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File 133721624861.gif - (16.31KB , 192x256 , Space_Mako.gif )
6655 No. 6655 [Edit]
What relaxing games does /vg/ play?
I usually play a few rounds of Pop'n Music before going to sleep.
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>> No. 6656 [Edit]
File 133721678695.png - (681.33KB , 800x1082 , 1327557667012.png )
Yume Nikki and the like are pretty relaxing to me, love to play it before sleep, with the lights off and drinking wine.
>> No. 6671 [Edit]
I like playing really easy flash games. They're my guilty pleasure, I suppose.
>> No. 6674 [Edit]
It's not until now that I realize that I don't have any relaxing games.
The closest thing I have to a relaxing game is Doombuilder, though creating maps is more of a hobby than anything.
>> No. 6675 [Edit]
Torchlight, Bejeweled, Magical Drop, Stronghold in Free Build mode, Dwarf Fortress.
I'm a fucking casual, so many relaxing games.
>> No. 6676 [Edit]
I started playing the first torchlight recently. Have you pre ordered the second, anon?

I find playing touhou or sanbox games like minecraft to be relaxing. Just put on a podcast or new album and enjoy.
>> No. 6678 [Edit]
Wish I could.
>> No. 6680 [Edit]
File 13376554006.jpg - (22.80KB , 418x314 , clik.jpg )
Relaxing games? Hmmm... Old point-and-click adventure games from the 1990s can be relaxing. They often have intriguing characters, settings and stories.

I'd like to say Sim City or something too, but dealing with an economy can get hectic.
>> No. 10542 [Edit]
Cookie Clicker
>> No. 10548 [Edit]
I do some fishing in Feenix vanilla WoW while playing Pokemon Heart Gold or watching EverQuest 1999 videos.
>> No. 10664 [Edit]
>> No. 10699 [Edit]
>> No. 10703 [Edit]
>> No. 10861 [Edit]
File 140984997922.jpg - (58.85KB , 620x349 , kirby1017.jpg )
Dwarf Fortress is casual? I heard it's really complex to understand.

My relaxing game is Kirby's Epic Yarn, you can't actually die (you lose gems instead) and it has peaceful music:
>> No. 10862 [Edit]
Yoshi's Island is the ultimate relaxation game for me. There's no time limit, lives are easy to get, enemies aren't too tough, etc. so I can take my time and enjoy the game. The music is just magical, too. I can just space out and relax to the underground theme for hours on end.
>> No. 10873 [Edit]
Klonoa was rather easy going I recall.
>> No. 11000 [Edit]
>> No. 11010 [Edit]
Getting 100% on that game was actually pretty tough...

I loved every minute of it though.
>> No. 11049 [Edit]
Cozy farming games like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory.
>> No. 12499 [Edit]
File 150148055069.jpg - (203.30KB , 1200x1200 , c7203ece4a3eb2700a3ae884d6653673921677bc.jpg )
Orange Juice is my feel-good game right now.
>> No. 13086 [Edit]
File 151843065273.gif - (11.29KB , 245x84 , 20171298white.gif )
Ryus Meditation from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie OST kqNyVmo4
>> No. 13267 [Edit]
File 153009847511.jpg - (137.10KB , 850x944 , 20180618.jpg )
I chill in the training mode for fighting games...
>> No. 13280 [Edit]
File 153234398028.gif - (5.50KB , 284x284 , 20180500.gif )
Play chess with plenty of take backs.
White to play
L de La Fuente vs A Nesterov
>> No. 13318 [Edit]
File 154179818770.png - (1.10MB , 1280x854 , Viridi.png )
Right now I'm "playing" Viridi. It's pretty much perfect for leaving on the background while doing something else like studying or browsing even. Music is relaxing and I happen to love gardening. I recommend it as a background noise sort of thing.
>> No. 13330 [Edit]
>> No. 13335 [Edit]
No variation shoot-em-ups/shmups
>> No. 13350 [Edit]
File 154737750896.jpg - (291.92KB , 1200x1141 , s0.jpg )
Battle Zone
>> No. 13359 [Edit]
For me, ARPGs are usually what I go for.

Diablo II, Titan Quest, Torchlight, something like those that doesn't require too much attention or reflexes, has simple and fun inventory management, and where numbers are constantly growing as you play.
>> No. 13361 [Edit]
That's a very zen outlook. Nice.
>> No. 13397 [Edit]
File 155282797420.jpg - (144.00KB , 850x1088 , 20190317.jpg )
I zone out playing Kantai Collection...
>> No. 13442 [Edit]
Azure Lane is superior
<3 Kongo
>> No. 13455 [Edit]
Hearthstone.. just try not to pay money for it. Haha.
>> No. 13463 [Edit]
File 155565893585.jpg - (83.06KB , 925x438 , 20190421.jpg )
True dat
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