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File 132627505519.jpg - (89.96KB , 1177x898 , smt1snes.jpg )
5831 No. 5831 [Edit]
What's your favorite battle theme, Tohno-chan? Also, why?

Random encounter, boss fight, final boss, anything goes.

This has been mine lately:

The transition from the mellow pre-battle theme to this is perfect, and it's just so intense and fast-paced. Loving that SNES-electric-guitar sound.
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>> No. 5832 [Edit]
Hey I love the SMT battle theme too, I played that last year and had a blast despite it being pretty bloody old.

As for me, I really like most of the music in the Golden Sun series but I think this track stands out simply because in addition to being good, you only hear it maybe 3 times in the game unless you intentionally take Felix and Isaac out of your party
>> No. 5833 [Edit]
File 132627733791.jpg - (252.31KB , 712x1100 , zPF_Guile_by_UdonCrew.jpg )
Guile's theme
>> No. 5834 [Edit]
I'm playing through SMT1 right now. It's pretty confusing sometimes, but still great fun. I have to admit I ended up getting lost and spending more than an hour in Shinjuku mall when I first got there, that place is enormous.

I loved Golden Sun's music, especially the battle stuff. Probably the only thing in the game that really stood out for me.

Also, every battle theme in Treasure of the Rudra is amazing, a shame so few have heard of it.
>> No. 5837 [Edit]
Every part of me wants to say Snake Eater, but I just can't bring myself to. It'd be too damn easy otherwise.

I loved The 3rd Birthday as a whole, but if anything really stuck with me, it's definitely this track. When it kicks in, it generates this awesome, "Shit's going dooooown" element to that makes it so the damn system is glued to your hands. I just love how the piano kicks in for a somewhat feminine, gentle reprieve from the chaotic droning of synthesizers that makes up the majority of the track. As so eloquently put by Youtube user Disuke1, "There's the part where there's the fighter and the part that reminds you that this is Aya".

And this took me a good hour to pick...
>> No. 5838 [Edit]
It's really simple but works perfectly and never gets old.
>> No. 5839 [Edit]
I really should've used a password so I could edit my posts. Completely forgot I can embed videos here.
>> No. 5840 [Edit]
Those trumpets, man. So perfect for a boss fight, I really love Live a Live.
>> No. 5841 [Edit]
battle theme from Megami Tensei II is pretty awesome too
>> No. 5842 [Edit]
I usually get a different favorite depending on my mood.
>> No. 5843 [Edit]
Audio Yuzo Koshiro - Disturbances-Hoist The Sword And Pride In The Heart - (6.84MB - 199 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:48

I absolutely love Etrian Odyssey III's boss music. It was my favorite in the series. I remember taking out Narmer 1-on-1 with my arbalist. I had one hell of a powerful club before I even left the second stratum.
>> No. 5845 [Edit]
Not sure if it counts, but this. particularly around 3:30
>> No. 5846 [Edit]
Hell yes, EO3 is the best game in the series and one of my favorite games of all time. That soundtrack is legendary.

There is a really nice remix album of EO3 music, I should download it sometime.
>> No. 5847 [Edit]
Are the first and second EO games worth playing? I played a little of the first and it felt pretty grindy.

Every track in Legend of Mana is amazing, but this is my favorite.
>> No. 5848 [Edit]
File 132632879899.png - (23.40KB , 654x642 , 1286398243116.png )

A little something you might enjoy

EO2 Piano Sketch

EO Memories of the World Tree

EO Sekaiju Fight ~ Ready Go!

EO Forest Of Crimson

EO Forest Of Crimson 2

EOIII Navigazione

EO Sekai Ju No Omocha Bako

EOIII Outtake

EO Proto-Type

EO Melody of Etrian and High Lagaard

EO Yggdrasika

EO Yggdrasika 2

大麻葉吸 - Ayahuasca

EO Fall On Evil 2+.rar

Etrian Odyssey Super Arrange

Sekaiju No Meiq I And II Super Arrange

Etrian Odyssey II Super Arrange

Etrian Odyssey III Super Arrange

Etrian Odyssey

Heros of Lagaard

I couldn't find downloads for EOIII's OST or the arrange albums, Kompass and Yggdrasil Leaf.
>> No. 5849 [Edit]
File 132632929626.jpg - (287.16KB , 500x870 , EO in a nutshell.jpg )
I think they are all worth playing, but best played in order. Since the games get better with each sequel it's hard to go back. I finished 1 and 3, but I never could get into 2.
>> No. 5852 [Edit]
That picture is funny because it's PAINFULLY TRUE. I dropped the latest game due to how difficult it is just to levelgrind when dragons, flaming lynx, and killer worms are out for your blood. Levelgrinding in the previous strata takes a painfully long time. I want to pick it up again, though...
>> No. 5854 [Edit]
I think EO is the perfect example of a game that you can play casually (15 mins a day) but it has a hardcore difficulty and mechanics. I can't sit down and play it for hours on end like some games, but I just love picking it up when waiting for something else and enjoying it.

As has been said, the first one is probably the worst, although it is great. The second one is slightly improved, but not enough that I feel it is that great. And the third is fantastic.
>> No. 5856 [Edit]
Well, is the first one still worth playing even though it's the worst of the series?
>> No. 5857 [Edit]


Beating it will allow you to carry over your guild name and you will receive a special item. Also a few bits of dialogue will be different. Don't play it for that though, play it for the story. Especially when you hit the 4th and 5th strata.
>> No. 5859 [Edit]
EO has a story? 'cept for the opening sequence, I haven't heard a thing. Though I've only gotten to the 3rd floor or so. I'm having trouble getting started.
>> No. 5860 [Edit]
File 132643149179.gif - (125.73KB , 660x696 , comic0.gif )

It's not much of one but if you keep with it you will pick up on it. If I remember correctly, the story picks up in the third stratum. You'll find a few clues here and there but the truth of the labyrinth and Etria will come as a surprise.

A word of advice
Since the game is first person, try to place yourself as a member of the guild and see yourself fighting against the monsters with your party. Give your party members all personalities too. It makes the trek through the dungeon much more enjoyable. Your imagination and immersion is what will really make the game enjoyable.

Just keep fighting the good fight and don't forget to bring a warp wire. Tactical retreats are often a good idea too.
>> No. 5865 [Edit]
I have to agree with the part about getting engrossed in the story. With every EO game I've actually written a journal documenting my travels, talking about my guildmates, illustrating interesting things my guild came across. It really does give the game a much more interesting feel to it.

And to keep this thread on topic, hell yeah MB:AA has a great OST.
>> No. 5870 [Edit]
I haven't even played the game yet.
>> No. 5871 [Edit]

Took me twice to realize this was Western and to read it left to right.
>> No. 5875 [Edit]
Did you ever finish the first SMT? I'm just over halfway in and this is getting really monotonous. I could deal with the whole first-person thing without a map in the beginning, but now traps and teleports and all sorts of cheap tricks are being thrown in.

Strange Journey perfected it, because the second screen allowed for a map to be up at all times. You could also tell which areas were actually trapped.
>> No. 5879 [Edit]
More SMT.

I'd like to play SMTI and II someday, but they look like they'll kick my ass relentlessly. Nocturne is really difficult for a modern RPG, but these games are from a time when the average title punched you in the dick, over and over again, until it made you like it.
>> No. 5880 [Edit]
So far, playing SMT 1 and 2, they're a lot easier than Nocturne. Demons don't level up, which is useful because they start off with all of their skills. There's something weird going on with buffs too, I was able to use Tarukaja something like 8 times for godly attack power.

You'll get lost a lot, though. The map isn't exactly easy to access and the menus are sluggish and often unresponsive. Most of the music you'll hear while just walking around will be boring and repetitive (in the first, second has great town/dungeon music), with the exception of the Ginza theme, which is bloody amazing. It's not a battle theme, but I'm embedding it here regardless.

Also, you'll have to use a guide. It's one of those older RPGs which never tells you where to go or what to do, and it's not common sense either. There's also a glitch (in the first) with the translation in the Law route, or so I hear. But hey, nobody ever sides with Law in SMT games, anyway.

If you still want to go ahead and give them a shot, start with the second. It lacks a lot of the problems the first has and will help with the transition into the first if you still intend to play it. If you haven't played Strange Journey, also play that before 2. It'll help to ease you in even more.

I'd say they're still worth playing, just for more SMT.
>> No. 5881 [Edit]
I did finish them, but slowly over like 5 months.
>> No. 11172 [Edit]
File 141561268946.gif - (165.55KB , 142x200 , yel_fuerte.gif )
Seth's theme
>> No. 11227 [Edit]
one I liked a lot because is both epic and dramatic
>> No. 11263 [Edit]
File 141967280983.gif - (19.54KB , 200x120 , YGuile.gif )
Dum dee dum dee dummm
>> No. 11861 [Edit]
File 145344769762.gif - (49.88KB , 107x108 , chunny-ts-winz.gif )
China Vox (3rd Strike Chun Li's Theme)
>> No. 13084 [Edit]
File 15184303751.gif - (20.54KB , 300x100 , 20171298white.gif )
Ryu's Theme
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