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File 131708643569.jpg - (23.77KB , 640x480 , KUROSU.jpg )
1405 No. 1405 [Edit]
This board is kinda dead.
It almost seems like nobody ever comes to /vn/.
It's kinda...lonely.
Is anyone listening?
Is anyone alive out there?

Cross Channel thread! Favorite routes?
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>> No. 1406 [Edit]
Not fair OP, if you say it like that it makes it hard to just ignore the thread!

/vn/, /foe/ and /ma/ being almost dead is the sad reality of /tc/. It can't be helped.

Haven't plated it, although I do have it downloaded. Some day I'll probably read it...
>> No. 1407 [Edit]
I've been far too busy with working and reading through a few novels and light novels trying to get a grasp on what I want to write my Light Novel about but Cross Channel is on my queue and is about 4 down on my playlist for VNs.
>> No. 1408 [Edit]
For some reason, Cross Channel was the VN that took me the longest time to finish. I got bored of it fast, and got bored of Taichi's dickery.
>> No. 1409 [Edit]
Cross Channel would never properly fullscreen for me so I just didn't play it on that tiny resolution.
>> No. 1410 [Edit]
I liked Miki the most and after that Kiri. They are just so adorable and their routes were fun.

Post edited on 20th Nov 2011, 12:02am
>> No. 1411 [Edit]
File 132183711637.jpg - (98.85KB , 430x468 , 8269695.jpg )
I absolutely loved Cross Channel, it's my 2nd favorite VN of all time. Touko and Miki were my favorite girls.
>> No. 1412 [Edit]
I didn't really like any of the girls, but I loved this game. Every time I pass by this thread I read it and get a chill up my spine. The \end\...
>> No. 2287 [Edit]
I'm alive, and posting in an 11 year old thread.
>> No. 2288 [Edit]
And thanks to you, I felt my heart ache after seeing OP's image.
I demand you take responsibility.
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