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File 137370316045.jpg - (516.21KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-07-10_00007.jpg )
8424 No. 8424 [Edit]
Figured after those few posts on /ot/ I should ask here.
Anybody up for the FFXIV ARR open beta and onwards after this upcoming wipe?
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>> No. 8425 [Edit]
File 137372050077.png - (3.06MB , 1600x1024 , ffxiv_20130707_113212.png )
>> No. 8426 [Edit]
File 137372060139.jpg - (408.06KB , 1280x819 , ffxiv_20130707_113212.jpg )
damn .png my bad
>> No. 8427 [Edit]
Well, once open beta starts up, let's try to decide on a server and post our IGNs.

I'm thinking the second or third busiest server would be the nicest, whichever that ends up being.
>> No. 8428 [Edit]
What is this, PS4? These graphics are too bad even for PS3.
Who in their sane mind makes background detailed better than the main character?
>> No. 8435 [Edit]
The background in the OP reminds me of the CG from one of those CG FMVs from the 90's.

Video related
>> No. 8436 [Edit]
File 13738042985.jpg - (508.10KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-07-11_00018.jpg )
PC and PS3. Maybe 360 too, can't remember.
I don't really think the graphics are bad at all, though.
The screenshots in >>8425 and >>8426 seem to have been taken with low graphical settings.
I'm playing on mid settings because that was the default and I've been too lazy to tweak it up yet.
Do you think this screenshot looks bad, too? If you do, can't say I agree. I'm really charmed by this graphical style.
>> No. 8456 [Edit]
File 137414670751.jpg - (301.13KB , 1600x1024 , ffxiv_20130706_113150.jpg )
my screenshots are taken on low settings. I'm not much of a PC gamer, I'll be playing this on PS3. I've been using a controller since FFXI anyway.
>> No. 8518 [Edit]
File 137591101056.jpg - (315.45KB , 1920x1038 , grrrr.jpg )
I'm going to be rolling on Gilgamesh specifically to get as comfy as possible. Apparently it's the unofficial RP server and RPfags are generally pretty chill people.
>> No. 8520 [Edit]
File 137592205592.jpg - (693.15KB , 1606x931 , ss (2013-08-08 at 12_13_52).jpg )
Gilgamesh it is.
Can't wait.
>> No. 8557 [Edit]
File 137691513149.jpg - (312.58KB , 1600x900 , 2013-08-19_00005.jpg )
That was a fun beta when I wasn't fighting log-on errors. Definitely buying this, at least to explore all the environments and see where the story goes. Best atmosphere I've felt in ages.
>> No. 8581 [Edit]
File 137889858269.jpg - (381.56KB , 1920x1080 , ffxiv_09092013_102257.jpg )
Reporting back to let you all know the game was shit. At least it is if you try to play with others, I actually drifted away from several friends because of the wedge this game puts between it's players.

Fucking everything before level cap actively punishes group play, and everything after that is the usual MMO grind. Even a NEET like me has better things to do with my time than grind mining nodes all night.

Nice swimsuits though.
>> No. 8584 [Edit]

Are you one of the gays?
>> No. 8606 [Edit]
I want to play but I don't have spare money for the subscription.
>> No. 10769 [Edit]
File 140703558662.jpg - (68.17KB , 582x430 , ySection.jpg )
No excuses now
>> No. 13652 [Edit]
People still play FF14 online?
>> No. 13700 [Edit]
>posting in a deserted thread from several years ago
>asking if people still play what is currently amongst the most popular games right now
>> No. 13701 [Edit]
Who are you quoting?
>> No. 13702 [Edit]
Go back to /jp/
>> No. 13703 [Edit]
>Do not misuse the quoting function (i.e. "greentexting").
Tell that to the mods.
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