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File 132883531395.jpg - (69.41KB , 560x420 , photo-full.jpg )
6061 No. 6061 [Edit]
$1 million raised in less than 24 hours. This is going to have a big impact on game development.
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>> No. 6062 [Edit]
Holy shit.

Wow, that's really all I can say. Holy shit.

I hope they do something great with all that extra money.
>> No. 6063 [Edit]
While I like Doublefine and all that junk, I don't really see the appeal in paying for a game we know nothing about and then paying a second time to actually buy it.
>> No. 6064 [Edit]
I don't know what doublefine is
>> No. 6065 [Edit]
company from the guy who made classic point-and-click adventure games like grim fandango and day of the tentacle
>> No. 6066 [Edit]
also psychonauts and brutal legend
>> No. 6067 [Edit]
Clive Blezinski had a thoughts about this years ago on how to get funds in the future. I am most sure you get it for free or a heavy cut in price.
Personaly I would just buy stock from them.

Post edited on 10th Feb 2012, 3:38am
>> No. 6068 [Edit]
Read the tab on the right of the page. Those who contribute with $15 will get the video documentary, the beta and the full game.

I feel really bad I can't back it right now. The idea is awesome, Tim Schaffer is awesome and we can only dream of the day when we get fucked up good in the arse by something else that isn't a giant publisher.
>> No. 6071 [Edit]
>All of Double Fine’s success from Kickstarter has been inspiring.

>Out of curiosity, if Obsidian did Kickstart a project, what would you want to see funded? (You can respond in comments or to @ChrisAvellone on Twitter, whichever you prefer.)

Please let this happen.

Post edited on 10th Feb 2012, 4:11pm
>> No. 6072 [Edit]
If they do I'm sure it will be held back by console limitations and constant dumbing down to appeal to the average gamer, and only vaguely resemble any ideas people put into it
>> No. 6073 [Edit]
This should help wake up a lot of devs to the fact that publishers are are useless.
>> No. 6076 [Edit]
I don't think a company like EA would take that laying down. If this business model does indeed become popular I'd expect some legal magic being worked as hard as it can to stop it
>> No. 6092 [Edit]
I'm sure they would try to do as you said, but unless they find a way to make fund raisers illegal, I really can't imagine what if anything they can do.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2012, 12:03pm
>> No. 6094 [Edit]
Push for legislation that says only licensed video game companies can legally make video games, and one of the requirements for being licensed is for your company to be worth x amount of dollars and approved by a committee (that the big companies would staff themselves). It would be called the Protect Children from Pornographic Games Act and would be passed through unanimously in the US and later in other countries when the US threatens them.
>> No. 6096 [Edit]
>Chris Avellone
>Time for the Kickstarter Twitter/FB/forum sorting. Thanks for all the responses, I hope to have an update (may be more questions) soon.
>After sorting the RPG Kickstarter tweets alone, my brain is happy but man, my eyes hurt. Reminder to self: Next time, do a poll.

via his Twitter yesterday.
>> No. 6112 [Edit]
File 132934259315.jpg - (134.52KB , 680x676 , Wasteland-Retro-Box-Art.jpg )
Wasteland reboot via Kickstart incoming.

>Wasteland, whatever its called, will be "100% faithful to its roots." This means a Wasteland game that "would be focusing on top-down, probably isometric, party based, skill based -- where if you'd just finished playing Wasteland and moved onto this you'd feel comfortable."

I never even heard about this game until I saw this. Apparently it's the spritual prequel to Fallout, as some of the Wasteland devs went on to develop it later on.
>> No. 6159 [Edit]
Wow.. that's a lot for an indie studio..
>> No. 6239 [Edit]
File 133098647067.jpg - (114.29KB , 454x599 , box-front.jpg )
Official site + blog + forum are up:
>> No. 6325 [Edit]
File 133166772727.jpg - (114.04KB , 560x420 , photo-full.jpg )
The Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page just went up today, and it already hit 240k/900k funded.
>> No. 6329 [Edit]
Goal of 900k reached in less than 2 days. Pretty crazy.
>> No. 6331 [Edit]
id rather they made another decent fallout game
>> No. 6333 [Edit]

If by decent you mean like Fallout 1/2 then count me in. Then again I'm hoping this is what Wasteland remake will look like.

Can't believe how I spent so much time reading all the E3 news feeds back in the day, hoping for some info on Van Buren only to see it die, get revived and then get releases as Oblivion: guns expansion pack. Oh well, that's life for you.
>> No. 6376 [Edit]
And have half+ of the budget burnt away on countering senseless lobbying from big, mean Bethesda? Sometimes you have to let go of certain brandnames/franchises. Having their baby brand (read: Gothic) stolen from them didn't stop Pirahna Bytes from making an awesome sequel (read: Risen).
>> No. 6377 [Edit]

I'm still sad at how fucked up that series got. Gothic 3 was the first and last game I ever pre-ordered after years of piracy, never again.
>> No. 6390 [Edit]
I am quite sceptical about this. For me it looks like this kind of success on Kickstarter removes the major incentive(s) to make good games.
>> No. 6430 [Edit]
Obsidian/Chris Avellone will collaborate with the inXile to develop Wasteland 2 if the Wastlend 2 Kickstarter reaches 2.1 million in funding.
>> No. 6431 [Edit]


... Why.
>> No. 6432 [Edit]
That's a good point there.
Regardless of whether or not the game sucks, people already paid for it.
>> No. 11073 [Edit]
>nearly 3 and a half million dollars in funding BEFORE THE GAME WAS MADE
>beyond saying it was an adventure game and what it was inspired by, nothing about the game was detailed and backers didn't even know what they were buying
What the fuck? I will admit that the introduction video was pretty entertaining, but that shouldn't be a reason to buy the game. Has this game even been finished yet? I haven't heard shit about it. Kickstarter just seems like an elaborate scam to me. There doesn't seem to be any issues with actually doing fucking nothing and collecting money for your ideas. However I do feel like it is an excellent opportunity to actually fund a game. I just don't know how people can buy shit without knowing for a fact it is something they want, and I really don't understand how developers can make a game without considering alternatives to the idea they are executing. If they did though, customers would be disappointed, but if they didn't, the developers couldn't control the direction the game would take. Seems too complex to me, being funded by an idea and nothing else. Why do people value ideas so fucking much? I don't think I am Jewish, but just thinking about the shitty investments normies make is making me nuts.
>> No. 11082 [Edit]

Pretty sure most people just started throwing their wallets at their monitors the second they realized Tim Schafer is involved in this.
I don't care either way, it's their money, what they do with it is no business of mine.
>> No. 11085 [Edit]
A significant part of the particular proposition of the Double Fine Advendture Kickstarter was also the development diaries and such they'd shoot.
It was not the game people paid for so much as the idea of the project as a whole existing in the first place.
Of course, I can't actually speak to the motivations of any backers, and there remains a great and oft-actualized potential for all manner of weird shadiness in the crowdfunding model, but in that particular case there was no reason for
>people [...] buy shit without knowing for a fact it is something they want
to necessarily be the case. The game was a result of the proposition, but hardly the be-all and end-all of it.

I've backed some of those anime kickstarters myself, not because it's a smart use of my very limited money, but because I like the idea, and it gives me a sense of investment in the end-product. It's like a low-risk form of gambling that allows you to pretend you matter, and that you're somehow contributing to the industry of a hobby of yours more than you otherwise would.

And if that just sounds like a madman's ravings to you fair enough, I'm first in line to decry myself as an idiot who should never be allowed access to money, because he'll just hemorrhage it all away in the most retarded ways he can devise on the spot.
>> No. 11092 [Edit]
Never heard of him, is why it is so surprising I guess.

I don't think you are crazy for investing your money in what you like, I think those who invested in this particular game are crazy. Barely nothing about the game is even attempted to be explained as far as I can tell but in less than 24 hours it raised a million dollars. Just a rant, spend how you please.
>> No. 11096 [Edit]

>Never heard of him

Ouch, really? I more or less stopped playing video games almost a decade ago so I can't say if any of the Double Fine projects he worked on were any good but that guy is a living legend thanks to LucasArts point-n-click games he worked on.
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