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File 132933931891.png - (406.09KB , 1286x900 , 8387665.png )
6105 No. 6105 [Edit]
Hello /vg/.

I come to you today with a request.

Do you know of any genuinely scary games?

I've wanted to be scared for a while now, but nothing seems to do it, so I'm turning to games for another try.

Any recommendations?

Also, Horror general, because this genre as a whole is great.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2012, 1:40pm
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>> No. 6106 [Edit]
Well it depends. Are you talking about psychological terror, or "shit, this thing just jumped out of nowhere" terror?

For the latter, Dead Space made me jump out of my chair quite a few times.
>> No. 6107 [Edit]
I actually wanted to make a scary/creepy games thread since I love the genre, but I've been lazy.
The silent hill saga has always been my favorite of this kind, but the latest games in the series have been really disappointing. Penumbra and it's spiritual sequel, amnesia really managed to scare me too.
If you want something short, try some indie games like Hide, Yume Nikki or Irisu Syndrome.
>> No. 6108 [Edit]
File 132934150290.jpg - (106.92KB , 800x600 , Penumbra_screenshot_800px.jpg )
Penumbra, but the puzzle-solving involved and the complete lack of weapons can get a little frustrating. If you want a scary game where you can actually fight back, this probably isn't for you.

As for the rest of it, it terrorizes your mind with its atmosphere, psychological mindfuck and a bit of that "shit, this thing just jumped out of nowhere" as >>6106 put it.
>> No. 6109 [Edit]
Both, but the former is preferred, because it lasts longer than the quick jump you get from jack-in-the-box type scares.

Dead Space is good, but loses its charm once you have stocks of ammo, even in the hardest modes. I guess I should mention that I've played through most of the mainstream games, like the RE series, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Doom, all that jazz. Hence why I am here.

I was thinking of trying Amnesia, but my computer is too low quality to play it without lag, even on low. Penumbra is next on the list, so hopefully that goes well.

Oh, hey, that was next on my list anyway. Thanks.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2012, 1:37pm
>> No. 6110 [Edit]
File 132934238731.jpg - (1.10MB , 1072x5000 , 1246521383424.jpg )
There's some ridiculous stuff here like L4D and Alice but in general I think it's a pretty good list.
>> No. 6113 [Edit]
Ahhh, Rule of Rose. I forget how much I payed for that game, only to have it left at my old house half completed. God damn that made me angry.

Thanks for the chart, man, a lot of those look nice.
>> No. 6114 [Edit]
why isn't 'the thing' on there?
>> No. 6115 [Edit]
If you haven't played System Shock 2 yet, you should. It manages to be a fun game while also often being scary. Most horror games just bore me and make me want to stop playing, but not SS2. Oh, also STALKER if you've yet to play it.
>> No. 6116 [Edit]
Not a bad chart.

I'd definitely recommend MYTH if you can read Japanese, or Umineko, if you're not averse to visual novels. Neither are pure horror, but the parts that are creepy are very well done. Games stopped being scary for me a while ago.
>> No. 6137 [Edit]
So, I just started Shadow of Chernobyl.

What mods do you guys recommend?
>> No. 6138 [Edit]
I played it without mods the first time and loved it, I don't know where this rumour that it needs mods to be enjoyed comes from.

But STALKER Complete 2009 is probably the best mod, it doesn't change the actual game but makes it look much better.
>> No. 6177 [Edit]
File 133051630510.jpg - (28.27KB , 600x257 , zafira.jpg )
Something scary?
Play something that only has good bits available by expensive DLC.
>> No. 6657 [Edit]
File 133726788010.jpg - (107.79KB , 1024x499 , tamiyo.jpg )
All these glitches scare me. HAHA
>> No. 7013 [Edit]
File 13438005647.jpg - (140.28KB , 1024x768 , ac.jpg )
>> No. 7016 [Edit]
File 134380741186.jpg - (7.32KB , 500x600 , aaa.jpg )
Oh, the horror!
>> No. 11173 [Edit]
File 141561293632.jpg - (14.88KB , 290x150 , z20141110.jpg )
The Evil Within
>> No. 11194 [Edit]
I can barely see it and I'm on a pretty cheap TN screen
>> No. 11219 [Edit]
Demon/Dark Souls 1/2
>> No. 11220 [Edit]
I played a little of 5 Days a Stranger. The graphics are obviously terrible, but I remember it being genuinely tense. It's been a few years since I played the little amount I did, though.

While Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 are very atmospheric, I disagree that they are scary. Although, maybe it's because I played them so much. I think I might have been tense my first time through the Tower of Latria and New Londo. The groaning in the tower, while annoying, is unsettling when you don't know the source. And the ghosts I remember being being scary when I didn't know their mechanics.
>> No. 11358 [Edit]
File 142304045851.jpg - (8.79KB , 214x235 , z20150202.jpg )
Play-to-win micro-transcation games.
The amount of money you lose to those games are truly scary.
>> No. 11363 [Edit]
File 142321894231.jpg - (14.49KB , 300x225 , Forbidden-Siren-PS2-Shibito-300x225.jpg )
Siren series.
Roam around Japanese rural cult villages where you play as multiple characters that need to escape and use a power called sightjacking to see from the POV of the Shibito, corpses reanimated by supernatural forces. Unlike normal zombies Shibito retain a sense of intelligence and personality. They are immortal as well so make use of that sightjacking. There's a bunch of other monster types but I won't spoil them.

In the second game they ramp it up by having you play as a blind character, that has to use his sightjacking on his trusty German Shepherd and the Shibito as well in order to navigate. This was my favorite part in the series.

There's three games, two on PS2 and a reimagining of the first with American reporters and a transfer student as main characters on the PS3. The PS3 entry is also structured like a TV series with a linear story while the PS2 games requires a bit of backtracking to unlock the true ending.
>> No. 14252 [Edit]
BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil isn't scary at all...
>> No. 14327 [Edit]
Dead Space 2 amps it up to eleven.
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