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File 135116675234.jpg - (51.17KB , 800x563 , img_1368.jpg )
7495 No. 7495 [Edit]
Were you ever considered a 'pro' player, ranked or otherwise amongst the best players for a particular game? What was it like? Was the community friendly or rude? Were there any interesting strategies you used?

Back in the day I used to play Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal competitively online, those were fun times.
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>> No. 7496 [Edit]
File 135116959870.jpg - (26.01KB , 268x400 , m501_d8cb41c75b.jpg )
I was the local champion of Street Fighter 2. Now I have RSI. lol
>> No. 7497 [Edit]
I've always been a scrub, the best I ever did was years was being the "second best player" among a group of 7 kids

Also I was a member of some "elite' clans in Ragnarok Online, but that hardly counts.
>> No. 7498 [Edit]
I was one of the top players in a game that about 40-50 people in the world actively played. The game has since died and there's maybe one game with four-five players being played once a week.

In terms of individual tournament statistics, I'm tied at the top spot with the guy I usually played with (all but one tournament had two- or three-player teams participating).

The game had its flaws, but it was fun while it lasted.
>> No. 7500 [Edit]
I'm bad at everything I do. I used to be a machine on the BF1942 Coral Sea map though
>> No. 7501 [Edit]
I used to be one of the richest D2 players on the Europe Realm at the start of 1.10. It was something close to a full-time job and by the end close to 99% of it was finding new glitches, exploiting them, muling/selling and buying new copies of the game after being banned.

The community was the absolute rudest I've ever been a part of. There was absolutely no moderation and you couldn't play for more than 5 minutes before you were insulted by all 7 other players in the game. PvP games were a complete "anything goes" mess. There were no rules, and Blizzard didn't provide any official pvp framework. Hacks, griefing and scamming were the norm. Some players made dedicated HC characters that cost a pretty penny for the express purpose of slaying normal people who were just trying to level up in peace.

It was an utter fucking mess, but to be honest that was part of why I loved that game. When I bought World of Warcraft a few years later I was so used to that atmosphere that I got banned literally 10 minutes after creating my first character.
>> No. 7504 [Edit]
File 135124952636.jpg - (144.95KB , 1364x2043 , afa.jpg )
I always imagined Diablo II as a co-op team game especially when you have to go naked ironman hardcore on

Pic from
>> No. 7507 [Edit]
File 13513161625.jpg - (82.97KB , 690x835 , ananovitamcUWO.jpg )
I'm a forever scrub but I watch other people play.
This week, it is European Gaming League 8 SSF4AE2012 Solo
Taahaa! Best match was Yun vs Seth/Viper one;

When is StarCraft or DotA/LoL or FPS tournaments?
>> No. 7510 [Edit]
I've never been in a community to have myself judged, but whenever I played a game and enjoyed it I always found myself playing better than average when I got a handle of things, however I'm not sure if i could ever be called "the best".
>> No. 7532 [Edit]
I only like winning and doing well. If it's a game where I can't do very good then I won't really like the game.
>> No. 7533 [Edit]
I suggest getting into speedrunning or scorerunning. Doesn't matter what game you play - you're always going to be shit.
>> No. 7544 [Edit]
File 13523690028.jpg - (177.27KB , 900x506 , aattt2-bikini3.jpg )
I play Tekken Tag for the competition
>> No. 7602 [Edit]
File 135373742888.jpg - (197.69KB , 706x360 , aass.jpg )
I also try to get the high score...
>> No. 7688 [Edit]
File 135460990158.jpg - (690.92KB , 986x1490 , aawhite.jpg )
SF4 can get super-competitive.
There are so many lessons (eg. by VesperArcade and Air) to help you level up.
>> No. 7690 [Edit]
File 135470003070.jpg - (342.31KB , 1024x1325 , ac__viper_by_diabla69-d55pry5.jpg )
Offense vs Defense~ the hard-to-block setups!
>> No. 7699 [Edit]
File 135494929616.jpg - (262.64KB , 1296x968 , asf25.jpg )
Capcom's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament Series taking place in Burlingame, California on Dec 8th.
I'm a watcher, not a fighter. XD
>> No. 7709 [Edit]
File 135513928734.jpg - (88.94KB , 570x806 , asf25.jpg )
SSF4AE2012 winner! He wins $25 000!
>> No. 7710 [Edit]
File 135514015570.jpg - (200.23KB , 1024x1500 , asf25.jpg )
Great stuff considering what happened 15 minutes earlier...
>> No. 7750 [Edit]
File 135613154227.jpg - (243.37KB , 1920x1080 , aHeart-of-the-Swarm-preview-thumb-large.jpg )
To me, pro means that they can money from the game.
>> No. 7751 [Edit]
Yes, to some degree. If anything it was a very educating process. I don't play anything competetively anymore, and doubt I ever will again. The community was bad, and sometimes I was bad too. I could feel myself deteriorating as a human being in that environment, and while I've supressed most of it by now there's still hints of selfdisgust left in me. The note I ended it on was that I had, by the power of consensus, turned into the kind of player I initially hated - the bad mannered and arrogant kind. Curious enough I got to see that the other personalities more established in this definition wasn't that bad. They didn't lie, manipulate, gang up and slander behind your back, as people did to them. Most of them were just crude and honest. It was indeed very educating, but was it worth it? I don't know, but I'm not going back. Goodness I hope I'll never go back.
>> No. 7753 [Edit]
Now I'm really curious as to what the game is.
>> No. 7775 [Edit]
File 13569992799.gif - (79.54KB , 296x178 , aelena-trippy.gif )
Competitive high-level player for 3rd Strike
"Now fight a new rival."
>> No. 7776 [Edit]
I was always in the top 10 rank in Guilty Gear XX+Reload for the Xbox. The lag attributed to some of it, though, but I suffered greatly from it. I made some "pro" Japanese friends that transferred over to Halo 3 when it came out. I think I was "pro" there as well, because I won a few tournaments here and there with the friends I've made. I consider myself "pro" to some extent in League of Legends, just that I have trouble ranking.
>> No. 7782 [Edit]
>I used to play Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal competitively online
how does that even work? I don't think Gameboy Color had any online capabilities. Did you play via emulator?
>> No. 7811 [Edit]
File 135754693958.jpg - (169.54KB , 1300x895 , awhite.jpg )
Let's see some competition!
>> No. 7816 [Edit]
I was like 15th in Sol Survivor, only had 20000 players though.
>> No. 7836 [Edit]
File 135806632312.jpg - (53.29KB , 500x500 , achess.jpg )
My chess rating is over 2000!
>> No. 7874 [Edit]
File 135917473515.jpg - (213.81KB , 900x675 , ak.jpg )
Socal 2013

Bonus: sprite bead work~
>> No. 7905 [Edit]
File 135979129859.jpg - (311.34KB , 1024x685 , 01_m.jpg )
Competitive gaming, yo!
>> No. 7922 [Edit]
File 13603779449.jpg - (188.67KB , 717x1113 , Street_Fighter_II_HK.jpg )
SinGapore E-sports League
>> No. 7949 [Edit]
File 136073918017.jpg - (541.24KB , 804x1039 , 141.jpg )
When I quit playing the horrible letdown of a game otherwise known as battlefield 3, I made it to #141 in ranking score. Ranking score is an aggregate of every tracked stat in the game, so it basically reflects how good you are at doing everything you could possibly do while playing. There are an infinite number of competitive players who are very good at specific tasks, like shooting guns or flying planes, but very few people are legitimately 'the jack of all trades'. These specialists often rank within the top 20,000 players, but never get very high.

There are also a ton of players who pad their stats, so the ranking is even more representative given that I did not engage in such activities. Many people go into servers on a regular basis with a group of friends while I always played by myself. The fact that I even made it this high up, especially given the fact that I played, on average, half as much as everyone else in the top 150, is surprising.

It's a shameful accolade given how easy and low quality the game is, but I did it.
>> No. 7950 [Edit]
So it's not like the other Battlefield games, where the leaderboards are dominated by jet pilots?
>> No. 7951 [Edit]
File 136075366919.png - (57.19KB , 820x361 , zesthor.png )

It's just a different scoring method. Jets are a lot weaker in bf3 so the pilots barely score any points, but the criterion has been tweaked so that a specialist in a single area of gameplay cannot have a high ranking score. You have to be the best in a variety of tasks, such as score per minute, kills per minute, vehicles destroyed per minute, and so forth. I do not know which stats are given more importance when they are averaged together, but the basic idea is that you need to do everything well to be ranked highly. My ranking has since slipped to #927 because I quit the game in May and barely play it anymore, but most of my meaningful stats were in the 1st or 0th percentile.

Here are the stats of the current #1 ranked player. As you can see, play time plays a large role in ranking because many of the stats are based sololy on volume instead of ratios. He frequently plays on a common stat padding map (canals team deathmatch) and his stats indicate that he consistently plays with friends who keep him alive (99 kill streak, wins about 2/3 of public matches, etc).

Even with all the work that goes in to manufacturing such stats, a nobody such as myself is within a thousand ranks of him.

One must also consider that ranking score isn't a valid metric of skill. Just because your accuracy stat is 20% does not mean that you are incapable of being more accurate. You may take risky shots, or suppress enemies, or bait targets, and so on. You may deal a lot of damage to vehicles, but your teammates may get the points for disabling or destroying them.

I had been offered several times to play 'professionally', but the hours were ridiculous. I didn't want to play a game that I disliked for 20 hours every week just to play in some random 4v4 tournament with infantry only medic train wars. If I wanted that, I would play Call of Duty. Unfortunately, if I had to play against a professional player now, I would probably lose because they put a lot of time and effort into memorizing spawns, lines of sight, prefiring, headclipping, and other glitches that give them distinct advantages in combat that are otherwise invisible to your average player.
>> No. 7952 [Edit]
Interesting, thanks.

>4v4 tournament with infantry only medic train wars
That does sound terrible.
>> No. 8024 [Edit]
File 136161658440.jpg - (173.29KB , 1920x1080 , 529002-shot0028.jpg )
Infiltration in Brasil!
>> No. 8076 [Edit]
File 136220650715.jpg - (86.32KB , 800x1132 , 11342088566661.jpg )
PR ROG at Winter Brawl 7
>> No. 8090 [Edit]
File 136243366293.jpg - (137.48KB , 900x1200 , akumarah_jpg.jpg )
World Games Cup 2013 (Cannes, France)
>> No. 8096 [Edit]
Why are you posting this? There's over a dozen of these and they're all off topic.
>> No. 8097 [Edit]
Eh, just leave it as is. Not many people post here anyway, so it's fine.
>> No. 8099 [Edit]
It's competitive gaming tournaments?
>> No. 8117 [Edit]
OP here. That stuff doesn't belong in my thread, make a separate one for it.
>> No. 12242 [Edit]
File 147592196922.jpg - (380.81KB , 1280x815 , 20161011.jpg )
I'm usually do well at KOF14
>> No. 12259 [Edit]
I've been playing in the competitive TF2 community for almost 5 years now, though by the communities standards, nothing I've done is really impressive, which I can't disagree with. The community was great back then, everyone tried and enjoyed themselves and worked on improving and it was a lot of fun to partake in. Now it's nothing but children and memes. I guess the whole "no one takes TF2 seriously" comment got into the mindsets of everyone and now not even the players try. Then, for some reason, memes became the absolute norm. Both 9v9 and 6v6 are practically dead and shells of their former selves. It's unfortunate to watch because I still enjoy the game, but the community has horrible attitude problems, and so I've distanced myself from it. It'll probably die next year.
>> No. 12261 [Edit]
File 147695605289.jpg - (232.00KB , 1200x1197 , 1436894542068.jpg )
In Counter Strike:Global Offensive, I'm the highest matchmaking rank and on an alternative 3rd party pickup game system I was the highest rated player in my country for a while, but I grew tired of playing so competitively. It's still a fun game, though, I'm just far too old to pursue going professional in it. Most players are professional from their early teens, don't think I could start at 22, as well as the fact that I'll ever find any teammates who can put up with me. ;_;
>> No. 12262 [Edit]
oh, and I didn't mention it; the community for the game is utter garbage. Mostly teenbros and children. I wouldn't recommend beginning playing it at this point, Counter-Strike is just entirely cheaters and children. Not worth your time.
>> No. 12266 [Edit]
File 147712800418.png - (249.31KB , 680x383 , 1468864153307.png )
csgo is a kusoge made for autistic childs, the only way to have fun of it is by ruining others people experience
>> No. 12274 [Edit]
CS:GO is designed to stroke the egos of children by making it a "competitive" game. Now if you want to play the game for fun you have to play the "casual" mode, and I bet they even named it like that as a subtle fuck you to anyone who plays it.

Valve ruined CS just like they ruined Team Fortress.
>> No. 12299 [Edit]
Griefing isn't ok, dude.
>> No. 12304 [Edit]
The hell it isn't. There's nothing wrong with deriving joy from the misery of Ford Drivers playing online games.
>> No. 12317 [Edit]
Yes but I'm at the point where I see how much bullshit is involved with everything, its just as much politics as anything else.

The best way to go "pro" right now is to stream a game with a niche audience on very regular basis and form a community around that. You can actually build a living off of your personality this way if you can connect to your viewers and grow. This also gives you opportunities outside of whatever particular experience and if you're well liked online you might have an easier time finding work within the community of the game as well. The competitive grind where you're actually trying to win tournaments can burn you out if you don't have the proper support/guidance.

End of the day its all a giant marketing gimmick to suck money out of young kids. The only games that have significant prize pools are those that have the most money injected into them by the developer. Which of course brings in all kind of fun in it own way. Without that you have to bring in "Gaming Organizations" sponsor that fuck over kids who don't know shit about contracts. Some are good but most are useless brand circle jerks that give nothing of value to the players (although I haven't been involved in ages so it could be better now, at least for top teams).

Anyway I'm a strong player in most games I play and I just stick to casual settings, competitive playlists bring out the worst in people since mindsets contrast very differently between players. Think "If I'm not winning I'm not playing" kind of bullshit instead of just playing to learn the game. Win/Lose mean fuck all in matchmaking and scrims, what matters is adapting and learning. That special ranked 1 position doesn't really get you anything except attention and sad story is that vast majority of leaderboards are illegitimate for one reason or another. Account boosting, bad MM system, legitimate cheating you name it. Yet at your average levels of play you have everybody just mad at the world trying their damnedest to win, tilting and learning absolutely fuck all from hours of daily play.

In team games its absolutely mandatory you find a stable team to play with otherwise you'll hit a skill ceiling. In solo games its all about the grinding while losing games but keeping a level head so you learn from mistakes. Yet all those poor kids who doing the grind don't do this. Just hit their heads into the walls. Its sad

Don't even know what I'm rambling about at this point. I appropriate the skills I learned from srs business gaming over the years but I probably should have done something else with my time. Pretty much every game you make money in today sucks balls and I feel bad for the kids of today who want to live the dream.
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