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File 135315988010.jpg - (234.02KB , 801x594 , 1337475688345.jpg )
1140 No. 1140 [Edit]
a visual novel board with no monmusu? for shame tohno-chan.
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>> No. 1141 [Edit]
File 135316036832.jpg - (103.94KB , 819x639 , tumblr_lpdgr9rAf01qerqnmo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 1142 [Edit]
File 135338803423.png - (297.88KB , 448x336 , 1343368716900.png )
Given how part two ended, the next one will probably break my suspension of disbelief. The power creep is reaching DBZ levels of ridiculous.
>> No. 1143 [Edit]
I just want a romantic consensual scene between alice and luka...
>> No. 1144 [Edit]
File 135450269661.jpg - (99.10KB , 957x527 , pervert pride.jpg )

Get a load of this guy!
>> No. 1145 [Edit]
Cant torotoro make one exeption?
all I want is to passionate consensual sex with hand holding between Alice and Luka and a warm and romantic afterglow scene....
>> No. 1146 [Edit]
>passionate consensual sex with hand holding

You're looking in the wrong genre
>> No. 1147 [Edit]
How do you feel about the fan music made for MGQ?

>> No. 1148 [Edit]
I already loved ken ashcorp so I was excited to see he liked mgq
>> No. 1149 [Edit]
The english demo for part 3 came out a few days ago.
>> No. 1150 [Edit]
File 136217855180.png - (783.28KB , 841x671 , corruption of champions - alice special encounter.png )
Demo is too much of a tease. Better to wait for the full version.
>> No. 1151 [Edit]
I was expecting something horrible and cringe worthy so I was pleasantly surprised.
>> No. 1152 [Edit]
I loved the 'horahora' bit until I found out it was voiced by a guy

Post edited on 15th Mar 2013, 7:38am
>> No. 1153 [Edit]
Can't remember where I read it but apparently due to balancing issues and bugs, part 3 won't be released until after June sometime. How long did it take Roguetranslator to do the last parts and how long do you think it'll take him this time??? I heard November...again, don't know where (probably on the wiki) but that sucks, really looking forward to it.
>> No. 1154 [Edit]
File 136734829036.png - (84.30KB , 278x300 , 136673962171.png )
>The power creep is reaching DBZ levels of ridiculous.
I noticed that too. I have no idea how they'll handle it, but I doubt they can leave Luka as overpowered as he is for the rest of the game. Someone theorized that Luka will lose his elemental powers and have to regain them one by one again.

Love that song.

How does everyone else feel about loli Alice?
>> No. 1155 [Edit]
part three came out,
too bad I don't know japanese.
>> No. 1156 [Edit]
This. Machine translation just isn't the same. I'll wait warmly for Rogue to work his magic.
>> No. 1158 [Edit]
Final Translation patch is now out.
>> No. 1159 [Edit]
Oh it was moved. Fair enough. Part three has been everything I had hoped it would be so far.
>> No. 1164 [Edit]
in the end the final scene was consensual missionary position sex for the purpose of procreation.

and yet it still felt like a rape scene.
>> No. 1165 [Edit]
It got pretty non-consensual by the end.
>> No. 1166 [Edit]
I dont get why
Luka is having sex with his legally married wife If theres a situation where he can get into that its then.
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