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File 133292872756.jpg - (282.44KB , 620x349 , zpanda.jpg )
6402 No. 6402 [Edit]
Chun Li is already for Mists of Pandaria
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>> No. 6440 [Edit]
File 133337228584.jpg - (204.78KB , 695x390 , zzWorld_of_Warcraft_Mists_of_Pandaria_Lone_Wolf_an.jpg )
Lone Panda & Cub
>> No. 6536 [Edit]
File 133531857214.jpg - (136.17KB , 1024x576 , Ak0LVrxauwhMJzxi5I8.jpg )
Where are all the pandas coming from?
>> No. 6537 [Edit]
>> No. 6726 [Edit]
File 13383001268.jpg - (244.74KB , 2769x3072 , black.jpg )
It's Panda-monium!
>> No. 7118 [Edit]
File 134526937638.jpg - (34.16KB , 480x199 , LaughingPanda.jpg )
Panda time.
>> No. 7119 [Edit]
Just awful. The older cinematics kept with the theme of western fantasy, but this one just blows for more than that reason. The fight scene made me think of those really lame ass Steven Segal or Jackie Chan movies.

"i want no trubbu xD" and he beats a few knuckleheads with no effort while being serious and doing some few things for cheap laughs from the audience, like that panda did when straightening out the lamp or whatever the hell that was.

Fuck. How can you base an ENTIRE expansion after just Pandas? Who is the enemy? Where is the conflict?

1st Expansion trailer: Horde vs Alliance conflict, powerful people fighting for their own race and faction.

2nd Expansion trailer: More horde vs Alliance along with a common enemy in Illidan, another great trailer.

3rd Expansion trailer: The Lich King, the summation of lore in the warcraft games, crowning expansion for the game.

4th Expansion trailer: Wrapping up side stories for multiple other lore important characters from the dragon soul books, the equivalent of the 2nd expansion, the game winding down.

I expected the 5th to be something about Sargeras, to completely finish the game off. Instead, pandas? They were a little joke in the original games, nothing more. What was that trailer even pointing at?
>> No. 7124 [Edit]
I agree. It was very impressive from a technical standpoint, as they always are are, but it completely lost the atmosphere that every other Blizzard cinematic has.
>> No. 11490 [Edit]
Is WoW still being played?
>> No. 11499 [Edit]
Losing subs...
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