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File 137223055226.jpg - (113.04KB , 853x857 , 4141250.jpg )
8383 No. 8383 [Edit]
Are there specific genres of games you dislike entirely (or almost entirely)?

For the sake of the thread, let's not count sport games.
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>> No. 8384 [Edit]
I was gonna respond with sports before reading the last line... I guess I'll just go with the traditional mmo grind fest.
>> No. 8385 [Edit]
File 137224353433.jpg - (322.65KB , 950x476 , i-vLP9ZMK-950x10000.jpg )
sp-sp-sports aren't that bad

That said, excluding sports.. real time strategy games. I'm alright with slower paced ones that deal with smaller armies, but I hate micromanaging stuff with the RTS's UI. I find even games like DOTA unplayable.
>> No. 8386 [Edit]
Anything with first person perspective, be it a wRPG or FPS. Not even motion sick, just hate the perspective. Same with racers that try to pull that off. I want to see just what the hell am I controlling.
>> No. 8387 [Edit]
I'm the same way. RTS take too much thought and planning, and they don't feel... I don't know. "Personal" enough.

That's something I haven't heard before. What about if the FPS lets you see your lower torso and all that? Still not enough?
>> No. 8388 [Edit]
Instead of personal, for me it's hectic. For example: Warcraft 3: normal games requires a focus on many separate tasks, while DOTA has just the one hero but you must constantly evaluate how strong your position is while last hitting and attacking, but Tower Defense just has you planning and building towers that only needs a little babysitting, and Enfo's makes you attack and defend against enemy attacks through the spellbringers that is a lot slower paced and easy to anticipate and prepare for.

So if personal is your issue, how are team survival/combat games like DOTA for you?
>> No. 8389 [Edit]
>Tower Defense just has you planning and building towers that only needs a little babysitting
If only. God, those venom burrows, frost arrow towers, frost splash towers and spellcasting towers in Burbenog TD... there's never enough APM to get it done.
>> No. 8390 [Edit]
Yeah, Burbenog can be pretty intense with all the extras like heroes, siege waves, race/element combinations, coop, tower trades and on top of that you can't maze your towers to optimize damage and range.. it might be the fact that I played on public, but I never won without losing a life. There are other TDs though. Defense Grid is a lot simpler.
>> No. 8393 [Edit]
Team survival? If you count Killing Floor, I love that. Warframe probably comes under that too.

MOBAs? Not a fan. I don't like the hotkey combat.
>> No. 8395 [Edit]

Still no good. Isometric view, standard 2D, top down, over-the-shoulder, standard TPP etc. I'm all fine with but not FPP. Hell, couldn't even play after first Metroid Prime even though I'm a fan of the series. Forced myself to finish it since I bought it but never even tried playing 2 or 3.
Can't even stand old, FPP dungeon-crawlers.
... Surprisingly even I'm somewhat okay with arcade lightgun games, I remember spending tons of quarters on HotD back in the day.
>> No. 8406 [Edit]
Sports and MOBAs.
>> No. 8422 [Edit]
File 137369403167.jpg - (591.90KB , 618x2229 , ssf4_mod___ibuki__kitana_cosplay_by_segadordelinks.jpg )
1 vs 1 fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.
I guess I don't like the bizzare joystick movements for special attacks. As a result, the high execution characters are a automatic miss.
>> No. 8460 [Edit]
I hate games like that as well, which is strange since Mortal Kombat was probably one of the first games I ever played.
>> No. 8467 [Edit]
I guess I have to say the RTS genre. Just that the singleplayer campains are painstakingly easy for most parts, and multiplayer almost always boils down to who micromanaged better, and rarely leaves you time to think ahead.
>> No. 8468 [Edit]
File 137448971974.jpg - (48.12KB , 400x250 , horraaa.jpg )
Try the 3D fighting games like Tekken or Soul Calibur. They usually have a lower execution barrier.
>> No. 8478 [Edit]
File 137483203763.jpg - (60.40KB , 750x422 , jpBT-113-1.jpg )
Also Dead or Alive & Virtua Fighter.
>> No. 8495 [Edit]
Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition fixed that, but due to its complexity and lack of zerg rushing, people hated it for not being yet another SC/AoE clone. WW3 Black Gold is also another good one, while it does have rushing you can easily turn the tide using tech tree upgrades and better tactics.
>> No. 8496 [Edit]
DoA is deceptively easy, while it is true the execution of moves is easier learning the meta isn't. Stage hazards, stage environments, and the counter system make the game a living hell for any newbies unfamiliar with DoA3+. Virtua Fighter and Tekken really could learn from DoA. Also a Anarchy Reigns technically counts as a 3d fighter, technically.
>> No. 8516 [Edit]
Anarchy Reigns is more of a beat 'em up with multiplayer. Shame only Japanese still play it.

Personally I can't stand mobas at all. Hated it the first time I tried it in WC3 years ago and I haven't even bothered with all the new variations.
>> No. 8673 [Edit]
File 138355699144.jpg - (148.85KB , 353x648 , Q.jpg )
Are MMoRPGs still a grind-fest? I used to play it alot until I realise what a time-sink it was.

Not me but I share his feelings on this...
>> No. 8676 [Edit]
I don't play any violent games. I find them unsettling and frightening.

The most violent games in my collection are Xenoblade and Final Fantasy titles.
>> No. 10351 [Edit]
RTS, 4X, Grand Strategy, MOBAs, all those types of games. I like turn-based strategy without RPG elements (like Advance Wars), despite sucking at them.

Never got into WRPGs either. Grew a distaste towards JRPGs and MMORPGs in the past few years. Rarely play them unless they offer something I haven't seen before. That last line goes for most games, actually.
>> No. 10353 [Edit]
Now, now. Play nice.
>> No. 10367 [Edit]
File 138493421319.jpg - (446.15KB , 1024x768 , tofu86_big.jpg )
I don't get CAR racing games. After you drive around a real track, car games don't feel the same any more...
>> No. 10368 [Edit]
Pretty much only MOBAs, assuming sub-genres count. I find them really dull.
>> No. 10369 [Edit]
I used to be a fan of car racing games, but the genre feels half dead now. Specifically car games that incorporate real world cars and real world tracks. Same cars and same tracks over and over again. You can only race around monaco in a lambo so many times before it gets old.
Thats not to say games with real world cars and settings can't be fun. The very underrated game Blur was really fun becuase it incorporated powerups that made it into something of a street racing version of mariocart.
Thing I loved about midnight club 3 was the incorporation of real world trucks and luxury vehicles; something you don't see often in street racing games. But for the most part car games with real world cars/tracks feel extremely repetitious and resemble sports games with new games being little more than visual tune ups of the old. For example the need for speed series. last one there I bothered to play was prostreet, the legal street racing angel seemed interesting. racing on airport tracks and other public racing venues. but that was only the beginning of the game, and the rest was the same old exotic cars on the same old pro tracks. Before that there was carbon, which felt like a carbon copy of underground.

Motorstorm felt very refreshing with it's over the top off road racing and unique settings, but even that series went the way of split second with it's most recent console installment. Split second wasn't bad for what it was, it's focus on user triggered set pieces for a strategic edge was a neat way of passive aggressively destroying rival cars.

Most recent car games I've played were grid2 which felt like a dime a dozen racer. Dirt3 which did nothing new or particularity interesting far as I could tell. and Insain2 which was just a clone of the first motorstorm.
I can't however complain to much about the likes of gran turismo, since that's supposedly supposed to be a simulator. may as well complain about flight or train or farm simulators being to similar to the previous year's version in that regard.

Really seems like car racing games are dying out a bit, new car racing games are released so scarcely these days and I don't blame them.
>> No. 10370 [Edit]
I really dislike MOBA's as a genre (if you can call it that).

I don't really like fighting games too much either. I always wanted to play them and be reasonably good, but I'm just horrible at them.
Even with a lot of time investment, I absolutely suck.
>> No. 10372 [Edit]
>Same cars and same tracks over and over again. You can only race around monaco in a lambo so many times before it gets old.

But u need to keep going so you can shave a few milliseconds off your lap time. Racing games are one of the purest forms of gaming that still exists, as opposed to the hand-holding series of setpieces and cutscenes pasted together which form most 'AAA' games.
>> No. 10373 [Edit]

>But u need to keep going so you can shave a few milliseconds off your lap time. Racing games are one of the purest forms of gaming that still exists, as opposed to the hand-holding series of setpieces and cutscenes pasted together which form most 'AAA' games.

I agree with this entirely and this is coming from someone who has no interest whatsoever in racing games (apart from futuristic ones I guess; driving Fords just doesn't sound interesting to me).
>> No. 10413 [Edit]
File 138845388096.jpg - (533.37KB , 970x1364 , facesheet.jpg )
I hate hardware (console/PC/phone/tablet) wars. The only limiting factor *should* be processing power. The Xbox One & PS4 fights on gaming forums is getting to me.

Oh well, something to look forward to.
>> No. 10414 [Edit]
I dislike third person shooters and sandbox games - tried a couple and could never find the desire to finish them (except one, which was terrible). I've had more fun with FPSs even though I've only played a few - but I much preferred the gameplay.

I'm also not a fan of TBSs/TBTs, but I played Gemfire recently and enjoyed it so I might give the genre another chance.

I don't really like racing games in general. I attempted to play Diddy Kong Racing again (because I never finished it as a kid) and after a couple of races it was just a drag. I honestly think it's the circuits - I find races from point A to B generally more enjoyable.
>> No. 10415 [Edit]
File 138868038466.jpg - (150.56KB , 708x1000 , 711d%2BO4yo5L__SL1000_[1].jpg )
I despise 'sandbox' games. Mostly because of their insultingly short and trivial main plot and the large number of completely inconsequential “quantity instead of quality” sidequests.

I can stop and enjoy violent, pointless shit but open game worlds tend to feel like static hubs where you spend hours running to map markers while you're lent half-assed storylines and shitty quests.

It all feels so under-designed and lacks any structure. It couldn't be more boring to me.

Pic related is a prime example of this
>> No. 10446 [Edit]
EA games
>> No. 10461 [Edit]
MMORPGS because they are too social, and other than boring grinding there's not much to them other than the social aspect. I play games to get away from people, not to talk to them.
I used to play an MMOFPS (Dust 517), which was pretty fun, but I felt awkward when talking to other players via headset, so I just quietly killed others on my own.

3D platformers like Mario64 and Croc. The only such game I ever liked was Crash Bandicoot, if that even counts.
>> No. 10506 [Edit]
I hate it when people link to private or deleted videos, especially when they don't mention what it was they linked to.
>> No. 10512 [Edit]
I agree.
>> No. 10513 [Edit]
File 139546092041.jpg - (150.88KB , 1071x745 , YAss.jpg )
I hate a total change in the game. Considering how little free time I had, the auction house suited me fine. =/
>> No. 10765 [Edit]
File 140689785781.jpg - (428.71KB , 1600x900 , yRise.jpg )
Like with any social game, other people make it bad/good

I miss game-demos;
>> No. 10782 [Edit]
Q: How many sequels can a franchise have before it finally dies?
A: More than 14.
>> No. 10809 [Edit]
File 14088801151.jpg - (213.51KB , 844x676 , tg.jpg )
>> No. 10868 [Edit]
The vast majority of JRPGs.

It's a shame, because I enjoy every aspect of JRPGs apart from the actual gameplay - they tend to have very good atmosphere, music and interesting stories. I completed Final Fantasy X and others when younger, but realised it had become a chore to finish and I was only playing to get to the next cutscene.

I just find the grinding/turn-based battles very repetitive and unengaging. I only enjoy action-based battle systems such as in Nier, and those games are quite few in number.
>> No. 10882 [Edit]
I've never disliked the entirety of a genre before, I can find numerous things that are likable to me in all of them.
But there are a few select franchises in most that drive me up the wall. Pokemon being one of them. The games are all so brain dead that I can't understand how anyone could find them enjoyable. There's so many quality, actually thought provoking RPG titles out there but all most people want to play is shit like final fantasy and persona.
This extends well and beyond RPG's of course, it's just the best example I could give at the moment.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2014, 11:44am
>> No. 10929 [Edit]
Same thing in all genres;
ActionRPG~ everyone on Diablo3
Fighting game~ everyone on SF4
FPS~ everyone on COD
RTS~ StarCraft2 only
>> No. 12726 [Edit]
File 151094045030.jpg - (155.64KB , 1000x1000 , 81bcac537db2f7960c50d9d886ff584163e43755.jpg )
RPGs, vertical shooters of any kind, online FPS, party games, and open world games.

Boring as fudge, I don't like having to wait my turn before I do anything in the game. The boring part of any sort of game such as board games or real life games when I was a kid was having to wait my turn before I could do something fun. For some reason somebody thought it was a good idea, and I see what they were going for, I just don't enjoy it at all. It gets stale and boring really fast for me. I know there is supposed to be strategy involved in it but I rarely care about that and I care more about getting stuff done. Plus RPGs tend to value story a lot and all of those encounters and grinding feel like they kind of get in the way of said story and it's aggravating to me. It's like watching a really good movie but every few minutes you have to lift weights to keep watching.

>Vertical shooters
I tried one out (take a guess which ones) and it was fun only for a little bit until I found myself thinking "Just hurry up and die already." I enjoy being able to progress through a game at my own pace but in a vertical shooter that pace feels kind of set. I can't go as slow as I want or as fast as I want, I can only go at the same speed the screen is moving. It kills my interest fast and being able to kill a bunch of baddies in a short amount of time only holds my interest for so long.

>Online FPS
It's fun for the most part but what kills it is the people. I like being able to play a relaxing game to calm down or maybe something exciting once in a while but online FPS games seem to take it to an extreme. My issues with are that sometimes your teammates are your worst enemy because they simply don't know what they're doing. Maybe they somehow thought it was a good idea to jump into multiplayer before even touching single player and now they end up doing every single thing they aren't supposed to do or they simply don't know enough to be helpful, they're trying to help, they just don't know how. But whatever it is they end up dragging the whole team down with them because they can't, or don't (read: I play games for fun), pull their weight.
Then there's the issue of the opposite, the other team being so damn good that it's like you got pitted against competitive players. I like being able to play with people on or around my level, not be pushed back to spawn and basically spend the entire game respawning, trying to make a strategy and it failing because nobody listened, or just having to look for another game entirely.
"Get good" is common advice but it's also something that I find needs to be explained to teammates or simply doesn't do anything useful for me because it's really hard to get good when I'm up against a whole group of people with competitive levels of skill. I can learn from my mistakes getting beaten by one good opponent, I can't learn from my mistakes when I get ganged on and my mistake seems more like it was playing the game at all.

>Party games
It's fun when you have friends over. People that play games and aren't complete garbage at them. People that maybe play the same games as you and actually like you enough to go over to your place.
People like that never existed in my world.

>Open world games
I don't like how you get sent to do a quest that involves traveling from one end of the vast map to the other and you spend more time actually getting from point A to point B than you do actually doing anything else at point B. Granted, the whole focus of an open world game is immersion, travelling, and sight-seeing. Even then, I'm very goal oriented and I don't bother much with the distractions, maybe it's my mindset that is wrong but I would rather not go back to it considering I already gave two of The Elder Scrolls games a try and I got bored fast.

I miss my 3D platformers, there are still some around, just not as many.
>> No. 12730 [Edit]
Must be tough dealing with ADHD.
>> No. 12733 [Edit]
Nonsense, it just means that you're never bored. It can only screw you over if you need to focus on something, and the NEET life doesn't need that much focus.
>> No. 12750 [Edit]
ADHD is similar to autism in that you can focus (or what looks like focus) on something you like.
>> No. 12773 [Edit]
>your teammates are your worst enemy because they simply don't know what they're doing. Maybe they somehow thought it was a good idea to jump into multiplayer before even touching single player
Exactly what I think when I see them. My guess is that they're super normies and don't give a fuck about making your experience bad because, to them, it's just a game.
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