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File 134940078160.jpg - (56.20KB , 498x500 , question.jpg )
1759 No. 1759 [Edit]
Where do you guys get your VNs and what would you recommend as babby's first VN? I've long considered getting into them but would rather not have Katawa Shoujo be my first foray into the genre. The closest I've gotten to playing a VN is Sengoku Rance.

I apologise in advance if there's some kind of guide or FAQ I've missed out on.
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>> No. 1760 [Edit]
File 13494018237.gif - (245.77KB , 500x564 , 1346139872631.gif )
If you want something short:

Kana little sister
Saya no Uta
Yume Miru Kusuri
Wanko to Kurasou

Something long:

Fate/stay night

That was babbys first vn list from what I remember.
You can probably get most of these in tokyotosho or anime-sharing.
>> No. 1761 [Edit]
Fate/stay night or Tsukihime are good for baby's first
>> No. 1762 [Edit]
What about School Days?
>> No. 1763 [Edit]
Planterian (it's really short so very good for first vn)

After that
Fate/stay night
G-Senjou no Maou
Sharin no Kuni
Cross Channel

Also many people recommned Saya no Uta.. I dropped it because it was too scary for me.
>> No. 1764 [Edit]
Just finished it, don't see the big fuss. I didn't get murdered like people kept talking about.
>> No. 1765 [Edit]
Bible Black
>> No. 1766 [Edit]
Is Demonbane worth a try?
>> No. 1767 [Edit]
Little Busters was my first, and is still my favorite. F/SN would also be a good first. I wouldn't recommend making Tsuki your first though, since it is considered worse than others and might turn you off from VNs, especially with a lot of the bad art.
>> No. 1769 [Edit]
What are some english translated VNs that are good for escapism? You know good characters/friends/bros, good girls to pick from, good dating sim scenarios, (good) moe character designs, self insertable MC, etc. The main routes of Little Busters and Rewrite handled this well but I don't really want something with a bunch of drama and plot either. I tried Wanko to Kurasou but the MC acting like a insufferable edgy ass hole annoyed me and the fact that you could only choose between those two girls (Seriously I played the game for the girls with dogs and cat ears, not these random normal girls) I'm getting sick of searching everywhere then waiting 5 hours to torrent something that just ends up being not something I wanted anyways.

I don't mind VNs like Fate or Umineko but I'm not really playing them for some over complicated plot. I'm not trying to be spoonfed either but that is what this thread is for anyways and I'm sick of searching all over the internet. I don't mind plot either as long as it is not overdone and if it doesn't hinder the SOL and romance elements.

In return for being spoonfed I can recommend Little Busters, Rewrite, Fate, Sharin no Kuni, Ever 17, Umineko, but I think most of these have already been listed. Rewrite actually makes for a very good first VN because of combination of different styles but people not looking for escapism might find the common route boring.
>> No. 1770 [Edit]

>> No. 1771 [Edit]
>Canvas 2

Am I the only one who has a problem with the font being so white that anything bright in the background makes the text unreadable? This is really annoying too because the VN looks like it could be what I'm looking for.
>> No. 1772 [Edit]
Personally, I didn't find it troublesome at all. I remember one could change the opacity of the text box, but I don't know if that applied to the very text as well...

Anyway: I finished Elis's route and, safe from the ero, you won't get anything that you wouldn't from the anime (which also delivers a nice play between hers and Kiri's route).
>> No. 1774 [Edit]
Deleted my last post because you are right, changing the opacity helped. I messed around with the settings a bunch too before I gave up and decided to ask here I don't understand why I never bothered to think that changing the opacity would help...

The thing where the mouth movements are animated is somewhat distracting for me, is there a way to turn it off in the settings? If not that's fine while it is slightly distracting it is ignorable. Thanks for the help.
>> No. 1775 [Edit]

If you're >>1105 then I should probably warn you that Canvas isn't 100% happy-go-lucky moege, it has a bit of KEY-esque drama, albeit not much of it. Just so you know and won't end up getting disappointed.
I just recalled someone asked a similar question to your and linked it without properly rereading my reply.

As for sprites with moving mouths I kinda like it, same as blinking sprites.
>> No. 1776 [Edit]
I don't mind drama that much, so long that it doesn't over weigh the escapism stuff. Actually thinking back Key Visual Novels have been my favorites so far because in terms of the common routes and date scenarios it excels at making fun, loveable good moments to escape into.

Moments like kick the can in Little Busters, or all the scenes in the clubroom with Rewrite, the campfire scene in Sharin no Kuni, running away with Rin in Little Busters, standing up for Kud against bullies (I have no idea why but I have some thing for protecting little girls against bullies) also even (Rewrite Moon Route minor spoilers) Creating the visual model of earth and recreating life for the fun of it with all the girls in moon route.

One of the main reasons Little Busters was so fucking sad is because by the time Refrain route came, you have such a strong emotional attachment with everyone and it feels like you are actually there, and like you lived the life of the protagonist. One reason the Clannad anime was so good because they divided the escapism fun stuff and the tragedy stuff into two seasons giving it that same 'I'm in this world' feeling that the VN had. One of the only VNs that has actually brought that level of escapism onto me was Little Busters, Rewrite also had some good moments like that. Canvas 2 so far is good, but there are still complaints that prevent me from having a good level of escapism. For, I picked Hana, I hate that the story is still concentrated on the sister and childhood friend with like 2 moments a day talking to Hana. While I love 'same thing every day' scenarios, this needs to be done right. Teacher wakes up, sister compliments food, goes to school, some drama shit with childhood friend, Hana having problems with the editor, go home, sister is unhappy about something or drama about her past, go to bed, maybe have a drama dream, repeat. I picked Hano so I could date her and have fun with her, not this. Also since I will admit that I fast forwarded/skipped to the H-scene at the end because I couldn't wait to fap, I could also see that her route is really fucking short even if the carnival date scene looks somewhat promising. Am I really the only one here with these feelings about VNs, or am I just horribly picky?

Post edited on 16th May 2013, 1:36pm
>> No. 1777 [Edit]
May I ask what visual novel this (vn/res/926.html#935) screen cap is from? I am curious what visual novel this is from, but I did not want to bump the thread without being able to actually contribute something. Reverse image search send me to said thread and an archived thread of another imageboard where it was posted with no hint on where it's from either. If it isn't actually from a vn and is just posted to fool people like me, or from a famous one then I just have not heard of it before, I am not very knowledgable about most visual novels, I just used to play one from time to time and want to change that a bit since there will be a lot more spare time in my near future. I would be thankful for an answer.

Sorry for abusing your thread, OP
>> No. 1778 [Edit]
I think that's from Swan Song. Not sure though as I haven't played it yet.
>> No. 1779 [Edit]
I guess this would be the best place to ask.

Anyone here willing to give me a rundown of the Fate series/Nasuverse (I'm not sure which term is better/less offensive)? I intended to get into it for some time now but every time I look it up on wikipedia or its associated wikia I feel overwhelmed by the amount of media there is. I'm assuming it all started with VNs which is why I thought to ask here. And people even suggested Fate/stay night in this thread so all the more reason to try.

So if you could summarize the main releases + their relation to each other (not necessarily just VNs, the other games, novels, anime and whatever else there is), I guess, and their availability in english, that would be great, thanks a lot in advance.
>> No. 1780 [Edit]
there's two categories, though both fall under the same universe/etc., they are rather unrelated.

Fate (and all of the fate spin offs, etc.) and Tsukihime (with the kagetsu toya fandisk and melty blood games).

Just read F/SN before F/Z & F/HA, and read tsuki before kagetsu. It doesn't matter whether you read tsuki first or F/SN first, but just make sure to grab the tsuki remixed music to go with the game when you play it (it makes all the difference in the world).

Otherwise, the fighting games don't really spoil too much that hasn't already been spoiled for you, so you can play those at any time. I believe the psp/ds fate game has a lot of references and minor spoilers, so it may be a good idea to read both tsuki and f/sn before playing it, though I haven't bothered with it myself. As for the story in the meltyblood games, you may be better off just reading a summary about it than playing the original game, as it has most of the story, but the gameplay is terribly unpolished (especially if you play AC or AACC beforehand).

Also, the angel notes book and KnK are also unrelated and can be read at any time.
>> No. 1782 [Edit]
>> No. 1783 [Edit]
tsukihime is terrible with the "near side" routes. it took me months to finish these

the "far side" routes took me 2 days to finish. The quality of the game SKYROCKETS. I don't know what the fuck Nasu was smoking for the Arc and Ciel's routes.
>> No. 1784 [Edit]
akiha's route wasnt all that great though.

my favourite part of the game is probably when shiki converses with some serial killer at night during kohaku's route. that was a pretty cool dialogue.
>> No. 1785 [Edit]
You do realize that the conversation was between Shiki and SHIKI?

The near side routes had the best ends, both actual ends and bad ends. That said, the ciel good end is the single lousiest ending Nasu ever wrote.
>> No. 1786 [Edit]
that actually was only said in that non-canon fan written side story from KT. nothing really suggested it was him, though it wouldnt make the scene any worse.
>> No. 1787 [Edit]
You can finish all of tsukihime in a week, each route for a girl doesn't take more than a day to finish.
You must have downs to go that slow, get checked retard.

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