No. 2302 [Edit]
are any of these in english
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